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ARCHIVE 26 - JULY 2004
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Klamath Bucket Brigade (KBB) notes from the historic potluck picnic social at the Pacific Power Keno Recreation Area Park on July 27.

Reality ignored, H&N 7/30/04, by William Kennedy. "Jim McCarthy, ONRC, (July 19 commentary) is a classic "windshield manager" from another country" followed by McCarthy's original commentary.

Mouse that Cost Economy $100 Million May Never Have Existed, Environment News 8/1/04.

Testimony of the Tulelake Growers Association for the House Committee on Resources regarding ESA improvement posted to KBC 8/1/04

KWUA weekly update for July 30, 2004
* KWUA Engineering Presentation Focuses on Long Lake and Pre-Project Hydrology
* USDA Releases Report on Environmental Compliance in U.S. Agricultural Policy
* Klamath Experiment Station (KES) Annual Field Day Planned for Next Thursday
* KES Field Day Agenda
* Historic Potluck Picnic Reveals Dedication of the American Farmer
* TNC Releases Technical Reports on Williamson River Delta Restoration
* Nominations Sought for Nathaniel Bingham Memorial Award
flows have increased 30 percent over discharges before settlement. The flow increases are attributed to the fact that irrigated land uses less water than evaporation loss from the thousands of acres of swamps and marshes that existed before the shallow lakebeds were reclaimed for agricultural use."

KBB update go HERE.

Morrison: The preditor's lure, Illinois Leader 8/1/04.

Bush administration lightens pesticide reviews for endangered species, ENN.com July 30, 2004

Bill Simon in Yreka Aug 21

Congressman Walden dinner Aug 17

Comment: Two years on, and no resolution is in sight,  Herald & News - 7/29/04 by Tim Fought, editor

Lake Levels River Flows H&N 7/28/04 Lake level river flow archives, go HERE

Hint: States, feds will unite on Klamath solutions, Capital Press 7/28/04

Tribes: Dam removal on the table, H&N 7/28/04. "(Mitchell) said the tribes might also come back to Europe to meet with other organizations and governing bodies, such as human rights committees and the United Nations."

The Basin and the Bay , 07/28/04. Washingtom Post hits new low in credibility. "...in 2004, was mass bankruptcy, as farmers' livelihoods literally dried up."  (It must be easier to make up news now than do even basic research. KBC)
Klamath Water Users' Response to Washington Post, 7/28/04
Another letter to Post editor,7/28/04. Gaelwolf has followed the Klamath crisis from the beginning, and a long time contributor to the forum. "The one part that is correct is the bit about the Klamath River Basin being located in Oregon and Northern California."
Washington Post goes off its rocker, H&N 8/2/04. Commentary by H&N editor followed by original Washington Post article.

ACTION ALERT!  PLEASE submit written testimony on impacts of the ESA to you, by July 30, 2004. : The Honorable Richard Pombo, Chairman, House Resources Committee, (typed single spaced, not to exceed 5 pages) Send to: resources.committee@mail.house.gov

Don't dismiss tribal claims out of hand, H&N editorial,7/27/04

It's about water, Letter to Editor, H&N, 7/27/04

Fire marshal to investigate cause of potato shed fire, H&N, 7/27/04

Cob facility hearing set for Wednesday

VP Dick Cheney in Medford Come Friday July 30, 2004

COB energy facility notices, go HERE.

Historic potluck picnic social planned for July 27.

2 articles: US tribes dance to shame ScottishPower, The Guardian, UK, and Comment: Remove the dams on the Klamath River, Eureka Times Standard posted to KBC July 27, 2004

Water shortage man-made, but pick the right people, and right causes, for blame July 26, 2004 Herald and News Restored wetlands lose more water than pastures by Doug Whitsett - Guest columnist ""However, the shortage is not being caused by cattlemen, dairymen, and farmers as they suggest; rather, it is being caused by the management errors of our own government. Let us count the ways that our most precious natural resource continues to be wasted through mismanagement."

Yanking dams to be studied - and that's good, H&N 7/26/04

Langell Valley wrong place to put proposed power plant, H&N 7/26/04. More on COB go HERE.

Klamath  Bucket Brigade update, go HERE

Feds, State could be next on list, H&N 7/26/04. "A $1 billion claim the Klamath Tribes filed against PacifiCorp earlier this year may be just the first effort to collect from parties who have damaged or taken resources, a tribal attorney said Saturday." "Allen Foreman, chairman of the Klamath Tribes, said the salmon suit was a long time coming."

