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* Sustainable Northwest / SNW founder and president is Martin Goebel

Sustainable NW and Trout Unlimited and others appointed Richard Roos_Collins to the Klamath River Dam removal board, KRRC.


Martin Goebel was director of World Wildlife Fund, which is partner of United Nations Foundation with George Soros and Ford Foundation.

Soros funds Tides, who funds World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy.....

Goebel is Trustee for Summit Charitable Foundation owned by Roger Sant. The company in a five year span granted Sustainable NW $342,875.  The funds come from Sant's company AES, worldwide developer of power in 29 countries, power "from coal to gas to renewables such as wind, hydro and biomass."

SNW / Sustainable Northwest board member is Becky Hyde is at the KBRA negotiation table

     SNW director of Klamath Programs James Honey (see James Honey Page) His background includes complex class action litigation, and conservation work with the World Wildlife Fund Mexico and the California Hydropower Reform Coalition.". Many in the KRRC dam removal coalition are partners on the KBRA

      Sustainable Northwest former board member Becky Hyde, at KBRA table, has been employed by Sustainable NW ($63,835 in 2007), which has worked for Klamath Tribes. The KBRA gives the tribes 92,000 acres of forest land, supports the tribes creating a power plant along with ripping out 4 hydro dams on the Klamath River. Hyde claims to represent all the off-project irrigators, however only represents a few in her newly formed off-project group. The other decades-old groups are not allowed at the table.

 Sustainable NW also paid Natural Heritage Institute $112,487 in '07 for legal fees.  NHI  is funded by George Soros, Sierra Club, Trout Unlimited, American Rivers, Environmental Defense, The Nature Conservancy, World Bank, NRCS, California Dept of Water Resources, Calif. State Coastal Conservancy, National Marine Fishery Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Dept of Interior, National Park Service, USGS, Hydropower Reform Coalition;  there are 87 NGO's, gov't agencies, foundations and universities supporting NHI. "NHI represents American Rivers and California Trout in an ongoing effort to decommission PacifiCorp’s Klamath River Project."
"Sustainable NW supports LOCAL SOLUTIONS"????

      One of SNW top 2010 contributor is from Brainerd Foundation, which funds Non Governmental Organizations.
HERE are some Brainerd Foundation Conquests and a few of their Grantees, including Earthjustice, Oregon Wild, Wilderness Society, Trout Unlimited.
      PacifiCorp gave SNW $10,000 or more in 2010. PacifiCorp owns the 4 Klamath River Dams that SNW and the NGO's want demolished.

      Pacificorp gives to:  http://www.thefreshwatertrust.org/education/nocli  who is involved with  Soros/Tides National Wildlife Federation

       William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Ford Foundation donated $10,000 or more to SNW and to Tides.

Sustainable Northwest supports local solutions, H&N letter 10/30/10.   

Outside funds trying to influence (Klamath) elections H&N letter by Tom Mallams 10/27/10. "On the Sustainable Northwest 2008, 990 federal tax return it shows that in that 12-month period, the organization spent $447,158 on Klamath Basin issues. Of that, $63,835 went to a local upper Basin irrigator (Becky Hyde) for “consulting” fees."

 10/26/09 - An irrigator who does not work for Sustainable NW asked us to post the following information: Sustainable NW paid NRI/National Heritage Institute $112,487 Richard Roos Collins, the legal services director for Natural Heritage Institute, which is a "non-profit law and science for global resource solutions" organization: www.n-h-i.org, is a participant in both the KBRA and Hydro meetings and is the main author of the actual KBRA. NRI represents "American Rivers and California Trout in an ongoing effort to decommission PacifiCorp’s Klamath River Project, so as to restore free passage from the Pacific Ocean more than 250 miles upstream to Upper Klamath Lake." Go HERE for NHI webpage and clients.

Writer Toni Thayer writes on KBC discussion forum: SNW "founder and president, Martin Goebel, has previous ties to The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund. Goebel is a trustee of the Summit Charitable Foundation which has assets of nearly $75 million. This foundation belongs to the Mormon Roger Sant and his money from Applied Energy Services Corp, AES, “worldwide developer of power projects”, “a global power company operating in 29 countries”. Most of the power for global AES comes from “unsustainable” and “non-renewable” coal and natural gas. But, hey, that’s OK if his donation money comes from dirty industries, just as long as it keeps coming, right? That dirty money, no doubt, pays your dirty salary...I wonder if he/his foundation/his global power company could have a conflict of interest related to power generated by those “renewable” Klamath dams they want removed?"

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CowsFeds give Oregon groups $100 million for sustainable farming, ranching, timber, Oregon Capital Chronicle, posted to KBC 10/25/22.
Sustainable Northwest: "The nonprofit conservation group received $10 million to invest in regenerative ranching economies and another $25 million grant to build a sustainable wood products economy in the region."
Who is SustainableNW?
Richard Roos-Collins represented American Rivers, California Trout, and Sustainable Northwest in the negotiation of the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement and he negotiated and drafted the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement; both agreements mandate destroying Klamath River hydroelectric dams.
Sustainable NW and Trout Unlimited,
were among the groups who appointed Roos-Collins as general council on KRRC/Klamath dam destruction group.
* Trout Unlimited Water Project Director is Chrysten Lambert, who was Klamath River Compact Commissioner and was former Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust / KBRT director. Her father Jim Root founded KBRT. KBRT merged with Trout Unlimited, and Root is also now a board of director on KRRC dam removal group.
* Trout Unlimited was a stakeholder in the KBRA/dam removal closed-door "agreements.'
* Only FERC will decide dam removal, not Klamath River Compact Commission, Guest Opinion by RICHARD ROOS-COLLINS General Counsel, KRRC, Herald and News Online 5/10/19. ""The JC Boyle Dam in Klamath County, Ore., is one of four slated to be removed from the Klamath River under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Klamath County Commission and the Klamath River Renewal Corp."



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