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A rerun, lest we forget:

4/22/11 - PLEASE READ YOUR NEW KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement DROUGHT PLAN, 33 pages:
KBRA "Drought Plan" - Klamath proposal spreads out pain, Plan: Oregon Water Resource Department to declare droughts, Capital Press 4/21/11. "The council was taking written comments on the plan through April 18..."  
Draft Drought Plan:  "
This Draft Drought Plan has been developed by the Drought Plan Lead Entity identified in the Restoration Agreement. The Lead Entity is comprised of: Klamath Tribes, Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe, Upper Klamath Water Users Association, the Klamath Water and Power Agency, the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges, Oregon Water Resources Department, California Department of Fish and Game, and Trout Unlimited, as the representative of the conservation and non-tribal fishing Parties to the Restoration Agreement."

"Klamath Drought Fund (Fund), to be administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)...As contemplated by the Restoration Agreement, money deposited in the Fund will remain available until expended... NFWF will approve or disapprove an expenditure plan..." "...after NFWF becomes a party to the Restoration Agreement..."
KBC Note: NFWF is funded by Heinz Family Foundation, HWBuckner Charitable Trust, Howard Heinz Endowment, Surdna Foundation, Bullitt Foundation. Please follow the links: they support Zero Population, Wildlands Project, Earthjustice (attorneys for the environmental groups in the KBRA), Tides, Nature Conservancy, Wilderness Society, Greenpeace, Climate Trust, Ecotrust, Endangered Species Coalition,  many dozens more...
"OWRD is the entity responsible for declaring and revoking a declaration of Drought and Extreme Drought..."
p. 24: "Following the effectiveness of the limitations on diversion...In order for this further limitation to be effective, the Restoration Agreement Fish Managers must determine by majority vote whether there will be a reduction, and how much the reduction will be..."the Restoration Agreement Fish Managers are: the Klamath Tribes, the Yurok Tribe, the Karuk Tribe, the California Department of Fish and Game, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service."
"Recommendations from the TAT will account for outside factors including but not limited to climate change."
Rerun: Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Draft Drought Plan response by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, reposted 8/12/11

"The Klamath Bucket Brigade is adamantly opposed to the Klamath Basin Restoration agreement and to the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement as they are currently constituted. The agreements represent a minority of special interest groups and spreads the cost to every U.S. taxpayer. The Klamath Bucket Brigade Board of Trustees will support an agreement backed by a majority of the residents of the entire Klamath River Basin and that assures all property and water rights are protected." Board members include: Dan Nielsen, Barbara (Hall) Ambers, Shirley Kerns, Bob King, Barron Knoll, Mike Tyrholm, Bill Morris, Steve Cheyne, Frank Wallace.





Klamath Water and Power Agency/KWAPA meeting 8/31/11. Agenda HERE

Reclamation Releases Environmental Documents for Klamath Irrigation District Hydroelectric Project, Bureau of Reclamation 8/29/11


Tulelake Irrigation District will be developing an On-Project Ground Water Management Plan. Public Hearing  August 29th, 9 a.m. This is a mandate in the KBRA. FOLLOWED BY AB 3030. "They must publish the resolution of intention." KBC NOTE: TID put this notice in the Herald and News amongst the legal section in back of the paper. It was not send to landowners or irrigators.


Punching holes in the concrete; The Northwest is about to witness the largest dam removals in U.S. history, posted to KBC 8/28/11, by The Oregonian Editorial Board. the dams coming down now have no fish passage and generate enough electricity to power a few thousand homes." KBC NOTE: The Klamath dams alone targeted to be destroyed serve 70,000 households. This is more than "a few thousand homes;" the Oregonian knows better.


Sent from Frank Tallerico Aug. 28, 2011. Psalm 43 Verse 5: Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in GOD; for I shall still praise Him, the help of my countenance and my GOD.

A day to celebrate Malin to honor former resident Millie Tofell on her 100th birthday, H&N 8/27/11

It is unfortunate when dire predictions become reality, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/27/11

Brown appoints Chuck Bonham as new DFG Director, Indybay 8/26/11. "Bonham has served in multiple positions at Trout Unlimited, a national trout advocacy organization, since 2000, including California director and senior attorney,..."He's been very instrumental in working on Klamath River dam removal and other agreements." KBC NOTE: Trout Unlimited is a voting member on the KBRA, and a partner in the coalition to destroy the Snake and Columbia River Dams. Earthjustice represents Trout Unlimited with free legal services, paid in part by George Soros. Earthjustice represents most of the environmental groups that are voting members of the KBRA.

