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 Archive 53 - October 2006
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Klamath River water flows, by Lewie Baker 10/31/06

2006 Proves to be a Good Year for Suckers and Water Quality Conditions in the Upper Klamath River Basin, Bureau of Reclamation, posted 10/31/06

Council Boosts Funding For Controversial Fish Survival Study, Questions Others, Fishletter October 31, 2006, "they strongly suggest that the ocean plays the critical role in the management and conservation of Columbia River salmon stocks, and that ignoring these issues leads to more blame being ascribed to the hydro system than is, in fact, appropriate."

Letter from Mid-Basin citizens to be presented at CA Water Board meeting, 10/31/06, sent to PacifiCorp. "...The environmentalists and Native Americans feel the solution is removal of  Iron Gate, Copco 1 and 2 and the JC Boyle Dams all located on the Klamath River. Removal of theses Dams will not solve the algae issues nor will it change them...."

ODFW schedules public meetings on Oregon Coast Coho Conservation Plan, posted to KBC 10/31/06

Forest Management, by Siskiyou County Commissioner Marcia Armstrong, District 5, 10/31/06
Siskiyou TMDL's, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, 10/31/06

Farmers and fishermen have Klamath solutions; Feds continue to regulate and decimate both industries. Farmers' and Oregon Trollers' met in Merrill, by Jacqui Krizo, KBC News Editor October 29, 2006 "A fisherman said that Congress came up with 18 million dollars for the Klamath, and we've been waiting 20 years for the different agencies to fix the Klamath. "It's come to an unadulterated disaster. We've had to learn fisheries biology and had to become experts to fix these problems." He asked Walden if he could assist in a bottom-up approach because the agencies have had 20 years."
Congressman Walden asked,
"Does Glen Spain from PCFFA represent you," and they all responded at once, "No." Spain wrote the trollers a letter saying Klamath Water Users do not care about fish."...they care about making sure they have all the irrigation water they want, and the fish be damned."

Oregon Trollers, with Bill Kennedy (r) Klamath Basin Farmer.

Dr. Ken Rykbost  presentation in Yreka at the Greenhorn Grange October 20, 1006 on Nutrient Loading in the Upper Klamath Basin, notes by Katherine Lehman

Banned by US Government! Jim Beers, retired Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Refuge Manager, has become reknown for his writing regarding endangered species, property rights, freedom, wolves and whatever the government is doing to destroy our freedom. He exposed where wolves killed a young man and the father contacted KBC to speak with him. Read about his being banned by the US  Government. 10/29/06

State says Klamath smothered in sediment, Times Standard 10/29/06 See Water Quality Page for more info and links.

Tribal water right issues may be resolved, Klamath Water dispute absent from administration's list, H&N posted to KBC 10/29/06

Five lawsuits swirl around hatchery vs wild lasting policy, , posted to KBC October 29, 2006, Columbia Basin Bulletin

PRESS RELEASE: Dept. of Interior, Kempthorne Likely to Consider Several Indian Water Rights Settlement Negotiations in Western States 10/27/06

Final work on Reclamation Klamath Plan in December, Capital Press, 10/27/06

Spud festival brings water talk, Coastal fishermen, Klamath irrigators work together for solution to water issue, Capital Press 10/27/06

Water Data Update – October 28, 2006

Hatchery review aims to balance harvest, ESA protections, October 27, 2006 Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Bulletin

Tribes ask for Klamath algae limits, Times Standard, posted to KBC 10/27/06

CDFG Fishery Bulletins Available Online; 178 of the historic California Department of Fish & Game (CDFG) Bulletins, dating back to 19I3, are now available online at: http://ceo.ucsd.edu/fishbull/ Note that Bulletin 34 is on Klamath salmon.

IUCN Environmental Law Paper; The Easement as a Conservation Technique, by David B. Gregory, IUCN, posted to KBC 10/25/06. Thank you Julie Smithson for this information, http://www.propertyrightsresearch.org

Farmers, fishermen meet, by Pat Ratliff, Pioneer Press 10/25/06

Battle line drawn over wolves, Denver Post, posted to KBC 10/25/06. "In the first 10 years after their reintroduction in the Rockies, gray wolves killed 505 head of cattle and 1,306 sheep, and the numbers are rising." (KBC note: wolves are coming soon to Oregon.)

