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Archive 74 - July 2008
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

Taking out dams ridiculous idea, H&N letter to editor 7/31/08

Media Myths; America's big dam problems. Networks ignore Eco-campaign to save the salmon and turn out the lights, Business and Media Institute, posted to KBC 7/31/08. "America’s dams are in danger. Not just from terrorists or the ravages of time, but from the extreme fringe of the environmental movement...the big environmental push was out West, and the targets had far more impact on the power grid. The attacks on Klamath dams, along the Oregon/California border..."

Strategies for civil disobedience the topic of workshop, The Daily Triplicate 7/30/08. Here for a word from Karuk Spokesman and anti-dam activist Craig Tucker, who led the charge against Buffett's Klamath dams. HERE for website of IP3, the Ruckus Society, which trains those planning to take out Klamath's 4 hydropower dams, and explains how Columbus and his followers have exploited the tribes and turned the USA into wasteland.
HERE for rerun of Peace on the River, a piece recommended to KBC by Craig Tucker, with KBC response.

Senator Ron Wyden to be in Klamath Falls on August 5th for town meeting

“Democratic leadership has once again turned its back on the American people by choosing to leave town instead of addressing our energy Crisis."  Rep. Don Young, 7/30/08

Trade Talks Crumble in Feud Over Farm Aid, Washington Post 7/30/08

Family Farm Alliance July issue, 7/30/08

SEA Act energy bill, from office of Oregon Congressman Greg Walden 7/30/08

Copco DamSupervisors head to Washington to protest Klamath dams removal, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 7/28/08.“I think it’s a bad idea to remove the dams and the people of Siskiyou County mostly agree,” said Cook. “In informal surveys, between 85 and 90 percent of the people in this county answer that they are opposed to dam removal,” he pointed out. “It’s a little less in southern Oregon, but not much.”

Document - Klamath County Natural Resource Advisory Council unanimously rejected Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, Draft 11, met 5/28/08. Posted to KBC 7/28/08

Commissioner headed to D.C. Bill Brown to be part of fact-finding and lobbying trip about dams, H&N, posted to KBC 7/28/08. "Two county residents involved in the agreement said they were skeptical of Brown's motives. "I don't think it reflects upon Bill Brown very well, and I don't think it reflects upon the county very well," said Steve Kandra, irrigator and board member of the Klamath Water Users Association." (KBC NOTE: We commend Brown on his trip to DC and efforts to represent the majority of the people in Klamath County)

Irrigators disappointed by dismissal, H&N, posted 7/28/08

Salmon catch eased on two rivers (Klamath and Trinity), SacBee, posted 7/28/08. "The action is possible because fish runs on those rivers are strong this year."

NEED ACTION: Rider language creates a moratorium on further issuance of suction dredge permits, The New 49ers, posted 7/24/08. HERE for Miners Page

Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong compares California water plan with Klamath dam-removal Agreement, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, 7/24/08

Why so silent? Pioneer Press 7/24/08."Daily, harmful chemicals are being dumped en mass in our rivers and their tributaries...environmentalist" didn't seem to care. Literally, they didn't care and couldn't be bothered with the harm the marijuana growers are having on our region. Which begs the question: why would a tribe be so concerned about a landscaping company and yet our tribes don't give a flying rip about the drug cartels?"

Malibu Chumash Village to Host Klamath Riverkeeper Event; Local Groups Join Ranks with Organizations Seeking Removal of Four Dams, Malibu Surfside News 7/24/08. (Craig Tucker, former waterkeeper activist, is currently spokesman for the Karuk Tribe).HERE for more on dam removal and Klamath Settlement Agreement.

Smith, Wyden Announce Funds for Oregon Energy and Water Projects, 7/18/08 Gordon Smith Press Release

Judge OKs emergency grazing program, with limits, Capital Press 7/24/08

Bureau of Reclamation funding......posted to KBC 7/24/08

Klamath Basin growers not joining gold rush on wheat crops, H&N 7/24/08

Charter puts focus on long-range plans, H&N letter by Bill Kennedy, 7/23/08. "While we debate the merits of a county charter, we are about to see the largest federalization of our county by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via the Klamath River Restoration Agreement. Due to political posturing, our commissioners refuse to lead us to a better future with less federalization."

Proposed Klamath agreement doesn’t make much sense, H&N letter,  7/23/08.

Family Farm Alliance July issue, California Crisis Deepens As Regulatory, Hydrologic Water Supply Curtailments Strike

330,000 acres of trees prey to beetles, H&N 7/23/08. "In areas where the infestation has been recurring, he said virtually all the trees have died..." "Because of its wilderness designation, no action can be done in the Gearhart." "Gearhart Mountain Wilderness Area covers 22,823 acres in the Fremont-Winema National Forests northeast of Bly." "203,029 are under federal management,...Officials had no estimates on the value of commercial timber lost to infestation."

Commission adopts plan to reintroduce salmon into Upper Klamath Lake, DFW, posted to KBC 7/21/08

KWUA comments sent to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission regarding salmon introduction into Upper Klamath Basin, posted to KBC 7/21/08.

