Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources


Land Rights and Water Rights and Issues

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Balancing Water: Restoring the Klamath Basin
by Tupper Ansel Blake (Photographer), Madeleine Graham Blake (Photographer),William Kittredge
April 15, 2000
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Rivers of Gold : Designing Markets 
to Allocate Water in California

by Brent M. Haddad  
Sweet Land of Liberty : The Supreme Court
and Individual Rights

by Henry Mark Holzer, John A. Pugsley 
no image

Fluid Arguments : Five Centuries of Western
Water Conflict

by Char Miller (Editor)

Understanding Water Rights and Conflicts
by Herbert C. Young   
Who Owns America?: 
Social Conflict over Property Rights

by Harvey Martin Jacobs (Editor) 
no image The Struggle for Water : Politics, Rationality,
and Identity in the American Southwest

(Language and Legal Discourse)(Paper)
by Wendy Nelson Espeland   
no image Property Rights and the Constitution :
Shaping Society Through Land Use Regulation 

by Dennis J. Coyle 
no image American Indian Water Rights and the Limits
of Law (Development of Western Resources)

by Lloyd Burton   
no image Flooding the Courtrooms : 
Law and Water in the Far West 
(Law in the American West, Vol 4)

by Catherine M. Miller, Mary Catherine Miller
Indian Reserved Water Rights : The Winters
Doctrine in Its Social and Legal Context,
1880S-1930s (Legal History of North America
Series, Vol. 8)

by John Shurts        
no image Conflict and Crisis in Rural America.
by Larry W. Waterfield    
Law of Property Rights Protection :
Limitations on Governmental Powers

by Jan Laitos     
no image Public Lands and Private Rights
by Robert H. Nelson, Sally K. Fairfax   0847680096


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