Senator Doug Whitsett, R-Oregon District 28
Nearly 98%
of those who voted November 2008 supported Senator Whitsett's re-election as
Oregon State Senator in the five county District 28.
He represents the PEOPLE of
the Klamath Basin.

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Senator Doug Whitsett

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*Speech on Klamath dam removal and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement 7/10/08

*Retired vet teaches science in state Capitol, Capital Press 2/8/08 Photo > Doug and Gail Whitsett return to their rural home in Southern Oregon between sessions.

*Whitsetts at the Capital 3/21/07                                                                       

Oregon Senator Whitsett on Oregon Water adjudication, Part 1 of 2, 11/8/09, YouTube Video.

Oregon Senator Whitsett on water adjudication, Part 2 of 2, 11/8/09 YouTube Video

The Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 5/16/14: "Many farm and ranch owners... were advised that most who refused to sign would no longer be allowed to use either their surface or groundwater rights in most years.
Oregon's welfare growth highest in nation, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/6/14. "The welfare to work program was designed to provide temporary assistance during the time required to teach families to become accountable for their own welfare and financial security...The audit found that Oregon ranked dead last in the nation for TANF clients participating in work, or work related activities..."
Senator Doug Whitsett KBC News webpage HERE
California's Cap and Trade, Kitzhaber headed that direction, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/30/14 Klamath Falls - Oregon Tech's renewable energy by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/25/14 National Unemployment Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/9/14
AUDIO: Must Listen: 5 1/2 minute summary of Upper Basin's Klamath Settlement Agreement; audio by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Local News with Paul Hanson on KFLS News/Talk Radio 1450, 4/1/14. "The nearly 100-page agreement has seven objectives..." Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Senator Doug Whitsett, 3/26/14
Forest Practices Act Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/20/14 Short Legislative Sessions by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/11/14 Support Oregon's Rule of Law by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/27/14

< Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett and Rep. Gail Whitsett  Science of shutoffs, well water monitoring law aims to clarify ownership, H&N 2/7/14. “We fully support the OWRD authority to regulate wells that are materially interfering with senior water rights. However, we believe the state should be required to prove that the use of irrigation wells is materially and measurably harming a water right holder with a superior priority date,” Gail Whitsett said."

Write, call, and e-mail the fifteen Democrat Senators who were expected to vote in support of gun-control legislation last year. That includes every Democrat Senator, except for Senator Betsy Johnson from Scappoose, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter, 1/16/14. "The first failure to comply with the new law would be punishable by 30 day imprisonment, a fine of $1,250, or both. A second offense would result in one year imprisonment, a fine of $6,250, or both. Third and subsequent offenses would be punishable by a maximum term of five years in prison, a fine of $125,000, or both."
Health Care Providers and The Union 1/30/14
War on Poverty 1/10/14.
Marijuana, newsletter 1/3/14
Water issues will likely dominate session work, 12/29/13. "The Oregon Water Resources Department has made clear its intentions in 2014 to shut down as many as 130 irrigation wells due to alleged interference with surface water rights...
Expansion of power of the Executive Branch of our federal government, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/1/13 Oregon wildfire protection newsletter  12/19/13.

EPA and Clean Water Act; another step toward a Banana Republic, Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, 11/14/13

Whitsetts team up to denounce bureaucracy, too many rules in government, followed by comment H&N, 11/10/13
"Affordable" Care Act and "Cover Oregon,"  by Senator Doug Whitsett 10/30/13

Oregon's K-12 public education by Senator Doug Whitsett 10/18/13

Feds own 34 million acres of Oregon, 10/10/13
Columbia and Klamath River Dam Facts, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/27/13. "...Advocates have long stated that the dams must come out in order to reestablish previous salmon numbers. Yet 2012 saw one of the largest, if not the largest Chinook salmon run ever recorded on the Klamath River. This year, salmon numbers are shaping up to surpass that record. The dams are still in the River and the water quality in the River has not changed. .."

Oregon government spending addiction, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 9/22/13

Oregon’s workforce and its consumers suffer each time that our governments impose new costs on private businesses. 8/27/13

More than a dozen bills relating to firearms were introduced 8/14/13

"Our abundant and varied (Klamath) fisheries appear to contradict the need for massive aquatic restoration projects" by Senator Doug Whitsett 8/8/13.

* The Oregon Water Resources Department is no longer a friend of agriculture. 8/1/13. "More than 250 water users holding Allottee and Walton water rights dating to 1864 are being forced to turn off their irrigation water...The Department’s final determination gave the Tribes such a huge amount of water that virtually no additional water will be available for irrigation in a normal year..."