Would she live to tell the story? Pioneer Press 10/25/06

Where does Oregon Rank? 10/25/06 HERE for Oregon Page

Audit faults forest program controls, Star Tribune, posted to KBC 10/25/06

Klamath Summit. Notes by Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, "What is disturbing about the Governors' actions is their lack of effort to identify and to understand what needs to be fixed." Posted 10/23/06

Fishermen, farmers agree on ideas for Klamath River fixes, by Susan Chambers, October 23, 2006 The World Link

World Photos by Susan Chambers Gold Beach fisherman Scott Boley, left; Merrill potato and alfalfa farmer Dick Carleton; and Charleston fisherman Paul Merz talk during lunch in Merrill during the Potato Festival on Saturday. Several fishermen traveled to the Klamath Basin to continue discussions about how fishermen and farmers can work together to develop solutions to water issues that affect several entities along the Klamath River.

Voisin wrong about Basin, Herald and News letter by Bob Gasser, Merrill, posted Oct 20, 2006. "On radio station KLCC, she recently stated that because of the poor quality of Klamath Basin soil, specific crops grown in the Klamath Basin were very harmful to the environment. During her question and answer session, when I asked her to identify those crops, she immediately singled out alfalfa, potatoes and rice. It was surprising to hear that rice is so bad for the Basin since it has never been a commercial crop grown in the Klamath Reclamation Project - a notable area of rich bottomland soils. And alfalfa is always considered a soil builder."

Coalition pushes for storage; Fishermen, farmers want to give Congress a unified message, H&N, posted 10/22/06

Chiloquin dam to be removed, H&N, posted to KBC 10/23/06. Chiloquin Dam blocks more than 90% of sucker habitat. "Allen Foreman, chairman of the Klamath Tribes, said after Thursday’s ceremony that not all tribe members support dam removal. The structure, built from 1914 through 1918, created fishing and swimming opportunities for generations."

Farmers and Fishermen met in Merrill, by Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District  #28 October 23, 2006, Klamath Basin farmers and commercial salmon fishermen..."met for nearly two hours of conversation with Congressman Greg Walden and Ron Saxton at the Merrill Civic Center."..."...the whiting fish harvest, licensed by NOAA fisheries, landed 200,000 metric tons of white fish this season. Their “by catch”, or accidental harvest, included some 13,000 salmon. Those salmon were sold at Oregon ports while our salmon fishing fleet was tied to the dock. Commercial fishermen were fortunate to land 350 salmon during their entire short season."

Salmon tracing study a success; may expand to entire coast, posted 10/23/06 Columbia Basin Bulletin. "In their study, the OSU scientists found that about 5 percent of the fish caught off the Oregon coast originated from the Klamath basin."

Oct 21, Dr. Rykbost in Yreka
Farmers&FishermenUnite 10/20
Potato Festival Oct. 20-21
DOI seeks comments by Oct 22

    10/20/06: Klamath Basin Farmers  and Oregon Coastal Salmon Fishermen met in Merrill in the Klamath Basin to discuss their situations. Of the fish they caught all summer, only 5% were Klamath River fish, yet 700 miles of fishing was curtailed in the guise of catching too many "Klamath River Chinook".  It makes as much sense as shutting down the Klamath irrigation project when only 4% of water at the mouth of the Klamath River is from the Klamath Project.They meet again tomorrow.
    More story coming soon from KBC.
As I See It . . .
Trust me on this one, come to the Potato Festival
Pat Ratliff Pioneer Press - October 18, 2006 "The 69th annual Potato Festival, presented by the Merrill Lions Club on October 19-21, will possibly be the best one ever. The Lions Club, along with countless businesses, organizations and individuals, from not only Merrill, but across the Klamath Basin, have worked tirelessly to present a not to be missed Spud Fest this year."


Bush picks Deb Crisp for top Compact spot, Pioneer Press by Pat Ratliff 10/20/06

Dam removal tops governor's agenda, Tam Moore, Capital Press 10/20/06. "Two governors, already on record as favoring removal of hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, last week joined the call for a state-federal-stakeholder meeting to resolve water allocation and other issues."

FARMERS AND COASTAL FISHERMEN UNITE, Oct. 20, 2006  at 6 PM at Merrill Elementary School Gym

Oct 21, Dr. Rykbost in Yreka.

