Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

                   Archive 7 ... November and December 2001

Security fence, video cameras, guard headgates on Klamath Project
Associated Press,  San Diego Union-Times    12/31/01  story link

Year in Review: 
Klamath Drought Heads List of Top Oregon News Stories
By Amalie Young, AP, KGW, 12/29   story link  
Oregon 2001: Drought to Deluge, Boom to Bust
By Joseph Frazier, AP, KGW, 12/29   story link  

Snowpack levels well above normal so far, AP, Register-Guard    story link  

Thieves in the night, by Henry Lamb,  WorldNetDaily.com       story link
The American Wildlife Enhancement Act of 2001 passes

The Scribes and the Pharisees of Oregon
Christmas Speech,  By James Buchal      see speech

Property owners, government face off over land
AP, CNN.com 12/27,  story link

Cameras keep eye on A Canal, by Kehn Gibson, H&N, 12/27  story link 
( this link will change, then see H&N Water Journal archive ) 

Senators Offer Soviet-Style Central Planning for the Klamath Basin
James Buchal,  12/27, Sierra Times    story link

 Klamath Forest Alliance Report:    rebuttals needed,  See Rebuttals Page (2)
"Water users dispute claim that drought aid was more profitable
 than their crops",  Herald & News, by Anita Burke, 12/21   see story  
Read the Klamath Forest Alliance Report:  direct link  
 email  your rebuttals ... also read and participate in discussion

Read the letter from the Klamath Water Users Association 
to Wyden in opposition of his amendment   see the letter 
Water users oppose Wyden's farm bill proposal. By Anita Burke, H&N   12/13   story link   

Help needed: OSU/UC Scientists Requesting Immediate Input on Unfinished Report by January 25th,   See our full report on the meeting of the 19th and more information on how you can help  12/20      see our report

Link to all: Articles about the OSU / UC-Davis meeting on Wednesday 12/19  and: See the full report: on Natural Resource, Economic, Social, and Institutional Issues
A report by OSU / UC   see all info on this here  (we have the report on site now)

Senate Vote Rejects a Bid to Increase Aid to Farms
By Elizabeth Becker, New Your Times  12/20   story link 
( you have to register ) 

See all the updates on the Lynx Hoax ....see all the stories here  including: 
Gale Norton  seeks lynx hair probe,  and "Smith Calls for Senate Hearing on Forest Service "Missing Lynx" Hoax"  press release 12/20  updated 12/22

Restoration of coho protection latest turn in ongoing argument
By Jeff Barnard, Associated Press Writer, theworldlink.com  12/19    story link 

Lawsuits seek federal environmental grant data
By Tom Knudson -- Sacramento Bee Staff Writer,   12/19  see story  

Landmark farm bill goes 'green' 
Legislation that Congress is weighing would be a shift in agricultural policy.
By Laurent Belsie | The Christian Science Monitor 12/19   story link 

Redemption in wetlands,  ( Klamath )    rebuttals welcome
12/19/01, Michael Milstein,  Oregonian     story link

Food convoy to benefit Klamath
Siskiyou Daily Online, 12/18  story link

Chinook forecast turns rosy for spring
The Oregonian,  12/18/01,  Jonathan Brinckman      story link

Congress warned of catastrophic loss of farms,  story found at eco-logic

Smith, Wyden Introduce Klamath Canal Operations & Maintenance Bill
Is Expected to Provide $4 Million for Klamath Farmers,  12/17  See Press Release  

Bureau of Reclamation A Canal security bill tops $1 million mark
By Kehn Gibson, H&N, 12/16    story link

Appeals court blocks judge’s delisting of Oregon coho salmon
By David Kravets, Associated Press Writer,  12/15      story link

Farm Bill Stalls as Senators Criticize Subsidies,  
New York Times, December 14, 2001, By Elizabeth Becker    see story and link

Don't be suckered: All fish not equal 
By Les Aucoin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12/13  story link   Comments?

Bureau sends water to farms By Todd Kepple, H&N, 12/13  story link

ESA Prohibits Smallpox Defense,  satire by William Jud , 12/14/01    see story

Wyden staff defends Klamath water legislation, 
By Anita Burke, H&N   12/13      story link

Granges File Suit To Delist Coho Salmon  see story   a story link

Smith Proposes Klamath-related Amendments to Farm Bill
For Immediate Release, December 12, 2001      see press release

Buying land, water interests best way to solve problems by Regna Merritt
Regna Merritt is executive director of the ONRC, H&N 12/10  story link comments?

