Letters, Opinions, Speeches of The People 2008

Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, column on Klamath Dams, 12/12/08 Basin agreement may be farming's spotted owl, Tom Mallams, Guest Comment for the Capital Press 12/11/08
"I am in favor of dam removal. In 50-plus years, someone will figure out that building dams would provide jobs and farm land and then we could have spuds and grain again. Then down the road we could do the whole process again." Marge, H&N letter 12/5/08
Citizen Participation in Government, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, 12/2/08 KLAMATH RIVER DAMS - AGREEMENT IN PRINCIPLE (AIP):
Excerpt from Siskiyou County Supervisors column this week
, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor 11/25/08
Ridin Point column by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, regarding dam removal 11/14/08 Removing Klamath dams doesn't apply to the Snake: READER'S VIEW DAM REMOVAL by Dan Keppen, Idaho Statesman 11/23/08
Where’s the chair for the taxpayers? H&N letter by George Warner 11/20/08 Dear Green River friends by Ric Costales 11/17/08
The KBRA supports planting fish parasites, Klamath Lamprey (field guide to fresh water fishes of California, "feed on local sucker species), in Upper Klamath Basin. Klamath Riverkeeper and dam removal activist and Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker sends us this message: "Will you guys please stop referring to lamprey as fish parasites? Native people (and sushi lovers around the world) love lamprey. They are part of God's creation too! Thanks, S. Craig Tucker, Ph.Dl, Klamath Campaign Coordinator, Karuk Tribe." posted to KBC 11/16/08
Guest opinion: Restoration proposal unfair to many in Basin, H&N, by Tom Mallams 11/15/08. This dam deal will cost you,
Statement by the President on Conservation of Klamath River Basin, Dept. of Interior 11/13/08 Letter from Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne to Ore Governor Kulongoski, Calif Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, PacifiCorp 11/13/08
Guest Commentary:  Restoration agreement will pain many in Klamath River area, Al Bowa for H&N 11/3/08 Look at the facts of Klamath dams, H&N letter to the editor by Corrine Edwards, Klamath Falls, posted 9/30/08.
Environmental laws wedge state into hydrological corner, By Congressmen GEORGE RADANOVICH and JIM COSTA posted September 25, 2008. Klamath Basin resident Nell Kuonen provided to Basin Alliance the following letter she wrote to Pacific Corp regarding dam removal, 8/20/08. Kuonen is a former Klamath County Commissioner.
Klamath Basin Alliance posts some comments sent to them with their petitions condemning the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. Too many questions remain on (Klamath) restoration agreement, by Steve Rapalyea, H&N August 17, 2008
Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong compares California water plan with Klamath dam-removal Agreement, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, 7/24/08 Where is their science...? by Marshall Tarrents, comment on speech of Senator Whitsett, 7/2/08, regarding introduction of non-native salmon in Klamath Basin.
*** Senator Doug Whitsett speech on Klamath dam removal and KBRA, KFLS, posted to KBC 7/1/08. Climate Change – a Klamath Wildcard, KlamBlog, posted to KBC 6/20/08.
Columbia River - Salmon win in this dam legal battle, Capital Press editorial 4/25/08. "It's a fact that some environmental groups won't be happy until every dam is removed from every salmon stream and river in the West. Dam removal advocates ignore lethal consequence, Frank Galusha, posted 6/4/08, Redding Record Searchlight
Letter to Craig Tucker -- Rerun: Finally the residents & property owners of Siskiyou County may have been heard. Not everyone is in favor of "your" dam removal, from N. Grant Yreka, CA Letters: Klamath River is important issue in District 5 race - Del Norte County, May 30, 2008, Crescent City Daily Triplicate
Public Comment Made To Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors by Leo Bergeron, posted to KBC 5/30/08. Lack of science doesn't faze dam removal junkies, Special Report, MyOutdoorBuddy (c) MAY2008 by Frank Galusha, EasyWriter.
***KBC responds to Ph.D. Haberfeld's accusations: Ph.D. Steven Haberfeld, Indian dispute resolution services director, sends scathing letter to Klamath Basin Alliance and off-Project representatives, calling them "racist," 5/24/08. ***Letter by Becky Hyde who blasts: Klamath Basin Alliance,  Response by a KBC editor, May 20, 2008.  
Proposed settlement won’t end court cases, nor guarantee water, H&N by Chris Howard, Klamath Basin Alliance, 5/19/08 Siskiyou County Board's opposition to dam removal, Letter to the editor by Marcia H. Armstrong, Supervisor District 5, 5/11/08.
