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Archive 98 - July 2010
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After 50 years Miller Lake lamprey returns to Miller Lake, ODFW, posted to KBC 7/30/10. "On August 4, ODFW biologists will reintroduce the Miller Lake lamprey...back to Miller Lake....lamprey become predators by attaching to fish with a sucking disk and feeding on the flesh that is rasped out under the disk." (KBC NOTE: The controversial KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement supports introducing lamprey/fish parasites, into the Klamath Basin.)

* Tulelake Irrigation District lawsuit on KBRA; must respond by 7/30/10

Klamath County - USDA Livestock Forage Disaster Program, 6/30/10

“Steamroller KBRA” followed by Valid Alternatives to KBRA,  Settlement instead of Agreement, by William Kennedy 7/27/10, Klamath Falls, OR, Pioneer Press. "Do you approve of a process that manipulates perception as truth and results in giving someone’s property away without their engagement? Do you support a process of limited negotiations that strays far away from anything that looks like democracy and excludes true stakeholders in order to reach a predetermined outcome?"

Yurok Tribe funded to help Cal Fish & Game get it right! by environmental activist Felice Pace 7/11/10. "US Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded Yurok Tribe $25,000 to “provide assistance to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) for the development of an adequate Environmental Impact Report for the analysis of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) and Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA) in support of the Secretarial Determination called for in the KHSA.”

Tribe braces for trouble during ritual on Lake Shasta, LA Times 7/24/10. "In 2006, the tribe performed its first such ceremony in 80 years."

7/25/10 - This weekend is the 7th annual "traditional" tribal campout at Medicine Lake. The tribes requested that the Forest Service close all the camps to white people, not just Medicine Campground, and that they ban any motorized boat from the lake. This year they are again allowed exclusive use of Medicine Campground.

Domestic well users hit hard during growing season, H&N, posted to KBC 7/25/10. "

Sunday's scripture sent to KBC by Frank Tallerico 7/25/10

Psalm 118:6-9 (NKJ) 
6.  The Lord is on my side;
     I will not fear.
    What can man do to me? 
7.  The Lord is for me among
    those who help me;
    Therefore, I shall see my desire
    on those who hate me. 
8.  It is better to trust in the
    Lord than to to put
    confidence in man. 
9.  It is better to trust in the Lord
    Than to put confidence in

Opposition to Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, posted 7/25/10

KBC NOTE: Klamath Water Users, environmental groups and government agencies have tried to sell the KBRA as creating a stable block of water for irrigators and a solution to preventing lawsuits. However, Craig Tucker, environmental activist, Karuk tribal spokesman, and a founder of the KBRA and Klamath Riverkeeper, explains the reality for irrigators: Probing the Klamath puzzle; public tells state and feds to look deep into dam removal, The Times-Standard, posted to KBC 7/24/10. "Addressing concerns about waivers of tribal water and fishing rights in the KBRA, Craig Tucker, Klamath campaign coordinator for the Karuk Tribe, said that the studies should aim to clear up misconceptions that tribes can't take legal action if those rights are impacted. He also defended the KBRA, saying that there are no guarantees of water for farms in the agreement, only a cap on how much can be diverted. 'What's capped in this agreement is agricultural water use,” Tucker said. “What's capped today is water for fish.'"

Letter supporting KBRA to Committee on Natural Resources by Klamath Water Users Assoc, PCFFA, Trout Unlimited, California Trout, Yurok Tribe, American Rivers, UKWU, Klamath Tribe, posted to KBC 7/24/10

Steve Kandra, Klamath Basin irrigator, writes to Chairman of House Subcommittee on Power and Water regarding Congressman McClintok inviting Tom Mallams, off-Project irrigator and KBRA opponent, to the hearing, posted to KBC 7/24/10

* Rally for Chris Dudley 7/23/10

Letter from Bureau of Reclamation Susan Fry to Ron Cole, Fish and Wildlife Tulelake Refuge Manager, regarding FWS takeover of leaseland management, posted 7/23/10. "Ron,  I understand you held a meeting with Lease Land growers on July 14th and announced that FWS had “fired the Bureau” and would be taking over the lease land program.  Since I have not heard from you regarding the lease land program since April/May, I am surprised to hear of this announcement..."