The following website videos tell the stories of law-abiding American citizens whose guns were stolen by police and never returned:  http://www.givethemback.com/pages/contact
In 2001, irrigation water was shut off to 1400 family farms, causing bankruptsies, auctions, heart attacks, suicides, and productive farmland and refuges to go dry. Many of the farmers were WWI children and WWII homesteaders who were given their land by the government they fought to defend in the wars. With DEED in hand, these settlers lives in the Klamath Basin would never be the same.
Moral of the story: Get involved. Go to meetings. Learn about and write your representatives. VOTE. Our fathers fought, and now our children are fighting for our freedom. Only you can defend it or lose it.

Renewable energy conference 11/19

EDITORIAL: Saxton for governor, Challenger shows willingness to tackle tough issues, Roseburg News Review, posted 10/19/06. The other editorial endorsements are:  The Oregonian, Bend Bulletin, Herald and News, Grants Pass Courier,  Medford Mail Tribune , McMinnville News Register and Brainstorm NW magazine.  

Walden clear choice for Congress, October 19, 2006 Herald and News editorial

Upcoming Events shaping Klamath Basin natural resources, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County District 5, 10/19/06

Letter from President Bush appointing Deb Crisp as Chairman of the Klamath River Compact Commission, posted to KBC 10/18/06
Bush appoints Crisp to Klamath commission, October 17, 2006, Siskiyou Daily News

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, 10/18/06

Anyone Looking at the Bigger Picture? by Dan Keppen, Executive Director Family Farm Alliance 10/18/06

Klamath River water flows, by Lewie Baker, 9/24 - 10/12/06.

EQIP conservation funding available to Siskiyou farmers and ranchers,  October 17, 2006, Siskiyou Daily News

Klamath Report: This has all the reports and filings pertaining to Hardy Phase II and Reclamation review, posted to KBC 10/17/06. (KBC Note: Dr. Thomas B. Hardy is the guy who was contracted by the Department of Justice to establish Indian water rights to be an expert witness for (and paid for by) the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in the Klamath River adjudication process.  The BIA authorized Hardy in his 2000 contract $550,086. He worked with the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force Technical Work Group. He used tribal biology paid for by individual tribes. Dr. Hardy wrote the studies that are currently regulating the Klamath Project water management. From his studies, biological opinions were formed. HERE for Hardy/BIA page)

Family Farm Alliance, A View from Ground Zero: Assessing the Real State of Western Irrigated Agriculture and Recommended Research Topics that Will Help Family Farmers and Ranchers; A White Paper Prepared by the Family Farm Alliance . Family Farm Alliance President Patrick O’Toole (WYOMING) on October 25th will speak to the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board (Board) in Washington, D.C. Attached is a white paper that we prepared for this meeting, and which will form the basis for Pat’s presentation, 10/17/06. HERE for summary by FFA Executive Director Dan Keppen.

Bonneville Dam, WA: Hasting, Baird take aim at sea lions preying on endangered salmon; Lawmakers Unveil Bipartisan Endangered Salmon Predation Prevention Act, October 16, 2006 "When we're spending hundreds of millions per year in direct spending on salmon recovery, our region cannot afford to ignore the impact of these sea lions," said Hastings."

COB comments by Oct 17

Department of Energy: Notice of intention to hold public meetings for discussion of the draft EIS for the Klamath Hydroelectric Project,  posted to KBC 10/17/06

Change begins at the top; Oregon voters should elect Republican Ron Saxton to replace Ted Kulongoski as the state's governor, posted to KBC October 17, 2006, The Oregonian editorial

Kulongoski debate comment on farmers badly misses the mark, Oregon Farm Bureau followed by Kulongoski ad, posted to KBC Oct. 17, 2006

Kempthorne likely to seek Endangered Species Act changes, Great Falls Tribune 10/16/06

Nozzle, pump tests available for irrigators 2006

Bureau of Reclamation Water Data Update, posted to KBC 10/16/06

Cooperation vital for summit success, H&N, posted to KBC 10/16/06

Branding helps target problem sea lions, H&N, posted to KBC 10/16/06

PRESS RELEASE: President signs Pombo bill to reauthorize wetlands program; H.R. 5539 authorizes $375 million for wetlands protection over 5 years, posted to KBC 10/16/06

PRAYER PAGE: prayer request from Ohio.