The Assembly had two primary tasks; to balance the budgets and to take meaningful action to address an unsustainable Public Employment retirement System. We failed both tests. 7/13/13

Session wrapup: Partisanship overwhelming process; Republican efforts at Legislature routinely ignored, says Sen. Doug Whitsett, H&N 7/14/13. Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, "" ...'brave new world' interpretation of the Constitution...", posted to KBC 6/25/13.
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6/13/13 Newsletter: Thousands of fish-eating Cormorants eating baby suckers?
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter on Obama's Benghazi, AP and FOX surveillance, IRS targeting conservatives, posted to KBC 6/13/13

Senator Doug Whitsett: Our Veterans, posted to KBC 6/2/13

Oregon Legislators, Rep Mike McLane and Senator Doug Whitsett, create National Day of the Cowboy, H&N, posted to KBC 5/14/13

Oregon PERS restructuring, Democrats need for more tax $, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/21/13

Horse Tripping Bill by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 5/14/13. "In my opinion, it represents a first attempt to outlaw the use of animals for competitive events, such as team roping, ranch branding and other rodeo competitions..."

Restructuring PERS, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/11/13

Oregon's 4 anti-gun bills by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 4/7/13. "The disarming of state legislators and their staffs is the last thing that I wish to see. In my opinion, gun free areas might as well be advertised as potential killing zones....(Prozanski's) bill would require any person applying for a concealed handgun license to first-pass a live-fire test at a firing range. The test would require accuracy while repeatedly firing up to twenty shots in 60 seconds or less.This would certainly be difficult to achieve using a handgun, such as a revolver, that only holds six rounds of ammunition. One would have to reload the weapon three times in order to fire twenty rounds in a minute or less."

Oregon tuition inequity bill by Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 3/25/13. "All sixteen Democrat and three Republican Senators voted to pass the bill. I joined ten other Republican Senators in voting no...United States’ citizens who have lived in Oregon all their life before moving out of state, are denied Oregon in-state tuition for their children. Yet an illegal alien that sneaks into Oregon searching for a job, for entitlements, to be with family or for any other reason, will be allowed in-state tuition for their children if they have lived here illegally for three or more years." The statewide cost of PERS to Oregon taxpayers has increased one billion one hundred million dollars, Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 3/14/13.
VIDEO - 2013-15 Oregon Democratic Co-Chairs’ vs. Republican Leadership Budgets, with Rep Richardson and Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 3/12/13. Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28, 3/5/13, Oregon Transportation HB
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett - Oregon must cap growth of state spending, H&N 2/24/13 Oregon's green energy frenzy vs. free market principles, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 2/20/13. Representing Klamath Basin, Senator Whitsett looks for water user solutions, H&N 2/20/13
Lawmakers prepare for legislative session; State legislators discuss divides between Ore. urban, rural areas, H&N 2/5/13, posted to KBC 3/4/13 Oregon timber harvest on Oregon's federally owned lands, newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/13. Oregonians need to know the facts behind marijuana use, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/13.
Examples of outcome of government intervention in a free market economy, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 1/30/13. "Consumers are already paying untold billions to purchase corn distilled ethanol blended gasoline that actually reduces fuel mileage. The federal mandate that requires ethanol blended fuel is also causing a perennial shortage of corn supply that is costing consumers untold billions in inflated food prices."

Oregon Government Spending, by Senator Doug Whitsett R- Klamath Falls, District 28, posted to KBC 1/27/13

"This Legislative Assembly promises to be contentious" Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 / Klamath Falls, 1/17/13 Newsletter OREGON - Budget shortfall, right to bear firearms among topics set for 2013 Legislative session, H&N, posted to KBC 1/11/13 Oregon's debt collection 1/8/13.
This great nation's immense Christmas season peril, 12/27/12 Oregon's proposed new tax plan, 12/27/12 Governor Kitzhaber's recommended Oregon state budget 12/5/12.
Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank, 11/28/12. "More than twenty percent of rural Oregonians, who want to work, do not have a job or are working less than full time...Niki and Dave Sampson, along with their hard working crew, have distributed more than 1,700,000 pounds or 850 tons of food this year." PERS 12/13/12.

