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Archive 86 - July 2009
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

$7 Million Klamath BLACKMAIL by Reclamation: Did you know the the Bureau of Reclamation has billed the Klamath Project Water Users irrigation districts $7 million, for, something? There is no account of where the Bureau spent the money but they claim the  irrigation districts owe them.   Unless----the districts lobby their representatives and change the purpose of the Klamath Project. Presently the sole purpose is irrigation. The former 30-foot-deep lake was rerouted into canals, evaporation reservoirs, and the Klamath River to provide fertile farmland;  The feds and enviros want it to include fish and wildlife. Coincidently, the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement changes the purpose of the Project to include fish and wildlife. And you and I, just peasant farmers, have no vote and no voice at the elite KBRA closed-door meetings bartering dams, land, water, water rights, aquifer control, farms and communities.

State, local Republicans oppose removal of dams, H&N 7/31/09. (according to the KBRA POLL RESULTS of Klamath County registered voters
* Only 11%  favor Klamath dam removal,
* 7% favor public purchase of reservation land for the Tribes   
5% favor the closed and confidential negotiations involved in developing the KBRA and the AIP.)

Salmon will have to be retrained, Guest Opinion By Dan Rowe, MD, MBA, Carson City, Nev. Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 7/31/09. "having a biology degree from many years past, I know that they are going to have to train the salmon to go back up the Klamath River once these dams are torn down. They will have to plant eggs or minnows at the top, repeatedly, which will cost millions of dollars, just to get new fish to learn that they have a new home. And certainly the cost of returning the river to a natural state (less 4 dams) will be another several hundred million dollars. Meanwhile, they are tearing down billions of dollars of dams (their value in today's market)."

California Receives $18 Million for Agricultural Water Enhancement Projects, USDA -  Natural Resources Conservation Service 7/31/09 ..."restore 60,000 acres wetland habitat..." For more on wetland controversy go HERE > Walking Wetland Controversy, and Bureau of Reclamation Issues, by KBC reporter July 19, 2009

Water Legislation: Complete review of 2009 Session, Water For Life Oregon Natural Resource  Report 7/31/09 (regarding dam removal, water measuring, water right taxing, etc."

Healthcare bill summary, 7/31/09.

Missouri Car Dealership Gives Away an AK47 with Each Truck Purchase! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNmi-bBhWG8 4:56 minute YouTube video.

Winema-Fremont road proposal, H&N 7/31/08. "5,472 miles of roads considered maintenance level 1 will be closed to public use. 400 miles of usercreated trails and roads will be closed to public use." 

Congressman Hastings Rejects Snake River Dam Removal Efforts, 7/31/09. “Dam removal is an extreme action that would have devastating consequences on our region’s economy.  These four dams are valuable components of the Northwest’s clean, low-cost hydropower system that thousands and thousands of jobs rely upon.  Dam removal would kill jobs, lead to huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions, and there’s no scientific proof that it would actually guarantee salmon recovery."

Klamath River dam removal talks moving along, California officials expect final agreement in coming weeks, H&N 7/31/09

Family Farm Alliance Water Review July 2009.

Klamath Water and Power Agency board meeting 8/4/09. KWAPA will discuss becoming member of the closed-door KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

Groups: Deal has greater benefits, Off-Project users: Settlement doesn’t resolve everything, H&N posted to KBC 7/30/09.

Oregon forest plan pulled, Interior secretary scraps Bush administration’s changes, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

How local legislators voted; area lawmakers voted no on dam removal bill,  H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

State jobless rate highest on record, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

Governor signs tax increase package, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

Green advocacy groups are strongly political, by Nita Still, Montague, letter to editor H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09

Forest road closures to impact recreational use, H&N 7/30/09

"Irrigation deliveries from Clear Lake were terminated July 7."
One family, two sides of the irrigation district, H&N 7/29/09. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when there’s not a need to keep water in the lake. We brought the lake down lower before, and the fish survived just fine,” he said. “The people in charge, they have an agenda it seems like, and that’s what they’re doing. They want control over all this water..."
Drying out, H&N, posted to KBC 7/29/09. "About 40 of the 113 irrigators in the Langell Valley Irrigation District are impacted by the shutoff."
Many connected through land, water, H&N, posted to KBC 7/29/09. "Tears well up in Struve’s eyes as she describes the hardest part of the water shutoff. “It’s hard to see your place just dry up. If it’s a year that there’s no water, that’s one thing. But to have to see your pastures just drying up, it’s hard. There’s a lot of people, they depend on that,” she says. “They depend on their crops.”

Suction dredging permits halted by Alameda County court, Siskiyou Daily News 7/29/09.