Stream and Wetlands System Protection Policy, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, posted to KBC 10/13/06
Tackling TMDL's, Fort Jones - Pioneer Press posted to KBC October 13, 2006

Ongoing Karuk/DFG Litigation: DFG Says Dredgers are Harming Fish! By Dave McCracken General Manager New 49er's Newsletter, October 2006. "Our involvement with this litigation began about a year ago when we discovered that DFG had imposed substantial restrictions upon our California suction dredging regulations within Siskiyou County without following any of the mandated administrative process which allows the affected public to participate. They didn't even give us any notice! " 10/13/06

Historical information on Klamath Watershed Hydrology and water quality in the Upper Klamath Basin Presented to the National Research Council Committee on Hydrology, Ecology and Fishes in the Klamath River Basin by Klamath Water Users Association, posted to KBC 10/13/06

Nutrient Loading of Surface Waters in the Upper Klamath Basin: Agricultural and Natural Sources, by Dr. Ken Rykbost, Superintendent Professor, and B.A. Charlton, Faculty Research Assistant, Klamath Experiment Station, Klamath Falls, Oregon, posted 10/13/06. (Dr. Rykbost will be giving a presentation October 21st in Yreka; HERE for info)

Judge sides with government on most Klamath hydro challenges, Capital Press 10/13/06

Biologist challenges Klamath models, Capital Press 10/13/06

Governors to meet for
Klamath water summit

 Herald and News 10/13/06




10/12/06 Last week the National Research Council met in Yreka to listen to input on Klamath River, tributaries, flows, power from dams, and fish habitat. They are reviewing Dr Hardy's final phase II report and the Bureau of Reclamation Natural Flow Study.

Cob plant may be sold before it’s built, Japan-based company wants to buy the plant Natural gas facility. H&N 10/12/06

Governors call for summit to solve Klamath salmon problems, H&N Oct 12, 2006

For Results of the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals at Kerr Ranch, Klamath Basin, go HERE.
HERE for gallery.

Klamath dam reports conflict, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 10/12/06

Congress must act to prevent water crisis, Capital Press, posted to KBC 10/12/06

Hydroelectric plants are a good thing, Paradise Post, posted to KBC 10/12/06 "Hydroelectric power is the cleanest and most efficient power we produce. It's 33 percent less expensive than gas-fired power operations which by the way, are being built in large numbers throughout California. Thanks to the environmental movement and their opposition to hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants, we pay more for energy in California than almost any other state. I don't know about you, but I find it silly that my power bill would be a lot lower if we were allowed to build the dams necessary to produce it."

Bureau of Reclamation Map of the Klamath Basin

Wolf howls prompt wilderness evacuation, Frightened Forest Service employees extracted, Idaho Mt Express 10/11/06. (KBC Note: Firefighters have died fighting fires when feds would not douse the fire because it could break endangered species rules for water levels in the lake. Ranchers have watched helplessly as wolves, planted near their ranches by federal employees to promote the species, have ripped apart their livestock, kittens and puppies with laws against killing the predators. However in a wilderness area, federal employees get airlifted by helicopter because the wolf howl scares them. ?) HERE for Wolf Page.

photo by Pat Ratliff/Klamath Media from Oct 30, 2003
Note the website on the National Champion's airplane

Soaring above the pack
Nick Macy has taken a childhood passion and turned it into an national championship winning pastime Herald and News, posted to KBC 10/10/06
Nick Macy (Tulelake) poses with his fourth AT-6 division national championship trophy, which he won this year in Reno.

Hearing set on COB plant permit, Herald and News, posted to KBC 10/10/06. (KBC Note: we missed the meeting but you can still send comments)

Coast line being polluted, Celebrity septic tanks thought to be responsible, H&N, posted to KBC 10/10/06. (KBC Note: Have we a double standard here? Environmentalists and agencies would shut down agriculture in a heartbeat if they had raw sewage in a ditch, however in Malibu...)

 Locals prepare for 2007 session, H&N, posted 10/10/06, "Liskey said the Oregon Farm Bureau is opposed to raising the state’s minimum wage..."

Hundreds in Idaho mourn former Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Seattlepi.com, posted 10/10/06

U.S. Attempting to Reshape Fishing Rules, But How Much to Tighten Reins? Washington Post, posted 10/10/06
Fish Baloney, letter to Wash. Post Re: Marine Fisheries, posted Oct 8, 2006 by Jim Beers

Federal judge in Seattle upholds new rules for regimenting dams, kgw.com NW News Channel, posted 10/8/06.

