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Tulelake Community Town Hall at The Honker May 5th: Siskiyou County Ballot Measures Up For Election on June 7

In God We Trust plaque placedResidents dedicate 'In God We Trust' sign, H&N 4/27/16. "A plaque with the words 'In God We Trust', 'Klamath County', and 'Liberty and Justice' is dedicated on a wall inside the Klamath County Commissioners meeting room...LeQuieu thanked Commissioner Tom Mallams for bringing the issue before the county and thanked the board of commissioners for approving the plaque."

Go to Bureau of Reclamation page for articles and resume of Ms. Bradford

Klamath Irrigation District opposes river agreement, KTVL 4/21/16

Letter from KID to Congressman Greg Walden requesting his presence at Bureau of Reclamation Meeting in Sacramento because of the Bureau's unachievable demands of KID, 4/19/16. "The KID’s signing of the BOR financing contract as-is, in other words, would leave the KID and its members saddled with substantial debt, entirely at the mercy of the BOR without legal recourse, and unable to control, let alone, purchase its Project transferred works...The second purpose of the forthcoming Sacramento meeting is to address the BOR’s ongoing failure to provide the KID with an annual accounting of its net Operations & Management ("O&M") expenditures... Ms. Bradford and Mr. Driscoll stated that they were unable to determine this amount...We found this statement, upon subsequent investigation, to be patently untrue....a 2014 U.S. General Accountability Office report reveals, the BOR has apparently failed to meet its legal obligation to determine, less provide, the required annual Statements of Project Construction Cost and Repayment ("SPCCR") setting forth each district’s respective share of the Project’s accumulated repayment obligation, since at least 2001 – the time of the infamous Bucket Brigade protest against the BOR’s shutoff of water to the Project....the absence of annual accountings renders the Project "transferred works" vulnerable to BOR take-back...Ms. Bradford and Mr. Driscoll also have so significantly inserted themselves into the KID’s business relationship with its C Canal Flume engineering contractor that they essentially dictated the engineering consultants’ recommendations for C Flume replacement and the previous KID Board’s and manager’s decisions to accept them."

Go to Bureau of Reclamation page for articles and resume of Ms. Bradford

Philippians 4:4-7 Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again I will say rejoice! Let you gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Sent by Frank Tallerico

Klamath Falls - Bureau of Reclamation makes offer irrigators can’t refuse, by KID attorney Lawrence Kogan for the Capital Press April 20, 2016

Jewell: 'Major Course Correction' Needed on Conservation, ABC News 4/20/16. "Climate change — the most pressing issue of our time — threatens our land and water in existential ways...need to ensure that when a diverse class of fourth-graders does visit a national park, "they see ... signs in their first language," Jewell said..."...calling for more parks and historic sites focused on women, minorities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups..."

E. Werner Reschke

My name is E. Werner Reschke and I am running as a Republican for State Representative District 56, 4/15/16

KID board meeting 4/14/16

It should be a battle of ideas, not insults, H&N letter by Donald Crawford, Klamath Falls 4/13/16. "Thank you, Doug and Gail, for for standing tall in the saddle...The Democrat and liberal Republican throwback politicians, winners and wannabes screamed and kicked up old political dust and musk...They had six months to file for the primary election."

Someone else's choice = your sacrifice, posted on the www.klamathbasincrisis.org / KBC News Discussion Forum April 12, 2016. "Over the past 25 years over 800 dams of various sizes have been destroyed in our nation alone. That is a bit scary since one of the big differences between first and third world countries is found in the existence or absence of fully functioning dams...Not too long before the seemingly treacherous and unsupported agreement to remove four Klamath River dams was signed (with blatant indifference to voter or congressional approval) it was more than a little disquieting to find out that Dan Keppen, (former head of the Klamath Water Users Association) had met with the Obama Whitehouse and United Nations associates in person to discuss water issues, water policy and resolution templates including the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) etc..."

Klamath Irrigation District / KID in the News

KBC Note: The newest KID board had rejected the Klamath settlement 'agreements', questions signing on for the multimillion$ C Flume that BOR says must be signed 'as is' or they will shut off KID water). KID is questioning signing onto Interior's newest Klamath Agreements which they were given no input and less than a week to read before Interior and the States signed on. They question being part of KWUA/Klamath Water Users Association, and continuing to help fund Family Farm Alliance which now supports the Klamath hydro dam destruction (which will decimate what's left of Siskiyou County after the spotted owl scam).
* Klamath Irrigation District Board of Directors monthly public meeting agenda, Thursday 4/14/16, 10 a.m. Fairgrounds.

