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Talks bad for Basin, Off-Project group: Water pact will have negative result, H&N 12/22/07. Alternative needed before tearing out Klamath dams, H&N, posted 12/28/07.
Counterspin - Dam, straight! Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 12/27/07 Not everyone poised to OK ‘settlement’ of water issues, Conflicts likely to remain once proposal is public, H&N, posted to KBC 12/26/07
Dam removal draws concern, H&N 12/19/07. The Basin’s water future, followed by Stakeholders represent a variety of interests. H&N 12/16/07.
Klamath Fishing Tales, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 11/29/07. FERC ignores salmon mandates, recommends keeping Klamath dams, Capital Press 11/16/07.
(Klamath) Water talks getting close, H&N, posted to KBC 11/15/07 Advocates ask ratepayers to fight relicensing of 4 Klamath dams, Oregonian 11/14/07, followed by Rally for PacifiCorp customer support.
County missing Klamath talks, Triplicate, posted to KBC 11/13/07 CEC urges rate hike to remove Klamath dams, not fisheries upgrade, Water Power magazine 11/5/07.
California commission recommends ripping out Klamath Dams, Washington Times 10/29/07, FOLLOWED BY comments on Free Republic forum, "Tear them down. California doesn’t need electricity." FERC ignores salmon mandates, recommends keeping Klamath dams, Capital Press 11/16/07.
Ocean council hears Klamath, fishing issues, The Times-Standard 10/26/2007 Ocean Protection Council talks dams, project funding, The Eureka Reporter 10/27/07
Calif. Ocean Protection Council to hear Klamath settlement talks, Daily Triplicate, posted 10/26/07 Affected parcels in Copco and Iron Gate if Klamath River Dams are removed. posted to 10/1/07.
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Scott Shasta algae tour, Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong District 5, posted to KBC 9/28/07. Water tour brings stakeholders together; Klamath River Basin issues span cultures, states, livelihoods, Capital Press 9/28/07
Jim Cook: Behind the dams on the Klamath River, by Jim Cook and Marcia H. Armstrong - Siskiyou County Supervisors, Sacramento Bee 9/18/07. Slam! Karuk, Riverkeeper file lawsuit in state court, Pioneer Press posted 8/31/07.
Groups sue North Coast water board over Klamath River dams, Register Guard, 8/23/07. Karuk Leader Arrested, North Coast Journal 8/23/07

Board discusses Klamath Watershed by Jamie Gentner, Siskiyou Daily News 8/22/07 - Dr. Rykbost water quality study discussed