On our Whose Who page: Trout Unlimited, a stakeholder at the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Table, by Toni Thayer, posted on our discussion forum 4/21/09.

Arguments for removal of Snake River Dams are laughable, absurd, The News Tribune, posted to KBC 8/26/11. "The plan for salmon that resulted from this process is being implemented and is working, as witnessed by record and near-record returns in many adult salmon runs this decade. The anti-hydro and dam-removal groups simply don’t like the plan because it doesn’t support their agenda for ripping out some of the Northwest’s cleanest, greenest and most reliable sources of power around – the hydro energy generated by the Snake River dams."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws 8/26/11

Do the crime, pay for the sublime? Polluters' fines benefit Oregon watershed and habitat restoration. Oregonian 8/26/11. "Clean Water Services -- $15,232 for water quality trading projects and to reduce nutrient loads in the Upper Klamath Basin of Klamath, Lake and Jackson counties."

Salazar Announces $53 Million in Grants to Support Habitat Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species, DOI 8/24/11

PUBLIC MEETING: Initial Meeting of the On-Project Plan Advisory Committee (OPPAC) for the KBRA 8/24/11.


Oregon Set to Enact Strict, New Water Quality Standards to Satisfy EPA, Tribes, Marten Law 8/23/11. "The new standard for fish consumption is 10 times higher than the previous one, and assumes Oregonians will eat 23 eight-ounce meals of Oregon caught fish per month. That rate of consumption translates into dramatically lower permissible discharge levels for 106 pollutants...which in turn could dramatically increase treatment costs for municipal sewage treatment, agriculture, and many manufacturing industries, including paper mills at a time when those industries are already struggling."

Karuk Tribe to receive $1.14 million for broadband access, Times Standard 8/23/11

Feds award Calif. (Yurok) tribe $1M for visitor center, Sacramento Bee 8/23/11

Come to the summit in Scott Valley. August 23 with government agencies invited to discuss Scott Valley water use. Department of Fish and Game agents have trespassed onto private property, threatened and intimidated ranchers and farmers to try to make them relinquish their water and adjudicated water rights. Citizens there vow to just say "no." they are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their Constitutional rights. POW: Scott Valley Protect Our Water


James Buchal, Portland attorney and salmon expert, gave a presentation in Klamath Falls on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement in 2008. He posted the video on his website HERE . Go HERE for his wealth of information on salmon.

Klamath Basin: Comments taken on proposed ESA listing (for butterfly), H&N, posted to KBC 8/21/11. "The butterfly was discovered in 1995 and exists in a 6-square-mile area, mostly in the Mazama Tree Farm and partly in the Fremont-Winema National Forest." Comments due by Oct. 17.

More wilderness for Crater Lake? H&N, posted to KBC 8/21/11. Proposed "more than 500,000 acres..."


Looking Back in Klamath Basin history, 1991, and 2001, H&N, posted to KBC 8/21/11. 1991: "The Oregon Natural Resources Council has asked a federal judge to halt any operations of the Klamath Reclamation Project that may endanger the fish..."
On one side of the fence stood 11 federal marshals, somber and quiet, their eyes concealed by sunglasses and their navy blue blazers buttoned up despite the hot weather. On the other side stood more than 150 farmers, business owners, and general citizens, angry and at times loud, their options uncertain and their patience worn thin."


Little hope in delisting endangered sucker, letter to H&N by Warren Haught, posted to KBC 8/21/11


Psalm 43 Verses 1-4


Tulelake Irrigation District public hearing on groundwater management plan 8/19/11

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday legislative review 8/19/11

Klamath River, Understanding  Fall Chinook Salmon Allocations, by Ronnie M. Pierce 1998.


