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 Archive 44 - January 2006
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Letter from Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, 1/31/06 "Our local economy, and the management of our federal forest lands are closely related.  We in District 28 should be especially concerned because the federal government owns well more than half of our entire district. Decades of failed government management has caused our forest health to be severely degraded."

There's justification for low irrigation rates, H&N 1/31/06

NOAA Fisheries: Northwest – Harvest and Hatcheries to be Reviewed as Part of Salmon Recovery Strategy, posted to KBC 1/31/06

THE STATE OF THE UNION, President Bush's address to the nation, entire text of president's speech, World Net Daily 1/31/06
photos of President, go HERE

PRESS RELEASE: OR Congressman Walden on President Bush State of the Union Address 1/31/06

PRESS RELEASE: CA Congressman Doolittle on President Bush's State of the Union Address, 1/31/06

PRESS RELEASE: Pombo Applauds President's Vision to Set America Free, 1/31/06

Cougar Comments by Feb 8

It is wet, wet and wet, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 1/31/06

Oregon Congressman Named Legislator Of The Year Award By National Conservation, Sportsmen's Org by office of Rep Greg Walden  1/29/06
WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) has been named Legislator of the Year by one of the nation's leading conservation and sportsmen's rights groups, Safari Club International (SCI). The award is given to a single Member of Congress each year for their dedication to issues facing sportsmen and the environment, including public land management and conservation efforts.

Encourage Your Congressmen to CoSponsor Right to Ride Legislation, American Quarterhorse Association 1/30/06. This is about preserving your right to ride your horse on public property. 1/30/06

Roads Less Traveled, letter by Julie Smithson in 2002 about her trip to Klamath Falls in 2001 water crisis. Posted to KBC 1/30/06

Keep Winema public, H&N, posted to KBC 1/30/06.

Committee votes against Klamath Tribes reservation H&N, posted to KBC 1/30/06.
For more articles on Klamath Tribal endeavors, go HERE.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, 1/29/06

Klamath farmers' utility bills to rise, Jackson Hole Star Tribune, posted to KBC 1/29/06.
(KBC offers a response/correction, and note to PacifiCorp."
PacifiCorp has said it loses $8 million to $10 million a year," quotes AP Bernard. What he did not say was that PacifiCorp would have NO regulated power on the Klamath without the Klamath Project; Link River frequently went dry before the Project was built. And all the water in our closed basin lakes had no way to reach the river, so there was less water. So yes, that's $8-10 million less money PacifiCorp can profit off the free water provided by the Klamath Project which provided inexpensive power to their customers for 50 years.

Hike could break farmers, H&N, posted to KBC 1/29/06

OREGON: Study: Richest saw fastest rise in income, H&N, posted to KBC 1/29/06. (KBC Editor's note: Oregon has demolished it's timber harvest industry, and is decimating its farming and commercial fisheries, giving Oregon the grand prize of the highest unemployment rate in America.)

NOAA does not list coho, Pressure by Grange aids decision, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 1/27/06. " 'NOAA is still ignoring the court’s decision on the Southern Oregon and Northern California coho, so they are still breaking the law,' said Bergeron."

Federal and State Endangered and Threatened Species expenditures, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1/27/06. This includes FWS ESA expenditures, reports, posters, instructions on comment periods, etc.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, 1/27/06. This is a list of current bills regarding flood management, Kelo, diesel tax for farmers, Delta, hemp, and water supplies.

James L Connaughton, Chairman, White House Council on Environmental Quality, full speech regarding Columbia River Salmon Recovery, posted to KBC 1/27/06, PDF file. This could effect river and coastal fisheries, and hatcheries.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Receives Legislator of the Year Award from National Conservation, Sportsmen's Organization, 1/27/06

Advocates float radical ideas to save salmon, Register Guard, posted to KBC 1/27/06. "Allow hatchery fish, traditionally excluded from interbreeding with wild stocks, to be released into the general population." (This "radical" idea of hatcheries was used successfully for 100 years, supporting tribes, fishermen and fish numbers. KBC)

Klamath power ruling thumps irrigators, Times Standard 1/27/06. "Greg Addington, executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association, said he's not aware of any other project with similar power needs, and believes PacifiCorp would not have agreed to the previous 1956 contract if the utility didn't make money."

