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 Archive 58 - March 2007
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more


Forest Service Land Management Litigation 1989–2002, published 2006. "The land management decisions of the USDA Forest Service have been challenged and appealed frequently in federal court, and the agency believes such litigation constrains its professional expertise and frustrates effective forest management." ARTICLE: First-Ever Study Shows Complete Picture of Forest Service Litigation

Loss of timber receipts hits city, H&N posted 3/31/07. "Road budget would see $709,000 cut"...."The Klamath sheriffs office could lose $645,382."

Lawmakers confront land use, H&N 3/31/07, "Property rights and Measure 37 dominated questions and conversation at a town hall meeting with state Rep. Bill Garrard and state Sen. Doug Whitsett, both R-Klamath Falls, on Friday." “It's not fair to accuse someone of not supporting agriculture because they support property rights,” Whitsett said.

L.A. falling short on (Owens) river, judge says, LA Times, posted to KBC 3/31/07. (KBC note: Owens Valley in Southern  California was dewatered several years ago, bought by LA City Water Dept. Eliminating farmers and ranchers. Now that the farmers are gone, a judge ordered water to be put back in the valley. Klamath Basin, wake up.)

Ethanol Undergoes Evolution as Political Issue, Former Opponents Clinton, McCain Tout Its Benefits, but Its Campaign Value May Be Dropping, Washington Post, posted to KBC 3/31/07. HERE for ethanol page.

FULL NAS report: Delayed upwelling alters nearshore coastal ocean ecosystems in the northern California currents, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science March 2007. HERE for summary, "We devote a large amount of our resources for salmon recovery to in-stream habitat restoration ... but should also be focusing some resources on learning more about the oceanic conditions that effect salmon population health as well."

*Comments due re: Lava Beds and Crater Lake fee hike March 31.

Tulelake well water levels 3/30/07

Who Got Bought, $60.4 Million for Klamath, Human Events, posted to KBC 3/30/07, "Several members who were reluctant to require withdrawal of U.S. troops by a firm deadline made deals that were greased with bacon from Democratic leadership in exchange for their vote. The final House bill that narrowly passed, 218-212 contained a whopping $24 billion in earmarks that will pay for many pet projects in the home districts of several Blue Dogs."

Washington congressmen aim bill at salmon-munching sea lions, The Daily News, posted to KBC 3/30/07. "Hastings said taxpayers pay millions of dollars a year to protect salmon while the sea lions gorge themselves on the fish."

FORESTS: Judge forbids Forest Service from using 2005 planning regs, E&E News 3/30/07

ETHANOL: Farmers to plant most corn since 1944 -- USDA, Greenwire, March 30, 2007

Whitsett&Garrard Town Hall Klamath Falls 3/30/07

North Coast Harvest Options Shrink For Chinook, Better For South, NW Fishletter, posted 3/20/07. "The improved outlook for Klamath River chinook in 2007 should boost fishing opportunities significantly off the southern Oregon and northern California coasts. Managers have estimated the Klamath chinook age-4 component at the lowest level on record, around 26,000 fish, but the age-3 component, is estimated at the highest level on record--515,400 fish. Most spawners are age-4's." (KBC NOTE: We hear continually by the enviros and tribes that the Klamath salmon will become extinct unless the 4 Klamath Dams get removed. What's with this 'highest level on record' forecast?")

Species Protections Should Be Based On Current, Not Historic Range,Memo Says, DOI, posted to KBC 3/30/07
The Meaning of "In Danger of Extinction Throughout All or a Significant Portion of its Range, by Dept of Interior, posted to KBC 3/30/07

Rare Salamanders Will Be Considered For Endangered Species Act Protection, according to Center for Biological Diversity:  "In response to a 2004 petition and two lawsuits brought by conservation groups, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined today that the Siskiyou Mountains and Scott Bar salamanders may warrant protection as threatened or endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. The agency initiated a 12-month review of their status, posted" 3/30/07

Karuk film with KWUA 3/27/07

Appeals court upholds water for fish before farms, Oregonian 3/28/07. "A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a ruling forcing a federal irrigation project to boost flows in the Klamath River to help threatened salmon even if it means shutting off water to farms."

