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Archive 87 - August 2009
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

The status quo with dams won’t work, by Glen Spain and Craig Tucker, H&N Letter to the Editor 8/30/09. KBC response, "First, who is Craig Tucker? and Glen Spain?"

Supervisors discuss comments to Klamath TMDL plan, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/30/09. "Not a single person present at the meeting spoke in favor of any portion of the Draft TMDL analysis and action plan."

Klamath River population and land ownership, excerpts from Calif. North Coast Waterboard TMDL Draft, * * More than two thirds of the Klamath River watershed is in federal ownership
* The Hoopa Valley Tribe owns land, 12 miles by 12 miles, primarily in the Trinity River watershed
* The Yurok Reservation’s lands extend from 1 mile on each side from the mouth of the Klamath River and upriver for a distance of 44 miles.
* The Karuk Tribe owns 800 acres of tribal trust land along the Klamath River between Orleans and Happy Camp, and in Yreka, California."

Hoopa Tribe, back at the table by Hoopa Tribe Chairman Leonard Masten, posted to KBC 8/28/09

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter 8/28/09. "Throughout that ever escalating spending binge, where the increase averaged a compounded thirteen percent, our State has consistently been a national leader in unemployment, poverty and hunger. More than one out of every six Oregonians is now using food stamps to feed their families..."

VIDEO - "Rep. Alan Grayson asks the Federal Reserve Inspector General about the trillions of dollars lent or spent by the Federal Reserve and where it went, and the trillions of off balance sheet obligations. Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman responds that the IG does not know and is not tracking where this money is.

News Alert from Oregon Natural Resource Report 8/28/09

Oregonians For Food and Shelter 8/28/09

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Bulletin 8/28/09

Regulation, Column by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor 8/28/09

Agencies Do Nothing As Scott and Shasta Rivers Go Dry, Indbay News, comments by Siskiyou supervisor Marcia Armstrong 8/27/09

California Legislature to Consider Anti-Gun Bills Very Soon, posted to KBC 8/27/09

Families Protecting the Valley, Westlands, CA water shutoff:
Click here to view Channel 30 Action News coverage
Click here to view the TV ad featuring FPV Executive Director Alan Autry

August 2009 Family Farm Alliance Water Review 8/27/09

Klamath Water and Power Agency public meeting 9/1/09

Benefits of the Klamath River Dams, Guest Opinion by Harry Lake, Montague, Pioneer Press 8/26/09

National Research Council: Basin-wide study needed to assess water flows in Klamath, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/26/09

Feds starve people of water to "help" fish; PLF fights back! Video
Green Coalition Intervenes in Salmon Water Tug of War, ENS, posted to KBC 8/26/09

Klamath water user group makes deceitful claims, H&N letter by Brandon Criss, H&N 8/26/09 letter by Brandon Criss, rancher from Dorris. "We were all united before the KWUA board started advocating the arguments of radical environmentalists."

Public Comment!  until 8/27/09 Ca. Regional Water Board action mandates regarding Draft Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads. This this is a draft mandate to improve naturally warm and mineral-laden water.

Klamath water report, August 17 - August 24, 2009

Shasta Nation takes stand on dam removal, 2/1/08. "...the aboriginal boundary between the Shasta and Karuk Tribes was at Clear Creek approximately 10 miles down river from Happy Camp, CA...The Karuk Tribal leadership has gone to great lengths with ghastly amounts of hard working tax payer dollars to create the illusion that they have lived historically in Happy Camp and Yreka CA, therefore giving them the right to make decisions regarding the four controversial dams that are within Shasta Nation ancestral boundaries."

Siskiyou concerns are being addressed, H&N posted to KBC 8/25/09. "The unknown liability of millions of cubic yards of sediment behind the dams has kept Armstrong and her constituents strongly opposed to dam removal."

