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7/17/14  From Karen.Kovacs@wildlife.ca.gov on wolf at Medicine Lake

OR7 was last picked up in California (and for less than a few hours) on one day in early February of this year.  He has since been tied to his current location: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/wolves/OR-7.asp and has not been back to California.  His GPS collar is still functioning.

As to reports from the Modoc NF by Forest Service employees or members of the public, this is the first we have heard of this.  Did anyone contact the Forest Service to report and follow up on?  If so, who was the point of contact? 

**** indicates she heard  a LOUD high (emphasis mine) howl about 3 times”.  That would suggest to me a coyote or someone’s dog.   Here are some quick comparisons on canid howling that I found on a quick Google search;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RMGGV32raE  (coyote howl high pitch)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNR877AHJAc  (wolf howl low pitch)

I know there is some variation but you get the general sense and coyotes do not always yip.  Also, a quick survey for tracks the following morning particularly if this animal was outside the trailer would be a good future recommendation.   

While I recognize there is debate among some on whether or not other wolves are in California, we and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have yet to pick up any other confirming evidence that there are other wolves in southern Oregon or northern California.  Despite our continued requests of information from the public which include;  images of tracks, cell phone pictures, cell phone video etc. to date, we have been unsuccessful in confirming other gray wolves.  With current technology from smart phone, one can even record vocalizations. 

I have quite a few submitted images of dog tracks, coyotes, domestic dogs that some perceive look like gray wolves, trail camera images of coyotes and domestic dogs, etc.  but no gray wolves.  I would however be very anxious to get images or other information confirming the presence of a wolf or wolves in California. 





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