More salmon, longer seasons could be on tap for area anglers, The Register-Guard, posted  March 28, 2007

Report pushes for dam removal, H&N 3/28/07

The Klamath Riverkeeper is filing a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Warren Buffett's PacifiCorp for polluting the Klamath River, Indy Bay posted 3/28/07. spokesperson "Craig Tucker received his B.S. in biochemistry from Clemson University in 1993. He went on to get a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Vanderbilt University in 1999. After graduate school he gave up laboratory science for a career as an environmental and social justice activist. In 2000 Craig joined Green Corps, the field school for environmental organizing. While in Green Corp, Craig learned fundamental grassroots organizing skills. After Green Corps he worked as Outreach Director at Friends of the River, developing grassroots campaigns on a variety of California water issues. Each campaign was based on the connection between sustainable environmental policy and social justice. Currently Craig is the Campaign Coordinator for the Karuk Tribe's 'Bring the Salmon Home' campaign. The goal: removal of four dams on the Klamath River which would represent the largest dam removal project in history."

Federal suit filed against California hatchery, MLive.com, posted to KBC 3/28/07. "Klamath Riverkeeper, part of an environmental alliance headed by Robert Kennedy Jr., filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Sacramento, alleging that discharges from the hatchery violated the Clean Water Act. At issue is the hatchery at the Iron Gate Dam located on the Klamath River near the Oregon border."

Commodity Commissions looking for applicants, OFS 3/28/07 "The Oregon Department of Agriculture is seeking applicants to serve on the state’s 28 agricultural commodity commissions."

Endangered Species Act changes in the works; Officials are considering changing enforcement of the 1973 law to protect animals, a leaked draft reveals, LA Times, FOLLOWED BY: Endangered species reform may be imminent, Western Round Table 3/28/07

NEWS RELEASE: Voices Join Whitsett Calling for State Police Dedicated Funding; Public Safety within Our Means 3/28/07

Memorial Contributions can be made to:  The Russ Brooks Family Fund; c/o Pacific Legal Foundation; 3900 Lennane Drive, Suite 200; Sacramento, CA  95834

The California Energy Commission said today that removing four PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River would be more beneficial than originally projected, Indy Bay 3/27/07
New data back removal of Klamath dams, LA Times 3/27/07

International Day of Action for Rivers, March 2007. This event has passed, however the feature film with Klamath Water Users and Karuks will be in Klamath this Tuesday at Ross Ragland. Do come...it has been shown up and down the West Coast. HERE for info on Tuesday's showing.

You probably did not see this on tv, but HERE is a slideshow of the "Gathering of the Eagles" who marched last week. Take a moment. Here is their website: http://www.oldwardogs.us They support veterans and their country.

Most of the Klamath Basiin was settled by veterans, whose parents and grandparents were veterans, and whose children and grandchildren are veterans. They believe in what they did not only in settling our basin and growing food, but also in their service in the wars to defend freedom.
Some Americans have formed a group to defend and honor our country and our veterans. They sent us the latest anti-war, anti veteran, and anti-American protest.

"...Steven & Virginia Pearcy hanged a U.S. soldier in effigy from their home by a noose - the helmet stuffed with an American flag crumbled into a ball.  Now we've seen the pictures from an anti-war protest in Portland, Oregon where anti-war activists burned not only the American flag, but also burned an American soldier in effigy."

ODFW, trollers discuss fishery options, The World Link, posted 3/25/07. Last summer most the the Pacific Coast commercial salmon fishery was shut down so fishermen would not catch any Klamath Fall Chinook. Only "8 percent of the coded-wire tag returns in the sport sector were from Klamath River fall Chinook. The commercial sector, with all of the fishing occurring north of Florence, returned tags from Klamath River fish of 5 percent."

Oregon Women for Agriculture elect new state officers  by Jana Kittredge 3/25/07. (KBC NOTE: KBC editor attended the OWA meeting and was privileged to be asked to speak regarding KBC website and also give a Klamath Basin update. To all you Oregon women for Agriculture, become members!! And California agriwomen may become members at large.)

