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Hi all, from Mary Cheyne 1/3/04 regarding son-in-law Ben DuVal, whose leg was amputated following an automobile accident last month:

I have spoken with Erika twice since sending out my
earlier email and she passed along the following

Today the doctors removed all remaining stitches but
one where they sewed Ben's wound up.  Before he can go
to Rehab, Ben must be able to do two things: 1) be
able to sit up for 30 minutes and 2) be off his PCA
(the instrument he uses to administer his own pain
medication at the press of a button.) Erika informed
me about a 1/2 hour ago that they took Ben's PCA away.
The move to rehab will now depend on when he can sit
up for the 1/2 hour.

The Rehab people are going to check with the spine
doctor to see if Ben absolutely has to wear his brace.
They feel he will make much quicker progress if he
doesn't have to wear it.

When Erika asked the Rehab people how long they
thought Ben might be in Rehab before being released to
an out patient status, she was told that they can't
say for sure, but judging from the other people they
have had in a similar situation, perhaps 2-3 weeks.
This is at the Rehab rate of 3 hrs per day.

Apparently people improve for a time and then reach a
plateau.  Rehab will release Ben when he reaches that
plateau.  Rehab has three goals for Ben before they
release him: 1) make transitions from a wheel chair,
2) dress himself, and 3) put some weight on his right
leg.  However, our Ben has his own goals which surpass
theirs and I have no doubt he will accomplish them -
even if it means staying a little longer.  The key
seems to be that as long as he keeps making strides
they will keep working with him at UC Davis.

Those of you who are praying will know how to pray.
Thank you all for your love and support. We appreciate
Mary Cheyne

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