Upstream Battle to Save the Salmon, Wall Street Journal letter by Bob Lohn, Northwest Regional Director NOAA Fisheries, posted to KBC 10/8/06

Klamath summit, a great idea: Get it scheduled, Herald and News editorial 10/8/06. (KBC note: In July 2006, Congressman Greg Walden introduced the idea of a Klamath Summit, to get input from communities. Klamath Watershed has tried to merge with their dam-removal plans.  Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski  joins with Ca. Gov Schwarzenegger.

Comments of  Cooperative Conservation by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, posted to KBC 10/7/06. "I can say with considerable experience that oppressive environmental regulations are strangling our local rural communities to death."

Science panel looks at Klamath minimum flows, Interchange raises questions about apparent lack of coordination, Capital Press, posted to KBC 10/7/06

Representatives Wally Herger (CA-02) and Greg Walden (OR-02) Joint Statement On the Appointment of Debra Crisp to the Klamath River Compact Commission, posted to KBC 10/7/06

White House Press Release: The President intends to appoint Debra Lynn Crisp, of Oregon, to be a Member of the Klamath River Compact Commission (Federal Representative) and upon appointment, designate Chairman, 10/5/06

Farmers and fishermen will unite October 20 in Merrill, 10/5/06

10/5/06: The Conservation Implementation Program (CIP) working session to finalize the organizational structure and first-year goals will be held on December 6-7, 2006

PRESS RELEASE: Subcommittee field hearing in Pacific Northwest reaffirms need for FERRA, Forest restoration 10/5/06, Followed by Congressman Walden press release.

Update on upcoming Chadwick/Klamath Congress email interaction, posted 10/5/06 "Although I would not presume to speak for all the Tribes, I can assure you there is a lot of agreement btw Tribes on what our top 2 priorities are: 1) removal of the lower 4 Klamath River dams, and 2) adequate in stream flows for fish." Craig Tucker, Karuk Tribe. More on Chadwick go HERE.

GAO blames govt. for (Biscuit Fire) logging losses, SacBee 10/4/06. For more on Oregon Governor and environmentalists protests and lawsuits against restoring Biscuit forest, go HERE.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels 10/4/06.

Federal judge in Seattle upholds new rules for relicensing dams, 10/04/2006

California Farm Bureau Review of Bills, 10/4/06

Water storage study proposal could help shape Ore. farming, Statesman Journal 10/04/06

NAS in Yreka Oct 3-4. This is the 2nd Meeting of the Committee on Hydrology, Ecology, and Fishes of the Klamath River Basin

Former congresswoman (Hage) dies in Nevada, 10/2/06

***Hilltop Logging (logging on Fruit Grower's [Sunkist] land outside of Hilt, CA) had every piece of equipment destroyed over the weekend, fuel contaminated, etc., and "ELF" painted around. This put eleven families out of work  The investigation in ongoing. 10/2/06

Klamath issue concerns us, too, The four dams generate an average of 735,000 megawatt hours of power a year, enough to supply about 70,000 residential customers."

Finally the residents & property owners of Siskiyou County may have been heard. Not everyone is in favor of "your" dam removal. N. Grant Yreka, CA, posted to KBC 10/2/06

Just what is wilderness anyway? by Pat Ratliff, Pioneer Press September 27, 2006. "In places 80 and 90 percent of the trees were dead. Bark off, grey in color, the forest was a catastrophe waiting to happen."

What is the aquifer, KPVI News Channel 6, posted 10/2/06. "Jerry Rigby, chair, Idaho Water Resources Board: 'It's an accounting system, you only get a reservoir to increase its level when water's being put in.' " (KBC NOTE: in Klamath Basin, the Department of the Interior's 'water bank' is taking 100,000 acre feet of our stored water and aquifer and putting it into the Klamath River, artificially elevating river flows above historic levels. This water bank is sucking out our aquifer at the rate of 5' per year, and is not allowing our aquifer to recharge. HERE for waterbank page.)

Feds suggest fish get a lift around dams, Oregonian, posted to KBC 10/2/06

Washington Update, Family Farm Alliance, posted 10/2/06


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