Judge Orders California Water Project Shut Down Because of Violation of California Endangered Species Act,  March 23, 2007 California Progress Report

Pesticide class in Klamath Falls April 18.

Summaries of the two House Bills (2564 and 2566) regarding water measurement of ALL wells and surface waters in Oregon, followed by House Bills, sent by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, District 28, posted 3/24/07.

From Oregon Congressman Greg Walden regarding Iraq and timber money for schools, posted to KBC March 24, 2007

Hoopa Valley Tribe appeals decision to release money to Yuroks, posted 3/24/2007, The Eureka Reporter

Day-Long Mineral Process Seminar at Baker City April 7th, posted 3/24/07

The Wrong Model; Solutions for Feds, by Jim Beers 3/24/07, retired Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Council seeks comments to revise 1997 ocean conditions paper, CB Bulletin 3/24/07

PRESS RELEASE: Whitsett and Garrard Plan Town Hall in Klamath Falls, “Let’s talk about the future of Oregon.” 3/21/07

Whistleblowers and other vermin, From a 'Whistleblower' who was fired and paid 'Hush Money', by Jim Beers, posted 3/21/07. "...the General Accounting Office confirmed that $45 to 60 Million had been stolen in just the two previous years" by Fish and Wildlife Service, but Jim Beers was "muzzled" and his website is still censored by government agencies.

Whitsetts at the Capital

3/21/07  Salem - KBC editor was privileged to accompany Senator Whitsett on the Senate floor during session, and his workmate/wife Gail gave me a tour through the capital.

KBC photo of Senator Whitsett in his office preparing for Senate session.

Water issues on local lawmakers agenda, H&N 3/20/07.  "State Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, continues to work on water issues affecting the Klamath Basin. The senator recently met with Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s natural resources policy director to discuss the total maximum daily load on Upper Klamath Lake. Whitsett wants to address inaccuracies in the load. Whitsett also is campaigning against HB 2564, which would require water measurement devices on all domestic and agricultural wells, irrigation allocations and pond and stream diversions."

PRESS RELEASE: Ranking Member Pearce's Statement From Today's Hearing On Energy Policy And Climate Change On Public Lands, Steve Hanson, House Committee on Resources 3/20/07

Since wolves may be introduced in Oregon soon, you may want to keep updated on wolf wolves around the country: PRESS RELEASE: Ranking Member Rob Bishop's Statement From Today's Hearing On Yellowstone National Park Bison; "It Is A Bit Unsettling That We Are Devoting Precious Time Today To Readdress An Issue Which Is Driven More By Politics Than Actual Science" Steve Hanson, House Committee on Resources 3/20/07. More wolf news here.

FILM SHOWING March 27th in Klamath Falls, Keeping Farms and Fish Alive. Film starring the Karuk Tribe, Klamath Water Users Scott Seus and KWUA Executive Director Greg Addington, and PCFFA, several tribes and groups participated in this film. It has been shown up and down the west coast, and it will be here this month. Do attend!

To the Destroyers of dams, Pioneer Press by Nita Still, Montague, posted to KBC 3/19/07.

UK Documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, posted 3/19/07. "10's of thousands of jobs depend on this industry now."

State approves coho recovery plan, Statesman Journal, posted to KBC 3/19/07

Klamath man recalls the spotted owl's ‘heyday', H&N 3/19/07. HERE for forest page.

Is ethanol the answer? H&N 3/18/07 "Just growing corn requires expending energy — plowing, planting, fertilizing and harvesting all require machinery that burns fossil fuel. Modern agriculture relies on large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides, both of which are produced by methods that consume fossil fuels. Then there’s the cost of transporting the corn to an ethanol plant, where the fermentation and distillation processes consume yet more energy....As much as 100 million acres of land would have to be dedicated to energy crops in order to reach the goal of substituting renewable biofuels for 25 percent of the nation’s fuel consumption by 2025, the report estimated. That would be a significant fraction of the nation’s 800 million acres of cultivable land"