U.C. Davis Professors Peter Moyle and Jeffery Mount to USFWS and Calif. Resources Agency regarding Klamath dam removal studies, 11/16/07, Posted to KBC 8/19/11. "We think that existing studies (primarily in the ‘gray’ literature) are inadequate to provide reliable predictions about the effects of dam removal. Most notably, there has not been a systematic, comprehensive assessment of the impact of dam removal on native fish populations of the Klamath, particularly salmonids. This is surprising because the primary motivation for removal of the dams is improvement of these populations."


Tribes Get $245K For Job Creation. OPB 8/18/11 (Includes Klamath Tribes)


* We just discovered a new website, http://klamathnews.net/blog You will find voices of local citizens on important issues like power, water, the KBRA. There is room for your voice.


KWAPA meeting Aug. 31, 2011 Agenda: Tulelake groundwater metering, KBRA, domestic well program, On Project Plan (of KBRA), ...

Scott Valley Summit Aug 23


Future Electric Rates, by Klamath County Commissioner Linthicum 8/18/11.


Calif. Dept of Fish and Game, DFG, met with Scott Valley Irrigators Aug 16. Here are comments by ranchers and articles on the encounter, pienpolitics 8/18/11


Delphi Technique was used by DFG on Aug. 16, 8/18/11. "RiverKeepers chose the wrong year to blame irrigators for Patterson Creek going dry. Irrigation stopped, when the water flow was still extremely high and irrigation was NOT occurring, where your evil youtube depicts dead juvenile fish. You are so full of lies, you likely planted the dead fish. I have reported such before on the Klamath, when neighbors saw Karuks planting fish to die, when the Klamath River level dropped." KBC NOTE: Tucker is Karuk Tribe spokesman. He was on the steering committee of Klamath Riverkeeper before it spun off from umbrella group Klamath Forest Alliance, and he’s presently on the board. He was schooled by Green Corp as an environmental organizer, and was affiliated with international dam removal movements. First the goal is destroying Klamath River hydro dams, and next the Snake and Columbia River hydrodams.


Rerun: Tribes dammed Klamath, Klamath Courier by Liz Bowen posted to KBC 6/2/05 "1851 journal states Klamath River ran putrid from dead salmon."

DFG reaches out to Siskiyou County ranchers, farmers; agency seeks protection of coho salmon, Redding Searchlight 8/18/11, followed by comment by POW editor.

Coho coordination, Siskiyou Daily News 8/17/11. "...NMFS gives little credit for the work that is already being done. The plan doesn’t provide an alternative to dam removal, blames low flows on the agricultural community, erodes property and water rights, and offers very little advice as to what needs to be done to make recovery possible."

DFG Goes Fishing For Coho Salmon Water, A News Cafe, posted to KBC 8/17/11. (note from Mike King, Fresno, "post it on KBC along with my comment "DON'T GIVE THEM A DAM DROP OR THEY'LL EXPECT IT EVERY YEAR PLUS MORE". They're trying to set a pattern to steal more water.

Klamath: 10 Years Later - Part 4, Endangered Species Act Battles Arouse Producers to Action, Aug 18, 2011. "Don't, whatever you do, don't, allow the agencies and NGOs to convince you to alienate your neighboring resource users...Here, our farm leaders have the water fees of the constituents to make deals with the agencies and NGOs, against the wishes of the majority of the citizens." Siskiyou County, Calif., Supervisor Marcia Armstrong said anything short of repealing the ESA isn't enough to turn the tide in the region."Suddenly, private property must satisfy the public interests of species well-being before the property can be used by its owner.."
Klamath: 10 Years Later - Part 3, Farmers Hurt by ESA Face Water Quality Challenge, Aug 17, 2011. "The TMDL for uplands in the Upper Klamath Lake watershed calls for a reduction of 18% in external phosphorous loading. But just 4% of total external loads come from agriculture pumping; this drives fears that the burden to improve water quality could fall disproportionately on agriculture's shoulders."
Klamath: 10 Years Later - Part 2 Agriculture Faces Higher Electricity Costs, Progressive Farmer 8/16/11"There has been a massive push for federal funding to help project irrigators be more efficient with water, by installing high-pressure sprinkler systems and other equipment, since 2001. Such systems use less water, but require more electricity; there is an increasing need for energy at a time when dams are likely to be removed. Without the dams, power supplies become scarce, Addington said, putting upward pressure on prices....One of the criticisms of the KBRA is that it establishes water rights in the project although basin-wide adjudication is ongoing, Addington said."

