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Latest Mexican Wolf Update

News and Views 11/07/07, Wolf Crossing

Tuesday the manager of the Adobe ranch found a week old calf that the Aspen had killed, probably after the male and two pups were removed and moved.  So the two un-collared pups and the 1.5 year old female (the last wolf to be removed according to removal order) and the alpha female were in on that kill as a 4 pack.  The kills are happening on deeded land out of the so called recovery area. 

Yesterday the flight report showed the two pups now numbered fp1105 and fp1106 that were moved to the feed lot off Titanic road immediately off highway 59, were already back at the Adobe, one with mom and the rest of the pack, and the other making its way and located in Corduroy canyon.  So the kill found yesterday should go on those three pups, the yearling female and the alpha female. 
So much for changing the behavior dynamic of this pack as stated in the FWS press release on the subject.  One would think that by now professional wildlife managers that are supposed to be familiar with pack behavior would have discovered this type of management is not working.  What are they thinking?  These people are supposed to be biologists and animal behaviorists and professional wildlife managers but they canít even make the simplest decisions much less the hardest.   

Here is the Aspen Pack score so far,

AM 863 unknown number of kills from Winter 06 on the adobe prior to mating with AF 667

2 yearlings Jack Diamond June and July 07 confirmed probably involved in third confirmed yearling, but not given strike, arbitrarily designed to leave problem wolf on the ground.

Three calves Adobe ranch October 07 

AM863 was removed from the wild (or more accurately the Adobe ranch headquarters hardly the 'wild') on on November 1.

AF 667

One horse Jan 07 owned by Mark and Mary Miller  (dogs were also being killed in the area but no strikes are given for dogs)

One yearling Jack Diamond July 07 (was involved in at least one more of the three yearlings killed but given no strikes arbitrarily designed to leave her on the ground)

5 weaned calves Adobe ranch Oct and Nov 07   (currently on the ground with pups killing calves in the same area with no management plan in place) FWS press release claimed this wolf is not a problem and will not kill again once the two other adults are removed so far that has not proven out.



One horse Jan 07 (dogs were also being killed in the area but no strikes are given for dogs)

Three yearlings Jack Diamond June and July 07 (although only assigned two strikes an arbitrary decision designed to leave problem wolf on the ground)

5 calves Adobe ranch Oct and Nov 07  (this wolf is being tagged as a problem wolf but she is no more a problem wolf than any of the other 5 still on the ground)

4 un-collared pups

3 calves Adobe ranch October 07 (not given any strikes although they were definitely involved.  Clearly a violation of SOP 13 and the final rule (the law FWS are supposed to be complying with) but who cares this is now a free for all.

After the three calf kills, two of those pups were trapped and collared and moved back to feed lot on Highway 59 on Nov 1or 2 of 07, so were not involved in the 4th calf kill.

One collared wolf pup is now back at the adobe with mom and their older sister and participated in a calf kill made yesterday.

4 total kills on this collared wolf pup

One collared wolf pup is on his way back so only has three kills at least until it makes it back to the pack. 

The two un-collared wolf pups have 5 calf kills already on them.  But none of the pups are receiving any strikes even though they have consistently been involved in confirmed kills.  The ranch manager has confirmed to me that these pups have adult size tracks and there were many, many bite sizes on each kill, more than two or three.

These are not little animals they are nearly full grown and have been fed by FWS and NMDG&F from July up until early October. Once feeding was discontinued they were taught to kill livestock by their confirmed livestock killing parents.    

Our program is training wolves to kill livestock and no one in this program is doing anything about it. 

They have conditioned both Aspen and Durango to being fed by people, Aspen was at the 4H camp in august on Burnt Cabin flat howling at 4 am while the kids were in their tents, and the Durango male has been allowed to hang out at homes since June, even allowed to impart this behavior to two wild born wolves. 

I have tried to commuicate with John Morgart but he does not listen to reason, no one else will answer my emails.  No one in management is taking any of these horrible behaviors seriously, deliberately conditioning wolves to come to homes and camps by using food is insane.  It is almost as if the team is trying to inflict maximum harm on the people who live and recreate here. 

Durango update:

Yet more hazing of Durango pack began on October 22 even though it has never worked in the past several months.  On the 22-23-25-27-01 they were still located at the Garcia Camp.  On the 3 or 4th of November, they moved away long enough to  kill a cow which was confirmed as a wolf kill Tuesday the 6th. The managers of the ranch say the cow was used as a live chew toy by the pack.  
Monday November 5th's flight report shows that the agency was unable to get a signal on AM 973 and f 1047, which would have been about the time they were feeding on the cow and likely visible from the air.  Fishy isn't it. 
The most recent signal on Durnago was received near the post office on November 4th about 4 miles from Garcia camp by a ranch worker who can no longer get a signal on them either.  Can these signals be blocked somehow?  That would help the situation when they can be documented hanging around houses and killing livestock on a chronic basis, because what we don't know won't hurt us right?  It makes sense to block signals from pain in the rear ranchers who keep complaining when these wolves insist on being in yards with their kids.   It wouldn't be the first time spin on wolf information was used.
FWS called residents Oct 15 and reported that Durango was east of bear springs, when they were actually at the Garcia house verified by telemetry.  At this time Durango have been documented at the Garcia camp 21 times, and at the Adobe HQ 8 times.  See video
There are currently three wolves in the pack one juvenile is un-collared.  While at Garcia camp they chase cats and dogs and simply make nuisances of themselves. 
These are just a few of the collared Mexican wolves in the State.  This is our wild self sustaining wolf population that wolf advocates are so desperately pulling out all the stops to protect.      
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