Over 200,000 plants removed from Seiad Valley grow operation, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/25/09
From the archives:
**44,000 pot plants seized in 2005, Last year, 27,000 marijuana plants were confiscated, followed by Billion dollar pot business takes hit, Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 11/22/05
**25,151 marijuana plants confiscated in Siskiyou County, California, Pioneer Press 10/20/04. For more on local crops, go HERE. (Anyone want to guess why Klamath Forest Alliance wants to shut down our forests to logging and the public?)
HERE for more on crops

Reclamation to Temporarily Increase Releases from Lewiston Dam; Trinity River Flows to Increase to 2,650 cfs, Bureau of Reclamation (for Hoopa Tribe celebration), posted to KBC 8/25/09

Fish Habitat Benefits from Nearly $3 Million in Funding Three projects in the Pacific Region will help native trout species, FWS 8/25/09
HERE for more $$$$$$$ spent on the Endangered Species Act/ESA

Don’t you just love Transparency? Craig Chenoweth, posted to KBC 8/25/09

***August 18, 2009. Upper Basin Contestants' motion for reconsideration Case 282, and Case 286
PRESS RELEASE: (Klamath) Irrigators seek fairness in case to determine tribal water claims, posted 8/21/09 by Resource Conservancy which represents irrigators from 125,000 off-project acres. "This order conditionally settled the Klamath Water Users (KWU) contests of the Klamath Tribes unsubstantiated claims to all of the water in the Klamath Lake and the Klamath River."

The truth about the West Side farmers, by Families Protecting the Valley Newsletter, posted to KBC 8/24/09

Program pays voluntary water diverters on Scott Valley streams, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 8/24/09

***Doing the easy thing isn’t always right, opinion by Greg Addington, KWUA director H&N, posted to KBC  8/24/09. KBC responds
Addington accuses Klamath's three elected state representatives of scheming and doing the wrong thing; the reps polled Klamath County to find out the will of their constituents regarding dam removal and the Klamath Restoration Agreement. KWUA has not polled the farmers and ranchers they claim to represent. Said Addington: "
I believe ... the people in this county understand that the issues at hand aren’t that simple...If our legislators and others, on behalf of the “Republican Party” are successful in their opposition to this collaboration and the overall settlement, the likely result will be perpetuation of instability and damaging conflict...Does the Republican Party not support this company’s (PacifiCorp's) private property rights, and its ability to make sound business decisions?"
KBC note: Does KWUA not support their community's property rights and ability to make sound decisions? Why are your meetings secret? ....

County commissioners criticized; Charter proponent Bill Kennedy fires back over what he says were false accusations, H&N, posted to KBC 8/24/09

Irrigators: KBRA violates our rights; Judge asked to toss agreement, H&N 8/21/09. "According to filed legal documents, off-Project water users said the Tribes haven’t shown evidence they are entitled to any of the water in the lake or river, as specified by an adjudication judge. The document also claims the settlement leads the adjudication to a specific outcome, preventing outsiders from challenging it...The Resource Conservancy requested on several occasions to join the groups working on the restoration agreement, but its requests were denied."

California unemployment: 11.9 percent, Sacramento Bee 8/21/09. (KBC NOTE: Our governor favors removing Klamath River Dam agreement downsizing agriculture, voted to ban Calif. suction dredge mining, put thousands of acres into wilderness off limits to resource use, and Calif. just made a marine preserve decimating the fishing industry. Not to mention the 40% unemployment in Central Calif. for shutting off irrigation water to thousands of farms for a little fish. Unemployment?)

For an interesting website filled with news and videos of things like Canadian Healthcare, environmental groups, see the website of Toni Thayer. She is a Christian and former environmental activist.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, legislative and governmental update August 21, 2009

Statement from Thomas Birmingham Regarding "Water Hoarding", Westlands Water District 8/21/09.

