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ARCHIVE 33 - February 2005
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PRESS RELEASE: Klamath Water Users Association Announces New Executive Director, 2/28/05

Water deal may aid restoration efforts, H&N 2/28/05. (We'd would like some input from Upper Basin irrigators regarding this deal. KBC)
As history is made, there's reason for hope in the Basin, H&N 2/28/05.

Honor the contract on the Klamath, The Oregonian by Scott Seus, Klamath Basin farmer, rerun 2/27/05
Klamath farmers, fish at crossroads, SacBee 2/27/05. (Jaeger, professor of OSU, Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen ('environmentalist' city attorney who represents zero fishing groups in Oregon), and ONRC rejoice at the concept that  PacifiCorp's proposed power increase of 2500 would force Klamath farmers to sell.. To them, drying up farmland, which once was a lake, and sending it down the artificially-elevated river that is fuller than physically possible before the Klamath Project irrigation storage was built, devastating 489 species of wildlife, is a good thing. Keep in mind, when our ancestors were rerouting the lakes to provide for irrigation and refuges,  we DIVERTED our water down the river, elevating the river. Much of this water previously did not have a way to reach the ocean before the irrigators diverted it downriver. Power interests were happy. Farmers were happy. Fish did just fine with the extra water, except on really high water years when some died. America needed food and power, so all were winners.)

Klamath council crunches salmon numbers, Times Standard posted to KBC 2/27/05 "'Everyone's going to have a rough year,' said Eric Larson, California Department of Fish and Game representative to the council....'Models and reality sometimes differ substantially, however. For example, commercial fishermen last year were predicted to catch just 26,000 Klamath chinook salmon -- but ended up landing 104,000' ."

OTHER PLACES: Oregon gets money to restore salmon habitat, Curry Pilot 2/27/95

Water User's Dan Keppen Gets Roasted by KBC 2/26/05

Klamath Water Users hire director, H&N 2/26/05. "Addington has worked for the Farm Bureau Federation for the past nine years, most recently as a lobbyist in the state Legislature and in Congress."

Ranchers, tribes make water deal, H&N 2/26/05. For our Tribal/Irrigator  page of past attempted other  'Water Deals', go HERE.

2/26 Eagle Point town hall meeting with Senator Whitsett

 Cob wins enterprise zone OK, H&N 2/26/05 "Brown said that in a survey he handed out at a meeting in Lorella, 96 percent of people who returned surveys were opposed to the enterprise zone." (In Owens Lake, the city of LA sucked the lake dry, destroying the farm community and ecosystem; a dust bowl remains. The country was appalled. In Klamath County, the town sees dollar bills, allows a multi-million dollar power company to waltz in, buy water rights that are senior to those of ranchers who still have not been given permits to pump their own well, the city extended the zone to accommodate the facility, and they don't have to pay the taxes like the farmers and ranchers. And one more drain on our aquifer has bought their way into our rural community. The testimony says it will pollute our air. This is one more sad blow to our countryside, and it is being done by our own town.) More on COB go HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: Senate Republican Office: Whose Oregon is it Anyway? Part 1 of 3: Pandering, Throwing Oregon to the Wolves "the Governor has proposed Les AuCoin for appointment to the Board of Forestry. AuCoin is a vocal opponent of the board’s management plan that would bring as many as 4,300 jobs to hard hit timber dependent communities....Ranchers and rural legislators say his plan to re-introduce the gray wolf into Oregon will tie the hands of ranchers, leaving livestock unprotected and decimating deer and elk populations."

Your Constituents Do Not Want a Power Plant in Their Backyard!!! by Lyn Brock, Bonanza, Oregon 2/24/05

PRESS RELEASE: Klamath Water Users Association Public Meeting, Klamath County Fair Grounds, March 3, 1:30 PM

AgLifeNW Magazine February 2005 Issue, One Hundred Years of the Klamath Project: Conserving our Resources, Preserving our Heritage, by Dan Keppen, Klamath Water Users Executive Director
Posted to KBC 2/24/05

Klamath council talks Trinity, hatcheries, Times Standard 2/24/05

Answer to Cob tax offer expected, H&N posted to KBC 2/24/05

Lake Levels River Flows 2/24/05

Oppose land giveaway, H&N letter to the editor 2/24/05.