California departments and agencies paid by you, 7/29/09
Schwarzenegger cuts Williamson Act, Capital Press, posted to KBC 7/29/09
Politicians play football with Williamson Act, Capital Press, posted to KBC 7/29/09

Klamath Water Users Association quarterly newsletter, posted to KBC 7/29/09.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review  posted to KBC 7/27/09. "After working though the night on July 23, the Legislature completed it’s work on the State Budget Act and 28 implementing “trailer” bills and adjourned until August 17th for its Summer Recess"

Klamath weekly water report 7/28/09
Klamath weekly water report 7/20/08

As many as 1 million fish suffocate at Lake Elsinore, The Press-Enterprise 7/27/09. 'Klamath Fish Kill can no longer can be claimed as 'worst ever in the West.' ' (KBC NOTE: In 2002 there was a fish die-off of Trinity River fish in the Klamath River. Klamath Water Users Association warned that diverting more warm water into the River could harm the fish, however the tribes and gov't agencies demanded more water. Fish died. Studies showed that the water was lethally warm. Lo and behold, the tribes, enviros, and agencies have blamed the farmers for killing those fish 200 miles away-Klamath farmers who use 5% of the water at the mouth of the Klamath. They say LOW flows killed those fish, although there were years with lower flows and no fish die-offs.  And they blame the Klamath River dams for killing the fish in 2002, promoting their agenda to dismantle 4 Klamath River hydro dams providing power to 70,000 households.)

Restoration Projects For Klamath Watershed Announced, Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Bulletin 7/24/09

A new twist in dam removal on the Snake River, 7/23/09 Seattle Times

New clean water bill should clarify federal law, not muddy it, by Dan Keppen, guest writer H&N 7/26/09

Forecast: Record 700,000 Coho Headed For Columbia, Strong Summer Steelhead, Fall Chinook Run, CBB July 24, 2009

Glen Spain, NW Regional Director Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen responds to Glen Briggs "Please don't restore my Klamath," and Briggs responds to Spain's letter. posted to KBC 7/26/09. Briggs

Walking Wetland Controversy, and Bureau of Reclamation Issues, by KBC reporter July 19, 2009

NOAA seeks public comment on Proposal to Protect Threatened Green Sturgeon by 7/20/09

Medicine Lake Traditional Spiritual Gathering, Medicine Forest Service Campground closed to non-Indians, 7/18/09.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws, July 17, 2009. "Senator Florez has still not amended the bill to exempt dogs used by hunters, farmers, and ranchers, despite his promise to Senator Wolk. This bill currently requires all dogs and cats in California to be spayed or neutered, unless the owner obtains an “intact” permit for the dog, or keeps the cat indoors at all times."

Bureau of Reclamation weekly water report, posted to KBC 7/18/09

Officials meeting about dams, H&N, posted 7/17/09"

Water stakeholders work toward September goal, H&N 7/17/09

Governor signs Klamath dams bill; Federal officials meet about water agreement, H&N 7/15/09

County supervisors concerned about Oregon Senate Bill 76, Pioneer Press 7/15/09

Proposed Dam Removal Studies, Guest Opinion by Grace Bennett, Siskiyou County Supervisor, Pioneer Press 7/15/09

Dam removal makes no economic sense, by Bart and Mary Kent, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC  7/15/09

Klamath Dams: Sediment studies being formulated, Siskiyou Daily News 7/15/09

The (Calif. state water board) panel knew nothing, by Nita Still, Pioneer Press, 7/15/09

The Great Auk; Dam removal part of Wildlands Project, Letter to editor by Dick Short, Pioneer Press 7/15/09

Senate Deals North State Harsh Economic Hand, Passage of SB 670 Means Bankrupt Businesses & Lost Jobs, Senator Sam Aanestad, CA 7/14/09. "The North State leader says the passage of SB 670 will place an outright ban on the practice of Suction Dredge Mining in all California rivers, streams and other tributaries, even though there is no scientific evidence or proof that the mining practice is harmful to the environment." See Miners Page

State lawmakers OK temporary dredging ban targeting salmon habitat, Sac Bee 7/14/09. "Supporters say the bill includes language negotiated with the Schwarzenegger administration, so they expect him to sign it."

County comments on Klamath TMDL analysis/ action plan, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 7/14/09. “We have a full scale EIR going on in regard to suction dredge mining,” noted supervisor Armstrong. “We have sent you information about the lack of bad effects from dredging. It seems like you’ve already made up your minds about dredging.”

Congressman Greg Walden's Oregon Congressional Connection, posted to KBC 7/14/09

Rise in county gun sales tied to fewer cops, what Obama might do, Sacramento Bee, posted to KBC  7/14/09

Tulelake Irrigation District Agenda July 13, 2009

Questions, public comments probe Klamath TMDLs, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 7/13/09. "A woman representing the Klamath Riverkeeper organization spoke during the session as well, voicing her support for the TMDLs, saying that she supports fishermen and tribes and would like to see the TMDLs be as stringent as possible and that she does not want to see the process left to self regulation." (KBC NOTE: it's interesting to note that Riverkeeper, supporting TMKL's that will severely impact agriculture and suction dredge mining, opposes the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, however Riverkeeper's board is comprised of Craig Tucker, Karuk spokesman at the KBRA table , and Leaf Hillman, on the Karuk Tribal Council)

Family Farm Alliance Calls for Withdrawal Of Biased, Unscientific Order for Delta Smelt, FFA NEWS RELEASE 7/13/09 "This is the first time that the Alliance has engaged in litigation, and it's not a step we take lightly," said Alliance President Patrick O'Toole. "But in this case, we had no other choice. Preserving the scientific basis for these decisions and ensuring the fairness and transparency of all the proceedings under ESA is a vitally important issue for all of our members throughout the western states."