Ron Williams: Dams provide cheap, clean energy we can't afford to lose, Idaho Statesman, posted 8/23/07
Federal judge denies PacifiCorp request to throw out Klamath dams toxins case, posted 8/23/07. ( Join Earth First rally NOW to demand the removal of Klamath Dams, Portland Independent Media Center 8/14/07.
Discord rumors in (Klamath) water talks just that, H&N 8/14/07 Non-tribal Klamath mid-basin left out of Settlement Group, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, posted to KBC 8/1/07
Suckers show sign of recovery, H&N, posted to KBC 8/1/07 Senator amends bill addressing Klamath Basin dam issues, Eureka Reporter, posted to KBC 7/31/07
Klamath River Settlement Takes Shape, USFWS and DOI News Release, posted 7/25/07. Water talks could be finished by November , H&N, 7/14/07
The Klamath knot, North Coast Journal 7/12/07. “We achieved working out a framework that specified dam removal,” Tucker said. “Everybody felt it was good for the river except for Oregon Wild. Steve Pedery, conservation director of Oregon Wild, "said Oregon Wild continues to be involved in the process through sister groups and allies in the tribes." (KBC Note: Kandra says there is no finger pointing in settlement talks; Hoopas seem to claim otherwise: )
Solving the Klamath River fisheries issues requires true and wise leadership by Steve Kandra, Klamath Water User, "The farmers, tribes and fishermen are solving problems, not pointing fingers." And Fish and Farmers Both Need Water, by Hoopa Tribal Chairman Clifford Marshall, "fish in the Trinity and Klamath rivers are still fighting for their lives as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation starves the Trinity River for restoration funding and aged dams block natural propagation on the Klamath River," Washington Post, posted to KBC 7/10/07.
Klamath Water Users and Tribes Negotiate Removal of Warren Buffett’s Dams That Poison Local Communities and Result in Public Health Warnings, Karuk Tribe, posted to KBC 7/8/07 Stakeholders, not Cheney, Will Determine Klamath’s Fate, Craig Tucker Karuk Tribe spokesman, posted 7/7/07, and sent to the Register Guard.
Hydropower -- It's a 'green' resource, 6/19/07  Tri-City Herald, Editorial Anti farming groups banned from participating in Pacific Power negotiations, Pioneer Press 6/13/07
"Discussion continues about Klamath dam issue, H&N 6/9/07. “We’re moving down the path, and we’ve got to let our people know about it, whether a settlement comes tomorrow or 10 years from now,” Addington said Dam the Salmon, In the Northwest, environmentalists want to have it both ways, Wall Street Journal editorial, posted to KBC June 1, 2007
United Opposition to Rahall Energy Dependency Bill H.R. 2337 6/6/07, followed by more statements. "A diverse coalition of organizations representing America's economic and business leaders, labor, farmers and ranchers, and clean alternative energy producers are uniting to oppose legislation that would repeal many of the nation's important energy policies and raise consumer energy prices and increase U.S. dependency on foreign energy." Warren Buffett Hates Salmon, Native Americans, DealBreaker, 5/24/07. (KBC Note: The article above, Salmon aid intact in war-funding bill,  blames Klamath irrigators for fish dying in fall 2002, and so did the Tribes and enviros and Cal Fish and Game blame us. Of course they blamed Bush too, until, 2 yrs ago, they became aware that FERC Klamath Hydro dam license was about to expire. Now they blame Buffett's because fish died in 2002 since he bought the hydro dams. Does anyone think accusing Buffet of 'genocide' and snubbing "Holocaust survivors." is a bit extreme in trying to materialize the dam-removal agenda?)
Local fisherman targets dams in loss of salmon; Hudson joins lawsuit to remove two dams along the Klamath River, The Daily Review, posted to KBC 5/18/07. "One of the best-known problems facing Coho salmon on the Klamath involves the six dams that pinch the river's flow..."
HOWEVER: Two peer-reviewed Fish and Wildlife Service reports state otherwise for salmon decline: Go HERE for 8 reasons and audio/video., including biography of fisheries scientist David Vogel.
1. Over fishing
2. Logging
3. The Trinity River Diversion , which is a transbasin diversion from Klamath Basin to  central valley in California
4. Irrigation Diversions in the lower Klamath Basin tributaries, not the mainstem but the tributaries
5. The 1964 Flood
6. The 1976 - 77 drought which was a 50 year/100 year drought, back-to-back
7. Sea Lion predation
8. Brown Trout predation
Tribes take Klamath dams woes to Buffett HQ, followed by On the home front: Secretive settlement talks and a surprise lawsuit, Northcoast Journal, posted 5/11/07. KBC notes, facts & information Fields of conflict in the Klamath, LA Times, posted 5/9/07. KWUA rebuttal to environmental myths by Dan Keppen, past director Klamath Water Users,  California Waterfowl Association spokesman Bill Gaines, and Tulelake Refuge manager Ron Cole, delivered in 2004. HERE for KBC refuge page. 
Buffett says regulators, not PacifiCorp, will decide dams' future, Oregonian, 5/5/07. California Tribes and Fishermen Come to Omaha on Quest to Save Salmon, Indy Bay, Karuk, Yurok, Friends of the River, and Klamath River Keeper (Klamath Forest Alliance) posted 5/2/07, followed by Tribes take protest on road, Triplicate
Klamath River settlement is nearly ready, The Oregonian, posted 5/1/07 Progress in talks on Klamath Dams welcome news, H&N 4/29/07.
Klamath Indians asking (Buffett) to take down PacifiCorp dams, by Clea Benson - Sacramento Bee Capitol Bureau April 27, 2007. Climate Change Adds Twist to Debate Over (Klamath) Dams, New York Times, posted to KBC 4/25/07
Thank you for the coverage from the cross hairs of the western water debate; (Climate Change Adds Twist to Debate Over Dams), letter to NY Times by William Kennedy, Klamath Falls Farmer 4/27/07
(Klamath) Groups closer to water settlement, April 25, 2007 Herald and News
Group wants Buffett to remove dams, World Herald, posted 4/27/07
Klamath River interests to take dam concerns to Warren Buffett, Times Standard 4/18/07 Activists attack Iron Gate hatchery, Lawsuit filed by Klamath Riverkeepers, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 4/16/07
Beating up enviros, the Director of Member Services for the Assembly Republican Caucus knows water, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 4/16/07 Tribes and Klamath Water Users Association featured in: Solving the Klamath Crisis: Keeping Farms and Fish Alive. Indians and farmers talked, commented, asked questions. Here For Story.
Klamath River parties hold meeting of the minds, The Daily Triplicate, posted to KBC 4/4/07. Karuk film with KWUA 3/27/07
The Klamath Riverkeeper is filing a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Warren Buffett's PacifiCorp for polluting the Klamath River, Indy Bay posted 3/28/07. Federal suit filed against California hatchery,, posted to KBC 3/28/07
The California Energy Commission said today that removing four PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River would be more beneficial than originally projected, Indy Bay 3/27/07 New data back removal of Klamath dams, LA Times 3/27/07
International Day of Action for Rivers, March 2007. This event has passed, however the feature film with Klamath Water Users and Karuks will be in Klamath this Tuesday at Ross Ragland. Do has been shown up and down the West Coast. HERE for info on Tuesday's showing. FILM SHOWING March 27th in Klamath Falls, Keeping Farms and Fish Alive. Film starring the Karuk Tribe, Klamath Water Users Scott Seus and KWUA Executive Director Greg Addington, and PCFFA, several tribes and groups participated in this film. It has been shown up and down the west coast, and it will be here this month. Do attend!
Owner of Klamath River dams attacks study; PacifiCorp disputes claims that it would be cheaper to remove the barriers blocking the migration of endangered salmon than to keep them, LA Times 3/13/07 PRESS RELEASE: PacifiCorp disputes California Energy Commission’s Klamath model and report, 3/12/07.
Panel: Ease limits on Klamath River salmon; Expected record run of chinook prompts federal group to call for longer season, H&N posted 3/13/07 Economists Flunk Enviro Report On Economics Of Dam Breaching, NW Fishletter, posted 3/12/07
Dam removals could cost millions; BPA's electricity users could pay up to $550 million a year if four lower Snake River dams were removed, Idaho Statesman, posted 3/5/07 Media Myth: America's big dam problem, Business and Media Institute, 2/28/07.
An opening on the Klamath, Oregonian editorial 2/26/07.