   Posted 3/17/07: A BLACK DAY: Klamath Irrigators lost breach of contract lawsuit for 2001 water shutoff. Klamath Irrigation District with Marzulla vs Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen with Yurok and Klamath Tribes, Sierra Club, NW Environmental Center, Waterwatch, ONRC, Klamath Forest Alliance, Wilderness Society, Institute for Fisheries Resources, Dept of Justice and Earthjustice. 
 The ruling was by Judge Francis M. Allegra in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. This was his second against Klamath Irrigation District; last August he ruled the farmers had no property rights to the water and denied their claim for $100 million in damages. 
   Klamath Project irrigators built and paid for the Klamath Project, including storage of the water. Most have water rights on their deeds "appurtenant to the irrigable land," signed by President of the United States. There was up to 30' of water where our farms are now. We rerouted this water, most of which was in a closed basin with no way to reach the Klamath River.
   Yesterday the tribes, PCFFA, environmental groups, Dept of Justice, and one judge, took away this right. They said, "Endangered Species Act is a
sovereign act." The Endangered Species is from United Nations Agenda 21.
   One of the defendants, the Department of Justice, contracted
Dr. Thomas B. Hardy for $550,086 to establish Indian water rights to be an expert witness for (and paid for by) the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in the Klamath River adjudication process. This "science" was used in the biological opinions to establish artificially elevated, unattainable flows demanded of the Project Irrigators, so in 2001 they shut down the Project and would not allow us to use our stored water. Hardy's  'average' year demand was based on the highest water year in recorded history.
   2001 was also the first time in recorded history that the Klamath Basin, farms and refuges, went dry, decimating 489 species of wildlife. They evidently have no right to water either.

Data discrepancies in tribal monitoring of Klamath algae, Siskiyou Health Dept 3/17/07

(Five) Dams to be removed to help salmon get up stream, Daily Democrat 3/17/07. "Eight dams along Battle Creek were built in the early 1900s and divert water to powerhouses that generate electricity for 15 million Pacific Gas & Electric Co. customers from Eureka to Bakersfield."..."We really think the most effective way to do this is to take out all eight of the dams," said Zeke Grader, executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations."

Siskiyou Forest Budget  Parts 1 &2, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 3/17/07 "...we are receiving $250,000 rather than $4 million."

EPA is soliciting public comments on proposed Total Maximum Daily Loads for Lost River by June 15, 2007

ODE honors farmer/fisherman effort; Groups recognized as Cooperators of Year, Capital Press 3/16/07. "We're looking for solutions that keep everyone in business," said Scott Boley, a fisherman from Gold Beach, Ore., who will accept the award on behalf of the Oregon Salmon Commission. After visiting back and forth informally, fishermen and farmers are now in the process of formally organizing as the Common Ground Alliance, a group that will represent natural resource interests and push for projects that benefit fish without harming agriculture."
Farmers and fishermen showed their unity at the Klamath Potato Festival in Merrill, Oregon last fall. The Oregon Department of Agriculture will recognize the two groups as Cooperators of the Year at the 2007 Ag Progress Awards Dinner in Salem on March 22.

Persistence & innovation; Liskey family found ways to profit from geothermal water, Capital Press 3/16/07

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review 3/16/07
SB 178-Groundwater monitoring and reporting requirements.

he Legislative Analysts Offices' Proposal to levy fees on SRA landowners. 

Oregon Absurdity by Senator Doug Whitsett, OR District 28, posted 3/16/07

Board denies Klamath algae pleas, The Times Standard 3/16/07

(Klamath) Water year outlook still below average, H&N 3/15/07.

