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 ARCHIVE 38 - July 2005
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Lake Levels River Flows posted to KBC 7/31/05 Storage in Upper Klamath Lake is 63,280 acre feet higher than last year, and above average.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Backs Key Biomass Provisions in Energy Act Benefiting Forests, Environment, posted to KBC 7/31/05

NOAA Fishery Service FISH NEWS posted 7/31/05 The 2002-04 Biennial ESA Report is posted online.

Fishing Report posted to KBC 7/31/05

Energy bill directs BOR to develop storage report posted 7/31/05 sent from Family Farm Alliance

Basin potato growers optimistic about future, H&N posted to KBC 7/31/05

TID well reports 7/30/05

(Chiloquin Dam) Proposal threatens rights, H&N posted to KBC 7/30/05. For more on Chiloquin Dam, go HERE.

(Chiloquin) Dam vote tallied, but results not out, H&N posted to KBC 7/31/05

Commission rejects Basin water petition, H&N 7/30/05
Waterwatch, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, PCFFA, etc petitioned to influence Oregon Water Resource Commission at a meeting Friday, July 30, to end  further water appropriations in the Klamath Basin. The following letters are from Klamath Water Users Association and Senator Doug Whitsett:
* Letter by Klamath Water Users to Oregon Water Resource Commission regarding Water Appropriations in the Klamath Basin, 7/27/05.
*Letter by Senator Whitsett to Oregon Water Resource Commission regarding Water Appropriations in the Klamath Basin, 7/27/05.

Water issues linked to tribal quest for land, Capital Press by Dylan Darling, 7/30/05

Homeland shrank from 22 million acres to none: 1864 to 1974, Capital Press 7/29/05 

Feds should manage Winema Forest lands, Capital Press 7/29/05

Irrigation districts describe dealings with BuRec, Capital Press posted to KBC 7/30/05

Short cash, water deal breaks down, H&N, Posted to KBC 7/29/05.

Annual Tulelake field day to be held next Thursday, H&N posted to KBC 7/26/05 "The Intermountain Research and Extension Center in Tulelake will conduct its annual field day Thursday, July 28."

OSU Klamath Field Day to feature current, potential crops, H&N 7/26/05

‘Rate shock’ prevention bill becomes law, Capital Press posted to KBC 7/26/05
(Go HERE for response to an ONRC article, by Greg Addington  Executive Director Klamath Water Users. We find that his response applies very well to this Capital Press article. KBC)

Irrigation district controls (Chiloquin) dam's fate, H&N 7/24/05. "The Chiloquin dam's lack of passage is listed as one of the reasons the suckers were listed in the first place," (Congressman)Walden said..." More on Chiloquin Dam, go HERE.

Authorities bust Siskiyou growers, H&N 7/24/05

ScottishPower's hostile AGM, Scotsman.com posted to KBC 7/24/05 "But the main drama of the day came when Miller Smith was all-but forced by shareholder acclamation to allow speeches from representatives of the native American Hoopa tribe on the environmental damage of "ScottishPower dams" on the Klamath River in northern California."
followed by
Scottish Parliament to Consider Resolution to Support Klamath River Tribe's Campaign to Remove Dams, Karuk Tribe

Weekly Update July 22, 2005
* KWUA Makes Second D.C. Visit
* KWUA Develops Briefing Paper on Competing Biological Opinions
* Klamath East Side Relishes Abundant Rainfall
* Oceans Apart From the UK Telegraph
* Quote of the week

OTHER PLACES: Lewis County, OR - Federal judge has bilked ratepayers with ruling on fish, posted to KBC 7/24/05. "Redden is playing their (the environmentalists') game in the face of solid science that spilling under current conditions is worse for salmon, not better."

Tribe wants to buy forest, Pat Ratliff, Klamath Courier posted to KBC 7/22/05

COB energy plant update and invitation 7/22/05

Heat blamed for Klamath fish kill, H&N 7/22/05 "The number of dead suckers were estimated to be "several thousand" suckers, said Rae Olsen, Bureau spokeswoman" (It is interesting to note that the amount of suckers believed to exist in when they were listed as endangered were around 1400. Now there are known to be tens of thousands of suckers with no plan of delisting in sight. KBC)

Oceans apart, and Smoke Signals, UK 7/22/05 -  Tribes in Scotland protesting dams on the Klamath.

