Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

                Archive 1   unsorted from home page 4/7 - 5/9  2001

"Bucket Brigade" 15,0000 participate
Great turn out .... !!!!   Thanks to all, from all corners of the Country archive1\personalstories.htm
See all the Photos        Walden address to House, May 8th

 Take Action  see sample letter

Environmentalists' tactics face review, By Tom Knudson Bee Staff Writer,

The American Conservation Coalition: Looking for a balance, sounds good

The Human Side: Meet a few of the local folks Personal Stories with Photos
See some of the The Homesteaders, Farmers and Ranchers   see Photos
Several New Homesteader Stories

CWA Says : Court Ruling Will Have International Impacts  See Story
Includes Pacific Flyway Facts

Soil Blowing Away    More Wind Erosion Photos

National Wilderness Institute, common sense ideas covering a variety of environmental issues including endangered species, land use rights and environmental regulations. These issues affect you, your family, your community and our nation's economy every day in more ways than you might imagine. (link)  
See a related Green Movement Letter

Letter from John V. Hays, President Oregon Cattlemen's Association to 
Rep Greg Walden, U.S. House of Representativesarchive1\payfarmers-AP-5-4.htm

Ducklings face uncertain future  New Photo by Jerry Haugen 5/5

Legislative Coalition Organizes Trip to Bucket Brigade  see letter 

Tightening the Screws by Henry Lamb, May 5,  

Sucker Fish Endangers Farmers by J. Zane Walley,   May 5

Court to feds: Pay farmers when water supply goes to fish
Associated Press, May 4, 2001  with link to complete court decision archive1\injunctiondenied.htm

Endangered Species Act Destroying Farmers' and Man's Rights  5/2
Article by Glenn Woiceshyn, a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute ..\..\Photos\dust_storms.htm

Speech: Greg Walden to the House,  with letter   May 2, 2001


Court Results: Injunction Denied, NO WATER! (yet)  
 see complete text of the opinion and ruling

Dust Storms, 2 photos by Allen Hurlburt,  April 16 

Judge Denies Klamath Farmers' Desperate Plea for Water,    
Associated Press Story,    By Jeff Barnard   May 1   
Representative Garrard's Press Release,  May 1   

Are Coho and Suckers really endangered?
                   .......... Go to the Big Fish Page and then decide

Deltistes luxatus  and   Chasmistes brevirostris info and photos

See an Original Deed, signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt,  shows water rights 

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Big Rally:  Friday, April 27th    See Photos from the Rally     News Stories

Ag Alert: Tulelake students take troubled message to Capitol  CBFB

Speech for May 7th Rally    Read This !!!    4/27

News and Updates from Tulelake Butte Valley Fair Board  4/26

Should the Farmers just give up?  Read letter from Basin Fertilizer

April 24: Klamath Basin Farmers to Receive $1 Million in 
Emergency Assistance to Prevent Soil Erosion  See Press Release

News: California Waterfowl Association to Sue the Feds,  to file an injunction in Oregon in support of the farmers who are suing the USFWS  PRESS RELEASE: 4/25/01

The Paragon Foundation,  Press Release, April 20

Letter to Glen Halsey, Chief, California Department of Veterans Affairs 4/25

ONRC  ( Wendell Wood )  April 18th, Klamath Basin Alert: Help Protect the National Wildlife Refuges, Endangered Species! His plea to send letters ... See what we are up against.  Maybe we can send letters too ??

 "There is nothing more necessary than good intelligence to frustrate a designing
 enemy, and nothing requires greater pains to obtain."
-- George Washington

Action is Needed  See What ONRC Is Up To  We Need to Write and Call,  Just Like They Do..   See the letter they are sending out, We have to dispute and discredit what these people are saying, see this related page we need help!!

E.P.A. Backs Wetlands Rule Set by Clinton April 17 

Looking Back in Klamath Basin history, 1991, and 2001, H&N, posted to KBC 8/21/11. 1991: "The Oregon Natural Resources Council has asked a federal judge to halt any operations of the Klamath Reclamation Project that may endanger the fish..."
On one side of the fence stood 11 federal marshals, somber and quiet, their eyes concealed by sunglasses and their navy blue blazers buttoned up despite the hot weather. On the other side stood more than 150 farmers, business owners, and general citizens, angry and at times loud, their options uncertain and their patience worn thin."



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