House bill would spend $60 million for salmon disaster posted 3/14/2007, KGW NW News Channel 8

Luther Horsley is the new president of the board of Klamath Water Users Association, taking the reins from Steve Kandra. 3/14/07

Dropping rural Oregon groundwater levels causing concerns, Statesman Journal 3/14/07

Coalition For Idaho Water Urges NPCC To Reject Plea For (dam removal) Studies, Legislation, IWUA 3/14/07

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, regarding Oregon school accountability, “Let’s bring transparent budgeting to schools” 3/14/07

Panel: Ease limits on Klamath River salmon; Expected record run of chinook prompts federal group to call for longer season, H&N posted 3/13/07 "A record run of chinook salmon is expected for California’s Klamath River basin this year"

LETTER from Carpenters and Oregon Wild, 3/13/07 followed by KBC Note.
Sacramento Bee, "As many as 65,000 chinook returned to the Klamath River during the fall run, nearly double the minimum required by state and federal fisheries regulators who monitor the declining population. KBC note: Isn't it interesting that the prediction of low fish county shut down coastal fisheries last year, blaming farmers and dams. Lo and behold, the prediction was wrong, 2ce the minimum were there, fishermen went broke, government did not pay them enough, and next year they expect a record run. WHO is accountable? Then read the above letter by Carpenters, who use the PREDICTED low run to run down dams, Bush, and farmers.

Owner of Klamath River dams attacks study; PacifiCorp disputes claims that it would be cheaper to remove the barriers blocking the migration of endangered salmon than to keep them, LA Times 3/13/07

Walden on global warming panel, H&N, posted 3/13/07

Kulongoski should spell out what 'green' power will cost, Albany Democrat-Herald, posted to KBC 3/13/07 "If coal-burning plants can't be used because of emission caps, if dams are being shut down to restore salmon runs, if nuclear plants are no longer being built, if geothermal and wave energy don't come close to meeting the demand, and if the wind doesn't blow to keep the windmill farms churning away, then what happens if we turn on the switch?"

March 2007 edition of the Family Farm Alliance “Monthly Briefing”.
* Irrigated Ag Is At A Crossroads - Alliance Conference Views Crucial Issues
* Interior’s New Secretary Addresses Alliance
* Ag Water Supply Limits
* National Academy Of Sciences Study Reinforces Alliance Meeting Discussions
* Crucial Changes May Decide West’s Fate, Speaker Says
* New Commissioner Says Bureau’s Role Is Delivering Water, Power
* Limbaugh Leads Interior Delegation
* Alliance Honors Raley For Service
* Speakers Examine Security, Other Issues

Oregon ranchers: Wolf delisting OK, H&N, posted to KBC 3/13/07

Petroleum limited; biofuels can help fill gap; Here are some answers to concerns raised over growing canola in the Klamath Basin, H&N letter, posted 3/13/07. "It would take about 10,000 acres of canola to produce 1 million gallons of biodiesel. That sounds like a lot, but in Oregon we consume around 2 million gallons of diesel per day. Thus it would take nearly 8 million acres of canola to provide 100 percent of Oregon’s diesel need."

Mid Klamath Restoration Forum 3/13/07

Agricultural Safety Seminars Oct-Mar.

PRESS RELEASE: PacifiCorp disputes California Energy Commission’s Klamath model and report, 3/12/07. "CA Energy Consulting’s evaluation found that the CEC’s model is riddled with errors in the inputs, methodology and key assumptions, and that these errors inappropriately bias the results of the model toward decommissioning."

Development’s impact on water should be assessed, H&N by KWUA executive director Greg Addington, Klamath Falls city manager Jeff Ball, and FFA director Dan Keppen, posted 3/11/07

A summer-long salmon season? Curry Pilot, posted to KBC 3/12/07

"Our Legendary Water & Power Infrastructure Helped Make The West What It Is Today." Rep. McMorris Rodgers, posted to KBC 3/12/07 "At a time when everyone is talking about climate change, it baffles me why anyone thinks it's good public policy to remove clean and renewable hydropower."

Time to make ESA reform high priority, Capital Press 3/12/07, followed by Thompson launches species recovery bill, Times Standard(KBC NOTE: Democrat Congressmen Blumenauer and Thompson have constantly advocated downsizing agriculture in the Klamath Basin. They got rid of ESA reform advocate Pombo and now have a "reform" bill to give farmers tax breaks for transforming their farmland into endangered species habitat. How many taxes does one pay for crops if their land is habitat? Pombo advocated 'just compensation' for landowners.)