Don’t confuse water groups by Mark Stern, Karl Wenner, John Crawford
Nature Conservancy not same as American Lands Conservancy, H&N 12/10  see story

Wyden Proposal to be part of farm bill amendment 
( more on Hatfield group in article too ) H&N, By Anita Burke, 12/9 story link  
Water users see problems with Wyden’s bill,   H&N, By Anita Burke, 12/7 story link 
Locals are cautious about Wyden plan,  H&N, By Anita Burke, 12/5 story link 

Restoration Plan For The Upper Klamath Basin Takes Significant Steps Forward,     see Hatfield Group press release  12/7   What steps? 

Department of Interior - Censored by the Rule of Law Sierra Times 12/8
The Reason for DOI web sites shut down:   see story   see 3 yr saved data


How will the proposed California "Volcanic Legacy All American Road" 
near Tulelake effect our Farm Community? 12/06   see story and opinion

Christmas Gift Ideas:  "Kill the Land" Purchase the CD  and  Cavalry T-Shirts
Long-term Klamath water plan in works, AP, SacBee, 12/2  story link
Conservatives annoyed at Norton, Robert Novak, Sun -Times 12/2  story link ( scroll )
Ford Motor Company: New Direction?  Action opportunity !    see more
Snowpack nearing Normal, The Associated Press  12/3  story link

Phil Norton Calls Meeting of Farmers Requesting Well Water for Refuge                               
Meeting was Monday, 11/26 this is a report   see story     
Tulelake WWII Veteran Homesteaders Plan Monument,   see meeting report

"Fort Headgate"  news: 
Headgate Rebuild Project Begins, rebuilt with fish screens and security measures added,    AP, KGW, 11/27   story link
New activity at A Canal headgates, Herald & News, By Todd Kepple  story link 

Fish, Farmers, and Dried Up Dreams, By Paul Strand, Washington Correspondent, November 27, 2001  The Christian Broadcasting Network   story link

Salmon and steelhead are returning to Iron Gate Hatchery  in near-record numbers.   By Anita Burke, Herald & News 11/27  story link

New: links to: Weather, rainfall and snow totals, road conditions, weather cams, river flows, maps .. see weather page 

Federal land-use planning in the works? Property rights group rallies opposition to Clinton-era project,  By Sarah Foster, WorldNetDaily.com   11/19  story link  

See Photos and Story  from the Veteran's Day Quilting event, Quilts for the Troops

Notch opponents rally for dam, Jill Briskey, Mail Tribune, 11/18   story link
Klamath Basin Farmers Show Support at Elk Creek Dam Rally
Story by Klamath Basin Farmer  11/18   see story    

Bush Team Is Reversing Environmental Policies
By Katherine Q. Seelye, New York Times, 11/18   story link

Klamath Fish Protections Challenged, Barnard, AP  11/16  story link
The Pacific Legal Foundation on Friday filed to sue National Marine Fisheries Service over its decision to list coho salmon in southwestern Oregon and Northern California 

Range Magazine Special Reports in current edition: 
"Water in the West"  and "The Great American Land Grab" 
 both seen at their web site   Link to Range Magazine      good reading

Range Magazine highlights Felice Pace's environmental "hypocrisy'
Siskiyou Daily News, Friday, November 16, 2001  story link

Rangenet 2001,  Earth First! Militants and Environmentalists Meet in Phoenix
Special Report By J. Zane Walley, The Paragon Foundation    see article

Economic study confirms misuse of Klamath water
Eureka Times-Standard, 11/14  story link     Comments? Rebuttals are needed !!

Irrigation reimbursement bill clears House, Anita Burke, H&N  see story
House passes bill to compensate Oregon irrigation farmers, AP, 11/14 story link

Scientists: Algae key to suckers, Fish survival could be less dependent on managing lake levels,   H & N Anita Burke  11/7   story link  

Science used to cut off water is challenged, summary  and overview of NAS committee meeting in Sacramento last week, from  Calif. Farm Bureau, 11/14   see story

Army Corps Redefines Wetlands Mitigation. By Cat Lazaroff, ENS  story link   ???
Report Seeks New Vision for BLM Lands   11/15  ENS  story link     ???