PERS 11/21/12
I believe in America! by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls District 28. Agricultural contributions and water reallocation, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Klamath Falls Dist 28, posted to KBC 10/11/12 New Proposed Perpetual Tax on 85,000 Oregon Water Rights Holders And Potential Significant Regulations, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/27/12
Barry Point Fire - Extreme loss of  timber, grazing, wildlife and watershed resources, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/10/11. What we were doing when freedom died? by Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett 8/30/12
Governor Kitzhaber’s draft Ten Year Energy Plan, by Senator Doug Whitsett 8/17/12. "Oregon poorest families, including those who are unemployed or underemployed, will be disproportionately disadvantaged by the higher energy costs inherent to the draft Plan."
Drought, Crops, and Government Interference, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 8/5/12. "The combined effects of widespread drought conditions, and ill-advised government interference in the free market, have created the potential for a perfect inflationary storm for domestic food prices..."
Southern Oregon lost an outstanding citizen. Nancy Leonard, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 8/5/12. Senator Doug Whitsett: 2012 Tax Initiative Petitions, posted to KBC 7/21/12. "If Congress and the President fail to take action, this unprecedented expansion in federal taxes will equal nearly $1,600 for every man, woman and child in the United States...these tax increases will be levied on America’s middle class, working families and the owners of the small businesses that create nearly three out of every four new jobs"
Oregon Integrated Water Resources Strategy, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 5/31/12. "...IWRS advisory committee... appear to have placed little emphasis on the development of additional storage for current and expanded agricultural use. Implementation of those public policies can only serve to diminish the supply of water available for irrigation." DOI Survey and Klamath Dam destruction, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/23/12

Whitsetts prepare for seats in Salem, Husband-wife team likely to represent Basin, H&N 5/19/12

Gail Whitsett beats Tracey Liskey to take District 56 seat in House, H&N 5/16/12. “I’m trying to get private industry back into Klamath and Lake counties, utilizing natural resources like geothermal and forests,” she said. “Education is also on the top of my list...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement."
< Doug and Gail Whitsett read congratulatory text message during election party at Yesterday's Plaza

Doug Whitsett retains Senate seat by topping Karl Scronce, H&N 5/16/12. "In Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Deschutes and Crook counties, Whitsett averaged about 76 percent of the vote, while his Republican challenger, Karl Scronce, averaged about 24...Whitsett is against the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement..."


< James Bellet, Doug and Gail Whitsett, Tom Mallams, and Dennis Jefcoat.
5/16/12, updated 12:59 a.m. 100% of the votes are in. - Oregon Election Night Results, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN against the KBRA and dam removal! Congratulations!
Opponents of the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement  (which includes Klamath dam removal) won the votes of the people, in spite of the smear ads and big bucks paid to destroy them.
State Senate District 28:
Incumbent Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6685 votes, with 71.77% of the votes. Opposes KBRA
Karl Scronce 2622 votes, 28.15% of votes. Pro KBRA
State Representative District 56
Gail Whitsett 4463 votes, 52.48% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Tracey Liskey 4033, 47.42% of the votesPro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 1
Tom Mallams, 4128 votes, 43.36% of the votes.  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent All Switzer CORRECTED > 1756 votes, 18.5% of the votePro KBRA
Klamath County Commissioner Position 3
James Bellet, 4013 votes, 42.45% of vote  
Opposes KBRA
Dennis Jefcoat 1526 votes, 16.14% of votes  Opposes KBRA
Incumbent Cheryl HuKill 1690 votes, 17.88% of vote   Pro KBRA

I have accomplished much while in Salem, Senator Doug Whitsett, incumbent and candidate for H&N letter to editor 5/4/12. "As a fiscal conservative Republican, I take seriously my state senate oath to protect and conserve the Constitution and to work for all citizens in the district and state. I believe in, and work to achieve, the smallest, least expensive and least intrusive government that is able to adequately provide essential services...."
  Non-Point Source Water Regulations, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 4/29/12 Bend Bulletin Endorsement: Whitsett the right choice for Republicans, posted to KBC 4/27/12.
Senate hopefuls debate priorities, H&N 4/13/12. "Whitsett opposes dam removal and the KBRA...Scronce, who took part in negotiating the KBRA, called the agreement an example of cooperation between differing points of view. He said he would take that same spirit of cooperation to the Oregon Legislature." KBC Editor: KBRA was born in closed door meetings with no transparency, no public input, no public vote, and no agriculture groups allowed at the negotiation table that did not agree with the predetermined agenda of Klamath dam destruction and giving Klamath Tribes land (they previously sold.)
Oregon's budget, and last minute "emergency bills," 3/5/12 2012 Tax Inititive Petitions, by Senator Doug Whitsett 4/2/12 Oregon Public Utility Commission, 3/23/12.
Klamath Dams - Reclamation fires top scientist and Scientific Integrity Officer for exposing Interior's scientific fraud, by Oregon Senator Whitsett 3/14/12. Here for Dr. Paul Houser page.
Renewable energy, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posed to KBC 3/12/12 Oregon's budget, and last minute "emergency bills," Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 3/6/12.
ODEQ to decide about Low Carbon Fuel Standard Mandates for Oregon, Senator Doug Whitsett 2/24/12. "The costs of complying with any LCFS can only result in higher fuel costs for everyone. Compliance with a state or regional LCFS would certainly result in an uncompetitive business environment that would result in out-migration of businesses and jobs. The last thing that Oregon needs is another reason for businesses to leave Oregon or for capital investors to further shun the state."
Economic vitality and stability to Oregon’s rural communities, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/17/12 Senate Republican job-creating bills that Senate Democrats refused hear, Senator Doug Whitsett 2/10/12 The Constitution, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 1/26/12
"... among the 36 Oregon counties, Klamath ranks a dismal third in child abuse and neglect," Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 1/6/12
NEDC  lawsuit could shut down eleven million acres of Oregon's privately owned forest land, by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/10/12. "Those privately owned forests create timber product sales of nearly $12 billion and support private sector payrolls in excess of $4 billion...The direct consequence of litigation concerning the allegedly endangered Northern Spotted Owl is a 90 percent reduction in timber harvest from federal lands. That near elimination of federal timber harvest has resulted in virtual cultural genocide for many timber dependent rural communities."
How Oregon Spends Money, Whitsett newsletter 1/13/12 Restoration of sustainable timber harvest on federal forest lands, Oregon Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 12/29/11. "These unprecedented forest fuel loads have been the direct cause of uncontrollable wildfires that have consumed millions of acres of Oregon forest lands, and ironically, millions of acres of Northern Spotted Owl habitat."
The Endangered Species Act Fundamental Flaws, by Senator Doug Whitsett 12/12/11. "...These provisions have allowed the intent, implementation and outcomes of the Act to be hijacked to serve the greed and exploitation of preservationist factions both inside and outside of government agencies...In spite of the expenditure of billions of tax dollars, the species recovery rate is less than 1.5 percent."

