Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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     Sample Letters for you to send out

ONRC Letter Revised  Can be used as well 

Letter to: Phil Norton, Refuge Manager

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Letter by Curtis Newkirk to the President

Sample ESA Letter and Comments

Sample Letter #1

Dear (Government offical)

         Please work now to protect Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers, and wildlife and the economies that depend on them. Farmers in the Klamath River Basin are facing a disaster this summer. All Oregonians need to pull together and support efforts of assistance to farming community’s hurt by this situation.

                 In addition, we must account for the other economies outside of agriculture that rely on the basin. Many people from around Oregon depend on the products grown in this community as well as people from across the nation coming to the region each year to enjoy its wildlife and scenic beauty.  But because of environmental issues this year, the community along with all the wildlife will be facing disaster. The economic loss of farmers is very real and it is vital that we do not forget that many people have a stake in the outcome of this crisis. It is critical that we protect all of our wildlife and this community.

       The Klamath River Basin is a spectacular natural treasure, home to a tremendous variety of waterfowl, bald eagles and wildlife. As we seek solutions to the water crisis facing the region this summer, we must not allow the health of this community to be sacrificed. The current Klamath crisis was created as a result of the ESA. The drought, bad decisions by the state and federal governments, and the slowing economy are contributing culprits for the problem. In the long term we must find solutions to help the Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers, and wildlife to find some balance with this water issue to where the whole community will not be at risk of survival.

       The Endangered Species Act has the wrong approach and needs to be reformed. We cannot harm the health of our communities to get through this crisis - we need long term solutions. 

     The federal government has made promises for water and now it taking that away from the whole community and wildlife. All efforts by all officials in Government are needed to help the survival of the whole community in the Klamath River Basin and help find a balance where water can be shared and all can survive.


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