Karuk Tribe spokesman Craig Tucker

Tucker was on the steering committee of Klamath Riverkeeper before it spun off
from umbrella group Klamath Forest Alliance, and he’s presently on the Riverkeeper board.

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Spokesman "Craig Tucker received his B.S. in biochemistry from Clemson University in 1993. He went on to get a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Vanderbilt University in 1999. After graduate school he gave up laboratory science for a career as an environmental and social justice activist. In 2000 Craig joined Green Corps, the field school for environmental organizing. While in Green Corp, Craig learned fundamental grassroots organizing skills. After Green Corps he worked as Outreach Director at Friends of the River, developing grassroots campaigns on a variety of California water issues. Each campaign was based on the connection between sustainable environmental policy and social justice. Currently Craig is the Campaign Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe's 'Bring the Salmon Home' campaign. The goal: removal of four dams on the Klamath River which would represent the largest dam removal project in history."

From Tucker's Linked In  page: "As a campaigner with Friends of the River and later as Natural Resources Policy Advocate for Karuk Tribe, I helped move the largest river restoration project in history from a great idea to a project seeking final approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This effort involved grassroots organizing, direct action, litigation strategies, legislative strategies, and technical analysis."

Tucker was a voting participant in the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement

Tucker is Karuk Tribe spokesman. He was on the steering committee of Klamath Riverkeeper before it spun off from umbrella group Klamath Forest Alliance, and he’s presently on the board.

< Craig Tucker's Facebook photo. Craig Tucker and Dan Keppen (former Klamath Water User Association Executive Director, former Bureau of Reclamation, and current Executive Director of Family Farm Alliance) presently co-chair Coalition of the Willing in another collaboration attempt.

*** Video, and transcribed quotes from Klamath In the Balance, Forum to discuss dam removal process on Klamath River. The stated purpose was to bring all the conflicting Indian Tribes and environmental groups together with the common goal of destroying the Klamath River Dams.
Green Corps trained activist, a founder of Klamath Riverkeeper, and negotiator for the Karuk Tribe as voting stakeholder on the KBRA, Craig Tucker: "we worked with the Klamath Project irrigators, the enemies of the tribes since those guys showed up; we did work out a water sharing agreement. ...We did not solve all the problems in the Klamath Basin with these agreements. We did not get rid of all the farmers,
we did not rebuild all the wetlands, but we do pull off the biggest dam removal in the history of the world...and if we're still gonna deal with water quality issues at Keno, at the end of the day, I can guarantee the Karuk Tribe and Craig Tucker will be in the front seat dealing with that next." (KBC NOTE: that refers to destroying the Keno Dam, which provides water to the Klamath Project irrigators). KBC NEWS reminder: In the KBRA: hydro dam destruction is permanent. Destruction of fish hatcheries is permanent. $45 million plus land gift to the Klamath Tribes is permanent. Downsizing agriculture is permanent. Mandate of no water storage may be used by irrigators is permanent. However any benefits to the farmers in the KBRA end in 50 years, but, as detailed in this video, any benefits are superseded by the ESA, Clean Water Act and Biological Opinions.

Water coalition aims to coordinate conservation efforts, H&N 11/19/19. "The Coalition of the Willing, a group of about 50 to 60 individuals...hired a facilitator whose salary is being financed in part by county funds, with pledges made by state and federal entities....Dan Keppen and Craig Tucker informally chair the stakeholders coalition."

Craig Tucker regarding litigation against Scott and Shasta River farmers and ranchers using irrigation water, Jefferson Public Radio 1/13/14

* KBC NOTE: The KBRA / KHSA litigation has begun. The tribes and KBRA supporters claimed their closed-door "agreements" would prevent lawsuits, however, as you can see below, the KBRA and KHSA dam removal schemes have a built-in process HOW to litigate.
Karuk Tribe documents of litigation against PacifiCorp, reposted to KBC 6/3/13
, sent by Craig Tucker, Karuk tribal spokesman. "PacifiCorp must abandon its current use of algaecidal treatments as a means to address water quality issues based on i) the results of the 2012 pilot project ii) technical comments from the Karuk Tribe and other IMIC members, and iii) the opposition to application of chemical treatments to the Klamath River from Tribes based on religious and cultural grounds."  KHSA notice by facilitator Ed Sheets KBC NOTE: algae in Klamath River reservoirs in a major reason Tucker claims the dams must be removed.