Unemployment Report, Senator Doug Whitsett 12/5/11.

Christmas Shopping, Senator Doug Whitsett 11/29/11 Oregon's unsustainable spending addiction, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 11/20/11
Senator Doug Whitsett speech regarding the KBRA and Klamath dam destruction at Yreka's public listening session put on by Department of Interior on 10/20/11. "The Draft Environmental Impact Statement does not appear to mitigate that 20 million cubic yards of sediment. The Department apparently proposes to simply blow the dams and let nature take its course, washing all that sediment downriver. They appear to consider this option as a “grand experiment” to see what actually happens. That amount of sediment is equivalent to about 2 million ten yard dump truck loads of silt, sediment and organic muck. To put that amount into perspective, lined up head to tail, 2 million dump truck loads of river muck would stretch about 12,500 miles…..about half way around the planet."
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter: Department of Interior Dam Removal Public Listening Session 10/21/11. "..event was attended by between three hundred and four hundred people...Fifty two people, or seventy two percent, spoke in opposition to dam responsibility to listen to the people that have I been elected to represent is much more important than my private opinion. Two thirds or more of those people have been consistently voicing their strong opposition to dam removal (since 2009 poll) for well more than two years. I will continue to try to represent those peoples’ judgment so long as I am privileged to represent them in the Oregon Senate."
Klamath dam removal and turbidity double standard, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 10/14/11. "How can we justify dumping the equivalent of two million dump truck loads of sediment into the Klamath River to expedite the politically correct demolition of hydroelectric dams, while at the same time citing and prosecuting foresters, agriculturalists and recreationalists for stirring up a little sediment in their pursuit of family entertainment?"
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter On Communications 10/17/11

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 9/30/11

Outcomes of last summer’s public employee labor negotiations, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 9/24/11
Conservative Policy Summit, 9/3/11 Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett. "...The Summit provided those of us who represent the people of Southern Oregon the opportunity to listen to the concerns of the community and business leaders and to discuss the potential solutions that they suggested. The primary purpose of the Medford Summit was to identify governmental barriers to private sector job creation and to recommend appropriate ways to remove those obstacles..." * Whitsett files for third term Oregon Senate District 28, 9/22/11. "Doug Whitsett has officially filed with the Oregon Secretary of State's office for re-election to the Oregon Senate, District 28 (all of Klamath, Lake, Crook, and parts of Deschutes and Jackson Counties)." HERE for KBC's Senator Whitsett Page

It is unfortunate when dire predictions become reality, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/27/11

Klamath dam removal and turbidity double standard, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, posted to KBC 10/14/11. "How can we justify dumping the equivalent of two million dump truck loads of sediment into the Klamath River to expedite the politically correct demolition of hydroelectric dams, while at the same time citing and prosecuting foresters, agriculturalists and recreationalists for stirring up a little sediment in their pursuit of family entertainment?"
* Whitsett files for third term Oregon Senate District 28, 9/22/11. "Doug Whitsett has officially filed with the Oregon Secretary of State's office for re-election to the Oregon Senate, District 28 (all of Klamath, Lake, Crook, and parts of Deschutes and Jackson Counties)."
Oregon Forest Mismanagement, Senator Doug Whitsett 9/16/11. "...left is an area of nearly 600 square miles mostly dominated by standing, gray, dead effort has been made to salvage this timber for any use. Economic Records established during Obama administration, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 9/10/11