STOP THE COB Public Hearing 2/24/05

OTHER PLACES: California farmers ask high court to help them get paid for water, 2/23/05 sanluisobispo.com

Water forecasts bode a tight supply this season, H&N posted to KBC 2/24/05

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett Says Wolf Plan Ignores Rural  Interests, 2/22/05. "The supposedly "experimental" wolves introduced in Idaho now exceed 800 known wolves with many more certainly unknown. This failure has resulted in devastation for deer, elk and other wildlife in Idaho. To expect anything different in Oregon is not realistic."
State plan approved to manage gray wolves, Bend.com, posted to KBC 2/22/05.

Many thanks to the Klamath Bucket Brigade for hosting Russ Brooks, Pacific Legal Foundation, who presented facts and questions and answers regarding the latest court coho rulings. Story is coming next week. Also, thanks to Barb Hall at KBB for the extensive Klamath research, information, and making facts and information available to KBC readers. 

Lake Levels River Flows posted 2/19/05.

Letter from KWUA districts to Project irrigators, KWUA Engagement in Klamath Project Power Rate Issues, posted 2/19/05.

Project farmers' power bills may go up, PacifiCorp says, H&N posted 2/19/05.

Regardless of 'Best Available Science', Bureau demands over 100,000 Acre Feet of Klamath Irrigation Water Ken Lite, Oregon Water Resource Department, said regarding Sabo's statement to TID,  "Using our study for leverage doesn't make sense." They are two totally different issues. Story by KBC, content approved by TID manager 2/18/05

2/17-20 Winter Wings Festival 1-800-445-6728 for info.  www.winterwingsfest.org

Feds seek contract to flood Barnes Ranch, H&N posted 2/19/05
Basin projects need to be part of overall plan, Herald and News 2/18/05.
Facts about Barnes Acquisition by Gail Hildreth Whitsett 2/18/05
For more on Barnes, go

Lottery is no answer, H&N letter 2/19/05. With the highest unemployment rate in the nation, Oregon shuts down farms and forest harvest--even BURNT forest harvest, and turns to gambling addicts to bail out the state. HERE for Oregon Page.

Extension, experiment station facing budget trouble, H&N posted 2/19/05

Klamath Water Users weekly update 2/18/05.
* KWUA Goes To Washington
* Klamath "Takings Claim"
* 2005 Water Supply Forecasts
* Upcoming KWUA Activity

Notice of Availability Federal Register  Notice  re: Oregon's draft coho report will publish.   Here is  a PDF of the notice.  The 30-day public comment period on the state's draft assessment will run through March 11th.

2005 salmon season gets under way, Times Standard 2/18/05. "The mid-Klamath is in good shape and should be fishable this weekend without a lot of rain. Fresh steelhead are coming into the river with each storm. On the upper Klamath fishing has picked up with some 12-14 pound adult steelhead being taken."

17 tons of frozen salmon will help feed the hungry, Register Guard 2/18/05.

Disease and Chinook, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marsha Armstrong 2/18/05
Scott River Water Trust by Supervisor Armstrong written 7/05. Here is another one I wrote in July that might be of interest to upper Basin folk. Marcia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Oregon Women for Agriculture 2005 convention, posted 2/18/05

PRESS RELEASE:  Forestry Subcommittee Reveals Sound Progress of Healthy Forests Restoration Act. Independent report concludes Congress has given USFS, BLM authorities necessary for healthy forest management; much work still remains. Congressman Walden's Office 2/18/05

Panel: Efforts to save salmon not enough  Some $3 billion a year is spent in the Pacific Northwest to restore salmon runs, Albany Democrat-Herald 2/18/05.

TID well report 2/18/05 For past well data, go HERE.

Lawyer to lead public meeting on coho listing decision, H&N 2/15/05 "The meeting, sponsored by the Greenhorn Grange and the Klamath Bucket Brigade, is set for 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Midland Grange Hall, which is at the corner of Joe Wright Road and Tingley Lane. There will be a question and answer session after Brooks' presentation."

2004 water bank blackmail, ESA double standard, and TID targeted again, KBC 12/9/03. We couldn't resist running this 'deja vu all over again' article, to prepare for the nausea of this week's 2005 blackmail, or as Bureau of Reclamation calls it, a willing-seller, open bid water bank. Reposted 2/16/05.