Siskiyou GOP Endorses Ordinance to Protect Homeowners from Seizure, 7/22/05

Klamath east side relishes abundant rainfall, Capital Press Dylan Darling 7/22/05

Farm groups don’t buy ‘Buy Oregon’ plan, Capital Press 7/22/05

CA water Plan 2005, comments 7/22/05

Tribes continue power firm fight, BBC UK News, and Power firm lobbies, 9/20/05

TID wells 7/20/05
TID well water level 7/20/05

Native Americans protest Scottish Power, Scotland Today 7/20/05 Geoff Mitchell from the Klamath-Modoc tribe said: "We still have people at home that are suffering, that are dying because of a lack of fish. No fish make it to my county and all because of dam blocking."

Pombo delays ESA rewrite to court Democrats E&E Daily reporter, 7/20/05

Current fishing report, Salmon Fishing Remains Excellent 7/19/05 on Klamath, Trinity and Smith Rivers. "The Klamath is having one of its best spring seasons ever."

Support Burns Amendment and oppose Boxer Amendment regarding EPA’s use of pesticide registration data  7/19/05

Bureau Commissioner John Keyes 'On Point', July 19, 2005, transcript.

Links to Native Americans' struggles, Scotsman Heritage and Culture 7/19/05, and Tribesmen in Energy Protest, UK Evening Times 7/19/05 (Klamath River Tribes are in Scotland this week).

Klamath plan Scots protest despite US court setback, posted to KBC 7/19/05, The Herald UK

Tribes consider buying old land, Oregonian 7/19/05

Don't sell public lands, H&N 7/19/05

MidAmerican plans $5 bln in projects at Pacificorp, Today.Reuters 7/19/05

Whitsett at the Capitol, July 19, 2005.

Power rate made sense then and now, H&N posted to KBC 7/19/05

Tonight Tuesday July 19, 6 p.m. on Channel 2, Lyle Ahrens will be running the second of a five-piece series on Klamath centennial issues. Tonight’s topic: The Klamath Project. Lyle interviewed Rae Olsen, Greg Addington, Steve Kandra and Dan Keppen for this 2-minute piece. It's 6 p.m. every night this week.

FROM THE PAST: Edison Chiloquin given farewell, posted to KBC 7/18/05. (I remember Edison Chiloquin talking to a group at Captain Jack Stronghold in the Lave Beds. I remember him saying how we are one community now, and that they (Indians) are here, and we (nonIndians) are here, and we are one people. He said that we all have an equal right to be here. It was a short, unifying talk, but one in these troubled times, of "mine/mine/mine" and lawsuits, that I will never forget. KBC editor)

Gold miners get to work, Pioneer Press Liz Bowen, posted to KBC 7/18/05

ODFW commercial troll catch and estimates posted to KBC 7/18/05

Fishing Report Anglers anxiously wait for season to resume, Times Standard posted to KBC 7/18/05
Fishing Report from Trinity, Smith and Klamath River Guides, posted to KBC 7/18/05

News from South Dakota Secretary Larry Gabriel on the ESA, posted 7/18/05 Does the king have clothes?

PLF Attorneys Draft Constitutional Language to Protect California Homeowners from Eminent Domain: Calif. Legislators Propose One of the Strongest Bans on Eminent Domain Abuse in the Nation, 7/18/05

State sued over coho, Pioneer Press Liz Bowen posted to KBC 7/18/05.

Other view: U.S. puts fish above families, By Greg Addington, Rayburn Guerin and Russ Brooks -- Special To The Bee Published July 16, 2005. "This view is referring to The Bee's editorial "Klamath in crisis," which appeared July 3. Greg Addington is executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association. Rayburn Guerin is president of the Oregon Trollers' Association. Russ Brooks is an attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation."

Chadwick comes to Chiloquin Indians, government agencies, environmentalists and farmers meet by Klamath Courier Reporter posted to KBC 7/17/05

Weekly Update July 15, 2005
* Senator Whitsett’s "Rate Shock" Bill Passes
* KWUA, Oregon Trollers and PLF Respond to Sac Bee Editorial
* Free Irrigation Pump Testing Is Now Available
* Legislators file complaint against lobbyist
* Tribes, Fishermen, Conservationists Returning to Scotland to Argue Against Dams
* KWUA to Visit Policy Makers
* Quote of the Week

House Committee on Resources July 15, 2005 schedule for this week.