Taxes, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 8/19/11

Federal Management of Oregon's Forest Lands, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 8/12/11. "federal district court ruled that the owl was threatened under the Endangered Species Act and that nearly unlimited critical habitat was required to preserve the bird from extinction...Oregon’s annual timber harvest from federal lands plummeted from 60 percent to 12 percent. Nearly 300 timber mills closed and more than 30,000 family wage jobs were lost."
Labor Relations by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 8/7/11 Oregon Legislative Budget, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 8/2/11
On Oregon DUIs, Newsletter by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 7/22/11  Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, Oregon Education, 7/16/11 Whitsett true spokesman for rural Americans, H&N letter to editor by Vaudine Cullins, Alturas, posted to KBC 7/7/11
Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 7/8/11. "Oregon is a national leader in home mortgage foreclosures, our annual per capita income trails the national average by more than $3,500, our functional unemployment remains above 20 percent and 750 thousand Oregonians are using food stamps. Yet Senate leadership flatly refused to even hold hearings on bills that were thoughtfully designed to promote growth in private sector jobs...Three fourths of our timber mills are closed down, and more than 30,000 family wages jobs are destroyed. These two bills would have created more than 4,300 jobs, as well as $100 million in state and local government revenue."
Taps were played for future of Oregon's natural resource based economy, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/19/11. "Thursday in Pendleton, TAPS were played for the future of Oregon’s natural resources based economy, and the private sector jobs they sustain. The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) adopted, by Administrative Rule, new Oregon water quality standards for human toxics that are ten times more stringent than anywhere else in the United States...Compliance ...will be virtually impossible. In many situations the new standards exceed the normal background levels..."
The Oregon Legislature adjourned Sine Die Thursday afternoon, Senator Doug Whitsett 6/30/11 Why were new jobs bills killed? by Oregon Senator Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/16/11 One billion one hundred million dollars! by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 6/3/11
Senator Whitsett Newsletter: "This week the Ways and Means General Government Subcommittee restored funding to two programs sponsored by the Department of Revenue that provide rent payment assistance to low income elderly Oregonians. Both programs had previously been eliminated in Governor Kitzhaber’s Recommended Budget." 6/10/11
Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 5/20/11. "We believe that more than 20,000 private sector family-wage jobs would be created by the passage of three bills currently stuck in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee... neither the committee Chair nor the Senate President has allowed any of these bills even the courtesy of a hearing...Being allowed to use their fair share of excess River water would spur a renaissance in Oregon’s economy creating more than 16,500 jobs and adding more than $750,000,000 per year to our state economy."

Whitsett Newsletter, 5/26/11, Estate Taxes

Oregon's Regulations Oppress Jobs, May 2011 Newsletter for Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28, posted to KBC 5/17/11
Oregon's economic forecast, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 5/12/11. "...our state has no more private sector jobs than it did in the year 2000. Moreover, our per capita income continues to fall behind the national average and the rate of negative change is accelerating."

Oregon's medical liability, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 5/6/11



Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, 4/29/11 newsletter on constitutional right to bear arms; "Three important handgun bills were passed by the Oregon House of Representatives with wide bipartisan support..."

Public employee compensation, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 4/21/11

Oregon school funding by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/15/11

Taps for future of Oregon's natural resource based economy, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 6/19/11

Oregon, perennial national leader in unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair by Senator Doug Whitsett 4/8/11

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett on the Environmental Protection Agency 3/31/11. "They calculate the regulations would cost $4,500 in annual loss of income for an average family of four and the loss of 2.5 million jobs over the next twenty years."
Oregon Unemployment Benefits by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/24/11 Oregon's creative financing plan, by Senator Doug Whitsett 3/21/11 Judge's decision unfairly punishes ranching community, Statesman Journal, written by Senators Ted Ferrioli, Doug Whitsett, Frank Morse and Fred Girod 3/17/11
 Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett: More job killing rules from ODEQ 3/11/11. "The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of adopting the most restrictive water quality standards in the nation...These new rules have the potential to profoundly affect the fiscal soundness of businesses, agriculture and forestry in the state. They may be expected to have an extreme negative effect on Oregon’s future job growth and economic recovery...the scientific relevance of these studies is at best pathetic and at worst criminally negligent."

Senator Doug Whitsett March 4, 2011 Newsletter.  "Ethanol production currently comprises just 8% of the US demand for vehicle fuel, but it requires 40% of the US corn crop to produce...About a tenth of the world’s production of cereal output is projected to be used for ethanol production if all of the world’s present targets for ethanol are to be met. The certain result will cause food prices to rise from 15-40% worldwide.  Millions of humans will go hungry on a global scale as food prices are driven out of their reach due to biofuels production."