Letters: Siskiyou County supervisor is incorrect on Klamath dams, by Karuk Spokesman/anti dam activist Craig Tucker,
FOLLOWED BY response from Siskiyou Supervisor Marcia Armstong, The Daily Triplicate 5/19/08
Karuk tribal member letter regarding Tribes that interrupted Warren Buffet's stockholders' meeting, 5/6/08. (Klamath) Water users bow to environmentalists, H&N, posted to KBC 5/4/08 by Bill Newell
Klamath-area protesters descend on Warren Buffett in Omaha, The Eureka Reporter, posted 5/4/08. Tax dollars are used to fund our destruction, Letter to Pioneer Press 4/25/08.
Letter from Karuk Tribal member James Waddell to friend Glen, and from Glen to friend Leo regarding Klamath settlement agreement, posted 4/25/08 Tulelake endorses deal, H&N 4/24/08. KBC comments
Coos County Commissioner John Griffith responds to Riverkeeper regarding Klamath dam removal, posted to KBC 4/22/08 Energy 2008: the coming economic meltdown; The energy policy of the United States seems designed to purposely and artificially raise prices to the consumer by throttling supply, Intellectual Conservative, posted to KBC 4/17/08.
Farm families continue to struggle for water, H&N, posted to KBC 4/13/08 by Vaudine Cullins, Alturas Bill Ransom's comments to the Council yesterday regarding the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement went something like this:
Law of the river, By Anthony Intiso, Pioneer Press 4/10/08. Klamath Basin Water Theft by Barbara Peterson, posted to KBC 4/10/08
PFUSA Klamath Dam Removal Statement, by Katherine Lehman, posted to KBC 4/9/08 Don’t take away my fishing hole, H&N 4/1/08. "If algae in the Klamath River is a problem caused by the PacifiCorp dam system, then please explain the source of the algae blooms in Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, Hyatt Lake, and all the other fishing sources in the area."
Yreka, why now? North Coast Journal blog 3/31/08. Devastating Talks on Dam Removal, by Larry Toelle, Fort Jones 3/31/08
 Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Stinks, letter to the board of Commissioners, by Steve Rapalyea, Klamath Basin 3/30/08 Dear PacifiCorp and Customers — STSSTTS!, Western Institute for Study of the Environment, article by Julie Smithson on Klamath Settlement, followed by comments, posted 3/29/08
Supervisors reiterate opposition to Klamath dam removal, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 3/28/08 "Congressional style" meeting on the proposed Klamath River Basin Restoration Agreement, 3/28/08, Yreka, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor.
Tribal control - Now we will have to march down to the capitol ourselves to talk some sense into those folks, Larry Toelle, Pioneer Press, posted 3/28/08 Klamath Settlement - Make no bones about it, Pioneer Press by Gary Lake, Shasta Nation, posted 3/28/08
Bob Gasser: Involved in irrigation politics again, H&N, posted to KBC 3/25/08. Klamath Water talks should bring us together, not pull us apart, H&N by Frank Wallace, Klamath Basin Alliance, posted 3/25/08.
Three strikes against removing Klamath dams, Redding Record Searchlight, posted 3/20/08. Don't remove the dams, guest opinion by By Grace Bennett, Yreka City Council Member, Pioneer Press, posted 3/20/08
Tribes: No more water talks, Klamath Tribes will not negotiate with groups on water agreement, H&N, posted 3/19/08. Powerful bureaucracies run by masters of deceit, by Larry Toelle, Fort Jones, Pioneer Press, posted 3/13/08.
They’re missing the point on pact, letter to editor H&N by Dave Solem, KID 3/13/08, along with, The Point Is, response by KBC. Powers of Control/Settlement Agreement, Klamath Settlement by Karuk tribal member 3/13/08
From a potential dam hugger, Pioneer Press 3/13/08 The start of a federal takeover, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 3/13/08.
Proposed agreement doesn’t reach problem, H&N 3/10/08, by Glen Howard Q&A session worries off-Project users; In the future, group would like more time devoted to those opposed to agreement, H&N 3/8/08 by Edward Bartell, President of Klamath Off Project Water Users Inc.
Elliott earns respect for agreement work, H&N letter to editor by Steve Kandra, Klamath Basin irrigator, and Klamath Water Users Association board member, 3/6/08. Project irrigators unlikely to be able to start over on water pact; off-Project irrigators in for changes with or without it, by DR. KENNETH A. RYKBOST, Guest Writer, H&N, posted to KBC 3/5/08.