MEMORANDUM - April 8, 2016 From: Attorney Lawrence Kogan To: KID Board Members Re: Relationship Between BOR C Flume Replacement Financing Contract and Basin Agreements. KBC NOTE: KID/Klamath Irrigation District board members were told by the Bureau of Reclamation that if they did not vote to replace the C Flume for millions of dollars and unacceptable wording, their water would be shut off. Blackmailed into signing with little time to realize the carefully designed trickery by Klamath Water Users Association and democrat senators Wyden and Merkley, a leaked document caused KID attorney to see the hidden connection between the C Flume and the Klamath agreements that KID opposes.

Hydro agreement changes made without using the rule of law, H&N letter by Laurence A Kogan, Esq guest writer for H&N 4/10/16

Klamath Irrigation Demand for Copy of Newly Amended Text of Amended KHSA; Invocation of KHSA Notice and Dispute Provisions, 4/5/16. "The letter below and attached letter is from KID / Klamath Irrigation attorney to Klamath Agreements’ facilitator Ed Sheets regarding late copy of the newly amended text of amended KHSA (dam removal) ‘agreement’, plus KID filing a notice of dispute. With no public transparency, no support by Siskiyou Board of Supervisors, Klamath County Board of Commissioners, local Congressmen, Senators or other elected officials, Dept of Interior yesterday proclaimed that tomorrow, April 6th, the states and environmental groups, tribes and a few farmers, would sign an “agreement” that effects our water rights, destroys dams..."

"KID officially invokes the Notice and Dispute provisions of Articles 8.5 and 8.6 of the KHSA, which requires all KSHA parties to meet and confer to resolve this dispute pursuant to the provisions of KHSA Article 8.7"

State, federal officials sign new Klamath dam agreements, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/10/16. “We are objecting to the process that they violated and continue to violate,” Kogan told the Capital Press, adding that the district may sue to block the agreement...

***Federal, State, Tribal and Environmentalist efforts to curtail irrigation in the Klamath Basin, 4/4/16. "The Klamath Irrigation District Board and many District members are very concerned about the ongoing clandestine efforts of the U.S. Department of Interior (“DOI”)’s Bureau of Reclamation (“BOR”), in cooperation with the DOI’s Fish & Wildlife Service (“FWS”), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), the U.S. Department of ...and Warren Buffet's PacifiCorps to diminish the use of irrigation and the access of the Klamath Irrigation Project to irrigation water in the Klamath Basin by: 1) removing four perfectly operational dams in the Lower Basin (John C Boyle, Copco 1, Copco 2 and Iron Gate); 2) transferring to the BOR...."  "...perhaps, certain BOR officials based in the local Klamath Falls, Oregon, Sacramento, California, Denver, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. offices, along with certain Klamath Basin irrigator members of the Klamath Water and Power Association (“KWAPA”) who are also members of the Klamath Water Users Association
(“KWUA”) may have committed federal crimes..."
INCLUDED in the above link are the following documents: "In the interest of public transparency, we have made the following documents relating to these issues available online:  KBRC  KBRA  UKBCA  KHSA (original)  KHSA (containing new amendments)  BOR's one-sided take-it-or-leave-it high debt burden financing agreement  KPFA (new)  Merkley-Wyden bill (linking signing of amended KHSA, tribal water rights preference, BOR reimbursable C Flume financing & lower cost power via signing of new KPFA)  KID Press Statement  BOR Take-or-Leave-it C-Flume Financing Agreement  KID-Modified Red-lined C Flume Financing Agreement  Memo to KID Board Explaining Redline Edits  Memo to KID Board Re: 3/24/16 BOR Mtg Proceedings  Exhibit 1 to KID Board Memo Re: BOR 3/24/16 Mtg  Exhibit 2 to KID Board Memo Re: BOR 3/24/16 Mtg  1954 KID-BOR Agreement  1930 Project Right-of-Way BOR Granted to BNSF Railway  1940 Project Right-of-Way BOR Granted to Oregon DOT  2014 GAO Report Re: BOR Failure to Provide Accounting to Klamath Irrigation Project & KID of Net Accumulated O&M Expenditures"

"Well, if I wanted all the people out of Northern California, what would I do?" letter to KBC News by Mark Johnson, posted 4/12/16

Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."

* Rally to Save the Klamath Dams Tuesday, April 12th

Oregon Firearms Federation Endorses E. Werner Reschke for Oregon State Rep, 4/10/16.
HERE for Reschhke's website:
Oregon State Rep Candidate Werner Reschke

Notice of Potential Termination Event, KWUA / Klamath Water Users Association 1/16/16. "...citing original KHSA Art. 3.3.4.A and Appendix E (above) showing intertwined/interlinked relationship between KHSA & KBRA (now incorporated, in part, in KPFA"

Will the United States (and Klamath Basin) Go the Way of Zimbabwe? by Elaine Willman, MPA, 4/10/16. "All the western states are targets for the removal of food production. That’s the goal of the current federal administration that harmonizes nicely with the One World Order folks.  In Bellingham, Washington, thanks to a huge EPA grant to the Swinomish tribe, enormous billboards on the Interstate trash their area farmers for “polluting the waters.” In California, the San Joaquin Valley has already had its crop production decimated, and that area once provided over 20% of our country’s food...."

