Time to Take Action
Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Fighting for Our Right to Irrigate Our Farms and Caretake Our Natural Resources

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 Here and there: 
Property rights and the UN    
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Politically Correct Science, interview with Dr. Malcolm Ross, 1997 .. interesting
Satire:   I Would Like To Apologize, by Patricia Neill   archive of her work 
Featured Links:    Range Magazine, Winter online edition   
  Bureau of Reclamation Klamath Crisis Page 
Enviro Links (know the opposition)
Upper Klamath Basin Working Group ( Hatfield )         
Adjudication / history, OWRD   

other links
Wildlands Project Revealed
Don't be Down on the Farm', How to preserve a national treasure 
By Senator Byron Dorgan in the Washington Monthly,   commentary link  Jan, 2000

Herald and News Water Journal  Archives
Biological Opinion versus Applied Science  By Gail Hildreth Whitsett 
he Environmentalist Evil   By David Holcberg   
Man vs. Nature.. Earth Day Is the Time to Challenge the Environmentalist Premise that Man
Should Be Sacrificed in Order to Preserve Nature  By Peter Schwartz   ( link)
Save the Earth from the Environmentalists  http://earth4man.com/
Is the UN evil?
Bald Eagles, facts, stories, links and commentary
Orwell and Huxley insight by Reg LeQuieu, Klamath County Assessor
A Modern Bible Story
Tide Pool letter page, to F. Pace ... !!!  http://www.tidepool.org/voices/pace.cfm 
Get the facts, Read and Learn About the ESA, about Salmon, about Coho, About the lies
 you are hearing from the greenies.  Thank you Marsh,  web page link   
 fish data base, searchable. what is a Sucker, a Mullet? 
Join the Voices for ESA Reform,   see the ESA Reform Petition by:
Orion Article featuring Mike Connelly
Creating and Terminating a Klamath Indian Reservation, a history link
Fish First, People Last, Jeff Elkins, July 17th  story link
The Klamath Basin Crisis:  Background and Six Positions
No Water ! No Life !    Printable Poster
See Sample Letters to Send to Your Representatives, What are you doing Today ??
Free-Market Environmentalism ??
the animals get even with the ONRC          Modoc War     copyright law

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History of Klamath Project  link BOR

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Herald and News Water Journal
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Oregonian: Today

The River        The Fish

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Tulelake High School

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