Klamath: 10 Years Later - Part 1: Northwest Agriculture Remains Divided on Water Resources, Progressive Farmer 8/15/11.

PUBLIC MEETING: Initial Meeting of the On-Project Plan Advisory Committee (OPPAC) for the KBRA 8/24/11. KBRA PAGE 70 Says:  "In development of the On-Project Plan, KWAPA shall consider and evaluate the following measures for short-term, intermittent, long-term, and permanent application to meet the purpose of the plan: conservation easements, forbearance agreements, conjunctive use programs, efficiency measures, land acquisitions, water acquisitions, groundwater development, groundwater substitution, other voluntary transactions, water storage, and any other applicable measures..." HERE for on KBRA On Project Plan

Tulelake Irrigation District will be developing an On-Project Ground Water Management Plan. Public Meeting August 29th, 9 a.m. This is not a California Law, but mandate in the KBRA.
* HERE for
Measures Related to Groundwater For the purpose of the On-Project Plan in the KBRA, and No Adverse Impact.
* Engineers hired by KWAPA / Klamath Water And Power Agency are MBK Engineering and Dan Keppen and Associates. Dan Keppen is Family Farm Alliance director, and former director of Klamath Water Users Assoc., KWUA
* Dan Keppen addressed Senate on Klamath Basin water transfers, Secure Water Act and Water Conservation Initiative 3/16/10. "
Another area of focus in our report will include water markets and transfers, where we would like to provide examples of successful efforts, identify where there are impediments to success, and describe where adverse impacts negated such benefits. These studies will help form the framework for Alliance policy on water transfers, which will be advanced in the agricultural / urban / environmental water sharing coalition we are involved with in the Colorado River Basin. We are already assembling work for transfer programs undertaken in the Central Valley (CALIFORNIA), in the Klamath Basin (CALIFORNIA / OREGON), in Southern California, and along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains (COLORADO).”


* Another box car in the environmental gravy train?   Environmental groups rake in bucks, better spent elsewhere, suing the government, by Dan Keppen, Klamath Falls, Executive Director Family Farm Alliance, 3/11/11. (KBC NOTE: George Soros funds Center for Biological Diversity through funding Earthjustice.)
* Family Farm Alliance March 2011 Newsletter  (KBC Note: FFA supports ag groups' alliances with environmental groups: Environmental Defense Fund, National Wildlife Federation, American Rivers, Trout Unlimited, all supported directly or indirectly by George Soros/Earthjustice. FFA also supports regulations for human-caused Climate Change
* Family Farm Alliance writes the benefits of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA in their 2010 newsletter, "permanent limitation on the amount of water that would be diverted from Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath River for the Klamath Reclamation Project...conservation easements, forbearance agreements, conjunctive use programs, efficiency measures, land acquisitions, water acquisitions, groundwater development, groundwater substitution..." The article fails to mention that 50% Klamath County, 80% Siskiyou County, and 77% Tulelake oppose this closed-door "agreement," largely drafted by George Soros-supported radical environmental groups bent on demolishing Western hydro-dams. Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, is on Wild Salmon Board of Directors, and is an author of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, demanding removal of Klamath River Dams.  Wild Salmon is focused on destroying Snake River and Columbia Basin dams. Groups such as "Zero Population Growth" are in their coalition.
* Activist Green Lawyers billing U.S. millions in fraudulent attorney fees, posted to KBC 3/11/11. (KBC NOTE: These are also George Soros funded groups, and attorneys for the KBRA environmental groups.)


California Dept of Fish and Game to hold meeting in Scott Valley tonight Aug 16 at 7 p.m., followed by Scott River is Flowing High, 8/16/11.