Purple passion, new potato will be grown in Klamath basin, H&N 8/20/09

Columbia Basin Bulletin 8/21/09
* 2009 Summer Steelhead Run Approaching 400,000 Fish, Third Best Return In 70 Years
* Fall Chinook, Coho Returns Ahead Of 10-year Average; Tribal Commercial Dates Set
* NOAA: July Showed Warmest Global Ocean Surface Temperatures On Record

Klamath Tribes to vote Aug. 29 (on Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), Tribal leaders meeting with members now H&N 8/21/09

Judge asked to throw out water deal: "Irrigators off the Klamath Reclamation Project say a water agreement between the Klamath Tribes and on-Project irrigators violates their rights to challenge the arrangement. Those irrigators, represented primarily by the Resource Conservancy, are asking the administrative law judge overseeing the Klamath Basin water adjudication process to throw out the settlement, which settled water claims from Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath River. “They’ve circumvented the process of adjudication,” said Garrett Roseberry, president of the Sprague River Water Users." More Friday, H&N 8/20/09

Comments Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads and Action Plan Addressing Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Nutrient, and Microcystin Impairments, by Marcia Armstrong posted to KBC 8/20/09

(Klamath) Marsh’s future under review; Plans look at water management in wildlife refuge, 8/20/09 H&N
* Klamath Marsh plan open for comment

Karuk Tribal member James Waddell points out inconsistency of Gov Schwarzenegger wanting to pay to rip out four Klamath river dams while he demands money for building more dams, posted 8/20/09.

Uncle Sam wants your water, Guest Opinion by Anthony Intiso, Yreka, Pioneer Press posted to KC 8/20/09

Public Comment for Oregon coho salmon, extended to 8/18/09

Calif. lawmakers shift focus to water problems, Capital Press 8/16/09
Sean Hannity in Central California where 1/2 million acres of farmland have been shut off from water over a little fish. 40% unemployment. HERE for video from 8/12/09.

"My rebuttal to Mr. Intiso is included in the following column:" by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 8/15/09
Tony Intiso addresses the Scott Valley town hall about water rights and land use, the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, YouTube July 21, 2009.

State lawmakers stand for what is right; Only 'split' in local GOP is a small group supporting dam removal, Tom Mallams, H&N 8/14/09. "As far as being threatened, manipulated or coerced into voting or agreeing in a certain way on dam removal and the restoration agreement endorsement: I truly believe that this is what is happening before our very eyes by those forcing this agenda down our throats. Those groups being some federal and state agencies, environmental groups, tribal groups and those irrigators who have thrown in the towel and given up on the principles that our founding fathers believed in when this great nation was formed."

Wolves coming to Oregon: "Hunting in Idaho every year, we have seen firsthand the effects of wolves on our hunting country. Although a couple of biologists disagree with me, I believe the Clinton administration's wolf reintroduction plan was on of the stupidest things we could have ever done. The attached Adobe PDF file contains a series of images and statistics elated to the reintroduction of wolves in the lower forty-eight states. Wolves have already entered Oregon and will remain protected until we have four breeding pairs in eastern Oregon for three consecutive years, and four breeding pairs in western Oregon for three consecutive years."

Harvest Managers Predict Largest Snake River Fall Chinook Run In Four Decades, August 14, 2009 Fish and Wildlife Columbia Basin Bulletin. More Columbia Basin fish news at: http://www.cbbulletin.com/

Record-breaking Summer Steelhead Counts At Bonneville Dam; CB Bulletin 8/14/09

Redford joins call to conserve the West, Denver Post 8/14/09. "Dams, all dams, should go away, the faster the better,"

County vows to honor Williamson Act contracts, Siskiyou Daily News 8/14/09

**8/14/09 - Today's special feature in Who's Who at the 50-year Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement settlement table: Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen and Glen Spain

It doesn’t make sense to demolish Klamath dams, by Cordy Starr, H&N 8/12/09. "A glaring lack of common sense is seen in the plan to destroy the four dams on the Klamath River. The secret meetings have excluded the public....We, the people of the Klamath Basin, have the right to have our voices heard in a vote or formal protest."