Wildlife officials confirm wolf pack in NE Oregon, Capital Press 7/21/08. See Wolf Page

Judge restores protections for N. Rockies wolves, Capital Press, posted to KBC 7/21/08

From transcripts of testimony given at a public meeting before the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors at Yreka, CA on March 25, 2008 regarding Klamath Settlement and Klamath dam removal:
* Mr. Miner is a Siskiyou County consultant from Brownfield Partners. Mr. Lambie is dam sediment expert from E-Pur, LLC

* Preliminary Review of Klamath River Dam and Sediment Investigation, Brownfield Partners
Mr. Dean Brockbank and Mr. Toby Freeman of PacifiCorp
* Greg Hurner represents California Fish and Game, David Diamond U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Phil Detrich  representative of U.S. Fish and Wildlife
* Mr. Addington represents Klamath Water Users; Mr. Tucker represents Karuk tribe; Mr. Fletcher represents  Yurok tribe; Mr. Crawford represents Tulelake Irrigators and Mr. Bartel is from the off-Project irrigators .
* Copco Lake landowners

CA New Water Governance Paradigm; information, sent by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 7/21/08
Comments on Statewide Watershed Program, by Marcia H. Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5, posted to KBC 7/21/08

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, July 18, 2008

Bureau of Reclamation water update 7/21/08
Bureau of Reclamation water update 7/15/08

Whitsett on federally mandated environmental propaganda in our schools, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett's talk on KFLS, posted to KBC July 21 2008. "History is replete with examples of the despotism and tyranny that follows the mandatory indoctrination of a nation’s youth with selected government dogma."

Whitsett on urban legislators' agenda for rural Oregon, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett's talk on KFLS, posted to KBC July 21, 2008

Judge delivers vindication but no relief for imperiled salmon, steelhead, LA Times, posted to KBC 7/21/08

State oks Klamath salmon plan, H&N 7/19/08. "The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has approved restoration of chinook salmon to the area now blocked by dams on the Klamath River." (KBC NOTE - “Let’s grow salmon in the swamp” policy is adopted in Sisters, OR  Klamath locals weren't informed about this meeting in Sisters.)

Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission (Commission) to take final public testimony and consider amendments to the Klamath River Basin Fish Management Plan to authorize initiation of efforts to re-establish anadromous fish in the Oregon portion of the Klamath River Basin..." posted 7/19/08

The Commission will review and adopt proposed new Klamath Plan Goals, Policies and Objectives associated with the re-introduction of anadromous fish into the Upper Klamath River Basin in Oregon as Oregon Administrative Rules.
Staff:   Roger Smith, Klamath Watershed District Fish Biologist
Public Testimony
Action:  Rulemaking



Klamath Dam Decision by September 30? H&N posted to KBC 7/19/08.

Observers unsure what (PacifiCorp’s) application withdrawal means, H&N, posted 7/19/08

PacifiCorp ratepayers seek Klamath dams review, Capital Press, posted 7/19/08

Congressional representation on (Klamath dam) issues, July 11, 2008, Ridin Point, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong

Forest Service explains its 'let it burn' policy, SacBee 7/19/08. (KBC NOTE: yes, gov't agencies, with tribes and enviros, created wilderness areas 'for the wildlife', which decimated the timber industry/communities/economies. The uncontrolled fires leave "that much less fuel for future, more catastrophic and expensive fires...without overwhelming the public with smoke and destroying homes."  All the bambies and spotted owls are cremated. Central CA people were forced to stay indoors or wear gas masks. Even some people in the Klamath Basin were forced to stay inside because of the air pollution from the Forest Service 'let it burn' agenda. Global warming experts blame cow burps?)

Klamath allocation of chinook looks good, Triplicate 7/11/08. "Larry Hanson, a senior biologist with California Department of Fish and Game, speaking from his office in Redding. 'This is the second-largest (fishing) allocation on the Klamath in the last 30 years....The commission has approved a catch allotment of 22,500 fall chinook salmon, and 11,250 of those would go to sport anglers in the Klamath below Weitchipec. The Klamath above Weitchipec is allowed about 3,800 salmon, and the upper and lower segments of the Trinity River will each get about 3,700 fish. The tribal allocation will be 27,000 salmon.' " KBC NOTE: Huh? According to 26 groups supporting downsizing ag and dam removal, including tribal leaders, enviros, and gov't agencies, the dams and algae and farmers and commercial fishermen have killed most all the fish on the Klamath, driving them to extinction. What's this "2nd largest fishing allocation" all about?????

Tulelake Irrigation  District agenda for Monday, July 14, 8pm meeting. "Directors terms are expiring and they are up for re-election.  If no one runs against them, then there is no actual "election".  They just retain their position.  In the event someone decides to run against one of them, it would be on the ballot in November for that division."

