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 Amend the ESA


Time to improve the Endangered Species Act, Washington Times, posted to KBC 5/22/12, by House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings

In our view: Improve the Endangered Species Act, The Columbian, posted to KBC 1/18/12

Tulelake Republican Women Federated RESOLUTION to support reform of the ESA, signed 8/12/11

Adjusting the ESA, Groups back species act reformation, H&N 6/16/11

Officials back environmental reform, Klamath Commissioners vote to support changes to Endangered Species Act, H&N 4/27/11

Klamath County Republican Central Committee letter to Klamath Irrigation District and other Klamath Basin Irrigation Districts regarding the ESA/Endangered Species Act, posted to KBC 3/28/11

NEWS RELEASE: Klamath County Republican Central Committee 3/11/11. Resolve to "reform the ESA."

NEWS RELEASE - Overturning ESA Rule Will Hinder Job Creating Projects While Doing Little to Recover Endangered Species, 3/3/09, House Committee on Natural Resources.

Congressman (Radanovich) launches effort to ease ESA, Capital Press, posted 2/27/09. "Radanovich, who has represented the 19th Congressional District for seven terms, said he has the support from his Valley colleagues and hopes to convince both California senators of the importance of keeping water flowing to farmers."

Posted 12/22/08 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior; National Marine Fisheries Service; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Commerce. ACTION: Final rule of Endangered Species Act. Effective Date Jan. 15, 2009. Or HERE.

PLF applauds today's ESA regulatory changes: They will help the Federal Economic Stimulus Package", Pacific Legal Foundation 12/11/08

Secretary Kempthorne Proposes Narrow Changes To ESA Consultation Process, DOI, Office of the Secretary 8/11/08

Interior secretary scraps proposed changes to endangered species law, posted to KBC 5/31/07

Major overhaul of ESA proposed, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/8/07

Endangered Species Act changes in the works; Officials are considering changing enforcement of the 1973 law to protect animals, a leaked draft reveals, LA Times, FOLLOWED BY: Endangered species reform may be imminent, Western Round Table 3/28/07

Time to make ESA reform high priority, Capital Press 3/12/07, followed by Thompson launches species recovery bill, Times Standard(KBC NOTE: Democrat Congressmen Blumenauer and Thompson have constantly advocated downsizing agriculture in the Klamath Basin. They got rid of ESA reform advocate Pombo and now have a "reform" bill to give farmers tax breaks for transforming their farmland into endangered species habitat. How many taxes does one pay for crops if their land is habitat? Pombo advocated 'just compensation' for landowners.)

Tax breaks proposed for saving animals, 2/28/07 Sacramento Bee. More on ESA go HERE.

ESA reform likely 'road kill', says Congressman Walden, Capital Press, posted 2/9/07

Environment vs. Property Rights, Endangered Species Act reform needed? YES: The law is outdated, by Congressman Richard Pombo, SFGate, 7/5/06.

The "Collaboration for the Recovery of Endangered Species Act":  An Analysis of the Senate Proposal to Reform the Endangered Species Act, National Center for public policy research 6/6/06

"Attached is a letter from 55 House Members to Lynn Scarlett asking DOI to promulgate new ESA regulations to conform with recent court decisions, provide a greater role for states in listing decisions, expand the use of partnerships and other voluntary conservation methods, streamline the Sec. 7 process, clarify vague, contentious terms, and provide for a more transparent scientific review process, " pdf file. Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance Executive Director. Posted to KBC 5/16/06

Endangered Species Day Highlights Need for Reform; Current Act Threatens Both Property Owners and Wildlife, US Newswire, posted to KBC 5/11/06. "Since its inception, the ESA has produced little results in spite of its hefty price tag. Landowners and taxpayers have spent the equivalent of $3.5 billion annually in ESA-related activities and fewer than 6 percent of the 1,800-plus species listed as endangered or threatened through the ESA have been removed from the list. Most of those delisted were removed only because they were already extinct or were wrongly listed in the first place."