Solution save Klamath Dams: To the attention of Mr. Craig Tucker, fellow (anti-dam) campaigners and Klamath Water Users, from Sean McKinney, Australia,  7/4/07. (KBC note: Australian company offered solution for algae removal, California Regional Water Quality Control Board scientist said it could fix the algae problem but blamed Upper Basin for the water quality problems, and Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker said it the algae and health problems are solved, he still wants the Klamath Dams out.)

Siskiyou Under Siege part 5, Riverkeepers are a Front Organization of the Karuk Tribe, KSYC News Radio, posted to KBC 8/27/12.

Siskiyou Under Siege; The Cast of Characters, KSYC Radio News 4/13/12:
Black Bear Commune
Karuk Leaf Hillman
Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker
Klamath Riverkeepers: many Karuk board members and officers
Peter Brucker
Toz Soto, Karuk biologist
Diana Rose Colgrove:
Board member of the River keepers also represents a group called the Klamath Justice Coalition.
Klamath Justice Coalition: This is also a front for the Karuk Tribe.
Water Keepers Alliance

Well, it looks like the Karuk Tribe and Klamath River Keepers are at it again, PieNPolitics 6/5/12. "Late last week while the areas food producers were preparing for the 2012-farming season, the Karuk Tribe, in coordination with the Klamath River Keepers, went public with an extremely biased and highly controversial groundwater model of the Scott River aquifer."

Mark Baird comments on the recent filing of a lawsuit by the Karuk Tribe, PieNPolitics, posted to KBC 5/19/12. "The Tucker Hillman Tribe’s fake environmental group is filing suit against another economic engine in Siskiyou County. The Tucker Hillman tribe intends to join the suit as well...The felon Grant Leaf Hillman is the President of the Riverkeepers. The Greencorp Socialist S. Craig Tucker is on the Board of the Riverkeepers."
HERE for article on lawsuit
> Environmental group sues over Siskiyou County dam, Capital Press, posted to KBC  5/19/12.

Group files new suction dredge lawsuit, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 4/8/12. Karuk Tribe (Craig Tucker, dam removal activist), PCFFA (Glen Spain, Eugene Attorney), Center for Biological Diversity (files ESA/endangered species act lawsuits daily), and FOR / Friends of the River (dam removal ecoterrorist group, Craig Tucker was former coordinator). Spain and Tucker are voting members as "stakeholders" on the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. All of the above have had their litigation funded by Earthjustice, funded partly by George Soros. The ecoterrorist claim, "risk of mobilizing mercury in the water column." In the KBRA, they advocate destroying 4 hydrodams, releasing 20 million cubic yards of sediment, obliterating any life forms: Senator Doug Whitsett speech regarding the KBRA and Klamath dam destruction.

Question for Mr Tucker, Did Riverkeeper join the stakeholders/proponents of the KBRA?

Karuk spokesman, and KBRA "Stakeholder" Craig Tucker, formerly Friends of the River spokesman trained by Green Corp, and also currently Riverkeeper board of directors, sent KBC News this message: "FYI: You are incorrect on your site when you say KRK opposes agreements. Friends of the River is not in any way involved or related to Klamath River Keeper…FOR is not a water keeper network organization. They oppose the agreements. S. Craig Tucker, Klamath Coordinator, Karuk Tribe, ctucker@karuk.us " Tucker forwarded their Press Release. ( KBC NOTE: KBC didn't say Riverkeeper opposes agreements, we said they oppose the KBRA, as they are not listed as  stakeholders. FOR was a proponent but pulled out. George Soros funds Earthjustice which litigates for Klamath Riverkeeper, Friends of the River, Waterkeeper Alliance, and other environmental groups at the KBRA negotiation table.

Another Dwinell lawsuit, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 3/29/12. (Dwinell dam removal lawsuit by Klamath Riverkeeper, Craig Tucker board member.

GOOD COP BAD COP all in one person: International dam removal activist Craig Tucker, a lead organizer of the Klamath dam removal 'agreements', is featured in a 2008 International Rivers "Learning From the Pros" of dam removal activism. To further his campaign agenda, after organizing dam removal protests with Friends of the River against power companies,  he hired on as campaign coordinator of the Karuk Tribe advocating dam removal and downsizing agriculture water allocations within the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement / KBRA. At the same time he founded and is board member of Klamath Riverkeeper, an offshoot of dam removal group Friends of the River that opposes the KBRA. Karuk tribal leader and KBRA advocate Leaf Hilman is also a board member of Klamath Riverkeeper, KBRA opponent.
Leading environmental group (Friends of the River) withdraws from Klamath Agreement, Indy Bay, followed by NY Times, posted 2/17/10

Learning from the Pros - featuring an author of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, Interview with Craig Tucker, Klamath Campaign Coordinator, Karuk Tribe, International River, posted to KBC 5/2/09.