Governor Kitzhaber’s demand to suppress the speech of Oregon public employees, Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 2/25/11

Oregon Senator Whitsett's bills addressing livestock predators: wolves, coyotes, cougars, posted to KBC 2/25/11
Where is the outrage, 2/11/11 by Senator Doug Whitsett
Governor Kitzhaber’s Recommended Budget, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/5/11
Environmental Advocacy groups destroying Klamath agriculture, speech by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, KFLS radio, posted to KBC 2/4/11.  "I believe that is time to recognize that folks such as Glen Spain, Craig Tucker and James Honey do not speak for the interests of either the irrigators, or the people, of the Upper Klamath Basin. Isn’t it time to recognize the obvious “divide and conquer” actions that are being used so successful in destroying both the unity, and the economies, of our communities? Why do we continue to extend credibility to these folks?"
Governor Kitzhaber’s Recommended Budget 2/4/11 Our Government Spending Crisis 1/21/11
Costly Unfulfilled Government Promises, Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 1/8/11. "Sixteen years of green energy promotion has netted less than two percent green jobs, has drained billions of dollars and innumerable family wage jobs out of our private sector economy, has insured exponentially higher utility rates into the future, and has created the pathway for the destruction of the hydropower infrastructure that is the economic engine of the Northwest." "The direct result is the current effort to destroy the PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River as well as the impending assault on the Lower Snake River Dams. The Bonneville Power Administration is currently charging its utility ratepayers more than $975 million each year for salmon mitigation. The total amount of environmental charges on your BPA utility bill exceeds 40%."
Oregon Senator Whitsett on Public Trust, transcript from Whitsett's 11/30/10 speech on KFLS Oregon State Economic Status, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett,  posted to KBC 11/30/10 < A Look Ahead by Senator Doug Whitsett, H&N, posted to KBC 1/2/11

Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 10/13/10

Alternative to tax and spend government, by Senator Doug Whitsett 8/2/10 State Sen. Whitsett says ‘sue them,’ H&N 6/9/10 Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett District 28 Newsletter posted to KBC 6/23/10
PRESS RELEASE: Senator Doug Whitsett wins challenge of ballot title, 4/30/10 Whitsett vs. Kroger, 4/30/10. "The Oregon Supreme Court ruled ..."

Oregon Integrated Water Resources Strategy, by Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28 4/16/10

Uncontrolled Governance by Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 4/3/10 Senator (Whitsett) questions science behind pollution rules, H&N 3/18/10 

Klamath County Drought Declaration Request: letter to Governor Ted Kulongoski from Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/11/10

Klamath County Drought Declaration Request: letter to Governor Ted Kulongoski from Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 3/11/10
March Economic Forecast, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/8/10. "Projected state revenue income from general fund tax collections and lottery fund profits is projected to be down by more than $190 million since the December 2009 forecast. The projected reduction in state revenue since July 1, 2009 is more than $400 million. Moreover, the 2009 fourth quarter report was the seventh consecutive month of job losses and declining revenue."
2010 Oregon Legislature by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 2/26/10 Oregon Ballot Measures and Taxes, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, posted to KBC 2/7/10
AUDIO: KMED Bell Meyers interview with Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 1/21/10 regarding KBRA/Klamath Agreement regarding Rogue Valley and water rights, "the tribes and environmental community can only sue the Klamath Project for their water after they have made every effort has been made to shut down Rogue Valley diversions and every other irrigator outside the Project."

Follow the Money, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 1/14/10

Oregon State Employee Compensation, posted 12/3/09, by Senator Doug Whitsett Politics won in legislative efforts to deal with taxes, by Senator Doug Whitsett, H&N 11/1/09.
Draft Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, 10/2/09

Financing Environmental Lawsuits, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, 10/21/09 Newsletter

What will dam removal mean in the future? H&N letters 10/6/09. Senator Doug Whitsett:

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 8/28/09. "Throughout that ever escalating spending binge, where the increase averaged a compounded thirteen percent, our State has consistently been a national leader in unemployment, poverty and hunger. More than one out of every six Oregonians is now using food stamps to feed their families..."
State, local Republicans oppose removal of dams, H&N 7/31/09. Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 6/29/09
The Governor’s Proposed Oregon Emergency Jobs Program, Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 6/18/09 How local legislators voted, H&N, posted to KBC 7/30/09 Action Alert, SB 519A  posted 6/13/09. "...this bill is an arbitrary obstruction of the rights to free speech for only one group of Oregonians..."
Today was a Billion Dollar Tax Day in the Oregon Legislature Democrats pass $733 million in tax increases on small and family owned businesses, 6/11/09 * Democrats prepare for historic Billion Dollar Tax Week, 6/8/09
* 2009 Tax Bills before the 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly
Proposed 2009-2011 Revenue Package, 6/4/09. "The result is an estimated reduction of 10,747 private sector jobs."
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 5/29/09. "The passage of SB 76 will start the process that will result in the largest dam removal since World War II, and the largest planned dam removal project in the history of mankind. It represents the first domino to fall in the destruction of the hydroelectric project ..." Talent Irrigation District's loss of their 30,000 acre foot diversion, which includes the KBRA citation, 1/23/09. Senator Whitsett and Craig Tucker, "as the Agreement is currently written, then the water right, instream water right for the Klamath River, that would be transferred into the river, would be have a priority date considerably better than the Talent Irrigation District's diversions from Hyatt Lake and Howard Prairie, and I can't see how they couldn't have a call on that water."