Stimulus funds bring Caspian tern project to Siskiyou County, Siskyou Daily News 8/12/09. "...the Tulelake reserve rock island’s cost is approximately $1.1 million, the Orems unit rock island’s cost is approximately $650,000 and the Sheepy Lake floating island’s cost is approximately $2.3 million...an estimated colony of 10,000 nesting pairs of Caspian terns on Rice Island in the Columbia River were consuming approximately 6 million to 25 million salmonid smolts per year, according to a 1999 USACE report." (KBC NOTE: lets get this straight; the feds will plant endangered salmon into the Klamath Basin in a billion dollar closed-door "agreement," lure terns into the Klamath Basin which eat little salmon, and mandate the farmers must create a thriving bunch of salmon in the warm shallow water to keep getting farm water. Incidentally, the rocks being used for this multimillion$ project are being taken from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuge. If you the public were to pick up these sacred rocks you'd be imprisoned or dealt a heavy fine.)

Klamath Basin farmers get rights to grow, market new purple potato, Oregon State University PRESS RELEASE posted to KBC 8/12/09

Terminated, Range Magazine by Tim Findley Fall, 2009, posted 8/12/09. Water crisis in California's Central Valley: "...but most of them know what happened in Klamath, ...environmental activists succeeded in cutting off irrigation water by a lawsuit claiming it threatened an endangered sucker fish..." "Family Farm Alliance is filing a lawsuit demanding that government authorities make use of the best available science in actions to shut down irrigation supplies in California's Central Valley." (KBC NOTE: will Family Farm Alliance file a lawsuit demanding that gov't authorities use best available science in the Klamath dam removal closed-door settlement where the minutes state, "...want to avoid advocating for science instead of using a certain approach."?)

Altering the landscape; Steps taken to provide habitat for endangered suckers, H&N 8/12/09. (KBC NOTE: For acquisitions of ag land above Klamath Lake, go HERE.)

Supervisors oppose Siskiyou Crest monument, Siskiyou Daily News 8/12/09. "...there is a proposal being advanced to create a 600,000-acre national monument along the crest of the Siskiyou Mountains, with the southern border extending to the Klamath River...”

Walking wetlands program causes concerns; Public should be frustrated about program’s relationship to restoration agreement, by ANI KAME’ENUI, guest writer from Oregon Wild/formerly ONRC, Herald and News 8/9/09. This letter was written referring to KBC News notes 7/19/09: Walking Wetland Controversy, and Bureau of Reclamation Issues. (KBC NOTE: For your information, several stakeholders who wrote and support the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement are in the Klamath Coalition with Oregon Wild/ONRC opposing government leaseland farming. Those groups are American Rivers, Friends of the River, Klamath Forest Alliance, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, and Trout Unlimited. Riverkeeper publicly opposes the KBRA, however at the same time their board members Craig Tucker and Leaf Hilman with the Karuk Tribe are at the table of the KBRA. The following is a  portion of the endorsed Vision of many KBRA stakeholders who are part of the Klamath Coalition: Go HERE

Tulelake Irritation District Agenda 8/10/09

California assemblyman (Jim Nielsen): Dams should stay, Herald and News 8/9/09. " 'We should not be taking out dams. We need to be building dams,' said Nielsen, whose sprawling district includes Modoc and Siskiyou counties. 'I’ve taken a stand solidly with the county to retain the dams.' Three of the four dams proposed for removal as part of the proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement are in Siskiyou County, where supervisors and others have loudly opposed removal'.

A supervisor's view of the Klamath dams, 8/9/09 by Michael N. Kobseff, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 3, Mail Tribune

Hukill: Group threatens recall over restoration agreement, by Klamath County Commissioner Cheryl Hukill, guest columnist, posted to KBC 8/7/09. KBC Responds

Oregon GOP and dam removal, H&N 8/7/09. "...We oppose the breaching of dams and support additional storage sufficient to the needs of sound water management, hydroelectric power and environmental policy based on  verifiable science..."