ESA TODAY OTHER PLACES: Written Testimony on ESA Impacts In Missouri (Indiana Bat), from William Jud 7/26/04

ESA Incidental Take Permit Revocation Regulations: Comments due July 26, 2004.USFWS

Potato shed destroyed by fire, July 25, 2004 Herald and News. "Fire gutted the L&M Produce potato shed near the intersection of Stateline Road and Highway 39 Saturday afternoon."

H&N photo

ESA TODAYWildlife Service Reviews Survival Status of Klamath Fish, ENSnewswire.com. "The agency said the petition does not provide substantial new information to warrant delisting." (That is interesting in the fact that there was not enough information, and the fish counts were inaccurate, to list the fish in the first place.)

State might buy forests, use returns for college grants, The Oregonian 7/26/04. (Oregon has done an excellent job of turning private forest owners into 'willing sellers'. KBC)

ESA TODAY Coastal folks like birds, not surprises, The Oregonian 7/26/04. "The rules at some beaches were innocuous, such as limits on camping. But at other beaches, the proposed rules were ridiculously strict. No dogs, not even on leashes. No walking on the dry sand. And in one Taliban-worthy flourish, no kite-flying." (This compares somewhat with NO FARMING in Klamath in 2001, and now taking 1/4 of our water in 2005, just because, even though the National Resource Committee says it wasn't, and isn't, justified. KBC)

Letter to KBC: "I have a question, why cant "We the People"  fire some of these jerks?  Or just get rid of some of the agencies like the BLM?  Do we still have the power?  No probably not, but government is not run by the people and anyone who still thinks it is should take a harder look.  Unless we all stand together against these agencies we wont have any free "public" lands or water for private lands.  Good luck!   Lisa...Washington."
KBC Response regarding Klamath, go HERE

Speaking of "free 'public' lands", check out the following bills to lock up hundreds of thousands more acres in wilderness--no logging, mining, fire fighting (fried owls and boiled salmon), or any uses of resources. Go HERE.

© Pat Ratliff, Klamath Media
A Dedicated Photojournalist!
Tri County Courier posted to KBC 7/25/04. Pat Ratliff, Merrill,  graduates from wildland fire training to facilitate his reporting and awesome wildfire photography. Photos and story by Pat Ratliff, Klamath Media

Deniece Brown, a graduate

All sides agree on peer review, Tri County Courier posted to KBC 7/25/04. ""We had general agreement on storage, and a general agreement on a peer review process,” Walden said. “I think that is the biggest thing I learned today.”

OR: Governor Kulongoski to Seek Salmon-Friendly Solution to Hydropower Needs, waterchat.com posted to KBC 7/24/04. "Governor Theodore Kulongoski announced today that Oregon is joining the lawsuit filed by Earth Justice ....."

This weekend the tribes are having their gathering at Medicine Lake campground; last year was the first annual traditional gathering of that size. Go here for last year's Medicine Lake page of the political agenda. I tried to reserve a cost-free campground for our church, however I was the wrong race and religion, and my 'sovereign nation' was not good enough. KBC

Cob seeks 15-year tax-free deal, H&N 7/23/04. Go HERE for more on proposed power plant that is not supported by the local community.

Fight for fish to feed a way of life, Scotsman.com, 7/23/04 by Mike Belchik, Yurok Tribe, followed by past reports in Scotland.  (NOTE to the Power Companies:  The Tribes told us that we should 'do the right thing' by not irrigating in 2001 and advocated we sell our farmland to the government. Belchik tried to devalue and disallow a presentation of scientific review of the "Hardy Reports" hired by the Bureau of Indian Affairs being used to eliminate the Klamath Irrigators. Those flawed reports are still being used to take our water. The irrigators and their community are not supportive of eliminating the dams (or irrigation, or logging, or mining, or geothermal wells) as encouraged by environmental groups and tribes. P.S. There have been record salmon runs the past few years. KBC)

Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) well water report for July 23, 2004. For past reports, go HERE.
Presently, the mandatory well pumping ordered by the Bureau of Reclamation demanding fallowing land and pumping groundwater (water bank) is drying up local wells. The alternative is the threat of BOR shutting down the Klamath Project. Litigation is beginning. Next year 100,000 Acre Feet minimum of our water will be taken from us, regardless of the water year type. Why? Using the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and un-peer-reviewed science proven flawed, they are making higher-than-historic lake levels and river flows, and taking "tribal trust" water, a wild card at their demand.

