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Wolf "re"introduction: The trouble with truth
May 16, 2005
By Julie Kay Smithson propertyrights@earthlink.net or 740-857-1239  London, Ohio

Rural folk nationwide seek to tell of the truth about wolves (and other large predators currently being "re"introduced in many states). From Joel Kretz, newly-elected Washington state legislator, whose Promised Land Ranch in Okanogan County (NE WA) has seen years of wolf depredation on livestock and ranch/pet dogs kretz.joel@leg.wa.gov -- to Jon and Deb Robinette diamondg@dteworld.com, whose ranch southeast of Yellowstone in Wyoming has experienced the heartbreak of their livestock and working/pet dogs being seen as a smorgasbord for wolves -- wolves are quickly proving why they must never be mistaken as "large dogs."


This URL contains graphic photos of "wolf meals" and "wolf fun," also known as "sport killing:" http://www.propertyrightsresearch.org/2004/articles11/my_official_Oregon_wolf.htm


Those good families, who choose to "live rural" and raise the things we eat, are placed directly in harm's way by those Wildlands Project proponents who say we must have "wildlife corridors" with "large predators" "re"introduced to "their historic habitats. The location of most "historic habitats" where this is occurring is FALSE; such species NEVER lived there. Canadian grey wolves were never "native" to the Lower 48 (continental U.S.); they are much larger than the original native wolves of America.


The same "animal rights pundits" care not for the ungulates -- elk, deer, moose, antelope, cattle, sheep, etc. -- but only enthuse about returning unchecked populations of large predators to most states.
Photos (WARNING: some are graphic):
Dog with family children before being killed by wolves:
Sally's granddaughter, before being killed by wolves: http://www.natureswolves.com/pets/images/Callie_kissing.jpg
Article about 24-year-old woman killed by 5 grey wolves: http://www.wolfpark.org/Articles/Wyman.html





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