Landowner's Coalition Demands Repeal of ESA, Magic City News, posted to KBC 5/5/06 "Rather than a solution to helping endangered species, the ESA has become a very powerful tool, used by radical environmentalists who want to stop literally any use of certain lands for any purpose," said Dan Byfield, president of the American Land Foundation of Taylor, Texas. "The entire community of Klamath Falls, Oregon was literally chocked to death as its water supply was shut off to protect a sucker fish that isn't endangered."  

ESA reform letter NOW

(Endangered Species) Act has not performed its mission, by Congressman Pombo, Rollcall, 4/26/06

Federal officials say they cannot determine effectiveness of Endangered Species Act, San Diego Union Tribune posted to KBC 4/5/06

Save our Species Alliance: Newsletter ESA reform, posted to KBC 3/5/06

PRESS RELEASE: Pombo, Cardoza: Keystone Center Reaffirms Need to Update and Modernize the ESA, Group Makes Recommendations Similar to House-Passed TESRA posted to KBC 2/22/06 "The Keystone Center's letter to the Senate reaffirmed the 229 House Members who voted to update and modernize the ESA," Pombo said

Playing God And Stealing Land, posted to KBC 2/19/06, American Daily. "The ESA was used to bludgeon the farmers in Klamath Falls, Oregon..."

McClosky's ESA vs. Pombo's TESRA: the facts speak for themselves, Randall, posted to KBC 2/15/06

A Bad Law Must Be Repealed, Tom DeWeese, posted to KBC 2/6/06

Pombo the Great, The power behind the changes in the ESA by Tim Findley, Range Magazine, posted to KBC 1/23/06, pdf file. rangemagazine.com

Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 (TESRA)
The Bill text, HERE

Background and Need, HERE
Section by section, HERE


Saving Law From Extinction, Wall Street Journal 12/25/05

PRESS RELEASE: Pombo Statement on Crapo, Lincoln ESA Bill, House Committee on Resources, posted to KBC 12/18/05

CRAPO, LINCOLN INTRODUCE COLLABORATIVE ESA BILL, CRESA measure involves more people, incentives to boost recovery efforts, posted to KBC 12/18/05

Pombo is doing something right, Tracy Press 11/18/05

Fix ESA without partisan politics, Capital Press 11/18/05

ESA Needs to be Reworked, guest column by Dan Keppen, Bend Bulletin, posted to KBC 11/8/05. For more on ESA amendment go HERE.

Recovery Act offers viable alternative to Endangered Species bill, Mary Bono for The Desert Sun 10/30/05

Lawyer: Species act needs changes, News Review, posted to KBC 10/30/05

ESA Needs to be Reworked, guest column by Dan Keppen, Bend Bulletin November 1, 2005.

TESRA, the ESA and the Truth, by Julie Smithson, a different view 10/24/05

Two views: The Endangered Species Act, Oregonian 10/14/05

Letter to the Washington Post regarding amendment to the ESA, 10/11/05

Changes to ESA debatable, 2 letters to the editor and responses by Tim Mayer, Hood River, and Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance in Klamath Falls, the Oregonian, and Hood River News, 10/13/05

Endangered Species Act fails test of time by Congressman Richard Pombo, posted to KBC 10/8/05

PRESS RELEASE: Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act, co-sponsored by Walden, advances to Senate; House recognizes need to update ineffective, 32-year-old law, posted to KBC 10/2/05

House Votes for New Limits on Endangered Species Act, New York Times posted to KBC 10/2/05

Good science, peer review vital for ESA, H&N posted to KBC 10/2/05

PRESS RELEASE: House Passes Historic Endangered Species Act Improvement Bill,  Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act passes by a vote of 229-193, 9/29/05

Re-origin on Endangered Species Act, Wall Street Journal 9/29/05. Wall Street Journal's take on the TESRA bill that has passed out of the House Resource Committee

House Resources Committee OKs ESA legislation, California Farm Bureau Federation posted to KBC 9/29/05

PRESS RELEASE: Species Habitat Protections: ESA vs. TESRA posted to KBC 9/29/05

According to Klamath Bucket Brigade Barb Hall, "Miller's substitute bill was voted down by the US House."

