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Sustainable Northwest supports local solutions

Herald and News letter to editor by Sustainable NW 10/30/10

  "I wonder if he/his foundation/his global power company could have a conflict of interest related to power generated by those “renewable” Klamath dams they want removed?"

KBC LINK: Sustainable NW on our Whose Who page:   Becky Hyde, on Whose Who Page, at KBRA table, employed by Sustainable NW ($63,835), which has worked for Klamath Tribes. 


     Sustainable Northwest has worked in the Klamath Basin 10 years.

   We support solutions to forest and agricultural conflicts where agreements are the only way competing groups can move forward. We work only where invited. We have done this in Wallowa, Lake and Grant counties.

   Our diverse board represents natural resource industries, business, conservation, policy and other sectors. They are Democrats and Republicans. They want strong rural economies — mills, farms and businesses. They also believe we need healthy watersheds and abundant wildlife.

   Sustainable Northwest supports locally developed solutions. That’s why, years before “settlement,” we provided resources and assistance for ranchers to restore rivers and manage cattle profitably. We heavily supported organizations that work with — not against — landowners, like Klamath Watershed Partnership.

   In helping to achieve the Klamath settlement, we have:

   Enabled dialogue and relationships between traditional “opponents.”

   Provided financial resources for diverse leaders to work together at the   same table.

   Provided access to technical expertise like qualified water law attorneys, or renewable energy analysts.

We have proudly supported the Klamath, Karuk and Yurok tribes, Klamath Water Users, Upper Klamath Water Users and some conservation groups.

When there is a common goal among many — as there is with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement — Sustainable Northwest is on mission.

For the current ballot measures we have taken our direction from local leaders. We have provided resources to Klamath AgPAC and the Partnership to Restore Stability and Prosperity to help Klamath citizens learn about the value and contents of settlement.

Sustainable Northwest has built bridges with and among many Klamath leaders and communities; people with generations in the Basin.

Our partners understand agriculture and the environment are at a crossroads. Delaying resolution of complex problems will bring dire economic consequences. Managing change productively is the way to preserve the core values of the Klamath Basin and Oregon.

For Sustainable Northwest
Jane O’Keeffe Chair of the Board,
Adel Martin Goebel Executive Director, Portland
James Honey Klamath Basin Program Director Portland
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