Klamath County posts profitable year, H&N 2/16/05. "Higher prices for alfalfa and beef cattle helped Klamath County become the eighth-leading agricultural producer among Oregon's 36 counties last year, up a notch from the previous year, a report shows. Klamath County posted ag sales of $182 million in 2004, according to a report issued this month by the Oregon State University Extension Service."

Despite storms, Klamath Basin is dry, California Farm Bureau  2/16/05

Klamath Falls Bull Sale sells horses too, Klamath Courier 2/16/05.

Governor watches Basin water, H&N 2/16/05.

SOSS will discuss water issues, Pioneer Press 2/16/05

A dog and pony show, Alturas Indian gaming casino 2/16/05 Pioneer Press. FOLLOWED BY: Shasta National responds to Alturas Indian Rancheria, AND Alturas Indian Rancheria, of Modoc County, proposes casino in Siskiyou County, California.

Senator Whitsett update 2/16/05

Water Pacts Give State's Growers New Profit Stream, LA Times 2/16/05

News from the Front #81, Has Salmon Science Become a Cargo Cult?  An Address to the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, James Buchal 2/16/05.

Rafters will be gushing over the Trinity River, SFGate 2/16/05.

Honor the contract on the Klamath. The Oregonian by Scott Seus, Klamath Basin farmer 2/15/05.

Logging challenged along Klamath River tributary, signonsandiego.com 2/15/05 Ashlands George Sexton, Klamath-Siskiyou wildlands center, continues to advocate no timber harvest. On 8/2/04, "'Indeed Biscuit could be a landmark battle for the future of Northwest forests. "Turning native forests into fiber farms is like a religion to these guys,' Sexton contends." (Biscuit fire burned up thousands of acres, and Sexton has advocated that even these dead, burned trees should rot before anyone should, heaven forbid, LOG them and salvage what's left. He'd rather see spotted owls and bambies BURN! KBC)

There's no basis to give public lands to Tribes for a new reservation, H&N posted to KBC 2/15/05.

PRESS RELEASE: GAO Report Concludes Healthy Forests Restoration Act Beneficial to Nation’s Forests; Additional Fuels Reduction Needed for Long-Term Success, 2/15/05

Governor should keep pushing water issues, H&N 2/15/05.

Country singer Michael Martin Murphy entertained a full house at Ragland, by Gail Hildreth Whitsett 2/14/05.

Feds seek contract to flood Barnes Ranch, H&N 2/14/05. For more information, much more, go HERE.

Feds renew call to idle Basin land, H&N 2/14/05. For more on dewatering our farmland, go HERE.

2/15/05 comment deadline for snowy plover

Public meeting scheduled to discuss legal options for Klamath Falls Farmers, News With Views posted to KBC 2/14/05.

PacifiCorp seeks dismissal of $1 billion lawsuit, Oregonian posted to KBC 2/14/05.

The shrinking salad bowl: Finding our balance on the edge of hunger, Houses and malls becoming the fastest-growing crop in California, SFGate posted to KBC 2/14/05.

A truth-driven man -- Michael Martin Murphey -- comes to Klamath, by KBC 2/10/05.
Michael Martin Murphey Feb. 13 
Klamath Farm Benefit
Michael Martin Murphey slates Klamath concert, H&N 2/10/05

Lake level river flows 2/11/05.

Michael Martin Murphy Feb. 13 Klamath benefit

Klamath sees big loops, 2/11/05 Klamath Courier Liz Bowen "This is not a rodeo or horse show contest. The Big Loop contest is much different and there are a myriad of rules known mostly to the competitors."

Festival takes in farmers' efforts too, H&N posted to KBC 2/11/05. 'Winter Wings workshop looks at wetland rotation'

Wet fall, dry winter ... wet spring? H&N 2/11/05

COB plant supporters wrong, H&N letter posted to KBC 2/11/05.

Fall salmon count dips, yearly fluctuations don't concern biologists, Redding Record Searchlight 1/10/05.  "Just shy of 89,000 fall-run chinook salmon returned to the Klamath and Trinity rivers last year, said Wade Sinnen of Fish and Game's Arcata office. The average is about 126,000 fish....Zeke Grader of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations attributed the fall-run's abundance in recent years -- and its decline in 2004 -- to changing ocean conditions. "There's hardly any concern," he said."

