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Letter to editor of KBC by Rob Found from Jasper, Alberta regarding wolves



   Your anti-wolf assertions are not based on scientific evidence, but on hyperbole, ignorance, and myopic and anthropocentric ranting. I read the response to the letter from the art student, and elsewhere on your site, where you throw around phrases like "massacred by packs of wolves", "puppies killed", "son mutilated", etc. This does your own arguments a disservice, as it instantly marks them as motivated by emotions, not logical thought.
   A wolf will never attack a human unless in self defense (even then, the number of documented wolf attacks is so shockingly small that any attack must be considered a complete anomaly).
   Human that encroach on wildlife habitat are aware of the potential ramifications, so should not whine about them once they happen.
   Some people would rather there be a healthy wolf population instead of having ranchers killing wolves because they "suspect" that they "might" take a bite out of their livestock. It is a sad fact that wolves are very, very misidentified, particularly when hybridized with dogs. I would not want a rancher shooting any canine that happens to be walking past his property.
   In fact, because wolves are so often misidentified, this creates some doubt as to the true "menace" the anti-wolf lobby talks about. There are many feral dogs out there (particularly if your fellow citizens keep leaving their puppies wandering around loose), and even those that hybridize with wolves would not be expected to have the same intelligence and tempermant as a wolf.
Thanks for reading this,
Rob Found
Jasper, Alberta 
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