Newsletter: Republicans propose budget that protects core services without increasing taxes 5/13/09

A Plan for Oregon's Transportation, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 5/10/09. Whitsett Page HERE. Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter, posted to KBC 5/7/09 Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/26/09. Legislative hash, Plaintiff's Fairness Act, Oregon's first tax on water.
Testimony of geologist Gail Hildreth Whitsett on SB 76, Klamath Dam Removal Bill, posted to KBC 5/14/09 Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/17/09: Tea Party, National Debt, and wilderness reserves Fuzzy Government Math, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/10/09
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/3/09 Newsletter: PacifiCorp’s Proposal for Higher Rates.... Oregon's Water Resources Threatened, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 3/27/09. Oregon Banks in Our Economy, Oregon Senator  Doug Whitsett Newsletter 3/20/09
New taxes and fees proposed for Oregonians, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 3/13/09. Oregon is on the Wrong Course, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 3/6/09. " The manipulation of energy costs through public policy simply violates the civil rights of those who must choose between heating their homes and feeding their children." Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter, Budget and Revenue: "The reductions in funding for the Judicial Branch of government were so severe that they will result in the closure of all state courts every Friday from March 13, 2009 through June 30, 2009..." 2/27/09
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 2/20/09. "Explanation of the Budget Forecast," "Contemplated Closure of Kingsley Field." *House Bill 2157: The $96 Million Tax Increase, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 2/13/09. "...your Oregon legislature raced to pass legislation that unilaterally prohibits Oregonians from benefiting from that stimulus package." Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 2/6/09: Klamath dam demolition, destination resorts, real estate transfer tax, and stimulus package.
Senator Doug Whitsett testimony of Senate Bill 76, posted 2/3/09. SB#76
Testimony on Oregon Senate Bill 76, by Gail Hildreth Whitsett 2/3/09.

***URGENT! ELECTRIC RATEPAYERS! ALL citizens are urged to attend and/or provide written testimony regarding their feelings on Klamath Dam removal. Tuesday Feb 3, Salem. "According to FERC, the high estimate of removal and disposal of 9000 acre feet of sediment from behind the dams is $4.5 billion, to be divided among 548,000 electric ratepayers, 90% who are in Oregon."