Suckers should not have been listed, Tri-County Courier 7/23/04. "Vogel used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain a copy of an internal memo sent in 1986 from G.C. Kobetich, a USFW project leader in Sacramento, to USFW’s Portland office. In it, Kobetich states that his office chose not to pursue the listing of the Short Nose sucker due to its “larger population sizes and broader distribution. Despite the knowledge that the Short Nose sucker population was large and viable, the USFW listed the fish as endangered two years later, in 1988.”
For scientist David Vogel's complete testimony, pdf file, go HERE.

Trinity Ruling a Hit downriver, H&N 7/15/04, published on KBC (oops) 7/24/04

Weekly KWUA update for July 23, 2004
* 50th Annual Meeting Highlighted by Governor's Remarks, President's Message
* President Bush's Written Statement to the KWUA 50th Annual Meeting
* Klamath Field Hearing and Committee Approval of Bills Put Spotlight on ESA
- Sound Science Emphasized at Klamath Falls ESA Hearing (article courtesy of California Farm Bureau Federation) 
- Committee Votes to Modernize Endangered Species Act
* USFWS to Conduct Comprehensive Review of Klamath Sucker Populations
* Historic Potluck Picnic Social Planned

Divided House committee advances ESA reform bills, Environment & Energy Daily July 22, 2004

Klamath ESA Congressional Hearing, AgAlert California Farm Bureau 7/21/04. "Vogel said. "The two sucker populations are now conclusively known to be much greater in size, demonstrating major increases in recruitment, and are found over a much broader geographic range than originally reported in the 1988 ESA listing notice. Despite this indisputable empirical evidence, current implementation of the ESA does not provide the flexibility necessary to down-list or delist the species." (The following articles ---USFWS refusing to delist the suckers, proves Vogel's point. KBC)

THE REAL SUCKERS ARE THE U.S. TAXPAYERS. Op-ed submitted to H&N by James Buchal, 7/21/04.
FWS NEWS RELEASE: FWS to conduct comprehensive review of Klamath Sucker Populations, 7/21/04 ("rare fish"??? The USFWS has told us last week that they do not know how many suckers there were, there are, or how many they want, and there are tens of thousands more than they thought when they listed them, however, they want more money for 5 years more to study them. They presently have millions more dollars for more land acquisition to 'help' the suckers, although Dr William Lewis with the NRC science committee said that more swamp and more water and more land acquisitions will not necessarily help the suckers---KBC)
FWS Notice:
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Notice of Revised  90-Day Petition Finding and Initiation of a 5-Year Status Review of the Lost River Sucker and Shortnose Sucker. 7/21/04

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Bipartisan ESA Modernization Bill Approved by House Resources Committee, 7/21/04

Lake Level -- River Flows 7/21/04

PacifiCorp won't buy activists' studies favoring dam removal, H&N 7/21/04 "The company found that putting in fish passage would cost about $100 million and it would be unknown if it would have any benefits, said Toby Freeman, PacifiCorp hydro relicensing manager."

Pacific Legal Foundation: Property Rights Threatened By Federal Government’s Newly Proposed Hatchery Salmon Policy, 7/21/04.

Governor stands by Basin farming, Kulongoski commits to keeping Klamath farmers in business, H&N, 7/21/04. "Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Tuesday he puts a high priority on solving water problems of the Klamath Basin in a way that keeps agriculture going."
   "We have to protect the jobs and the lives of people who have been in the Klamath Basin for generations," he said.
...Kulongoski said people in the Basin depend on the abundance of their crops, but they can't count on a harvest if they can't count on their water."

Grange action alert: Send an Email Today to House Resources Committee Offices Asking Them to Support Passage of Endangered Species Act Improvement Bills, H.R. 1662 & H.R. 2933! 7/21/04

Tribes demand dams removed, Pioneer Press July 21, 2004.

Karuk Tribe of California will cook salmon and share it with ScottishPower shareholders in bid to win removal of seven dams along the Klamath River, Pioneer Press July 21, 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Committee Votes to Modernize Endangered Species Act, Brian Kennedy July 21, 2004

Committee to "Gut" and "Rollback" Endangered Species Act Tomorrow, July 20, 2004 by Brian Kennedy

Congressional subcommittee hearing on the ESA, Solutions for the ESA, Pioneer Press 7/19/04.