* Traceability for Livestock Moving Interstate, Federal Register Volume 76, Number 155, posted 8/12/11. "The proposed requirements would apply to cattle and bison, sheep and goats, swine, horses and other equines, captive cervids (e.g., deer and elk), and poultry...First, animals moved interstate would have to be officially identified...Second, animals moved interstate must be accompanied by an interstate certificate of veterinary inspection...We are also proposing some associated recordkeeping requirements. ..The estimated incremental costs of the proposed rule for cattle enterprises--between $14.5 million and $34.3 million, assuming official identification is a separately performed activity..." Comments due November 9, 2011

Appeals Court Deems Healthcare Mandate Unconstitutional; 11th Circuit rules that Congress went too far in requiring Americans to buy health insurance, Slate / Washington Post 8/12/11

Federal Management of Oregon's Forest Lands, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/12/11. "federal district court ruled that the owl was threatened under the Endangered Species Act and that nearly unlimited critical habitat was required to preserve the bird from extinction...Oregon’s annual timber harvest from federal lands plummeted from 60 percent to 12 percent. Nearly 300 timber mills closed and more than 30,000 family wage jobs were lost."


Tulelake Republican Women Federated RESOLUTION to support reform of the ESA, signed 8/12/11

Proposed rule on farms called ‘absurd,’ Gazette Virginian 8/12/11. "...anyone who drives a tractor or operates any piece of motorized farming equipment would be required to pass the same tests and complete the same detailed forms and logs required of semi-tractor trailer drivers."

PUBLIC MEETING: Initial Meeting of the On-Project Plan Advisory Committee (OPPAC) for the KBRA 8/24/11.

Worm polychaete parasite on the Klamath, scientific opinions regarding dams and worms 8/10/11. HERE for biography of John Menke PhD.

August 6, 2001: "The transition of the guard at the A Canal headgates went smoothly, as a nine-member team of Bureau of Lamd Management rangers replaced the remaining 11 U.S. Park Police officers stationed at the headgates. Representing BLM districts throughout the West, the nine rangers now at the headgates were pulled from patrol duties in places such as Eastern Idaho, Southern California, New Mexico and Nevada." H&N. KBC NOTE: please try to imagine everything your parents and you put your life into, growing up on a farm and continuing to raise your family there, destroyed in a heartbeat when feds turned off water to 1400 family farms. Your friends, family, and elderly neighbors, holding their deeds with "water appurtenant to that land" and signed by their U.S. President, were kept away of their headgates by barbed wire and armed guards. Suicides, heart attacks, bankruptcies, depression: later the National Academy of Science said the water shutoff was "Not Justified." With the multi-billion $ KBRA, the massive downsizing agriculture, land buyouts, confiscating of water rights, destruction of hydropower dams, because environmental groups and government agencies want to rewild the West, will the scientists say the hundreds of tons of silt behind the dams spread over all the fish habitat was "Unjustified?" No power, no food, no fish?

Close, but No Cigar: More Work Needed on Salmon and the Columbia Hydro System, Martenlaw August 9, 2011. KBC NOTE: many same environmental groups in the coalition with the agenda of destroying the Columbia and Snake River hydrodams are voting members on the KBRA.

John Menke, Ph.D. asks DFG employees to read and learn from Scott River Water Trust, followed by: Patterson Creek Drying Pools by Sari Sommarstrom, Executive Director Scott River Water Trust, posted to KBC 8/8/11. HERE for biography of John Menke PhD

Liz Writes Life, posted to KBC 8/8/11. Scott Valley news.

Klamath Basin Hydropower Settlement Agreement (KHSA) and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) meeting held in Orleans in mid-June, 2-Rivers Tribune, 2_Rivers Tribune, posted by KBC 8/7/11. Opinions by Patrick Higgins, McKinleyville, editor Diane Beck,  Scott Valley ranchers Mark Baird and John Menke, PhD. "Dam removal is a hoax, and aside from paying the “stakeholders” billions, will not save the fish. How does the purchase of a 92,000 acre property for the Klamath Tribe save the fish? The FERC re-license report clearly states that the Upper Klamath Basin is a naturally polluted watershed. It is volcanic and high in alkali. The dams contribute to CLEANER WATER!!! There is no conflict between agriculture and fishermen and native people except that which has been manufactured by the environmental communists who are after the money and the power."

Klamath River subject of climate study, H&N, posted to KBC 8/7/11. "The two-year, $1.955 million study will explore the potential effect of climate change on water supplies for agriculture and fish..."