Economy, Political Leadership Shed New Light on Resource Priorities, By Dan Keppen, Director Family Farm Alliance, letter to Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 7/13/09. "But using questionable means to get there, and elevating fish and fur at the expense of family farmers and farm workers in these dire economic times is something that appears to be losing ground with the public and politicians." (KBC NOTE: Keppen is referring to California's Central Valley, where 40,000 farm workers have been laid off. The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement changes the purpose of the Klamath Project to make fish and wildlife a priority of our stored irrigation water in the Klamath Project, rather than simply "irrigation." It is a 50 year 'agreement', permanently downsizes agriculture, gives control of water use to a select few unelected officials within the closed-door settlement group, permanently destroys 4 hydro dams, supports the biological opinions and Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act which shut down Central Valley, and Klamath Basin in 2001, and permanently plants endangered species in the Klamath Basin, demanding they flourish or the water agreement will be changed.)

The KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement contains dangerous provisions locally and nationally, by Kathy Lehman, Ashland, OR

Debate over river dredging nears climax in Legislature Dredgers fear for livelihood, defend mining practices, Trinity Journal July 8, 2009

Activists block timber sale, H&N 7/7/09. " The blockade was the culmination of a nearby forest gathering of Earth First!"
For Klamath Dam Removal Earth First protest, go HERE

Bill to Restrict Ammunition Sales Takes a Step Forward; Please contact the Senate Appropriations Committee! NRA 7/07/09

July 7, '09 The Ca Regional Water Board met in Klamath Falls to discuss Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads and Action Plan. Although the historic Klamath Lake was undrinkable and laden with natural minerals, the board has models that they think tell how bad the water was before we humans made it worse, and we need to try to purify it before it is diverted into the Klamath River. Remember, Link River historically went dry, and the water where we now farm historically did not go into the Klamath River. Very few attended because they didn't know about this public meeting. KBC. Public comment is extended to August 23rd. See TMDL mandates in documents
here >***Basin Wide TMDL (water quality) plan for public review from Calif. North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, 7/2/09

***Notice of Availability of Draft Document, Public Comment Period, and Public Workshops, For the Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads and Action Plan Addressing Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Nutrient, and Microcystin Impairments:
Regional Water Board staff, in conjunction with staff from EPA Region 9 & 10 will host public workshops to present the Public Review Draft Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads:
7/6/09, 6 p m Klamath Falls, Oregon State University Ag Extension Office
7/7/09 6:00 p.m. Yreka Miner's Inn
The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board will be giving a presentation on the Klamath TMDL to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday July 7 at 10:25 a.m. (second floor, Courthouse Yreka)

Klamath TMDL in a nutshell, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 7/3/09
Basin Wide TMDL (water quality) plan for public review from Calif. North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, 7/2/09
Excerpts from the Klamath TMDL compiled by Siskiyou County  Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 7/2/09
Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan for Klamath, May 18, 05. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan for Klamath, May 18, 05. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

Fish farming in the (Klamath) basin, H&N, posted to KBC 7/6/09

Merger and Buyout of America, by Toni Thayer 7/5/09. "...In her early years, she had morals and ethics, and she was known for righteous ideals, like individual freedoms, liberties and justice..."

The Changing of America News website. This site's creator Toni Thayer was formerly a hardcore environmentalist, until, she learned of the big business and political power behind the guise. See Range Magazine article by Thayer: Don't Trust the Trust.

Siskiyou monument proposed; Conservationist group asks for 600,000 acres in S. Oregon H&N 7/4/09

 In the early 1920's until 1949, the Federal Government invited war veterans to apply to win homesteads in the Klamath Basin with "water appurtenant to that land" to feed a hungry world. This 'Greatest Generation' was honored for defending FREEDOM in America and on foreign soil.
     Veterans came in groups to Tulelake in the Klamath Project; they were young people in their early 20's. They had no roads, no electricity, no water. They built our community.
     Read their stories!
     God Bless America, and those who fought and toiled so we could be free, and well-fed.

“Freedom in the USA?” by Karuk tribal member James Waddell 7/4/09

By Karuk Tribal member James Waddell: "The Death of Honor; and the Desertion of Our Children," posted 7/4/09

Water storage appraisal nearly done, H&N 7/2/09 (The Klamath settlement agreement' demands most of the potential stored water from Long Lake to be sent to the ocean rather than used for irrigation.)

Socialism is just around the corner, Pioneer Press, letter by Jack Layton 7/2/09

Clean Water Act raises hackles, Capital Press 7/2/09. "The move brings the country one step closer to the largest federal land grab in our history, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association said."

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