THE PROPOSAL, Klamath Tribes and supporters at Klamath County Commissioners proposing to buy the Winema/Fremont National Forest 7/13/05 "Becky Hyde, Sam Porter (jeld-wen), John Crawford, Marshal Staunton, and Sam Henzel are proposed members. They all spoke in favor of the tribe. Some equated the tribe's treatment here to the "trail of tears".
Department of the Interior (DOI)  Bill Bettenberg, as quoted by the Herald and News 10/9/03: "He said the Interior Department is not going to cut any unilateral deals in the water issue. Any deal made with the Tribes needs to be supported by other interests in the Basin. 'At the end of the day, we have to have something where the water users, the Tribes and the broader community are all on board,' he said."

The other side of the tribal quest for forest lands, H&N by Lyn Bayona 7/12/04

Klamath board to hear tribes presentation, H&N 7/13/05. For more on tribal land return, go HERE.

2 articles on tribes going to Scotland to protest Klamath River dams, 7/13/05

Bush administration asking court to block dam spills, Contra Costa Times 7/13/05

TID well water levels 7/13/05
TID wells pumping 7/13/05

Senate Provides Relief to Oregon Farmers 7/13/05

Wyden, Smith secured dollars for Barnes Ranch acquisition for refuge. Senate approves funds for Oregon Natural Resource Project, Wyden news release, posted to KBC 7/12/05. (For 3 years the environmental groups and government agencies have been begging support from irrigators to buy Barnes Ranch for 50,000 acre feet storage, "more water for fish and farms." Read the lie! Regardless of letters and lack of community support, and lack of science according to Dr William Lewis, Natural Research Council subcommittee chairman, this will be bought and run by Fish and Wildlife for more refuge, breaching dykes into the lake, evaporating more water than farmland and worsening water quality.  Nearly 100,000 acres of upper basin ag land have been bought by federal agencies in the past few years in the Upper Basin, decimating the cattle industry and tax base. KBC)

The other side of the tribal quest for forest lands, H&N by Lyn Bayona 7/12/04

Klamath power measure OK'd, H&N 7/12/05 "Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, said the phase-in bill provides a ''critical safety net for Klamath irrigators'' who otherwise could face crippling power costs."

Tribes, fishermen, conservationists returning to Scotland to argue against dams, Mercury News 7/12/05

Pombo Seeks Bipartisan Bill On Endangered Species Act, CQ by Darren Goode 7/12/05

Klamath in Crisis - with salmon in abundance, fishing fleet runs aground on shoals of politics, response to SacBee with photos in Water Wire, by Dan Keppen, Klamath Falls. 7/12/05. SCROLL DOWN! pdf file

PRESS RELEASE: Senator Whitsett’s “Rate Shock” Bill Provides Safety Net for Klamath Irrigators, 7/11/05

Wolf plan will likely wait at least two years, Corvallis Gazette-Times 7/11/05

Family Farm Alliance Report by Dan Keppen Regarding the Bureau of Reclamation's capability to fulfill its core mission posted to KBC 7/11/05

Wildfires hurt (spotted) owl numbers July 7, 2005 H&N. For more on our forests go HERE.

Weekly Update July 8, 2005
*  KWUA Response to ONRC Power Rate Propaganda; Klamath Power Benefits Many
Nothing Dull About Fishing on the North Coast These Days
*  Five Oregon Species up for Review Under the Endangered Species Act
* Quote of the Week

Power bill tax to benefit Klamath Irrigators, pdf file, Medford Mail Tribune, posted to KBC 7/8/05 HERE for response by Greg Addington, Executive Director Klamath Water Users.

PRESS RELEASE: Landowners, ranchers, farmers and businesses sue state to overturn (coho) decision, posted to KBC 7/8/05 State Fish and Game Ignores Science and Existing Protections In Listing Coho Salmon as Endangered
Coho lawsuit fact sheet 7/8/05
Coho conservation measures 7/8/05

Response by Dan Keppen, Executive Director Family Farm Alliance, to Sacramento Bee article regarding Klamath, 7/8/05.