Hydro agreement changes made without using the rule of law, H&N letter by Laurence A Kogan, Esq guest writer for H&N 4/10/16

Letter from Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors to DOI Secretary Sally Jewell and Calif. governor Jerry Brown 4/5/16

Full water supply expected, H&N 4/9/16

Stop whining and let Whitsetts live in peace, H&N 4/9/16.

Agencies sign dam removal agreements, Western Livestock Journal 4/8/16. "local voices are making clear that the “shared vision” of dam removal is not universal, and that the agreements as drafted may not ensure either restoration of the river or sustainability of water use on the Klamath...While Brown said last Wednesday that signing the agreements was an act of “healing this river,” Haupt said the government’s own analysis predicts the opposite...which reveals that the four dams’ removal method will result in “complete sterilization of all aquatic life for a minimum of two years” in the Klamath River, due to the roughly 20 million cubic yards of sediment that will be flushed into the river...the report even admits dam removal will wipe out an entire generation of the federally-listed Coho salmon—the very fish that is being touted as the reason for the dams’ removal. This is a “clear, egregious violation” of the Endangered Species Act, he said..."

State, federal officials sign new Klamath dam agreements, Capital Press, KBC 4/6/16. “We are objecting to the process that they violated and continue to violate,” Kogan told the Capital Press, adding that the district may sue to block the agreement..."

Dam removal impact clearer after letter (from Klamath Commissioners to FERC), H&N letter to editor by Robert Harris, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 4/10/16

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review, posted to KBC 4/10/16. "AB 2757 would require agricultural employers to pay overtime premium pay (at a rate of 1.5 times an employee’s regular rate of pay) to their employees after 8 hours in any work day, and 40 hours in any work week; premium pay at the rate of two times the employee’s regular rate of pay for any work after 12 hours in a day; and will repeal the agricultural exemption..."  "AB 2700 (Rudy Salas, Jr., D-Bakersfield) passed out of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on consent on April 6. AB 2700 requires the CPUC to update the criteria it uses to prioritize renewable energy projects..." KBC NOTE: Why would they create more renewable energy projects while California governor wants to destroy Klamath River hydropower (the ultimate renewable energy) dams serving 70,000 homes?

Oregon lawmaker says new Klamath dam removal plan may be illegal, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/10/16.

From the archives: 'Game' was rigged to limit participants, H&N letter to the editor by Werner Reschke, Malin 10/25/15, "the game has been rigged by the “stakeholders” (tribes, environmentalists, fishermen, some in agriculture) so they become the winners. The rest of us are the losers: more national debt passed to our children and increased power rates from the destruction of four hydropower dams — the cheapest power source in Pacific Power’s portfolio..."

Klamath agreements a 'first step', H&N 4/6/16. "Siskiyou County Supervisor Grace Bennett said she plans to oppose dam removal during FERC’s public comment process. “We are going to be very vocal,” she said. “This is a real tragedy for the Klamath River and the people who live along the Klamath River in Siskiyou County.  Siskiyou County Supervisor Brandon Criss said he will also continue opposing dam removal. “I think the dams have had a proven benefit for the (Basin) farming community,” Criss said."

*** "Confidential and Privileged Settlement Communications"
2016 KLAMATH POWER AND FACILITIES AGREEMENT, 3/31/16. This is the amended DRAFT of the KHSA / Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (Klamath Dam destruction deal, largest in the world). KBC Note: This amended draft was distributed to parties only the past few days, not made public, and the deal is set to be signed April 6th, bypassing the public, Congress, and Klamath and Siskiyou County governments (which oppose the dam-removal deal, where the Klamath Hydroelectric dams are located. 

*** PRESS RELEASE - Department of Interior: Secretary Jewell, Governors of California and Oregon, Tribal Leaders & Water Users to Make Major Announcement on Klamath River Dams, Restoration. "KLAMATH, Calif. – On Wednesday, April 6, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Interior Deputy Secretary Michael Connor will join Governor of California Edmund G. Brown Jr. and Governor of Oregon Kate Brown to make a major announcement about environmental restoration, water reliability and hydroelectric dams along the 263-mile Klamath River. Federal, state and Native American tribal leaders, businesses, non-governmental organizations and water users will also join in the announcement, which will further progress toward the largest river restoration project in U.S. history..."

2 Corinthians 1:3-4  "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of Comfort; who comforts us in all tribulations, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which ourselves are comforted by God." sent by Frank Tallerico for 4/3/16

Oregon Right to Life endorses E Werner Reschke for State Representative #56, posted 4/3/16

Wolf or coyote attack on calf - why predators should not be introduced into rural areas for visitors to hear their wild howl. Short video by Debbie Bacagalupi 4/3/16. KBC News Wolf Page

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