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Plan in place to ease moderate drought, basin irrigation officials say idling will save 10,000 acre-feet of water this summer, H&N 5/31/12. "The first land idling period begins June 15 and the deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 5."

Salmon decreases explained, by Dr. Richard Gierak 5/31/12. "In the California Division of Fish and Game 1930 report, Bulletin #34, it states that in 1916 there were 35,000 salmon counted and in 1922, after the dam was built, they counted 90,000 salmon returning to the Klamath. This could be explained in that the reservoir allowed sediments to settle out, supplying cleaner water for spawning salmon."

Oregon Integrated Water Resources Strategy, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/31/12. "...IWRS advisory committee... appear to have placed little emphasis on the development of additional storage for current and expanded agricultural use. Implementation of those public policies can only serve to diminish the supply of water available for irrigation."

KBC News: the following has been thoroughly researched and documented by Marcia Armstrong 5/31/12:
Part 1 - Siskiyou County: How Water and Land Use Regulations and Litigation Are Destroying Us, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia H. Armstrong, 6/4/12. Background on Siskiyou County and its Economy. "Sixty-three % (63%) of the land base in Siskiyou County is in Federal (or state) ownership...In the year 2000, the average unemployment rate for the year was 7.5%. By 2008, it had risen to 10.2%, rising again to 15.8% in 2009. In March of 2012, the unemployment rate was 18.7%, ranking Siskiyou 50th out of 56 counties in the state."
Part 2 - The Global Agenda –IWRM - a Blueprint for Control, by
Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia H. Armstrong 5/31/12.

Hoopa Tribe petitions feds to speed up dam removal, H&N 5/31/12.

Siskiyou County water suit to be decided by judge, Capital Press, posted to KBC 5/31/12.

Dr. Paul R. Houser, Former Bureau of Reclamation Science Advisor and Scientific Integrity Officer, whistleblower on Klamath dam removal science misconduct, responds to Curtis Knight, California Trout's, attack, 5/29/12 Houser is an Associate Professor, George Mason University, Siskiyou Daily 5/31/12.


Dr. Paul Houser, Klamath River Basin Dam Removal Whistleblower, presentation in Yreka, California. Video by Robert Exter, 5/29/12.

James 1:16-18. New King James, sent from Frank Tallerico: "16. Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. 17. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. 18. Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures."

* Senator Doug LaMalfa, candidate for U.S. Congressman, will be at Alturas Brass Rail today, Sunday May 27 at 4 p.m. to meet and ask questions.

Memorial Day, from Mark Baird, KSYC Buffalo Broadcasting. Listen live today, May 27 and 28th, 2012. "...We as Americans, need to remember that freedom is not free. It was paid for in blood, the blood of the finest men and women that The United States of America has ever produced..."

In Tribute to Henry Lamb 1938-2012. A look at the future...A Sustainable World by Henry Lamb 12/11/06. Henry Lamb included documentation at the end of his article.

Groundwater - How much can we use?, followed by 40,000 acre-feet likely to be pumped, H&N 5/24/12

USGS: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2012–5062? - Groundwater Simulation and Management Models for the Upper Klamath Basin, Or May 5, 2012

Wolves - Stand up for rural California, Siskiyou Daily, 5/24/12. "OR7, the lone wolf “cash cow,” arrived in California in late December...The Canadian gray wolf was never native to this region. How can anything be endangered when it didn’t exist here?...Since re-introduction of the Canadian gray wolf, the money spent by the Federal Fish and Wildlife for study and management is reported to be well over $44 million."

Reclamation Issues New Water Forecast for the Klamath Project, Bureau of Reclamation 5/22/12. "The most recent calculation of available water supply suggests a shortage of approximately 70,000 acre-feet of expected demand through the end of the irrigation season. ..not enough lands have been identified for fallowing to avoid having to curtail water deliveries later in the year."

Latest water level drop at Copco, by Robert Davis, 5/14/12. "NMFS requested a higher than normal water flow out of Irongate, above 3000 cfs. Flows provided from Klamath Lake were about 2750 cfs. ...The shortage was made up from Copco Lake resulting in a drop in lake level of about 7 feet...It is evident there was no monitoring of the process to assure any request for change would not cause damage or hardship for the other sections of the project."

Karuk’s Leaf Hillman looking to do mischief in Scott Valley, PieNPolitics 5/22/12. "Recently, Karuk Tribal Council Member Leaf Hillman has been spotted in Scott Valley and according to Hillman, he is looking to cause problems for farmers and ranchers."