PRESS RELEASE: New Approach to endangered species, Pombo, Walden, Crapo, and Chafee announce House-Senate partnership,  Congressman Walden's office 2/10/05.

Michael Martin Murphey Concert, The Westerner,  posted to KBC 2/10/05

President Bush Reinforces Commitment to Cooperative Conservation in 2006 Budget, posted to KBC 2/10/05, agweb.com. This is Bushes itemized conservation budget.

Is large-scale industrialization the best there is?, Mike Connelly 2/9/05. "I have watched the eagles hunt in that little draw, now full of survey stakes, where a guy named Roscoe raised his dry-land rye. I assure you that the presence of the (COB) power plant will damage Langell Valley in ways that are real and deep."

PRESS RELEASE: Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Russell Brooks will be addressing the ramifications of District Court Judge Michael Hogan’s latest rulings in Grange v. Evans and National Marine Fisheries Service during a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by the Greenhorn Grange and the Klamath Bucket Brigade on February 17, 2004 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.2/8/05

PLEASE Help out the ranchers and send your comments!!! Oregon wolf plans-comment by 2/10/05

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett Fights Meth and Confronts Education and Water Issues During Klamath Visit, 2/7/05

Michael Martin Murphey slates Klamath concert, H&N 2/7/05. 

Basin bucks budget trend, H&N 2/7/05. "Nearly $63 million is earmarked in President Bush's proposed 2006 Interior Department budget for Klamath Basin water issues...Also included is $6 million to buy the Barnes Ranch near Upper Klamath Lake, which would improve water quality and restore fish populations." {Go HERE for more on Barnes. Over 94,539 acres of agricultural land as primary water usage (above Klamath Lake) has been converted to wetlands. Wetlands use over 2ce as much water as ag lands. This will be shallow warm water, possible increasing the phosphorus loading, and will cost millions more to make 25' dikes if it were to be used for storage.
   At this summer's science conference, according to Dr. William Lewis, Chairman of the National Research Council, "
Lewis was asked about making more wetlands for suckers, and he responded that there are 17,000 acres of restoration already. He cautioned how much faith we should put into wetlands regarding the suppression of algae... He added that we should not count on retiring agricultural land land for saving suckers."
On these issues, the community was not consulted and these do not necessarily represent the views of the community.  KBC}

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Statement on Budget Proposal Increasing Rates for Northwest Power Users, 2/7/05. “It makes absolutely no sense to artificially and substantially jack up power rates, especially in a part of the country that has suffered from other misguided federal land management policies costing tens of thousands of jobs throughout rural areas in the last 20 years."

Tribe's new strategy to eradicate dams and irrigators?
Klamath dams killing Indians, Karuks plead Lack of salmon tied to obesity, poverty, suicide, social decay, San Francisco Chronicle posted to KBC 2/7/05.
Tribe Fights Dams to Get Diet Back, Washington Post 1/30/05.
8 peer-reviewed reasons for the decline in coho, according to the USFWS studies.
* VIDEO of David Vogel describing the 8 peer-reviewed reasons for the decline in salmon.
Tulelake Fireman's Crab Feed was great!
2/5/05 The Tulelake, all-volunteer fire department hosted a crab and fish feed for the community. Hundreds of settlers and the community gathered to enjoy the annual feast in the fire hall.
Thank you Tulelake Firemen!

WWII homesteaders John and Aline Terry, and Marion Palmer





God Bless this food and these hard-working, tax-paying, job-producing, Klamath Basin Americans

The flood of 1964 recalled, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 2/5/05. This took place on the Klamath River tributary.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Praises President Bush for Continued Commitment to Klamath Basin, posted to KBC 2/5/05

Weekly Update for February 4, 2005
* KWUA Prepares for 2005 Challenges
* Executive Director Search
* KWUA Board of Directors Annual Organizational Meeting
* Klamath Adjudication Update

* New Rule On Pesticide Use On Water
* KWUA Response
* OWRC District Board Member Training
* Upcoming KWUA Activity

TID well report 2/4/05

Health fears for Karuk tribes deprived of salmon diet, United Kingdom The Herald posted to KBC 2/5/05.----(this does not need a commentary, unless you want one, let us know...KBC.)

(Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer and )Potter will fight EPA water rule, Portland's mayor will lobby for an exemption from requiring the city to remove or kill a parasite in its drinking water sources Oregonian 2/3/05.  {This is of significance to Klamath Basin Farmers because Mr Blumenauer has repeatedly tried to shut down Klamath Basin farming, 300 miles away from his home, but on his own turf he'll let parasites remain in the drinking water - KBC.)

Lake Level River Flows 2/3/05 H&N.

Ruling revives endangered status for wolves, Oregonian 2/3/05. "Oregon's state Endangered Species Act does not give ranchers that freedom".(to shoot wolves killing your livestock.)

Rural Oregon has new voice in Salem 
Capitol Press 2/3/05

While the Oregon Senate may be a beneficiary of Whitsett’s scientific background and his fresh approach to lawmaking, rural Oregon may be the big winner of Whitsett’s decision to seek office.

“The real underlying reason for my being here,” he said, “is based on the fact that for years, I have seen the rural economy and lifestyle under fire. I believe it has been the backbone of America forever, and I would hate to see it disappear on my watch.


FISHING REPORT: Outlook encouraging for sport salmon fishing, Times Standard 2/3/05.
Makah officials defend 20,000-chinook catch, Oregonian 2/3/05. "
The comments came after state Department of Fish and Wildlife officials expressed concerns that the tribe's overfishing of wild chinook — a threatened species — might hurt nearby commercial, sport and tribal fisheries in the 2005-06 season. Under state guidelines, the tribe was supposed to take about 1,600 chinook during the winter..."

Feelings flow like a river on water issues, H&N 2/4/05.

FWS NEWS RELEASE: Regional Director Issues Call for Proposals to Pacific Tribes for Grants to Conserve Fish and Wildlife on Tribal Lands, 2/3/05

Scientists take sides in battle over coho, the Register Guard 2/3/05.  "Indeed, the coho's numbers have rebounded from as low as 20,000 in the mid-1990s to as high as 200,000."

COB Energy Feb 1 Meeting...A Review 2/2/05 by Lyn Brock. "I would like to explain to Mr. Elliott that 'inappropriate' water usage might be when this corporation came recently to our area and applied for water rights ... that many farmers in Bonanza have prior water rights, that we have been told that current data shows that due to stream flow and water levels, we will probably NOT be allowed to irrigate our crops from OUR wells after approximately July 4th of every year." 

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett Ready to Tackle Rural Issues 2/2/05

Officials offer Cob tax ideas, H&N 2/2/05.  

Bureau prepares to pick its idlers, H&N 2/2/05. A BLACK DAY IN THE KLAMATH BASIN---(a mandatory waterbank regardless of the National Resource Counsel saying that lake-level/river-flow management is not scientifically sound. Despite the fact that coho were declared in court illegally listed. Despite the fact that the Hardy studies, which formed our biological opinion, are proven flawed, taken from the highest water year in recorded history, and were hired by the Dept of Justice and Bureau of Indian Affairs to go against the farmers in adjudication. This year is a mandatory downsizing Klamath agriculture by 100,000 acre feet of water for a law proven flawed by peer review. KBC)

Ore. joins endangered species suit against NMFS, Greenwire NW report 2/2/05

Opinion: Federal government selling land it promised to 'protect', California Farm Bureau Federation 2/2/05 "Throwing away more millions of dollars on government programs in the belief that Cal-Fed can do a better job at land management just won't work. It's simply a fantasy."

Klamath conservation plan talks shouldn't include Westlands, Times-Standard 2/1/05

News from the Front #80: Lying Leftist Lunatics Loot Oregon, Vol. 2, by James Buchal 2/1/05. "Following up on his "State of the State" address, "Governor Kulongoski now wants to waste much more of the power of the Columbia River, including wasting 64% of the river flow at The Dalles Dam from April through August.  We can be sure this action is not about saving fish, because they did tests at The Dalles, and found that a lot more fish survived at 32% waste than 64% waste.  It turns out that spilling most of the river over the top of the Dam advantages predators, who are able to eat more tasty smolts when spill rates are high."

Klamath task force to meet in Crescent City, Times-Standard 2/1/05.

County to open Cob debate to public Tuesday, February 1. Please go and BE INFORMED!  See COB page for testimonies and past articles.





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