FERC order denying petition for declaratory order and issuing notice of proposed readjustment of annual charges for the use of government dam re PacifiCorp's Klamath Hydroelectric Project under P-2082. Posted to KBC 1/27/06, WORD document.

No rate extension for irrigators,  H&N 1/27/06. "“Reclamation's position is that, if feasible, a cost-based power rate should be negotiated which recognizes the value of water control and availability for PacifiCorp's operation from the Klamath Project," said Bureau of Reclamation's Rae Olson.

Bush administration out to reduce salmon harvesting, posted to KBC 1/27/06


Coastal Fishermen meet with Klamath Water Users What happened to Klamath River salmon? by Jacqui Krizo, Klamath Courier Reporter 1/25/06. "Coastal Fishermen told Klamath farmers that the government is breaking the law, destroying the fisheries, and blaming Klamath Project irrigators for results of the government's mismanagement."

Oregon commercial fishermen James L Moore and Scott Cook met with KWUA.

Northwest - Oregon Coast Coho Avoids ESA Listing, NOAA Fisheries Service Fishnews, posted to KBC 1/24/06

PRESS RELEASE: We finally found the Bureau of Reclamation press release regarding this year's mandatory waterbank for Klamath Basin irrigators; it was in a National Water Resources Association newsletter. Posted to KBC 1/24/06

The federal government plans to plant wolves in Oregon; here is an enlightening read from Idaho: How Alberta wolves came to Central Idaho, New West, posted to KBC 1/24/06.

Family Farm Alliance News: 1/24/06
Fish Health Workshop Feb 2-3 in Humboldt State University
Fish Health Data Survey
Attached, PDF version of the FFA Monthly Briefing:
* 2006 Annual Conference: Key Officials Will Respond to National Academy’s Report
* Task Force Gives Recommendations on NEPA Reform
 * Reorganization at Reclamation
* Common Sense Advocate for Species Protection Leaves Dep’t of Interior
 * ESA Bill Introduced in Senate
* Alliance Invited to Participate in Las Vegas Forum on Challenges
* Alliance Plans to Revive “Family Farm Water Review”

Pombo the Great, The power behind the changes in the ESA by Tim Findley, Range Magazine, posted to KBC 1/23/06, pdf file. rangemagazine.com

Cow Chips: Controversial microchips will ID all livestock, Tracking livestock will be a national “mandatory” program, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 1/23/06

Andrus names D.A. Assistant (Siskiyou County) Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 1/23/06 FOLLOWED BY Prosecutor and cowboy; Maloney praises cowdog “Samie.”

California Farm Bureau Friday Review: "Today's Friday review contains SB 1099, AB 674, SB 283 and information about the Governor's infrastructure bond initiatives" January 20, 2006
For diesel tax form, go HERE.

Too much of a good thing? Capital Press 1/20/06 "In the Klamath Basin it’s (snow water equivalent) 138 percent of the average."

Tuber moth found in Klamath Basin, Capital Press 1/20/06

PRESS RELEASE: Eleven Defendants Indicted on Domestic Terrorism Charges, DOJ 1/20/06

OTHER PLACES: Last Everglades Homesteader Relents, Sells, posted to KBC 1/20/06. "The $8.4 billion Everglades project seeks to restore the slow-moving river that once stretched uninterrupted from a chain of lakes near Orlando south to Florida Bay." (Klamath Basin is targeted for Wildlands acquisition...it has already begun. KBC)

Klamath Lake levels and river flows, H&N 1/19/06

The Nature Conservancy owns tens of thousands of acres in the Upper Klamath Basin--for properties go HERE.
TNC 2005 financial report, pdf file HERE. Net assets: $4,424,726,000. TNC acquired $153 million and $794 million dollars in property through Federal Grants for the years ended June 30, 2005 and 2004 respectively. Net assets $4,424,726,000.00. TNC had contracts for the purchase of land and purchase commitments in the amount of $60,539,000,00, which hadn't closed yet.