Tribes: Trimmed budget hits benefits, H&N 9/20/11. "What we want are the dams out,” Tucker said. “The water quality is horrible, our fishery is suffering. … Everything we cut out was important, but nothing is more important than getting the dams out.”

Klamath Riverkeeper Press Release, and KBC response, 10/1/09.Members at the Klamath settlement table pledged to support the KBRA/Restoration Agreement. However Craig Tucker, Karuk spokesman at KBRA negotiation table and vice president of Klamath Riverkeeper, and Leaf Hillman, Riverkeeper board of directors and also Karuk tribal member on the KBRA table, are saying in this press release that if changes aren't made to their demands, they will sue. Klamath Riverkeeper opposes the KBRA.

Lawsuit, Tucker partnered with ACLU

AUDIO - Bill Meyer Show debate featuring farmer Steve Kandra and environmental activist and Karuk Tribe spokesman Craig Tucker, both supporting KBRA and Klamath dam destruction. Opponents of the "agreement" in the debate are former Karuk Tribal councilman and Shasta tribal member Gary Lake, and John Martinez. KBC Notes: Tucker said dams provide no irrigation and costs only $200 million to remove. He didn't mention the cost of removing 20 million cubic yards of toxic silt. He said "there's court battles ahead of us," although previously while selling the KBRA to the public he said this would end litigation, which is what caller Tara, KWUA employee, said this would end litigation.  posted 11/12/11

Karuk Tribe Outlaws by Karuk Tribal member James Waddell, posted to KBC 7/19/11. "Within the Karuk Tribe of California, Mr. Alvin “Bud” Johnson and Mr. Gary Beck were leaders in developing a relationship with the environmentalists … the marijuana growers could help keep their marijuana gardens from being found...Timber production with loggers, timber cruisers and forest service workers posed the greatest threat of exposure of the marijuana growers...When I was trying to evaluate a timber sale in Dunn Creek of OR, I was threatened… by a trio of .357 Mag-armed pot growers...Happy Camp’s population has fallen from 3,000 in the 1980s to an estimated 840 by 1997...These Karuk Tribe of California-led political actions against loggers, gold miners, farmers and Klamath dams are not really about saving salmon.  Indians kill and sell tens of thousands of salmon per year..."

Delphi Technique was used by DFG on Aug. 16, 8/18/11. "RiverKeepers chose the wrong year to blame irrigators for Patterson Creek going dry. Irrigation stopped, when the water flow was still extremely high and irrigation was NOT occurring, where your evil youtube depicts dead juvenile fish. You are so full of lies, you likely planted the dead fish. I have reported such before on the Klamath, when neighbors saw Karuks planting fish to die, when the Klamath River level dropped."

Letter to government agencies who were recipients of letter by Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker who was conjuring up a "summit" with the agencies to fix the Scott River, by Mark Baird 7/12/11, Vice President Scott Valley Protect Our Water, Vice President Siskiyou County Water Users Association. "The Karuk Tribe gained Federal status by taking a treaty signed by and for the Shasta people."

"Craig Tucker and his Karuk Tribe, call for Summit to: 'Solve the problems on the Scott River.' by Mark Baird 7/11/11. The goal of this meeting is to 'fix' the problems on the Scott River. Several problems arise immediately in this grand plan:
* The Karuk Tribe has no jurisdiction over the Scott River.
* The Karuk Tribe does not own property on the Scott River.
* The Karuks do not own any water rights on the Scott River.
* The Karuks have no jurisdiction in the affairs of the State of California. Congress regulates commerce with “Indians who are not taxed.”
* Mr. Tucker and his leadership, Leif Hillman, the convicted criminal, who heads up the Karuk Department of Natural Resources are attempting to gain control of property rights and water rights, which do not belong to them. "

Groups side with DFG in water lawsuit, Capital Press, posted to KBC 6/26/11. "The Karuk Tribe, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations (PCFFA), Institute for Fisheries Resources (IFR) and Klamath Riverkeeper filed a motion Wednesday to intervene in a Siskiyou County court case challenging the authority of the California Department of Fish and Game to regulate water diversions for farmland irrigation...Earthjustice is representing the tribal, fishing and environmental groups in the Siskiyou County case." (KBC NOTE: first, the KBRA was advertised in the media by the enviro groups as ending lawsuits against farmers. Glen Spain, Eugene attorney and at the KBRA table as stakeholder for PCFFA, created IFR "to funnel the money through."  So essentially, Glen Spain and Craig Tucker are litigating against the Scott and Shasta Valley irrigators. George Soros contributes to pay the KBRA enviro groups' and PCFFA's attorney bills through Earthjustice.)