A couple articles from the past:
The Dam Deal

< Water tour brings stakeholders together, Capital Press 9/22/07. Photo: Yurok Troy Fletcher, Karuk Ron Reed, and Klamath Water Users Association director Greg Addington. "Yurok Troy Fletcher and Karuk Ron Reed said dam removal would bring back more fish. Reed said he only caught 200 last year. Fletcher said the Yuroks caught 6,000, but they use a different type of net and a larger area. Craig Tucker, Klamath Campaign coordinator for the Karuk Tribe, said he asked Klamath Water Users Association executive director Greg Addington: “We want dams out; what do you want that we can get the dams out?” "Tucker said he previously worked with the environmental group Friends of the River, a California group advocating dam removal, wetlands restoration and wilderness designations."
National Research Council met last week in Yreka, KBC News 10/10/06

Time to improve the Endangered Species Act, Washington Times, posted to KBC 5/22/12, by House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings

Judge Denies Tombstone Water, Townhall, posted to KBC 5/22/12. "Kathleen Nelson, acting ranger..., says the Forest Service has been letting Tombstone do some work to restore its water supply “as long as it complies with the 1964 Wilderness Act”—meaning Tombstone can do the work with shovels and haul the pipe up the mountain with horses... workers were stopped from using a wheel barrow. Rangers say the wheel barrow is “mechanized” and “might damage wilderness and disturb endangered species.” The feds are blocking emergency repairs that are critical to Tombstone’s survival." "If the Forest Service can effectively seize Tombstone’s 130-year-old water rights during a state of emergency— rights that the Service recognized as valid in 1916—no state or local government will be safe from the feds.”

5/20/12, Bible verses sent from Frank Tallerico: James 1:2-6 NKJ Profiting from Trials 2. My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into trials, 3. knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4. But let patience have a perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. 5. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.

Whitsetts prepare for seats in Salem, Husband-wife team likely to represent Basin, H&N 5/19/12

Mark Baird comments on the recent filing of a lawsuit by the Karuk Tribe, PieNPolitics, posted to KBC 5/19/12. "The Tucker Hillman Tribe’s fake environmental group is filing suit against another economic engine in Siskiyou County. The Tucker Hillman tribe intends to join the suit as well...The felon Grant Leaf Hillman is the President of the Riverkeepers. The Greencorp Socialist S. Craig Tucker is on the Board of the Riverkeepers."
HERE for article on lawsuit
> Environmental group sues over Siskiyou County dam, Capital Press, posted to KBC  5/19/12.

Post-election discussions and the KBRA obsession, H&N 5/19/12. "This paper (Herald and News) endorsed the KBRA. We’ve written editorials and columns defending it....You can’t ignore the fact that no KBRA supporter won....It’s assumed: that candidates lost because they were for it; that candidates won because they were against it. I think that’s wrong..."

Mallams: Election win sends message, Republican nominee is opponent of KBRA, H&N 5/17/12.  "The Republican who ousted longtime Klamath County commissioner Al Switzer said his win in Tuesday’s primary election sends a clear message: Voters do not agree with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement. Tom Mallams, a Beatty-area rancher and outspoken opponent of the KBRA, bested Switzer in Tuesday’s primary election, taking 43 percent of the vote in a four-way race...."

Some thoughts on the election: The KBRA impact; a wow for the city schools, H&N 5/17/12. "None of the candidates in any of the four commissioner or state legislator races who was publicly identified with supporting the KBRA won..."

New joint opinion may help irrigators, H&N 5/17/12.

Gail Whitsett beats Tracey Liskey to take District 56 seat in House, H&N 5/16/12. “I’m trying to get private industry back into Klamath and Lake counties, utilizing natural resources like geothermal and forests,” she said. “Education is also on the top of my list...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement."
< Doug and Gail Whitsett read congratulatory text message during election party at Yesterday's Plaza

Doug Whitsett retains Senate seat by topping Karl Scronce, H&N 5/16/12. "In Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Deschutes and Crook counties, Whitsett averaged about 76 percent of the vote, while his Republican challenger, Karl Scronce, averaged about 24...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement..."


H&N photos by Andrew Mariman

< (pro-KBRA) Mike Noonan, Tracey Liskey and Greg Addington (Klamath Water Users Association executive director), await election results Tuesday night at Mia & Pia's Pizzeria and Brewhouse.

