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Rogue Pack kills more cattle near Fort Klamath

  •  July 19, 2022

Wolves in the Rogue Pack have killed two more cattle in the Fort Klamath area.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the most recent incident attributed to the Rogue Pack, wolves that move between Jackson and Klamath counties, resulted in the death of a yearling steer on Sunday, July 17. According to an ODFW investigation, that morning a livestock producer found a dead, approximately 950-pound yearling steer in a large private-land grass pasture.

The report said portions of the hindquarters and neck had been consumed and estimate the steer died 36-48 hours before the investigation. Physical evidence showed multiple pre-mortem tooth scrapes up to three inches long and an ⅛-inch wide around the left shoulder. In addition, areas of pre-mortem hemorrhage and soft tissue trauma were observed near both elbows and the neck.

“The pre-mortem bite scrapes and tissue trauma are clear signs of a predator attack,” the report says. “The injuries are consistent with injuries on other cattle attacked by wolves in this area. This depredation is attributed to the Rogue Pack.”

Two days earlier, on Friday, July 15, another kill was reported. According to the ODFW report, that morning a ranch manager found an injured, 800-pound yearling steer in a private land grass pasture. Because of the severity of the injuries the steer was euthanized.

Based on the investigation, it is estimated the steer was injured approximately 12 hours earlier. Physical evidence indicated several pre-mortem tooth scrapes on the yearling’s hide on both hindquarters and groin measuring up to four inches in length and ¼-inch in width along with associated pre-mortem hemorrhage and trauma to underlying tissues. The report n also said there was a large open wound with missing muscle tissue on the right hindquarter above the hock.

“The injuries are consistent with injuries on other cattle attacked by wolves. This depredation is attributed to the Rogue Pack,” the report said.

The two incidents occurred days after a July 12 incident, also in the Fort Klamath area, that resulted in the death of an 11-month-old, 775-pound cow on a private land pasture. That kill was also attributed to the Rogue Pack.

Until recently the Rogue Pack had not been involved in cattle kills since January.



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