**PRESS RELEASE: House Resource Committee regarding Miller/Boehlert Substitute to H.R. 3824, ESA Reform Bill, 9/29/05
**Miller/Boehlert H.R. 3824 ESA Reform Bill substitute applauded by environmental groups, 9/29/05. The amendment is supported by  Izaak Walton League of America, Trout Unlimited, the American Bird Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Conservancy, and the The Wilderness Society, in addition to Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense, and the World Wildlife Fund.

No regulation without compensation' Editorial: There are three or four changes we think are critical to an updated Endangered Species Act, starting with a strengthening of the science behind it, Orange County Register posted to KBC 9/29/05

Defending ESA failures, House Committee on Resources posted to KBC 9/28/05

The Committee on Resources  voted on amendments to Pombo's Endangered Species Act bill--go HERE for amendments to HR 3824 ESA bill.

Write ESA letters TODAY 9/19-20

Itís time to fix Endangered Species Act, Capital Press 9/25/05

National Water Resources Association newsletter for 9/23/05. Includes ESA updates.

Why Pombo's ESA Reform Bill [TESRA - H.R. 2834] Is A Step Backward 9/24/05 by James Buchal. This is a different take on Pombo's reform bill.

In search of a better way, Stockton Record posted to KBC 9/24/05

PRESS RELEASE: Bipartisan Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005: Approved Overwhelmingly by Committee, 9/22/05

PRESS RELEASE: House Panel Passes Bipartisan Measure to Improve Endangered Species Act,  Resources Committee approves HR 3824; legislation includes key provisions strengthening science, establishing priorities, protecting private property rights, 9/22/05

Peterson Amendment to Pombo's ESA bill, 8/22/95.

House panel near approval of major Endangered Species Act rewrite Corvallis Gazette Times 9/22/05

Sept 21 9am PST, live web video Real player is required to view the live video feed and can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Sept 21 morning: Chairman Richard W. Pombo Opening Statement on H.R. 3824, the Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 (TESRA) 

For September 21.You can listen (over the internet) to the House Resource Committee Hearing on HR 3824 - Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 (TESRA).  To listen to the hearing live, visit the following link: http://resourcescommittee.house.gov/ Next click on the link for Room "1324" under Live Audio.  The Hearing will start at 7:00 am PDT (local) or 10:00 am EDT (D.C.)

Please vote in this online poll on the Chairman's ESA bill and have a friend do it as well! http://www.contracostatimes.com/mld/cctimes/

KBC NEWS: Words from Congressman Greg Walden, Klamath Water Users Association Executive Director Greg Addington, Klamath County Commissioner John Elliott, Klamath District Attorney Ed Caleb, former State Senator Steve Harper, regarding the House Committee on Resources bill TESRA, HR3824, to improve the Endangered Species Act. These words were from questions and answers and also from interviews by KBC News yesterday at Walden's press conference at the Klamath County Courthouse. 9/20/05. Being listed under the Endangered Species Act "is like the Eagle's song 'Hotel California;' you can get in and you can't get out." Congressman Greg Walden

Pombos ESA bill will protect property owners 9/20/05

ACTION ALERT by House Committee on Resources 9/19/0

ESA hearing agenda and witness list for full committee hearing on HR3824, 9/19/05

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Backs Bipartisan ESA Modernization Measure Says "32-Year-Old Law Needs Fixing" 9/19/05

PRESS RELEASE: Bipartisan Coalition Introduce Bill to Improve the Endangered Species Act of 1973 9/19/05

Family Farm Alliance Statement on New ESA Legislation, followed by FFA Press Release 9/19/05

 Pombo discusses new bill below;  Pombo Seeks To Overhaul Species Act
and, OPINION - Updated ESA Restores Balance by Norm Semanko, Idaho Water Users Association executive director posted to KBC 9/13/05

Pombo expects approval of species act revision, The Record posted to KBC 9/2/05

Endangered Species Act Reform Project, Pacific Legal Foundation 8/30/05

Letter to the Oregonian editor regarding Pombo and ESA improvement, by Arlene Kovach, Oregon Women for Agricujlture 8/22/05 "The Endangered Species Act only has less than a 1% success rate in 30 years, while costing farmers, ranchers and other businesses (and ultimately, you) billions of dollars trying to comply with nonsensical rules."




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