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12/19/07 - Letter to KBC about wolves

Dear KBC

     Wolves have lived on the Earth for millions of years they where here long before man was, yet man treats them like a pest that should be done away with, but I say those people are wrong, this is not our land, this is the animals land that we have invaded, that is the reason they come in to the villages and kill, you have taken there land which there food was on, they need food they carnt live with out it, it was hard enough for them to get food in the first place and now you are taking away more, that is the reason they come in the villages and kill.
      Wolf attacks happen, not because an animal just feels like attacking humans, not that they think humans are food, but that humans are the problem, humans come on there land maybe on a hike maybe on vacation anything, and that makes the wolves angry. How would you like it if someone or something walked in to your home started looking are maybe sit down, you wouldnt like it and neither do the wolves, you may get to near to there pups u may spook them with you fut steps, you are the ones who triger the attack not the wolves.
      Wolves are slowly disappearing because of people who kill them for there meat, for there claws or paws, or for there fur or even because you think they have come on your land so you shoot them down, do you think that is fare ,because i dont i dont think that is fare at all, just amagine being the wolf slowly knowing that your kind is dying away then one day your dead! and its all over for you and then just a few years later its all over for your kind there all dead, now how would that be.
      Wolves are magnificent creatures and if you took a chance to think about that, or even read about them, you would know that, they are beautiful animals, and you could learn alot about them but that chance is disappearing as they do.
      These amazing,beautiful and magnificent animals are close to extinction, and if you dont listen to what im saying thats you choice, but just know that when there gone it will be the people who have killed of the wolves, such as farmers, hunters anyone just know its you fault, know that you have brought an animal to extinction.
 From Hannah Mcnamara            Age 12 (ps: to KBC- if you think i wont be taken seriesly because of my age please dont put it in or if you think i will be please do put it in.)
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