Nothing dull about fishing on the North Coast these days, Times Standard 7/8/05. For more on fish and fishermen, go HERE.

Pombo's draft ESA bill, pdf file, obtained from Center for Biological Diversity press release 7/8/05.

Letter from Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance Executive Director, to his board regarding Pombo's ESA reform, 7/8/05

Dan Keppen, Executive Director Family Farm Alliance, oral testimony to House Subcommittee on Water and Power, posted to KBC 7/8/05

Five Oregon species up for review under Endangered Species Act, 7/8/05

California Farm Bureau Friday Review, budget and bills JULY 8, 2005

Letter to Pombo regarding ESA reform posted to KBC 7/8/05, PRFA

Salmon, Salmon, Salmon, San Mateo County Times 7/6/05, "But there's enough out there for everyone. The population this year is as good as it can be, anywhere in the world."

Article from the past - May 7, 2001, 'Us now, you're next,' say desperate farmers
World Net Daily posted to KBC 7/6/05

Fables and Truths (regarding the Klamath Tribes) Herald and News letter to the editor 7/6/05

Herger wants ESA changed; Lawmaker says landmark law lacks flexibility, Redding Local News 7/6/05

Bureau of Reclamation Water Data Update – July 6, 2005

Tulelake Irrigation District well report 7/6/05.

Green Sturgeon Comments due 7/6/05

Irrigation Subsidy Reduction Act of 2005 S1118, Family Farm Alliance 6/5/05

David Carman, Tulelake Homesteader and WWII veteran, tells about his July 4th memories, 7/3/05
KIXE  PREMIERES HISTORY OF TULELAKE SETTLERS. On July 4, 2005 KIXE-TV, Channel 9 will premiere a locally produced history of the Tulelake settlers at 8 PM.  It is also scheduled for 10 AM on July 4.  HOMESTEADING IN A PROMISED LAND tells the 100 year old story of white settlers in the Tulelake Basin. 

Penned and Poisoned in the Redden Corral, News from the Front #84, 7/3/05. "As a result of the high spill levels, hundreds of fish arriving at Little Goose Dam simply could not make it past the dam."

Tulelake Irrigation Distrist water levels, and TID well pumping posted 7/3/05

Congressman Walden takes action to protect property rights, 7/3/05

Endangering Species, Wall Street Journal 7/3/05

Committee on Resources, The ESA, posted 7/3/05

Senator Doug Whitsett update posted 7/3/05

Judges final decision on Karuk Tribe's lawsuit on Klamath River mining, posted 7/3/05 pdf file.

Please pray for Grace Kliewer, 13 months She is recovering from e-coli, where there has been
an outbreak in the Klamath mid-basin. No source has been identified.  See

KWUA weekly Update July 1, 2005
* Update Delayed
* Energy Efficiency Initiatives for Basin Irrigators
* ESA Under Fire
* Pombo Set to Unveil ESA Changes
* Turnabout: Enough Water for All
* This Land WAS Your Land
* OR State Lawmakers approve Water Rights Bill for Cities

Tribal Treaties, Pioneer Press Column by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 6/30/05

Pombo on verge of unveiling new species law, Lodi News, posted to KBC 7/1/05

Karuks lawsuit will stop mining, Pioneer Press posted to KBC 7/1/05

NOAA Scientists Say Reports Altered, Red Nova posted to KBC 7/1/05

PRESS RELEASE: House United on Private Property Rights posted 7/1/05

PRESS RELEASE: US Forest Service: Timber Sales Tied Up In Litigation posted to KBC 7/1/05

Report reveals cost of critical habitat designation, Chico Record posted to KBC 7/1/05, "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Monday that conservation for 15 vernal pool species will affect $992 million in economic activity over the next 20 years, with 97 percent of that relating to lost development opportunities."

Ag Scholarships due 7/1/05

Report reveals cost of critical habitat designation, Chico Record posted to KBC 7/1/05, "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Monday that conservation for 15 vernal pool species will affect $992 million in economic activity over the next 20 years, with 97 percent of that relating to lost development opportunities."




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