Testimony submitted to the Subcommittee on Water and Power House Resources Committee, go HERE

 "Hear us Out"  - Herald and News
"Opposing Viewpoints Converge" - Herald and News
"Witness by Witness - What They Said" - Herald and News
"How to Start: Walden's Crucial Question" - Herald and News Editorial Board
"House Panel Reviews Species Act" - Associated Press

There's good reason for governor to be here, H&N viewpoints by Dan Keppen, KWUA executive director 7/19/04

Tulelake Irrigation District well water level for 7/17/04

David Vogel, photo by KBC

Written testimony by David Vogel pdf, to the House Resources Committee July 17, 2004 in Klamath Falls regarding the Endangered Species Act and the Klamath Project.
Oral testimony pdf 

"I am a fisheries scientist who has worked in this discipline for the past 29 years. . I previously worked in the Fishery Research and Fishery Resources Divisions of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for 14 years and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for 1 year. During my tenure with the federal government, I received numerous superior and outstanding achievement awards and commendations, including Fisheries Management Biologist of the Year Award for six western states."


Klamath Basin Water Management by Doug Whitsett, President, Water for Life,Inc. "However, the shortage is not being caused by cattlemen, dairymen, and farmers as they suggest; rather, it is being caused by the management errors of our own government. Let us count the ways that our most precious natural resource continues to be wasted through mismanagement."

Thank you, House Committee on Resources, for coming to Klamath Falls on Saturday and listening to our stories. May the bankruptcies, divorces, devastation to our crops, wildlife, economy, and Hispanic people, deaths from stress and suicide, dry wells from our aquifer being sucked dry, neighbor pitted against neighbor...may Klamath be the last victim of the ESA gone haywire. You are our hope that our casualties were not in vain. Please take action and don't let this happen again. KBC

Denny Holl, logger from Merrill
Hundreds of children, loggers, farmers, horseback calvary, and locals walked through Klamath Falls to the rally at the Congressional hearing on the ESA Saturday morning. KBC photos

Rally Photos by Barbara Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade 7/17/04.  Thank you Barb!

Report from Lee Riddle, Brookings, Oregon, on the rally and Field Hearing 7/17/04

Notes by Barbara Hall, Klamath  Bucket Brigade, taken at House Resource Committee field hearing in Klamath Falls 7/17/04.

Sunday July 18 verse: Prayer Page

JULY 17 Resources Committee ESA Hearing - Klamath Falls, for agenda, information, testimonies, go HERE.

Congressional hearing Klamath Falls July 17

Weekly update for July 16, 2004
* Water Focus on Klamath Falls: Two Key Events Planned in the Next 4 Days
* KWUA 50th Annual Meeting Agenda
* March Through Klamath Falls and Rally Scheduled Before Congressional Field Hearing
* Pre-Hearing Rally Agenda and Speakers

Hearing should highlight species act problems, H&N, 7/15/04. It seems so little, and harmless to endangered species, to expect that the science behind a decision that would throw hundreds of farmers out of business and destroy several small towns meets the test that would apply to any other work intended for publication in a credible scholarly journal.

Too much opinion, by Dr Doug Whitsett, President of Water for Life, H&N 7/14/04.

Hearing witnesses set;  politicians, scientists top list; Allen Foreman to answer questions, H&N 7/14/04.

07/14/04 - On our You Need to Know page of Klamath Bucket Brigade, we've added a new section: Testimony Before the House Resource Committee and Sub Committee's On Reforming the Endangered Species Act and Other Matters:.  The House Resource Committee, under the leadership of Congressman Richard Pombo; has held several full hearings and field hearings the past year concerning the Endangered Species Act.  This section will help you find the witness's testimony at these hearings.  As soon as the witness statements are available online for the Field Hearing being held in Klamath Falls on July 17, we will be posting the link.

Counties get approval for emergency FSA loans, H&N 7/14/04.

Climb, turn and dive, cropdusters are all business in the field, H&N 7/14/04

PRESS RELEASE: ESA Field Hearing to Include Testimony From Key Witnesses, Congressman Walden 7/13/04.

One voice to fit all tribes at species act hearing, H&N 7/13/04. There are no current Klamath Basin farmers speaking at this hearing.  However, we are, as ALL AMERICANS are, invited to submit written testimony on impacts of the ESA to you. Thank you, Resources Committee, for this opportunity. KBC

Court orders Trinity River flows restored, Times-Standard 7/13/04.