TNC and 'kelo' eminent domain other places: Eminent domain battle shaping up at Padre Island , FOLLOWED BY South Texas county may sue to take wildlife preserve, Nature Conservancy vows to fight forced sale of South Padre land, posted to KBC 1/19/06

Ranching issues other places: Fish and Game backs wolf management plan, Boise Weekly 1/18/06. "Thirty-five wolves were introduced in 1995 and by 2005, an estimated 600 wolves populated Idaho from the northern Panhandle to southeastern regions." HERE for WOLF PAGE

Bureau accepting water bank applications, H&N 1/18/06. HERE for more on water bank.

NEWS RELEASE: NOAA finally complies with PLF'S 2001 court win; Oregon Coast coho no longer warrants ESA listing, agency says, 1/17/06 Pacific Legal Foundation.

PRESS RELEASE: Common sense, science and collaboration justify NOAA decision on coastal coho,  January 17, 2006,  Oregonians for Food and Shelter

Rain turns most of Oregon into muddy crisis Weather - The governor declares a state of emergency in 24 counties as storm damage climbs to $22 million, Oregonian, posted to KBC 1/17/06

Commission reviews draft cougar management plan, Comments by Feb 8, posted to KBC 1/17/06

Medicine Lake - Dispute swirls around geothermal project, H&N posted to KBC 1/17/06

The land was sold, Letter to the Editor, Herald and News, posted to KBC  1/17/06

(COB power plant) Threat to water supply, H&N, posted to KBC 1/17/06

Sunday Prayer Page, 1/15/06: The way of love

Karuk and Fish & Game deal limits gold mining, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 1/15/06

Tulelake Irrigation District landowners voted to allow rate increase, by Jacqui Krizo, Klamath Courier Reporter, posted to KBC 1/13/06

Klamath Lake levels and river flows, H&N posted to KBC 1/13/06

TULELAKE: New short-line railroad serves ag, lumber, H&N 1/13/06

OREGON: Economy, education on rough ride, Capital Press 1/13/06. "Oregon is emerging from a punishing economic recession in which it had the nation’s highest or second-highest jobless rate for 41 straight months. Many of the people thrown out of work were not minimum-wage earners. Rather, many were well-paid specialists who were laid off from high-tech jobs." "We’re talking about farming, ranching and timber. Once the state’s leaders determined that those industries could be sacrificed at the altar of protecting fish, birds and butterflies, and that the state could prosper by hitching its future to the so-called Silicon Forest, Oregon placed itself in the precarious position of depending on industries and factors over which it had little or no control."

Hay acreage up; prices stay high, Capital Press 1/13/06

Idaho spud prices disappoint, Capital Press 1/13/06 "Grower returns in Colorado have risen to more than $8 per hundredweight for spuds run through fresh-pack sheds. Wisconsin growers have been getting $8 to $8.75 field-run prices for Norkotah shipments, and in the Klamath Basin, growers have been receiving about $7 for Russet Burbanks and $8 for Russet Norkotahs."

Lamb hobby goes commercial, Capital Press 1/13/06

Karuks file lawsuit, DFG hits property rights; The state increases regulations without due public process, Pioneer Press by Liz Bowen 1/12/06. "The Karuks responded that they were good neighbors and would work to benefit the community."

Herger, Riggins view flood damage, Siskiyou flood damage tops $7 million, Pioneer Press 1/12/06

Support for Walden's Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act Continues to Grow, Central, southern and eastern Oregon counties pass resolutions endorsing H.R. 4200, January 12, 2006  

More voices needed at river deliberations, regarding Judge Redden's dam decisions, posted to KBC 1/12/06,  Tri-City Herald..

Service aims to help small farms, OSU Extension Service tries to keep pace with shrinking Oregon farms H&N 1/12/06

Canadian and U.S. growers OK deal, H&N 1/12/06

Coastal Coho Stakeholders to meet in Newport, ODFW posted to KBC 1/12/06

Statement by Reclamation Commissioner John Keys on Plans to Address National Academy of Science Report, "Managing Construction and Infrastructure in the 21st Century Bureau of Reclamation", posted to KBC 1/11/06.