'Foundations push smart growth'  puts money back into the cities, 
By Jim Wasserman, AP, Examiner, 11/14  story link  (off topic, but interesting)

 ‘Piece of home’ stitched for military,  quilts made for basin area residents deployed on active military duty,  Herald and News, Anita Burke, 11/13    see story

Federal fish decision Applauded by State, Let the fish counting begin
By Erik Robinson,  Columbian staff writer  11/13   story link

Forest Service plan coho carcass drops to enrich rivers, 
14,000 to be dropped,   Gillian Flaccus AP, Register-Guard 11/13  story link

Federal Court Ruling Could Spell Trouble for Endangered Species List
By Pat Taylor, CNSNews,  11/12     story link

According to Pacific Legal Foundation, ESA Is the Problem:  Hatchery Policy Review; Public Hearings Will Accomplish Nothing, 11/12  see PLF Press Release

Dekulakization of America – The Process of Elimination
Diane Alden, NewMax.com   11/12    story link       decent reading, basin mentioned

Rural towns urged to embrace ESA,  Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Betsy Z. Russell, Spokesman- Review   story link

A fishing gold mine in upper Klamath, Tom Stienstra, Chronicle 11/11  story link

Fish agency to review salmon runs, NMFS agreed its hatchery program is badly flawed,  By Mike Lee, Tri-City Herald  11/10   story link    
same story, below, see how it is written differently  
NMFS will not appeal, Judge's ruling prompts review of salmon policies, 
By Jeff Barnard, AP Register Guard 11/10  story link

Klamath Water Wars Could Have Been Avoided.  story link ( scroll down there ) 
The full text of the economic report is available at:  here ( large PDF file) 
Klamath report cites,  farming economics, 
By John Driscoll, The Times-Standard 11/9  story link    Comments?

State Donates Tons of Salmon to Food Bank
By AP Staff, KGW, 11/ 10    story link

Reports from the NAS Panel Meeting In Sacramento:

Scientific review of Klamath irrigation shutoff begins, 
Peter Hecht --Sacramento Bee, 11/ 7, story link

Statement from Felice Pace to the Panel    see statement 
Scientific panel starts review of water data Anita Burke  H&N 11/6  story link  
     when H&N links don't work anymore ( the next day )  click on the water journal link on their page. 
Biologists tell NAS Panel: "Irrigation was Short-Term Fix:   see AP story

Action Alert: CALL THE NATIONAL MARINE FISHERIES SERVICE: Let them know you want them NOT to appeal the Hogan decision.  Call is 503-230-5400 only until November 9th

William M. Lewis, Chairman of Panel, Tries to Calm Klamath Clash, 
Barnard, AP   Nov. 6th   see story

National Academy of Sciences Will Review Klamath Basin Controversy
By Pat Taylor,  CNSNews.com Correspondent Nov 5    story link

Science panel chief hopes Klamath Basin review will calm dispute
Nov. 5, By Jeff Barnard, AP Staff      Story Link

Politicized science robs livelihoods in Klamath basin
By David Stirling -- Special to The Bee -- Nov. 5, 2001    story link

NAS Panel:  This smokescreen will provide a convenient excuse for the Bush Administration and Congress to wash their hands of the problem
Opinion, Ric Costales, President, Pacific Region, Frontiers of Freedom-PFUSA  see opinion  

Composition of the NAS panel "an outrage" 
Frontiers of Freedom-People for the USA  press release   see release 

Klamath Water Users meeting regarding the National Academy of Sciences review:   
Action Committee formed, plans made to attend, all stakeholders are encouraged to attend the public meeting in Sacramento Nov.  6- 8th 

See NAS website: meeting agenda and more information  
including: feedback form,  scope of project and committee members

See this Department of Agriculture Poster

Tulelake celebrates $8 million in state checks  H&N   11/3   story link

Klamath Water Fight Security Costly  KGW, AP 11/3  story link

2 bombs disarmed; MTU probe goes on, Radical environmentalists are considered possible suspects By Paul Peterson, Free Press 10/6  story link

Broken Chain, A hundred years of bad ideas, greed and racism
trash a sensitive ecosystem and its people. Story and Photos by Orna Izakson
in the current online edition of the Eugene Weekly,  story link  11/2    comments?  
Lively discussion on freerepublic    comments welcome here too

NRA/CARA Final Results! A considerable embarrassment for Congressman and longtime NRA board member Don Young,   see this update

Felice Pace denies he's leaving Klamath Forest Alliance
  Siskiyou Daily News,  10/30   story link    interesting reading,   comments? 
  read recent open letter he sent to the media   letter   comments?  

Announcement: OWRC Annual Conference, December 4th - 7th  see details

Informative: United Property Owners NEWS ALERT 11-02-01
New Deputy Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Wayne Smith  and more   see letter

See Archive 6  for previous articles       also  see main archive page



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