Medicine Lake campground closed to non-American Indians July 17-21 by KBC. This will be the Indians 6th annual 'traditional' meeting of the tribes in Medicine forest service campground.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, 7/11/08

-         The Budget Conference Committee

-         AB 2921 – Williamson Act

-         AB 1107 – Workers’ wages

-         AB 1988 – Immediate abatement of hazards

-         AB 2076 – Use of E-Verify

-         AB 2716 – Paid sick leave

-         SB 1436 – Accidental endangered species take

-         Senate Rules Committee – Len Welsh

< (Sprague River) Ranchers find Salers a perfect fit; Disposition suits their hearts; quality suits their wallets, Capital Press 7/11/08. "Bruce Topham, owner of the Flying T Salers Ranch near Sprague River, Ore., said the propaganda about these Salers cattle sounded too good to be true. Today, 26 years later with 500 Salers, he is a believer."

NEVADA - Major water ruling issued, Capital Press, posted 7/10/08

Senate snag for bill mandating annual dam-safety inspections, Salt Lake Tribune 7/9/08, followed by text of legislation.

Klamath lake levels and river flows, 7/9/08

PRESS RELEASE: House passes Walden-backed wildfire fund bill, 7/9/08

9th Circuit: Judges shouldn't act as scientists, Capital Press, posted 7/9/08

Klamath County Charter - Table of Contents, The Charter, Districts, and location of petitions. (Updated 8/23/08)

***Peace on the River,  by High Country News, posted 7/8/08 with KBC commentary. "After (Hoopas and Yuroks) sued against us getting a power rate with the other "friends" at the settlement table, THEN they supported a rate hike that would take place over 4 years. They put us in the bind in the first place, then turned on their allies in the legal battle, PacifiCorp." (KBC NOTE: Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker asked us to put this article on KBC; he claims it is accurate.)

Tulelake Irrigation District's 2006 and 2007 crop reports. HERE for more crop reports, news and information.

Karuk Tribe: Gold mining doesn't help fisheries, Times Standard, posted to KBC 7/8/08.
***Response to Times Standard Suction Dredge Article by Karuk Tribe, by James Foley, posted 7/8/08. "The Karuk press release is intended to misinform the public to the reality of what suction dredge mining is and convince people who know nothing about suction dredge mining that it is harming fish. As such, it is full of misinformation and outright lies. The lies have been proven false in numerous peer reviewed scientific studies and in numerous court actions, as well as a 1994 EIR promulgated by the California dept. of Fish and Game."

Urgent Action Alert: State hearings on Klamath Dams on July 22, 31st, and Aug. 1. by Dan Bacher, posted to KBC 7/8/08, San Francisco Indy Bay
*** In response to Mr. Bacher on Klamath Dams, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, posted 7/8/08

UC extension leaders tout fresh start, Capital Press, posted 7/8/08

Elaine Willman, author of "Going to Pieces, the Dismantling of the United States of American", sent KBC the following for July 4th:  When in the Course of Human events It Becomes NECESSARY...  "How long we continue to celebrate America's Independence Day depends upon whether citizens and their elected officials find it necessary to secure our guaranteed unalienable rights and the domestic tranquility." HERE for Ask Elaine page.

JULY 4th - Letter to KBC from Kristine Cook, San Joaquin Valley, where a judges ruling devastated thousands of people because of an "endangered" little fish. (KBC NOTE - This is deja vu 2001 in the Klamath Basin, and brings back memories of despair when our land, formerly a lake since time immemorial, was dewatered by a draft opinion later to be ruled wrong. Lives were devastated--auctions, suicides, mass exodus of resident farm labor families, wildlife died. Pray for Central Valley)

Please help California suction dredge miners!! 7/3/08. URGENT!!

Letter to KBC regarding Karuk Tribe corruption, Karuk tribal member 7/3/08. Go HERE to find info if you are a victim of tribal corruption.

Event marks dam’s demise; Chiloquin Dam removal to begin this month, H&N 7/3/08. HERE for Chiloquin Dam page.

Farming with a second income, Family works to build farming operation, H&N 7/3/08

Where is their science...? by Marshall Tarrents, comment on speech of Senator Whitsett, 7/2/08, regarding introduction of non-native salmon in Klamath Basin.

Oregon Senator Smith encourages water stakeholders, H&N 7/2/08

Kayaking the Klamath while dodging the dams, High Country News 7/2/08, with KBC NOTES. "Yurok Indian said, "Us and the farmers, we’re working side by side right now," he said. "We told them we wouldn’t sue them, so they’re with us. They don’t like the word sue."

< Senator Doug Whitsett speech on Klamath dam removal and KBRA, KFLS, posted to KBC 7/1/08. "The PacifiCorp owned dams produce about 170 megawatts of electricity, about enough environmentally clean power to supply the entire Eugene Springfield area....Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) is entirely contingent on that dam removal....This plan to introduce salmon into the Upper Basin has a critical flaw that will be potentially devastating to not only agricultural and timber interests, but to all inhabitants of the Upper Basin. Most of the proposed salmon habitat includes water that is much too warm and eutrophic for these species to survive and reproduce..."

Oregon Congressman Walden Rally and press conference 7/1/06

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