PRESS RELEASE: Roadless Debate Demands More Than Mindless Rhetoric, House Resource Committee 7/13/04."Every federal land and forest management policy in the last twenty years has been shamelessly decried as a giveaway to industry by so-called environmentalists in this country," Chairman Pombo said. "In that time, however, national timber sales have plummeted by 80%, from eleven billion board feet a year to less than 2 billion board feet today. Domestic oil production has also decreased by roughly 40%."

Bush offers new roadless rules, 7/13/04, The Oregonian. "Gov. Ted Kulongoski criticizes the move to allow states to petition for roadless areas, which would require approval" "The Bush administration Monday closed the book on broad protections for 58.5 million acres of roadless national forests, leaving the land open to logging and other development unless state governors recommend otherwise."

July Klamath Congressional Field Hearing – What Will Be Learned? Dan Keppen, Executive Director of the Klamath Water Users Association, talked with the NWRA about the upcoming Congressional field hearing scheduled for July 17. "Next year, unless biological opinions change, and regardless of actual hydrologic conditions, we’re going to be developing another 100,000 acre-feet of water for those purposes. Again, we question whether that water is actually helping the environment because the underlying biological opinions are flawed."

Tribes fight geothermal project, H&N posted to KBC 7/13/04. (With no farms, no dams and no geothermal, where will be get our food and power? KBC)

Tribes to stage hearing protest, witness list for congressional field hearing does not include Allen Foreman, H&N 7/12/04.
There has been a misunderstanding by local media and local indigenous people.  This planned peaceful rally welcomes all people, not just one race, who feel the ESA needs to be improved for all Americans (that includes being allowed at the table, and peer reviewed science, unlike the current process).  Also, contrary to false accusations, as of 1:41 pm today, the local community has not been notified by the congressional committee on who will be chosen to speak at the hearing...it is not decided by local irrigators. KBC 7/12/04 1:41 pm.

Tribes will lobby to aid fish passage in Scotland with PCFFA, 7/9/04 Statesman Journal.
Letter to the editor of KBC in response to Tribe's billion dollar lawsuit for PacifiCorp by Lynn Bayona: Salmon in the Basin, Myth or Fact?  7/12/04.

KWUA perspective on the 2002 and 2003 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) reviews, posted July 12, 2004

COB gets grid approval H&N 7/12/04. For opinions of the local community regarding this massive energy plant in rural America, go to COB page.

AgLifeNW Magazine, July issue, 'Enhance the Endangered Species Act', submitted to AgLife by KBC. The following letter was sent to the Honorable Richard Pombo, Chairman, House Natural Resources  Committee United States House of Representatives by Bill Kennedy, Resource Manager of Lost River Ranch in Klamath Falls, Oregon. "...For the past 27 years the land I manage has been designated as a private wildlife refuge....Throughout the Klamath Basin, over 200,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat was dried up in the name of the ESA in 2001.  Irrigation water that was withheld was split between maintaining an artificially high Klamath Lake elevation to save the listed  Short Nose and lost River Suckerfish, and to create an artificially high rive r flow down the main stem of the Klamath River to save the listed Coho salmon.  At the same time, the needs of over 400 other species of vertebrates were ignored...."www.aglifenw.com has monthly Klamath article submitted by KBC.

Bill Kennedy, Klamath Basin

Freedom, by Kelly Campbell, Klamath Falls history teacher.  See Prayer Page 7/10/04 "Thomas Jefferson (written to the Danbury Baptists, addressing their fear that the government might interfere with their freedom of religion) - "The first amendment has erected a wall of separation between church and state, but that wall is a one directional wall; it keeps the government from running the church, but it makes sure that Christian principles will always stay in government."

Wisdom from the Discussion Forum, Buster Keester 7/9/04, "I'm sure the "ground water levels" are dropping at a much faster rate than the lake level ever did. Ground water recharge rates aren't all that fast. Robbing Peter to pay Paul I'd say. But "Father Knows Best" so pump away and flush those fish....And since pumps need electricity, why not yank out the hydro power producers (IE, dams)?? Then no power means no pumps, means no water, means lots of willing sellers. Great system.... Works every time...."