Study Downgrades Hydroelectric Reservoirs’ Impact On Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Columbia Basin Bulletin, posted to KBC 8/7/11

Idaho Plans Study Of Building Dam/Reservoir On Weiser River; Cites Salmon Recovery Benefits, CBB, posted to KBC 8/7/11

Is Snake River Dam Removal Back? This week's court ruling suggests another look be taken at saving Northwest salmon by breaching dams, New West, posted to KBC 8/7/11. KBC NOTE: George Soros-supported radical environmental groups bent on demolishing Western hydro-dams, Save Our Wild Salmon. Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, is on Wild Salmon Board of Directors, and is an author of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, demanding removal of Klamath River Dams.  Wild Salmon is focused on destroying Snake River and Columbia Basin dams. Groups such as "Zero Population Growth" are in their coalition, along with several environmental groups / voting members in the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

Labor Relations by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 8/7/11

Psalm 50 verses 16-21 for 8/7/11.

8/3/11: In the year 2000 a group formed called the "Willing Seller Committee", AKA "Water Resources Association." See their letter, and response, and who was on that committee. Their plan was to sell their private land to American Land Conservancy, to be transferred to the federal government, who would lease it for farmland. That plan would have ended farming on Fish and Wildlife lease land. The community rejected their proposal, and willing seller advocates were even fired from the the Tulelake Growers Association board of directors. WWI and WWII Veteran homesteaders and families were told that they must sign up immediately or the feds would take their land and flood it and they would be paid nothing. Their lands would be surrounded by water like the off-Project lands when ranches were sold to Nature Conservancy. Presently our farm leaders want to keep farming the government lease land and advocate downsizing agriculture and our water allocation on private land with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement / KBRA. A group led by Marty Macy and the late Earl Schultz opposed the 2000 willing seller plan and won. Presently there are two lawsuits, one against Tulelake Irrigation District, and one against Klamath Irrigation District, opposing the KBRA, born in closed meetings, and the community opposes it. Like the Willing Seller plan, the KBRA does not guarantee water, a specific power rate, or any relief from the Endangered Species Act or Biological Opinions, but the multi-billion $ KBRA does guarantee downsizing ag, demolishing hydropower dams servicing 70,000 households, controlling water well use, planting fish species, including fish parasites, into Klamath Lake and requiring their survival, requiring further downsizing ag if their committees conclude farmers are ruining the climate, and giving control of the ag drought plan to government agencies, tribes and environmental groups.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels 8/2/11

Brown prolongs freeze on suction dredge mining, Sacramento Bee, posted to KBC 8/2/11

Dam Removal and Today's Ruling by Judge Redden, 8/2/11

Removing Barriers to Salmon Migration, New Your Times 8/2/11. "It will demolish two massive hydroelectric dams...Chinook here once grew as big as 100 pounds, and experts say they should reach that size again...The total cost, $350 million...Four dams are scheduled to be removed in the Klamath River in southern Oregon in 2020 (which service 70,000 households)...Many conservationists see this as momentum for more ambitious goals, most notably their push to breach four dams on the Lower Snake River in eastern Washington that provide electricity, water and a channel for barge traffic between the ocean and the powerful agricultural interests inland. Their hopes increased when President Obama recently nominated Rebecca Wodder, the former president of American Rivers, which has pushed for dam removal on the Snake and elsewhere, to become assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks."

Klamath River subject of climate study, H&N, posted to KBC 8/7/11. "The two-year, $1.955 million study will explore the potential effect of climate change on water supplies for agriculture and fish..."
WaterSMART: Recently, the Secretary of the Interior announced that $1,944,000 would be going to studying the Klamath River Basin under the WaterSMART program, column in Siskiyou Daily News by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 8/2/11. "...The Army Corps of Engineers is promoting Integrated Water Resources Management. This implements Chapter 18 of Agenda 21..."
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provides funding for Klamath River (Climate Change) study,  ($1,944,000) The Times-Standard July 21, 2011. (KBC NOTE: You can thank our farm leaders for supporting the KBRA for this gov't funded study. The KBRA makes provisions to reevaluate how much water farmers will receive based on the study; one more way to eradicate the farmers and ranchers)

Oregon Legislative Budget, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 8/2/11

"Tom's (McClintock's) thoughts on tonight's vote in the House to raise the debt limit. Tom opposed it and wrote the attached vote explanation.S. 365 – “Budget Control Act of 2011:” NO. From Calif. U. S. Congressman Tom McClintock 8/1/11

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