Senator Whitsett Newsletter 1/30/09 Senate Bill #76. "The bill is alleged to create the funding resources to enable the removal of the four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River. The mechanism would be to create a 2 percent surcharge payable by all Oregon PacifiCorp ratepayers on their monthly bill for the next ten years.
Senator Whitsett Newsletter 1/26/09, Oregon's "Stimulus Package." Newsletter, 1/16/09 Includes: Democrats' 2-billion taxes and fees, school choice, and Citizen Participation in Government. "The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement..." Down to Business, Local lawmakers ready for session's start on Monday, H&N 1/9/09
Oregon Governor Kulongoski and the Pacificorp Klamath Dam Agreement in Principle, KFLS 12/30/08 Alternative Energy, KFLS 12/22/08 Unemployment 12/22/08 Newsletter OR.
Citizen Participation in Gov't 12/2/08 What Klamath County’s state lawmakers think (about dam removal), H&N 11/25/08 Oregon election completes democrat control 11/24/08
Emergency preparedness 10/6/08 August 12 newsletter talk on Energy, KFLS, 8/12/08 arc 75 done
Speech on federally mandated environmental propaganda in our schools, KFLS 7/20/08 Speech on urban legislators' agenda for rural Oregonm KFLS 7/14/08 Speech on Klamath dam removal and KBRA, KFLS 7/1/08.
 Newsletter April 24, 2008 Leaders ignore economic warning signs, grant political appointees massive pay increases, Money comes from state savings, 6/27/08 Newsletter, June 2008
Retired vet teaches science in state Capitol, Capital Press 12/8/07 Senator Doug Whitsett statements on Basin Alliance petitions, 12/6/07 Newsletter, 2/24/08
Senator (Whitsett) slams water proposal, H&N 1/13/08. Message From Senator Whitsett on Klamath Geology, 2/19/08 Martha Anne Dow Oregon Center for Health Professions 2/20/08
Whitsett regarding Klamath Settlement: "Does not pass the smell test. KFLS Speech 12/28/08 OREGON: MEASURE 50 OP-ED 11/6/07  
8/15/06: Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, asked these questions to the Bureau of Reclamation and the US Fish and Wildlife regarding Barnes Ranch acquisition.  
10/9/07: Upon request of the "final" answers, today Cecil Leslie from the Bureau of Reclamation sent these to KBC stating, "Attached are our responses to Senator Whitsett's questions; the Draft answers are our final answers."  
Measure 49 unfair; it would take away rights that should belong to property owners, H&N 10/29/07 Whitsett candidate for re-election, 10/18/07. Whitsett honored by state natural resource group, 10/13/07
Hospice to celebrate 25th anniversary, 7/21/07 Walden and Whitsett will be among the special guests. Whitsett Votes to Create Stable, Independent Ethics Funding 6/9/07 Land-use law fix headed to voters, H&N 6/7/07
Whitsett Votes for Stricter (Oregon) Driver’s License Requirements, 5/15/07 Project Independence too important to be cut by Legislature 5/11/07 H&N Newsletter 5/7/07
The fate of Oregon water measurement bill 5/17/07 Whitsett call for dedicated funding SB798, delivers over 100 new state troopers, no new taxes, 5/16/07 Urgent from Senator Whitsett: Email reps on today's HB2564, well meters 5/16/07
Bill Honoring Les Schwab is Drafted, 5/31/07 Voices Join Whitsett Calling for State Police Dedicated Funding, Senator Ted Ferrioli, 4/3/07 Newsletter 2/21/07
Oregon school accountability 3/14/07  Newsletter 3/9/07 Newsletter 3/2/07
Whitsetts at the Capital  3/21/07 Water issues on local lawmakers agenda, H&N 3/20/07 Newsletter Oregon Absurdity 3/16/07
Whitsett&Garrard Town Hall Klamath Falls 3/30/07 Voices Join Whitsett Calling for State Police Dedicated Funding 3/28/07 Whitsett and Garrard Plan Town Hall in Klamath 3/21/07
Newsletter ASSIGNMENTS 1/2/07 Newsletter 2/12/07 - Climatologist, Meas 37, and immigration Lawmakers confront land use, H&N 3/31/07, "Prop. rights and Meas.37 .
Ottomans regarding Senator Whitsett's article on tribal land return, 1/27/07. Whitsett statements on Klamath Basin Alliance petitions BA 1/26/07 2007 Wish list H&N 12/28/06
Oregon's water management plan 11/28/06 Speech-KFLS Farmers and Fishermen met in Merrill 10/23/06 Klamath Summit. Notes 10/23/06
Importance of our Oregon Governor 9/20/06 Re August 22nd U.S. DOI “Listening Session”8/27/06 Oregon Transportation Commission Approves ConnectOregon Project List Senator Whitsett Strengthens Economy, Creates Jobs, 7/22/06
Klamath, Coos reps meet, by Pat Ratliff, Klamath Courier 5/11/06 Letter by Senator Whitsett in Coos Bay with fishermen and farmers 5/8/06 Farmers, fishermen discover common ground on Klamath, Coos Bay World 5/5/06
Newsletter-The Facts About the Upper Klamath Basin 5/30/06 Fishing Season Closure Misinformation, KFLS 4/1/06 Newsletter 3/6/06
Newsletter 1/31/06 Management of forest lands Letter to FERC regarding extension of PacifiCorp's license 11/26/05 Newsletter 11/15/05
Official comments regarding the wolf plan 11/30/05 Update 9/29/05  Newsletter End of Session 8/8/05
Letter to OWRC regarding Water Appropriations in the Klamath Basin 7/26/05  Klamath power measure OK'd, H&N 7/12/05 Update 7/1/05
Update 7/19/05 KWUA Weekly Update July 15, 2005 - Senator Whitsett’s "Rate Shock" Bill Passes PRESS RELEASE: Whitsett Sponsored Energy Siting Legislation Passes Senate with Unanimous Support, 6/14/05
Whitsett has good reason to be wary, Herald and News editorial 6/8/05. Press Release: discusses rate shock, COB, and ONRC 6/6/05 Whitsett sets the record straight (with ONRC regarding Klamath Power Bill #81 6/2/05.
Rookie Senator takes on  2000 per cent power rate increase  Whitsett earns ovation from fellow caucus members and ire from Willamette Weekly Klamath Courier 6/2/05    

Biological Opinion versus Applied Science  By Gail Hildreth Whitsett, written 10 years ago, in 2001. "As a scientist with advanced degrees in geology, biostratigraphy (paleoecology), and additional research at Princeton University’s Yellowstone Bighorn Research station, I am continually amazed at the inaccurate statements being represented as “science” by our governmental agencies...."rchives to come 36



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