Wrong and un-American, by Bob Lopes for Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 6/26/11. "I hope that all fair-minded citizens of Siskiyou County see that he (Craig Tucker) never addresses the damage done to king and coho salmon by the indiscriminate take of thousands and thousands of fish by the gill nets that are strung across the river by the commercial fishing operation."

Craig Tucker, Myth Buster or Myth Maker? by Mark Baird, rancher, Vice President of Scott Valley Protect Our Water / POW, posted to KBC  6/25/11, followed by Tucker letter.

California Farm Bureau counsel explains dismissal of DFG suit, "Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 2/5/11. "Rice stated that the issues raised in the Farm Bureau’s case had become entangled with the Riverkeeper’s issues, being “overcome” by that case after consolidation." (KBC NOTE: Former Outreach Director at Friends of the River, Karuk spokesman at the stakeholder table of KBRA, Craig Tucker is board member and founder of Klamath Riverkeeper, litigant in many lawsuits against Klamath resource users. George Soros funds Earthjustice, which represents Klamath Riverkeeper)

Letter from KC Walden, Iron Gate Lake, to Craig Tucker 10/6/06

Damn those dams; Klamath River Dam Removal negotiations uncertain, The Lumberjack 4/29/09. 4 comments at the end, "This are the most misleading statements I've read! Riverkeeper claims to be not at the table of the KBRA...all three are on the Klamath Riverkeeper board of directors"

The Klamath Riverkeeper is filing a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Warren Buffett's PacifiCorp for polluting the Klamath River, Indy Bay posted 3/28/07.

Another rerun: Solution save Klamath Dams: To the attention of Mr. Craig Tucker, fellow (anti-dam) campaigners and Klamath Water Users, from Sean McKinney, Australia,  7/4/07. (KBC note: Australian company offered solution for algae removal, California Regional Water Quality Control Board scientist said it could fix the algae problem but blamed Upper Basin for the water quality problems, and Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker said it the algae and health problems are solved, he still wants the Klamath Dams out.)

A rerun that should not be forgotten. Tucker accuses KBC of lying that the same tribes and environmental groups at the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA table petitioned against Klamath Water Users to end their affordable power rate. Read the blackmail that led to the KBRA:
Gimme a Break" from Karuk Tribe spokesman Craig Tucker to KBC, posted to KBC 7/25/07
Response to 'Gimme a Break" from KBC to Karuk Spokesman Craig Tucker, 7/25/07

Stakeholders, not Cheney, Will Determine Klamath’s Fate, Craig Tucker Karuk Tribe spokesman, posted 7/7/07, and sent to the Register Guard.

Oregon Wild is PacifiCorp’s best Ally in Klamath Dam Fight!, by Karuk Spokesman Craig Tucker regarding Oregon Wild and FERC negotiations, Indy Bay 5/11/07. HERE for KBC questions

Fishing Industry Launches Campaign to Restore San Francisco Bay Delta and Klamath River California Political Desk, California Chronicle posted to KBC 2/18/07. ('friends' at the KBRA table, PCFFA and the Karuk Tribe, have signed on to this petition)

Peace on the River,  by High Country News, posted 7/8/08 with KBC commentary. "After (Hoopas and Yuroks) sued against us getting a power rate with the other "friends" at the settlement table, THEN they supported a rate hike that would take place over 4 years. They put us in the bind in the first place, then turned on their allies in the legal battle, PacifiCorp." (KBC NOTE: This article was emailed to us by S. Craig Tucker, Ph.D., Klamath Campaign Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe of California on the Klamath River, said, "This is a very accurate story of how the Klamath settlement agreement evolved. Please consider putting on KBC website.")

Tribes and Klamath Water Users: Solving the Klamath Crisis; Keeping Farms and Fish Alive. Film by Craig Tucker and the Karuk Tribe. Klamath Water Users and Tribes negotiate Klamath Dam Removal. Film Review by KBC News. The film premiered at the Holiday Inn in Redding during  Klamath Watershed Conference November 8, 2006

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