PacifiCorp PRESS RELEASE: PacifiCorp continues with Klamath licensing process, settlement discussions, posted to KBC 2/14/07

Fishing Industry Launches Campaign to Restore San Francisco Bay Delta and Klamath River California Political Desk, California Chronicle posted to KBC 2/18/07.
(KBC NOTE: PCFFA and Karuk Tribe are at the table with 28 groups including Klamath Water Users in the FERC Settlement regarding dam removal, affordable power rates for irrigators, secure water supply, etc, and Karuks made a film about this cooperative venture.
PCFFA and the Karuk Tribe have signed onto this petition...)
Films examine forest, rivers' ecology Documentaries? Three films inspect ecosystems in Oregon and Southeast Asia, posted 2/14/07, The Oregonian. (KBC NOTE: These films blast salvaging Siskiyou burnt forests, and blast Klamath dams. The review celebrates the film made with the tribes and Klamath Water Users. In this review it states "that the dams create unpredictability in water supplies for farmers, deplete fish stocks for coastal fishermen...", however, KBC watched the film and does not find any case for unpredictable water supplies being caused by the dams. Actually, the Klamath Project provides predictable regulated flows for fish and power in the Klamath River. And the coastal fishermen we have talked with say that the government's depleting hatcheries is a cause of 'depleted fish stocks'. They contend the new rule on "natural spawned fish" is the weapon used to shut down fishing, as there are lots of fish spawned in the hatchery, fish genetically equal to natural spawners. And HERE is KBC review of the film.)

