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October 5, 2007

On November 8, 2005, our son, Kenton Joel Carnegie was attacked and killed by wolves in northern Saskatchewan.  Kenton was a third year Geological Engineering student on a co-operative work term placement at Points North Landing. He was working as a Geophysicist for an aerial survey company and had only been at the camp for about three weeks at the time of his death. The crew had been unable to work due to poor weather conditions. Kenton informed his supervisor that he was going for a walk and sadly did not return.  He was only 22 years of age.  His death had a profound impact not only on his family and friends, but around the world.
There has been much controversy regarding his death and much effort expended to defend the behaviour of the wolves and in turn blame the actions of man.  Many facts were misrepresented which helped to distort the truth and convince the public to believe that wolves quite simply could not have been responsible for killing a human being. 
We believe the investigation into Kentonís death was less than ideal right from the beginning and our family has struggled not only to come to terms with his horrific death, but with the lack of information we so desperately craved in order to understand why we no longer have our cherished son and brother.  The coronerís office hired a reputable wolf biologist, Dr. Paul Paquet, to review the investigative material and provide a summary regarding the death of our son.  Unfortunately our access to the investigative findings only left us asking more questions rather than providing the answers we needed.  Our opinion is that Dr. Paquet wrote a weak and biased report based on his ideals as a wolf conservationist and he has proposed that Kenton was actually killed by a black bear.
An inquest into Kentonís death will be held in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan from Oct 29 Ė Nov 2 of this year.  The Saskatchewan government does provide some prescribed funding to assist our family with travel, accommodations and legal fees for the inquest.  However, the balance of our legal fees and the cost of bringing our own experts to testify will be our responsibility so our lawyer has established a legal defense fund for our family with the CIBC branch in Laronge, Saskatchewan.
We are writing to respectfully request your financial support for the inquest.  Donations will be accepted at any CIBC branch or may be mailed directly to the branch where the account has been set up.  Please note the following account information on your cheque or money order.  Any funds which exceed our costs for the inquest will be forwarded to the Kenton Carnegie Memorial Fund held at the University of Waterloo.  We are especially grateful for all contributions.
Name of Account:  Carnegie Family Legal Defense Fund      Transit No:  00938-010      Account No:  96-01619
Mailing Address:      CIBC
                               1220 Laronge Avenue
                               Laronge, Saskatchewan   S0J 1L0
Kim and Lori Carnegie

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