for Klamath County Commissioners 5/16/12

< James Bellet, Doug and Gail Whitsett, Tom Mallams, and Dennis Jefcoat.
5/16/12, updated 12:59 a.m. 100% of the votes are in. - Oregon Election Night Results, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN against the KBRA and dam removal! Congratulations!
Opponents of the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement  (which includes Klamath dam removal) won the votes of the people, in spite of the smear ads and big bucks paid to destroy them.
State Senate District 28:
Incumbent Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6685 votes, with 71.77% of the votes. Opposes KBRA
Karl Scronce 2622 votes, 28.15% of votes. Pro KBRA
State Representative District 56
Gail Whitsett 4463 votes, 52.48% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Tracey Liskey 4033, 47.42% of the votesPro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 1
Tom Mallams, 4128 votes, 43.36% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent All Switzer CORRECTED > 1756 votes, 18.5% of the votePro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 3
James Bellet, 4013 votes, 42.45% of vote  
Opposes KBRA
Dennis Jefcoat 1526 votes, 16.14% of votes  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent Cheryl HuKill 1690 votes, 17.88% of vote   Pro KBRA

Columns on top federal scientist whistleblower's, Dr. Paul Houser's, meeting with the Board of Supervisors, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, District 5. Column 5/15/12.  "He said that he believed that removing the dams was at best – risky, and at worst – tragic."  Column 5/22/12  "It was decision-makers higher up that were trying to change the science to match their political agenda. Houser also expressed some concern about the peer reviewers selected to review the science. In one case, a dam removal engineer was selected as a reviewer – bringing a possible predetermined bias and conflict of interest."

Vote for those against the KBRA, H&N letter to the editor by Shirley Kerns, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 5/13/12.

Gail Whitsett is qualified for seat, H&N letter, posted to KBC 5/13/12

Brandon Criss for Siskiyou County Supervisor, posted 5/13/12.

Update on Siskiyou Co. Farm Bureau trial vs CA. DFG, PieNPolitics 5/13/12

Hanky-Panky harms Klamath River Watershed, Dr. John Menke, posted to KBC 5/13/12

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms!

Isaiah 25:3-5, sent by Frank Tallerico: "3. Therefore, the strong people will glorify You; the city of the terrible nations will fear you. 4. For you have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm.  5. You will reduce the noise of the aliens, as heat in a dry place; as heat in the shadow of a cloud, the song of the terrible ones will be diminished."

< Please click on the photo for  a 3 minute tribute to our men and women in the military. Those in this choir have fought, loved, prayed, given. Their words are, "We want to give something back to the brave men and women who served, and are serving, in the armed forces." Jackie Maye gives them an opportunity to share their tribute.


Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, posted to KBC 5/12/11.

Fired scientist says Klamath dam removal 'extreme,' Capital Press, posted to KBC 5/12/11. "The former U.S. Bureau of Reclamation senior science adviser who claims he was fired in February for speaking out about the Klamath River dam removal process said removing the dams should be an "extreme" last resort. Paul Houser told about 200 people here May 7 that removing the four dams from the river is "an uncontrolled experiment" with impacts such as poor water quality that could have dire consequences for fisheries."
HERE for Dr Houser Page and his biography.

The Essence of This Year's Election: KBRA, by G.W. Washington, Klamath News 5/11/12

Tombstone needs our help! 21st Century Shootout at the OK Corral – Life and Death in Tombstone, Smoked Bear 5/11/12. "A few years ago, this same federal government that requested, and received, permission from Tombstone to use Tombstone’s water to fight forest fires has now shut down Tombstone’s access to its water leaving it with only minutes of water to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizen from being destroyed by fire...Their minutes of water will prove worthless in saving the lives and livelihoods of the residents of Tombstone."
California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, legislative and governmental update 5/11/12

In the First Congressional District of California, Doug LaMalfa will make the best representative in congress to serve all the people of the district, Fred Kelly Grant, posted to KBC 5/11/12. "From day one of the issue, LaMalfa has opposed the (Klamath Dam)  destruction."

Rancher, farmer and Christian Tom Mallams is running for Klamath County Commissioner. He supports transparency and a balanced budget. Tom opposes the KBRA and destruction of Klamath River hydroelectric dams.
* Here is his short video message for you.

* Here is Tom Mallams' website
* Here is a group that supports dam destruction and the KBRA which permanently downsizes agriculture 10's of thousands of acres, Classic PAC.

is spending $10's of thousands for negative attack ads against Senator Doug Whitsett and
Tom Mallams, conservative Christian candidates who all oppose destruction of Klamath River hydroelectric dams. PAC paid $22,430 to PR firm Pyramid Communications to defeat KBRA opponents and candidates Whitsett and Mallams.
HERE FOR RESPONSE AD and contributors to Classic PAC.
Directors of PAC : Becky Hyde, Steve Kandra, John Snider, former field rep for Oregon U.S. Congressman Greg Walden, and Lynn Lundquest.
Pyramid Communications has worked for "environmental" causes supporting more "wilderness areas,"  endangered species "habitat," "climate change" regulations, ....Some of their clients are Earthjustice (funded partially by George Soros) which is a litigant for most of the "environmental" groups signed as "stakeholders" in the KBRA, Sustainable NWThe Nature Conservancy, Save our Wild Salmon (PCFFA Glen Spain, Eugene Attorney and KBRA voting member, is board member of this group focused on removing Snake and Columbia River dams), Greenpeace, Wilderness Society, Sierra Club, etc...