KWUA Media Alert: July 17th Congressional Field Hearing Slated for Klamath Falls: Community Leaders Plan Pre-Hearing March and Rally, 7/10/04

KWUA Weekly Update for July 9, 2004
* Congressional Field Hearing Looking for Constructive Ways to Help Fish, Farmers
* March Through Klamath FAlls and Rally Scheduled before Field Hearing
    - Itinerary
    - Speakers at the Rally
* Questions and Answers About the Congressional Field Hearing
* KWUA Submits Written Testimony to House Resources Committee
* Annual Meeting Seats Still Available
* Klamath Experiment Station Annual Field Day Planned for August 5.

Tribes will lobby to aid fish passage in Scotland with PCFFA, 7/9/04 Statesman Journal.

PRESS RELEASE: House Passes Landmark Water Bill for California "better known as Cal-Fed" 7/9/04


Documents move salvage sales forward, Mail Tribune 7/9/04
Congress gets 64,000-acre wilderness proposal
Siskiyou project plans to appeal logging

It seemed appropriate to put these 3 articles on one page. "When it announced its final environmental impact statement for the Biscuit fire salvage early last month, the Forest Service had said it supports increasing the 180,000-acre Kalmiopsis wilderness by some 64,600 acres." (more wilderness, no fire protection, more burned up wildlife and timber, less wildlife, more unemployment. KBC)

Roads Less Traveled, by Julie Smithson, regarding her visit to the Klamath headgates in 2001, by Julie Smithson, posted to KBC 7/9/04. "The loggers first said, “They'll never kick us out of the woods.”  The farmers were complacent: “They'll never take my water.  I've got a contract.  The only priority over my use is domestic use."

ESA tragedy of today, July 8, 2004 Rumor today has it that, since the Klamath Basin has been forced to participate in a mandatory "voluntary" water bank with the threat of shutting down the Klamath Project if we don't idle land and pump our aquifer, wells are going dry. Lawsuits are beginning. Thank you government agencies for further damaging our community. Regardless of the "best available science", the National Academy of  Science report saying that higher lake and river levels won't help fish, the BOR/NMFS are demanding 1/4 or our economy, our water, next year. What happened to "the best available science" line they gave us when they shut off our water in 2001?  KBC.

Battle lines being drawn around Biscuit fire salvage, The Oregonian posted to KBC 7/8/04. "Loggers would cut less than 5 percent of the 500,000 acres encompassed by the fire under terms outlined by the Forest Service last month. The cutting would yield enough timber to supply about 1 million Americans with wood and paper products for a year. But time is running out because burned trees lose commercial value quickly." (This would create 6900 jobs. Presently Oregon's unemployment rate is the highest in the lower 48 states. KBC)
Biscuit salvage draws two-city protest, Mail Tribune posted to KBC 7/9/04. "We are only proposing to harvest dead trees — no green trees," Conroy said. "And we are proposing to harvest on only 4 percent of the acreage (burned). On the flip side, that means 96 percent of the acreage will be left to recover naturally."

Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) leaves Klamath Drainage District (KDD) pumps in disrepair, unanswered May letter by KDD Supervisor Sam Hensel to BOR. "USBR has never acknowledged or responded to his letter.  The pumps continue to be in disrepair even though the District pays a large sum of money each year for O & M on the pumps." Posted to KBC 7/8/04.

Amend the ESA congressional hearing, Pioneer Press July 7, 2004. "Economic loss is not counted in the ESA decisions.  Local business leaders estimate that the termination of the 2001 water deliveries inflicted $200 million worth of economic damage on the Klamath Basin community."

No More Heroes, July 6, 2004, by retired Fish and Wildlife biologist and manager Jim Beers, "The Washington Post reported last year that the Nature Conservancy had repeatedly bought land, added some development restrictions, and then resold the properties at reduced prices to its trustees and other supporters."...."The next thing you know someone will tell us that some Endangered mouse doesn't even exist and that Endangered owls that we "saved" by decimating rural communities, timber companies, and uncounted families are still decreasing." {The Nature Conservancy is a major landowner is the Klamath Basin...go HERE...KBC}

Please pray for 'Snorin' Bear,' Lyn Bayona...see PRAYER PAGE 7/7/04

PLF Exposes Multi-Billion Dollar Endangered Species Act Cover-Up, Pacific Legal Foundation July 2004. "Billions of dollars spent each year on Endangered Species Act projects never get reported to Congress, according to an audit requested by PLF."

PLF Vows Court Fight to Enforce Landmark Hatchery Salmon Ruling, Russ Brooks July 2004. "Pacific Legal Foundation wasted no time in putting the Bush Administration’s new hatchery salmon policy under the legal microscope."

