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Government Wolves Terrorize NM Family
1/26/07 Liberty Matters
Wolves are shy animals that only hunt wild game, and then harvest only the sick and old, says your friendly U.S. Fish & Wildlife fellow. When the Mark Miller family returned to their home in New Mexico from a short trip to town last week, they made a gruesome discovery. The remains of one of their best horses named Six was scattered about his corral, torn to pieces by Mexican wolves. From the tracks, the Millers deduced that Six had run from the pack of killers into his corral, seeking sanctuary. What he got though, was a horrible death. A month prior to the horse killing, the Miller's eight-year old daughter was with her dog, not far from the house when a wolf attacked and injured the dog. She ran to her parents for help. Miraculously, the wolf did not go after her. In the past eight months, wolves have also killed six dogs belonging to neighbors. The problem exists wherever wolves abound. In 2006, a record 25 dogs were killed by wolves in Wisconsin. The wolves continue to harass the Miller horse herd and boldly left their mark just feet from the ranch house porch. The Millers dare not leave and must guard their horses around the clock. Go to this web site and see the work of government wolves. "Who are you going to believe? Us, or your lying eyes?"

The following link shows photos: A cattleman's perspective on wolf depredation, 1/27/07

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