Presentation of Wolves sponsored by Siskiyou County Ag Dept. May 10 at 6:30 p.m, Miners Inn convention center. 

PRESS RELEASE: Federal Klamath Dam whistleblower coming to Klamath and Siskiyou May 6 and 7, PienPolitics 5/2/12. "Dr. Houser was hired by the Bureau of Reclamation in April of 2011 to serve as the agency’s top ranked scientist and was one of the highest ranking scientists in the entire federal government. His job was to review and insure the scientific data, integrity and honesty in the Klamath dam removal project. But federal government officials did not like his conclusions and he faced internal reprisal and then employment termination."  "The newly-formed Cal-Ore Bi-State Alliance is bringing independent scientist Paul. R. Houser Ph.D. to Klamath and Siskiyou Counties the first week in May....Cal-Ore Bi-State Alliance: Grassroots groups represents five counties -- Siskiyou, Modoc, Klamath, Jackson and Josephine with three sheriffs participating, including Siskiyou Jon Lopey, Modoc Mike Poindexter and Oregon’s Josephine Sheriff Gil Gilbertson."  HERE for Dr. Houser Page and Bio.

Klamath Dam Whistleblower Dr Houser in Yreka May 7, Klamath Falls May 6, sponsored by Cal Ore Bi State Alliance

Horse  packing and wilderness clinic, May 4-6 Klamath County Fairgrounds.

5/6/12: Deuteronomy 32:1-4
1. Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak, and hear O earth, the words of my mouth.
2. Let my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, as raindrops on the tender herb, and showers on the grass.
3. For I proclaim the name of the Lord; Ascribe greatness to our God.
4. He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; righteous and upright is He.

Gail Whitsett, candidate for Oregon State Representative, sets the record straight: "In regards to recent accusations, I have made NO telephone calls, nor has anyone in my campaign made ANY calls regarding my opponent Tracey Liskey, on any subject. If people or groups are making calls as their own group, it is not with my knowledge of the calls' content, nor at my request. I have not used his name negatively in any of my venues; not in ads, not in mailers, nor in the newspaper and have always asked everyone to please keep the campaign positive."

Where is the water going to come from? Agreement doesn't promise more water, by farmer Bob King, Klamath Falls, H&N letter, posted to KBC 5/5/12.

I can hit the ground running in Salem, H&N letter by Gail Whitsett, candidate for Oregon State Representative 5/4/12.5/4/12. "There is still so much to be done, including retaining private businesses in our state and recruiting additional large and small businesses to create jobs that provide the revenue stream to pay for our schools, roads, and essential services..."

Let’s take back our county, H&N letter by Tom Mallams, candidate for Klamath Count Commissioner, Beatty 5/4/12. "I will listen to the people. I will continue to oppose Klamath River dam removal. I pledge to not raise taxes during my term..."

I have accomplished much while in Salem, Senator Doug Whitsett, incumbent and candidate for H&N letter to editor 5/4/12. "As a fiscal conservative Republican, I take seriously my state senate oath to protect and conserve the Constitution and to work for all citizens in the district and state. I believe in, and work to achieve, the smallest, least expensive and least intrusive government that is able to adequately provide essential services...."

Consider the KBRA when you fill out your ballot, H&N letter by retired Klamath County Assessor Reg LeQuieu 5/2/12. "Under the agreement, 25,000 irrigated acres will be permanently idled in the Upper Basin and 20,000 irrigated acres permanently idled in the Lower Basin. Based on the Farm-Use Study conducted for this year by the Klamath County Assessor’s Office, that will reduce property taxes by another $100,000" ".....That adds up to over $647,349 in lost property tax revenue for county services offset by just $213,333 from the KBRA for a net loss of $434,016 annually. And then, after 15 years, there would be no offset."

Subcommittees to Hold Joint Colorado Field Hearing to Examine How Red Tape, Litigation Hurt Forest Health, Jobs, Water & Power Supplies, Natural Resources Committee 5/2/12.

Fight to Save Klamath River Dams, local jobs, Oregon Small Business Association, posted to KBC 5/2/12. OSBA, promoting and defending Oregon's Business Owners and Employees. "The Oregon Small Business Association strongly opposes the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) because it calls for the removal of the Klamath Basin Dams. These dams are vital to the economy of the Klamath Basin."

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