Rerun of interest: ***AUDIO - Klamath Water User Association unadvertised 'public' meeting with Klamath Falls County Commissioners Al Switzer and Cheryl Hukill, explaining Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement to the Commissioners. Attending were KWUA board members Steve Kandra, Bob Gasser, executive director Greg Addington, and president Luther Horsley. Invited also was Becky Hyde, partner with Klamath Tribes and Sustainable NW,  who formed a new off-Project group.  Some of the issues discussed were Long Lake Storage, Klamath hydro dam removal, water allocations, and Klamath Basin Alliance. KBC NOTE: this file takes awhile to download. posted 3/21/09
How will Klamath County Commissioners vote?  Will they represent you?
Commissioner John Elliott said, "I supported the Agreement three years ago. There is a KBRA meeting next week I want permission to attend."
Commissioner Cheryl Hukill said, 'I am leaning toward the agreement.' "
"When push comes to shove, I'll probably go the way you want me to go," (Commissioner) Switzer said (to Klamath Water Users Association) regarding supporting the Agreement."

Klamath - GOP - Controversy grows over position on dam removal, H&N 8/7/09. "Whitsett said Tiernan wasn’t  familiar with the state party’s platform and the fact that nearly every Republican in the Oregon Legislature voted against the dam removal bill was proof the party is united against it."

Commissioners hear recall rumors over agreement, H&N 8/7/09

$7 Million Klamath BLACKMAIL by Reclamation: Did you know the the Bureau of Reclamation has billed the Klamath Project Water Users irrigation districts $7 million, for, something? There is no account of where the Bureau spent the money but they claim the  irrigation districts owe them.   Unless----the districts lobby their representatives and change the purpose of the Klamath Project. Presently the sole purpose is irrigation. The former 30-foot-deep lake was rerouted into canals, evaporation reservoirs, and the Klamath River to provide fertile farmland;  The feds and enviros want it to include fish and wildlife. Coincidently, the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement changes the purpose of the Project to include fish and wildlife. And you and I, just peasant farmers, have no vote and no voice at the elite KBRA closed-door meetings bartering dams, land, water, water rights, aquifer control, farms and communities.

California panel adds new marine sanctuary zone, Sacramento Bee 8/7/09. "The new preserves cover 153 square miles of ocean between Half Moon Bay and Mendocino. Starting Jan. 1, fishing will be permanently banned or restricted in the zones...The Department of Fish and Game estimates "adequate" law enforcement in the statewide preserve network would cost $27 million in the first year and $17 million annually thereafter. It has nowhere near that level of funding." A Comment: "We are adding sanctuary zones to protect fish, but we are releasing 40K prisoners on the general population of California to prey on them."

TOWN HALL Meeting 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the Sr. Center by the fairgrounds with Senator Whitsett and Oregon Representatives George Gilman and Bill Garrard.

* PRESS RELEASE - Secretary of Interior Breach of good faith by Siskiyou Board of Supervisors 8/6/09
* July 1 Dept. of Interior letter to Siskiyou County Board of Commissioners Chairman regarding dam removal negotiations, posted to KBC 8/6/09

RESOLUTION OF THE SISKIYOU COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS REGARDING NATIONAL MONUMENT PROPOSALS IN SISKIYOU COUNTY, posted to KBC 8/6/09. "62% of Siskiyou County’s 2.5 million acre land base is federal land"

Klamath’s fall run of chinook promising; Numbers slightly up from recent years, Triplicate, posted to KBC 8/6/09. "...a report...estimated the number of 2-year-old Klamath-spawned chinook in the ocean at about 500,000. “We are predicting 131,000 to 139,000 3-year-olds in the Klamath,” "... this is a slightly higher run than normal.” “We have a record level allocation for this season on the Klamath. The in-river sport fishery has been allocated 30,800 fish and the tribes have been allocated 30,900.”

Klamath Water and Power Agency board meeting 8/4/09. KWAPA will discuss becoming member of the closed-door KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

Water talks almost done; Meetings are planned in Klamath Falls, H&N, posted to KBC 8/2/09

Oregon Coho Salmon public comment extended to Aug 18, 2009

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