Letter by Marcia H. Armstrong, Chair Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, to California Senator Diane Feinstein regarding Department of Fish and Game's illegal mining regulations, posted to KBC 1/10/06 "During the week of Christmas, the County became aware of the new regulations imposed by DFG. At no time were we contacted, there were no public hearings, and there was no environmental analysis of these regulations prior to their adoption. The actions of DFG are unconscionable, a violation of due process, and an offense to the public trust. Based on these offenses, the Board of Supervisors, at the request of the Intervener/New 49ers, Inc., provided a Declaration to the Superior Court outlining our concerns and imploring the Court to require DFG to abide by established regulatory process (copy enclosed)."
Dredge Mining Affidavit by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District #5: AffiKARUK TRIBE OF CALIFORNIA and LEAF HILLMAN, Plaintiffs ,v.CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME and RYAN BRODDRICK, Director, California Department of Fish and Game. "1/10/06

Streamflow forecasts look good, for now,  H&N, posted to KBC 1/10/06

Tulelake Irrigation District well report 1/10/06. Previous well reports go HERE.

NEWS from Klamath Bucket Brigade: USGS Flow Graphs (see 2006) "are showing that excessive amounts of water are leaving the Upper Klamath Basin but these flows are not impacting the lower river since the floods downriver have abated.  Flows from Upper Klamath Lake through Link River are running at 5,620 cfs, Iron Gate Dam is releasing 8,300 cfs down from last weeks record of 11,700 cfs."

Recent weather makes case for water storage, H&N 1/8/06. "Basin interests have been pushing for water storage at Long Lake, a dry lake northwest of Klamath Falls, and attracted the interest of the Bureau of Reclamation to study it. It's been estimated it could hold 350,000 to 500,000 acre-feet, and could be as much as 200 feet deep."

The mark of the beast, WorldNetDaily.com, posted to KBC 1/8/06. "The federal government is launching a National Animal Identification System that will, by 2009, require that every agricultural animal in the nation be equipped with an identification device through which its movement can be traced from birth to slaughter. At the moment, the program is voluntary; by 2009, non-compliance can result in fines of up to $1,000 per day. ""The program is not limited to commercial producers; it includes the half-dozen chickens at grandma's house."

Power deadline faces PacifiCorp, irrigators, Capital Press, posted to KBC 1/7/06

Retirements, tight budget make future organization cloudy, by Holly Owens,  H&N posted to KBC 1/7/06
H&N photo by Gary Thain: Klamath Experiment Station field station manager Ken Rykbost prepares to shoot a picture Wednesday of one of the potato varieties grown at the station. Rykbost will retire in February, one of three agents retiring this year in Klamath Falls.

Klamath Lake Levels and River Flows, H&N, posted to KBC 1/7/05

William Kennedy owns and operates Lost River Ranch, which has had a 40,000-acre private wildlife refuge since 1975 as part of Operation Stronghold. He is also past president of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association. New power plant not such a good deal by Bill Kennedy, guest columnist, H&N, posted to KBC 1/5/06 "...While extreme green groups have blasted our community over perceived threats to our wildlife, there has been absolutely no consideration of the impact of an 1160-megawatt gas-fired generator on several thousand acres of designated wildlife refuge. The small footprint for the proposed power plant is very close to private lands that are designated by their landowners as refuge for migrating wildlife."

PRESS RELEASE: Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet in Salem; The Commission will begin the Thursday meeting at 1 p.m. to review a draft management plan for cougars. 1/3/06

Eminent domain controversy triggers action, AgAlert, posted to KBC 1/3/06

Bo W. Thott obituary. Mr Thott, Swedish immigrant and property rights defender, wrote 'Willing Seller, Willing Buyer'. (More than 100,000 acres of prime farmland in the Upper Klamath Basin have been coerced into becoming 'willing sellers', decimating the Upper Basin cattle industry, local tax base, and evaporating twice the amount of water in resulting government-controlled 'wetlands'. KBC)

AP: Environmental Critics Get EPA Grants, posted to KBC 1/2/06

Flood reports on the Klamath:

January 2 flood reports from Klamath, Redding, Eureka and Northern Ca.

Current flood conditions, story and photos by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou Co Supervisor District 5, 1/1/06
More wet weather coming, H&N 1/1/06

Swamped, Times Standard, posted to KBC 1/1/06
Wicked weather hits
posted to KBC 1/1/06

County under ‘state of emergency', Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 1/1/06
Break in rain eases worries,  Waters remain high on rivers, H&N 12/20/05
A brief reprieve; more rain is on the way, Times-Standard 12/30/05
State of emergency in Del Norte County, Eureka Reporter 12/30/05





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