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Archive 169 - June 2016
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Tule Lake land grab needs to end, H&N letter to the editor by David Misso, Tulelake 6/30/16

Klamath Irrigation District and Bureau of Reclamation regarding KID C Flume contract and KID attorney Laurence Kogan
* (Trish) Hill Misleads So Previous (KID) Board Secures Reclamation Payoff, by KID attorney Laurence Kogan for H&N 6/24/16
* Wyden-Merkley Amendment: The dog that ‘don’t hunt’, Capital Press by KID attorney Laurence Kogan 6/24/16
* Letter from KID attorney Laurence Kogan to KID board members regarding special C Flume meeting 6/20/16
* Letter from KID attorney Lawrence Kogan to BOR Brian Person regarding $ for C Flume Repayment Contract 6/17/16
* Letter from Bureau of Reclamation to KID board president Brent Cheyne regarding C Flume Replacement Project Funds 6/15/16

Confused and Confusing: Kepple, Switzer run as Democrats, KlamathNews 6/26/16

Oregon Legislative Update by Rep. Gail Whitsett, House District 56 Jun 25, 2016  

Merkley PRESS RELEASE: Merkley and Wyden Announce Key Oregon Wins for Rural Oregon in Senate Appropriations Bill, 6/16/16

* Date for public hearing on Stateline Compost set July 28, Comment Period Extended, H&N 6/25/16. "Stateline Compost anticipates processing 30,000 tons of feedstock from agricultural, municipal and industrial sources..." (on Lower Klamath)

Elaine WillmanKlamath water issues distressingly similar to those in other areas Elaine Willman Biography. KBC News's Willman Page. "I have been following Klamath water and dam issues since 2003 and have recently noticed commonalities simultaneously occurring in the southwestern Oregon and Northern California area, and on the Flathead Indian Reservation where I live in Western Montana...I have a 30-year career in government, and have researched federal Indian policy for 25 years. I have conducted workshops and keynote addresses across the country, authored two books, and work with numerous expert legal counsels in multiple states. Montana and Oregon landowners are most fortunate to have located and obtained Mr. Kogan’s services. Among strong legal champions, he stands at the top of the list...Landowners here have been unable to find a single Montana attorney willing to protect their property/water rights, their constitutional and civil rights. Landowners were able to locate Lawrence Kogan, a New York City attorney to represent them in litigation just now initializing. Mr. Kogan also represents Siskiyou County and the Klamath Irrigation District... Supporters of this egregious CSKT Water Compact called Mr. Kogan “that New York City attorney,” too... Landowners were able to locate Lawrence Kogan, a New York City attorney to represent them in litigation just now initializing. Supporters of the compact did everything they could to trash him in Montana newspapers and everywhere possible. His clients did not fall for such baloney; his work is fact-based, law-cited and prolific. He’s a legal “street fighter” that knows his way around federal courts, Congress, water law and Indian law. But for Mr. Kogan’s courage and perseverance, and clients who so believe in him, 35,000 people in Montana will have forever lost their water rights, access to water, State and federal constitutional protections, and authority over non-tribal lands on the Flathead Reservation."

TID board meeting agenda for 6/13/16

CFBF Friday Legislative Review, 6/10/16: "A tentative 2016-2017 budget was reached and will be voted on by the full legislature by midnight on Wednesday, June 15th, the deadline to pass the budget bill. Some budget details are included in this week’s Friday Review."

YouTube video of Donald Trump from 1980-2015. from 1980-2015. Is his story consistent? posted to KBC 6/10/16

Trump Is Right to Question Judge's Motives, Newsmax by Patrick Buchanan 6/7/16

Proposed compost facility near state line under review, H&N 6/9/16, posted to KBC 6/10/16

COMMENTS DUE TODAY 6/10/16 by 5!
 Proposed Solid Waste Permit for Stateline Compost. It was only in Herald and News yesterday June 9
   * “It is anticipated that up to 30,000 tons per year of feedstock will be processed at the facility. This total includes the combined volume of type 1, 2 and 3 feedstocks.
   * Surface water risk screening (poses potential risk)
   * Groundwater screening (low risk)
   * Odor risk screening (poses potential risk)"
Facility would be 1/4 mile from California border by highway 97.
This is within 4 or 5 miles of Strait's Drain, where water goes toward the Klamath River.

Comments can be made on local (Klamath) dams,
I approve and vote for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission conclusively rejecting — per Docket Number P-2082-027 — both destroying all Klamath River hydroelectric dams, and destroying each dam of any Klamath River hydroelectric dam(s).
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