Drop in aquifer affecting Merrill area, H&N 7/13/10

Show us the science, Siskiyou Daily 7/13/10

Irrigation water unexpectedly restored for some Klamath Basin farmers, KDRV 7/13/10

Klamath scoping meeting reveals further public concerns, requests, Siskiyou Daily 7/13/10

Solution for Klamath: Editorial: Fish passage project brings jobs, hopes for habitat, Roseberg News Review 7/13/10

Psalm 140: 6-13 taken from the Living Bible, sent to KBC by Frank Tallerico for Sunday July 11:

 O Jehovah, my Lord and Savior, my God and
my shield--hear me as I pray! 
Don't let these wicked men succeed; don't
let them prosper and be proud.  Let their
plots boomerang!  Let them be destroyed
by the very evil they have planned for me.
Let burning coals fall down upon their heads,
or throw them into the fire, or into deep pits
from which they can't escape. 
Don't let liars prosper here in our land;
quickly punish them.  But the Lord will surely
help those they persecute: he will maintain
the rights of the poor.  Surely the godly are
thanking you, for they shall live in your presence.

Emotions run high at dam hearing, H&N 7/10/10

*** Scott Valley POW / Protect our Water website. Irrigators are fighting the feds to protect their water rights and their way of life. http://pienpolitics.com/?p=889

Water opinions sought, officials seeking public input about dam removal, KBRA, H&N 7/6/10

KBRA lacks necessary rigor, legal precision, Dennis Linthicum, H&N guest writer 7/6/10. (Linthicum won Oregon's primaries as the new Klamath County Commissioner replacing incumbent John Elliott, KBRA supporter.

Summary of June 30th meeting of the Scott Valley POW/Protect Our Water, posted to KBC 7/6/10

Response to California Department of Fish and Game’s regional official’s letter in Redding Record Searchlight, by Frank Tallerico, retired Siskiyou County Superintendent of Schools, posted to KBC 7/6/10
Help us fix the Klamath Resource Crisis, Redding Searchlight 7/4/10 followed by comments.

KBC's Waterbank Page   (Pumping groundwater)
* Plea for Help! Merrill aquifer selling is drying up wells! Letter to KBC, and KBC response--who to call
Holly Cannon, KWAPA director: 541 850 2503
Greg Addington, KWUA director: 541 883 6100
KWAPA/Klamath Water and Power Agency directors:
Ed Bair, 541 884 1442
John Crawford, 530 667 2736
Bill Heiney: 530 664 4444,
Dave Cacka, 541 723 5151
Rocky Liskey, 541 798 5789
* No water for city of Merrill, increased use of groundwater sucks water tower dry; fix expected to take two days, H&N 7/1/10
* Without water, Merrill residents are making do, and * Merrill out of water, H&N 7/1/10
KBRA NOTE: The last we heard, the Merrill irrigation well owners are still pumping and selling the aquifer. 7/2/10
* Municipal wells in Klamath Basin town runs dry 7/2/10
* Klamath Basin Water Management
for AgLifeNW Magazine, August issue, by (Senator)Doug Whitsett 7/19/04

NEWS RELEASE: Secretary Salazar announces additional water releases from Upper Klamath Lake to Klamath irrigators, 7/2/10

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review 7/2/10

Capitol Update, CFRW 7/2/10

KWAPA board OKs fund plan for Langell Valley, H&N 7/1/10

$11 billion water bond was a stretch, all along, Mercury News 7/1/10
Governor to try to push water bond vote to 2012, Siskiyou Daily News 7/1/10

Supporting KBRA means supporting dam removal, H&N letter to editor by Jerry Jones, Chiloquin 7/1/10

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