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Response to Hannah's wolf letter

12/21/07 from Joseph Greene, retired Environmental Protection Agency scientist

Letter to KBC about wolves from Hannah

What a beautiful mind this young woman has. 

It is just too bad that it has been bent and twisted by indoctrination of totally biased information.  You can pretty much tell from these comments alone that we will have one more voting Socialist coming along in a few years.  Another body to sell out mankind for the religion of wilderness and wildlife over mankind.

I am not a hunter or fisherman.  Nor am I a farmer or rancher.  So my comments do not come from wanting to protect these activities.  Common sense would dictate that if the wolves have already been removed from an area they should not be returned there using Canadian or any other sources.  I believe I have read something about elk and deer populations being decimated in areas where wolves have been injected.  There is more to this story than the sympathetic bleeding heart rhetoric of a impartially brainwashed child.

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