Back on the Ranch, H&N 7/7/04. "Although the Wood River Valley covers about 160,000 acres, three-quarters of that area is under federal or other government management with only 40,000 deeded, or private, acres." (Go HERE for what became of much of the Upper Basin agricultural land...KBC.)

Tulelake Irrigation District well reports for July 7, 2004.  HERE for collection of TID well reports.

Coho re-listing follow-up, 7/6/04. Please Comment! Due Sept 13.

Saw a neighbor farmer driving down the road.  He said all of the available irrigation wells are pumping water because the Bureau of Reclamation wants it for lake levels and downstream (above historic, pre-Project levels, by the way). I saw a friend at church and her well is going dry, along with others she knows. We will let you know more about the well situation as we learn more. 7/6/04 KBC editor.

Water turns to bad blood, Sacramento Bee 7/6/04, followed by KBC response.

IRS Toughens Scrutiny of Land Gifts, Washington Post, posted to KBC 7/6/04.  The Nature Conservancy is one of the largest landowners in the Klamath Basin. Go HERE for land acquisitions.

PRESS RELEASE: Walden names new press secretary for D.C. office, 7/6/04.

Horseradish saluted at Tulelake festivities on July 4, H&N posted to KBC 4/6/04
Tulelake grows 30% of the horseradish in the United States.

Roy Pound tries to gulp down a hot dog laced with pungent horseradish during the horseradish eating contest at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairgrounds Sunday. Pound finished second.

KBC July 3 Medicine Lake, FREEDOM
It's the 4th of July! Freedom to farm! Freedom to own property! Freedom from dictatorship! Preserve the freedom for which our fathers fought and died!  Celebrate our veterans and settlers. Read their stories and hear their voices. They tell how the ESA-gone-bad is taking their freedom and way of life -- Homesteaders and Settler Page

(July 4, clear skies, they're limiting out with nightcrawlers, even from shore--go fishin' and contemplate freedom. Come home and stand-up to preserve your children's freedom!)


July 4, on Prayer Page. "Prayer to God in Time of Trouble"

JULY 4 - Tulelake Fairgrounds 'Hot Rods, Roots and Salutes.' Car show, horseradish festival, art show, contests, games, demonstrations, great food, museum open, free entertainment, FIREWORKS!

JULY 3 - Malin Park 'Happy Birthday Malin! 95 years of memories!'  All Class Reunion, car show, Czech dancing, parade, town tours, arts and crafts, BBQ

MORRISON: Where will we get our food? 7/1/04, Illinois Leader.  This article does not SAY Klamath Basin, but it describes the 94,000 acres taken out of agriculture in our basin and the Department of the Interiors goal of downsizing us by 100,000 acre feet of water (waterbank 2005), all over our country.  KBC

Mountain lion kills nine sheep, Pioneer Press Liz Bowen 7/1/04.

'A Siskiyou County Perspective,' a power point presentation given on June 7, 2004 at the Lower Klamath River Basin Science Conference at Humboldt State University by Marcia H. Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor. This has an accompanying narrative.  KBC's Klamath River and its Tributaries page contains information contributed by those on the tributaries.

Lawmakers seek details on Biscuit Wilderness proposal., 7/1/04, Arizona Daily Sun.(environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers are holding dead Biscuit wood--the Oregon economy--hostage to agree to lock up more resources: "the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, which covers 180,000 acres in the middle of the 500,000 acres that burned in the 2002 Biscuit fire."

KWUA weekly update for 7/1/04
* Governor Kulongoski to be Honored at KWUA 50th Annual Meeting on July 20th. (If you are interested in attending the annual meeting, please contact our office. 350 seats have been reserved - first come, first served.)
* Coho Decision Postponed, Again (by Liz Bowen, Fort Jones, CA)
   - A decision to list the coho was expected.
   - President Jim Kellogg changed his mind.
   - Del Norte Supervisor supports Klamath agriculture.
   - Still disagree on science.
   - The coho issue is far from over.
* Coho Decision Sparks State Senate Leader to Block Commission Appointee
* Kennedy Reelected President of Family Farm Alliance

ESA TODAY Governor's employee is blocked, LA Times: "The leader of California's Senate has blocked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first appointment to the California Fish and Game Commission after she voted to delay plans to protect the state's rare coho salmon as an endangered species."

Tulelake Irrigation District well reports, July 1, 2004. 





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