PacifiCorp continues with Klamath licensing process, Yreka's Siskiyou Daily News, posted 2/13/07

Pacific Power has a big dilemma - what will they choose? Dams to come down?, Pioneer Press, posted 2/8/07
PacifiCorp Considers $300M Fish Ladders, Forbes, posted 2/8/07 FWS NEWS RELEASE: Departments of Interior, Commerce File Modified Prescriptions for Klamath Dams Relicensing, posted to KBC 2/4/07.
A better plan for our climate, Albany Democrat Herald 2/4/07. "The dams on the Klamath produce energy without the slightest increase in greenhouse gases. If they are shut down, the power will have to come from something else, maybe wind or geothermal, but most likely a coal or gas-burning plant in some other state." National Marine Fishery Service Modified Prescriptions for Fishways and Alternatives Analysis for the Klamath Hydroelectric Project (FERC project #2082) from the Dept of Commerce and NMFS, posted 1/30/07.
DFG Director Broddrick Statement on PacifiCorp, By: Department of Fish and Game 1/31/07
Fate of Klamath River dams in play, LA Times 1/31/07
U.S. Orders Modification of Klamath River Dams Removal May Prove More Cost-Effective, Washington Post 1/31/07
Environmentalists, Post Embrace Some Dam Destruction Article downplays lost of power for 70,000 people as the result of green mandate, Business and Media Institute 1/31/07. "Ironically, the Post took an entirely different position just five days earlier on January 26. In an editorial, the paper criticized the president’s energy plan because he “missed opportunities to improve energy security and to combat climate change.” Presumably, hydroelectric power would meet both of those goals."
Momentum builds toward dam removal, American Rivers, preceeded by commentary by Property Rights Advocate Jim Foley, 1/31/07 Federal agencies issue final mandates for Klamath Dams, Karuk, 1/30/07
Hoopa Tribe wants government to help spawning salmon, Indy Media, followed by commentary by Jim Foley, property rights advocate, posted 1/28/07. Senate Democrats balk at governor's plan for dams, Bee Capitol Bureau, posted to KBC 1/27/07 Followed by commentary of Mike Wade, Executive Director California Farm Water Coalition
Study aims to shed more light on delayed mortality thesis, Columbia Basin Bulletin, posted to KBC 1/21/07. "An Idaho water users group this week cited results from a 2006 study as proof that migrating juvenile salmon do not suffer ill effects from passing down through four lower Snake River federal hydroprojects, and nor does barging the young fish through the hydrosystem hinder their chances of surviving to adulthood." Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (POST): Results from the Acoustic Tracking Study on Survival of Columbia River Salmon, 96-page report, pdf.

Klamath dams targeted, H&N, 1/18/07


NEWS RELEASE: Acoustic Tag Salmon Study Refutes Environmentalists’ Breaching Benefits Claims, Coalition for Idaho Water, posted 1/18/07 "This crucial new data puts a bullet in the heart of arguments that tearing out the dams will somehow become a silver bullet remedy in salmon recovery efforts,...” “ 'This new science refutes claims by environmentalists that the four lower Snake River dams need to be removed. It also makes it crystal clear that additional water from southern Idaho is not needed to produce high survival rates among the juvenile fish,' ” Semanko added."
Study On Economics Of Dam Breaching Takes Another Hit, NWFish Letter, posted 12/21/06  
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