Walden appointed to exclusive climate change panel, posted to KBC 3/12/07

Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation, posted to KBC 3/12/07

Economists Flunk Enviro Report On Economics Of Dam Breaching, NW Fishletter, posted 3/12/07

California Farm Bureau Friday Review, posted 3/12/07
AB 186-Rural Crime Prevention program
AB 1634-Animal Control regulations
SB 200, 201, 202-Leafy Greens regulations

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28, posted 3/12/07, "Thursday afternoon the Senate Republicans denied the majority Democrats a quorum to do Senate business. I participated to call attention to my perception that the Democratic political machine is losing sight of what is best for the taxpaying public."

Klamath Regional Biofuels Conference Agenda and Registration March 10, 2007

Salmon fleet setting out early, 3/10/07, Oregonian.

Federal panel proposes longer salmon season, fewer restrictions, 3/9/07, San Jose Mercury.

Letter from John Gaine to Family Farm Alliance, 3/05/07.

Organic aid sought in farm bill, 3/7/07, Sac Bee.

PLEASE PRAY for Jim and Marcie Foley. They are dealing with her severe medical issues. 3/6/07

Big Klamath River chinook salmon run may ease restrictions, March 6, 2007 Sacramento Bee, "As many as 65,000 chinook returned to the Klamath River during the fall run, nearly double the minimum required by state and federal fisheries regulators who monitor the declining population." Followed by Thousands of chinook returned to Klamath River, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 Newsletter, posted 3/6/07. "In the last 25 years, Oregon’s population has increased by 38%, while the State Police Patrol Division has been reduced by over 50%." (KBC Note: Whitsett has his hands full..check out OREGON PAGE. 

Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon District 28 Newsletter, posted to KBC 3/6/08. "The same week the Governor made his statements regarding the rural counties of Oregon being on their own, the governor asked for a 38% general fund increase over the next two years for his own office, so he can hire more staff, have a greater travel budget (an increase of $160,000), and remodel his office and buy new furniture ($250,000). This does not include an additional $431,000 for new computer equipment. He is seeking a total of three million dollars increase, from nearly $11 million to $14 million for his personal governor’s office."

This advance notice of proposed rulemaking is related to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) surface management regulations for mining operations authorized by the Mining Law: comments due April 24, posted 3/6/07

Ethanol: Feed a Person for a Year or Fill Up an SUV? CounterPunch 3/6/07

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, 3/6/07

NEDC Claims Dismissed regarding timber industry and road permits, OFS 3/6/07

Oregon and Washington expand hazing efforts to deter sea lions from preying on salmon and steelhead, ODFW, posted to KBC 3/6/07

The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge near Klamath Falls, Oregon, provides nature's proof the American Bald Eagle is making a comeback, PRWeb, posted 3/5/07 "...there can be a unique balance of conservation and economic benefit in this prime farm and eco-region. And this is actually proving true. Many farmers have been rotating their private land in tracts that go unfarmed and are submerged in marsh-like water tracts for years, providing increased wildlife birding habitat. Amazingly, the aviary and agricultural result is that in just a few years, not only are important feed lands established for aviary, but later they are dried out to become better and more fertile land for their crops. Farmers are able to plant their crops and market them as organic, garnering higher prices at market."

Salmon season on hold until federal findings are released, H&N 3/5/07

Good Neighbor Forum ---- ESA misused, speakers say, Fort Morgan Times, posted to KBC 3/5/07

Dam removals could cost millions; BPA's electricity users could pay up to $550 million a year if four lower Snake River dams were removed, Idaho Statesman, posted 3/5/07

Fish and Game Commission denies coho delisting petition, Capital Press, posted 3/2/07. "James Buchal, a Portland attorney ... argued that the evidence shows the coho is not a native species in the region and efforts to restore its population are unwarranted, especially in light of the state's budget constraints."

Klamath Watershed gets more snow, One Bakersfield, posted to KBC 3/2/07, preceded by (KBC note: Yes, it is true that the amount of snow will determine farm water allocation. However the report does NOT state that, because of the flawed biological opinions, the more rain and snow we receive, the less water will be allowed for the farmers; it will be mandatory to take more of our stored water and aquifer and send it down the river to the ocean. If Klamath farmers pray for snow, they will be allowed less water.)