Klamath River home to unique trout fishery, H&N, posted 3/1/08. Conservancy group wants more negotiations, H&N, posted 2/28/08
Letter to the Editor from Shasta Nation, Pioneer Press, posted 2/28/08 Reasons for dams still valid, H&N 2/20/08, letter by Ted Dougan
* A response by Klamath Basin irrigator and Klamath Water Users Association board member Steve Kandra to 62 questions by Siskiyou County regarding Klamath Settlement Agreement that calls for removal of 4 hydropower dams, 3 being in Siskiyou County, 2/26/08
* Clarifying questions regarding the settlement/restoration agreement, "This is the full revised list of questions I have and that my constituents have brought forward concerning the Settlement/Restoration Agreement. My District includes approx 110 miles of the Klamath River, the Scott Valley and the Salmon River drainage." Marcia Armstrong, Supervisor District 5, Siskiyou County, 2/25/08
Water: Klamath Basin Settlement Group Gives Capitol Hill Briefing, followed by summary, posted to KBC 2/20/08. Includes link to video. POEM - FOLLOW THE MONEY, To: Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, From: Concerned residents of Copco Lake & Mid-Klamath Watershed, Subject: Klamath Dam Removal, poem by Ruth Waltner, President, Copco Lake Fire Auxiliary.
According to a Siskiyou County Supervisor, at today's Yreka public comment meeting, there were about 200 people and about 70 speakers - overwhelmingly against the Klamath Settlement Agreement that includes removal of 4 Klamath River hydro dams. At the Klamath Falls meeting last week there were 70% against the proposed Agreement. Also, all the Siskiyou County Granges and Oregon Cattlemen's Association are against the settlement.
Klamath Settlement FAQs, by Save the Family Farm 2/19/08 Letter to KBC regarding settlement by Karuk tribal member 02/19/08
Opinion on Klamath River dam impact on downstream communities by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5m 2/17/08. Opinion of KBC on Power KLAMATH SETTLEMENT: Appoint task force on local water issue, Carole Canevari, H&N 2/17/08
Letter by Basin Alliance chairman Frank Wallace opposing the KBRA giving Mazama Tree Farm to the Klamath Tribes, posted to KBC 2/16/08 SETTLEMENT: What do they think they're doing - the shocking truth, Larry Toelle, Pioneer Press, posted 2/14/08
Special Report: Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement by Galusha 2/12/08. Another View: Fish are key to deal on Klamath, by Clifford Lyle Marshall, Hoopa Tribal Chairman 2/10/08, Sacramento Bee. KBC NOTE
People for USA Grange comments on Klamath dam removal, Katherine Lehman, posted to KBC 2/9/08 Karuk Tribal Member writes about Klamath Settlement, 2/7/08
Time to find common ground in the Basin, commentary by Joseph Kirk, Chairman Klamath Tribes, H&N 2/8/08. KBC NOTE Some gave up a lot, some a little, Bruce Wirth, H&N 2/7/08.
Klamath Deal Steals Middle Ground, Shasta Nation for Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 2/7/08 OPINION: Settlement plan not perfect, but better than more of the same, H&N Dan Keppen 2/3/08
Senator Doug Whitsett statements on Basin Alliance petitions -- Around 1 year ago. Today KWUA, 3 tribes, 3 counties, 9 environmental groups and a bunch of gov't agencies in closed-door meetings formed a 'settlement agreement' which would include giving Klamath Tribes 90,000 acres for timber industry, power generation (because the settlement would rip out 4 hydroelectric dams) and money to develop those industries. The Klamath County Commissioners assured the public that any talk of tribal land gifts would be done in an open forum.
Taking it a few bites at a time better than a just gulping it down, H&N guest James R Ottoman 2/3/08 Shasta Nation takes stand on dam removal, 2/1/08.
Klamath Dam letter to KBC from John Turner, Klamath Falls: "My simple view on Dam Removal is that Non-polluting renewable energy sources are more important than salmon, especially in this day and age. However that doesn't mean we should ignore the salmon. From what I can tell Pacificorp is planning to help the salmon by improving fish ladders and other means.   So don't remove the Dams. Once removed a valuable resource is lost forever."
Jim Foley comments to Glen Spain and Troy Fletcher on Oregonian Blog regarding Klamath dams, posted to KBC 1/31/08 Oregon Governor Kulongoski and the Pacificorp Klamath Dam Agreement in Principle, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Speech on KFLS 1/29/08
Just Plain Aggravating by Larry Toelle, "The Klamath Basin farmers haven't got a clue ... no idea what they've done to themselves and others" posted 1/23/08 Dams should remain on Klamath, H&N 1/24/08
Support Settlement, letter to KBC from Marshall Staunton, Staunton Farms, Tulelake 1/19/08
Rancher/farmer response to Marshall Staunton's settlement comments, 1/19/08
An open letter to the on-project water users from an off-project irrigator Bruce Topham 1/19/08.
New Cloud Over the Klamath Basin, Attorney James L Buchal 1/18/08.  
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