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Inquiring Mind
Sustainable Northwest
Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:44pm
You know, I really getting tired of all you anti-KBRA people making Sustainable Northwest, James Honey and Becky Hyde the "Boogyman" and the object of your vitriolic anger.
Sustainable Northwest is an organization of impeccable reputation and operate within rural communities which want to be economically successful and sustainable (thus their name). Isn't that what you would want?!! Sustainable economically viable solutions to the crisis?
James and Becky are people of integrity with moral values that are very much like yours. What I see as the difference is that they are actively and creatively seeking a solution to the "water crisis" in the Klamath Basin. You who read/post on this page on the other hand (i.e. Roger Nicolson et al) are only interested in maintaining the status quo. You are not really interested in a solution... only in your ranching, grazing, irrigating status not changing. You've had a pretty good situation up there in the Fort Klamath area.
Here's a reality check...things change! Now its time to get over it.
Toni Thayer    www.tonithayer.com 
Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:32pm
Doublespeak by Merriam Webster = language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth; also: gobbledygook

Here's what Sustainable Northwest does, according to their website (and press releases, news articles, quotes). It sounds so hunky dory, so groover mctuber, you know, they are the good guys that just want everyone to come together, for the good of the All. They're the collaborators who will help all sides arrive at an equitable and fair solution.

Sustainable Northwest distinguishes itself in the natural resource sector through an ability to bring together multiple, often opposing sides of an issue, and to craft and promote solutions through a collaborative process.

In all of our work, we promote:
Collaborative, community-based solutions
Business models and markets that are sized appropriately to the available natural resource base, and support regional and national “green” economies
Networks that connect people and ideas, and foster innovation
Public policy that supports sustainable natural resources management

But I doubt that James Honey is unbiased in his personal views for the outcome of the Klamath "Crisis", aka "Perceived Problem". I doubt that he could bring together sides fairly, with equal treatment. These doubts spring from his work with the California Hydropower Reform Coalition and as head of Mexico's WWF.


Toni Thayer
You Be Young & Inexperienced
Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:44pm
Your name alone says so much about you, seeing as how “sustainability” comes from UN treaties, dictated to the world’s countries by unelected bureaucrats who are not responsible or liable to the citizens of the world. They are only responsible to the people who appoint them. Ultimately, that narrows down to who funds the UN and who set it up, and the answer to that is America’s investment banksters (aka mobsters) , led, of course, by the Rockefellers.

I see from your website that your founder and president, Martin Goebel, has previous ties to TNC and WWF. Both of these work for the World Bank/IMF. So your founder has been “programmed” by the one worlders’ heavy handed banks, also founded by the above-mentioned American banksters/mobsters.

I see Goebel is a trustee of the Summit Charitable Foundation which has assets of nearly $75 million. This foundation belongs to the Mormon Roger Sant and his money from Applied Energy Services Corp, AES, “worldwide developer of power projects”, “a global power company operating in 29 countries”.

Most of the power for global AES comes from “unsustainable” and “non-renewable” coal and natural gas. But, hey, that’s OK if his donation money comes from dirty industries, just as long as it keeps coming, right? That dirty money, no doubt, pays your dirty salary.

Hmmm . . . I wonder if he/his foundation/his global power company could have a conflict of interest related to power generated by those “renewable” Klamath dams they want removed?

Anywho, Summit’s been a major funder of the nonprofits set up by America’s banksters/mobsters, including nearly $9 million to the WWF. Sant, of course, was also Chair of the WWF from 1994-2000, and I believe he’s currently the WWF treasurer. My research has shown that these monies/private donations are often used to circumvent American laws, covertly, behind closed doors (oh, yeah, just like what’s happening with the Klamath folks and every other area that I’ve looked at in-depth).

Your reality check, “Things change, now it’s time to get over it”, says you are a socialist, Communist, Borg who supports stealing what others have for “the good of the all”, “the collective”. I’m sure you don’t see anything wrong with the outright theft of the Klamath irrigators’ “DEEDED” water. I can tell you this (which you can confirm by looking at Nazi Germany history . . . have you heard that you can actually learn from history?), after they get the big stuff looted and stolen away from the rightful owners, they’ll also be coming for your “DEEDED” house, automobile, gold, silver, food, and anything else of value. Just remember when you’re hungry and homeless that it’s OK ‘cause it’s for the good of the all (at least that's what they want you to believe, it just could be only for the good of their corporate bank balances).

Anymore, I tend to look at what people do professionally to tell me what kind of person they really are, whether they are impeccable or not. Me, the enviro, going after the nonprofit donors because professionally, their global corporations are mining for coal, burning coal, drilling for oil and gas, tearing down forests to build mega developments, running cows on public lands, and privatizing water around the world. Heck, they’re doing the same things that their competitors do, the same things that they want their competitors to stop doing . . . I call that a global monopoly delivered behind the veil of environmentalism. They're sham environmentalists, if you can call them environmentally-minded at all.

You just need to sit down at a search engine and start finding your own truths, that is if you can get those dang ol’ blinders off. And maybe Sustainable Northwest would be better liked by the Klamath people if they minded their own business, instead of minding everyone else's and trying to steal their private property in the process.

If all of this is a little of your head, I think you'll be understanding everything very clearly and very soon as Amerika continues to slip away from us.

BTW, I'm all for change. I thrive on it, and I love diversity.


OK I'll bite . . . .
Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:36pm
I'll approach this as if you truly do not understand the political definition of sustainable, which is not the same as Webster's definition as the word sustainable.

If this be the case then we have an honest misunderstanding and no hard feelings. The political word should actually be spelled sustainaBULL because it is actually a form of Newspeak and it is "intended" to cause confusion and division. It is this political definition in which we reject.

This is too long to write about so I'll provide you with a link.





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