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 Oregon governor unveils environmental agenda for Legislature, Capital Press, posted to KBC 12/26/08

Tribes to buy tree farm H&N 12/20/08

Land deal returns slice of Klamath tribal homeland, The Oregonian 12/18/08. WJ Worley respond.  And Capital Press, Klamath Tribes are seeing a brighter future.

Congressman (Thompson) passed over for post, H&N 12/16/08. From the archives: HERE for Oct. 4, 2002 KWUA Newsletter regarding Thompson vs Klamath irrigators.
From the archives 6/1/05: Tribes dammed Klamath; 1851 journal states Klamath River ran putrid from dead salmon, Klamath Courier. PacifiCorp: County should weigh in on dam removal, Sisk. Daily 12/12/08
Water meetings: Mum’s the word; Stakeholders must sign confidentiality, H&N 12/13/09 Karuk slam dam deal, Pioneer Press 12/11/08. "A group of angry Karuk and Klamath River residents..."
County to skip water meeting; Commissioners won’t attend session, based on legal advice H&N 12/10/08 Big Dam Fight, Willamette Week 12/3/09
Reuniting a River, December 2008 National Geographic Irrigator seeks water meeting, H&N 11/28/08
What Klamath County’s state lawmakers think about dam removal, H&N 11/25/08 Details of the proposed Hart Bypass, H&N 2/25/08

Dam bypass proposed, Opponents of removal offer alternatives, H&N 11/24/08

What about Copco? Siskiyou Daily News 11/22/08
Dam deal still stokes controversy, Critics from all sides assail new deal on Klamath Basin water, Capital Press 11/20/08

Water timeline, H&N 11/16/08

Reaction to Klamath agreement, H&N 11/16/08 Bush wants solution,  Secretary of Interior hopes dam agreement will help Basin, H&N 11/14/08
Hurdles remain for dams, H&N 11/15/08 Pact Would Open River, Removing Four Dams, NY Times 11/14/08
Stakeholders react to agreement, H&N 11/14/08 Fed-State-Utility Agreement May Lead To Removal Of Four Dams On Klamath River, CBB 11/14/08
PacifiCorp Agrees To Remove Dams, Wall St Journal 11/13/08 Klamath dam removal plan unpopular with farmers, Capital Press 11/13/08
Klamath Basin Alliance takes community voices rejecting Klamath Settlement Agreement to Klamath County Commissioners, Klamath Basin Alliance 11/12/08 PRESS RELEASE DOI - Agreement in Principle Marks First Critical Step on Presumptive Path to Remove Four Klamath River Dams, 11/13/08
Tentative deal will clear Klamath River for salmon, 11/12/08 Oregonian. Oregonian comment follows, "The people have just screwed Oregon again. Nice job." Dams would be removed by 2025, State, feds and PacifiCorp agreement scheduled for signing Thursday, H&N 11/12/08
Salmon: No dam difference? Oregonian editorial 10/30/08 Restoration agreement has local support, by 74 residents in the Klamath Basin, H&N 10/30/08
VIDEO with article Water board mulls PacifiCorp project, Locals say they want Upper Klamath Basin dams to remain Capital Press 10/30/08 Surprising study shows more salmon survive West's dammed rivers, Canadian Press 10/29/08
Dams Not Main Cause of Salmon Collapse, Study Says, James Owen for National Geographic News 10/29/08 Hydroelectric history in the Basin, H&N 10/20/08
Water pact work remains; Efforts to drum up support continue, as do disagreements, H&N 10/12/08.

Stakeholders get birds-eye perspective; Water agreement stakeholders view much of the area included in the agreement by plane, 10/6/08, H&N.

Vandals tag signs near Klamath dam;  Messages demand Iron Gate removal, Record Searchlight 9/22/08.

(Klamath  Water) Adjudication: $5,000 a day, H&N, posted to KBC 9/17/08.

Congressman Hastings on hydropower, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Klamath Dam concerns voiced in Dorris, Mt Shasta Herald 9/8/08.

Public Participation in Environmental Decisionmaking  Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, posted to KBC 9/17/08. "A new report from the National Research Council probes deeply into the positive and occasionally negative effects of public participation on the environmental policymaking process...'When done well, public participation improves the quality and legitimacy of a decision and builds the capacity of all involved to engage in the policy process. It also can enhance trust and understanding among parties,' the report said.
Water clarification: PacifiCorp, H&N posted to KBC 9/6/08. " (Klamath) Tribes acquire former mill site, Biomass facility planned north of Chiloquin, H&N, posted to KBC 9/2/08.
Un-dam the Klamath meeting set for Charleston tonight, Coos Bay, The World Link, posted to KBC 8/23/08. County leaders talk water, dams, Klamath, Siskiyou boards plan to meet regularly about water pact, H&N 8/20/08
The Great Basin Debate, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 8/20/08.

PacifiCorp to resubmit water quality application, Mt Shasta News, Frank Galusha 8/14/08.

August 19 at 1:30 Dorris City Hall 307 Main Street, Public Joint Meeting of  Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and Klamath County Commissioners regarding FERC relicensing issues on the Klamath River.
Fishing in a crowd can be fun, Times-Standard, posted 8/11/08. "The Klamath River is predicted to be full of salmon this fall." D.C. trip covered (Klamath) dams, salmon; Commissioner Bill Brown says he represented himself, county and residents, H&N, posted to KBC 8/11/08
Supervisors Cook, Kobseff take dam issue to Washington, DC lawmakers, Siskiyou Daily News 8/7/08. Majority of responses favor fish ladders over Klamath dam removal H&N, posted to KBC 8/4/08
Klamath Commissioner Brown: D.C. Trip was productive (regarding Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement) H&N 8/2/08. Siskiyou supervisor pleased with delay (of dam talks), H&N 8/2/08.
Water meetings delayed, State, federal officials postpone meetings with stakeholders, H&N 8/2/08 Klamath Dam Removal Advocates Train For Direct Action Against PacifiCorp, Indybay, posted to KBC 8/2/08.
Taking out dams ridiculous idea, H&N letter to editor 7/31/08 Media Myths; America's big dam problems. Networks ignore Eco-campaign to save the salmon and turn out the lights, Business and Media Institute, posted to KBC 7/31/08.
Strategies for civil disobedience the topic of workshop, The Daily Triplicate 7/30/08. Here for a word from Karuk Spokesman and anti-dam activist Craig Tucker, who led the charge against Buffett's Klamath dams. HERE for website of IP3, the Ruckus Society, which trains those planning to take out Klamath's 4 hydropower dams, and explains how Columbus and his followers have exploited the tribes and turned the USA into wasteland. Supervisors head to Washington to protest Klamath dams removal, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 7/28/08.

Commissioner headed to D.C. Bill Brown to be part of fact-finding and lobbying trip about dams, H&N, posted to KBC 7/28/08.

Malibu Chumash Village to Host Klamath Riverkeeper Event; Local Groups Join Ranks with Organizations Seeking Removal of Four Dams, Malibu Surfside News 7/24/08. (Craig Tucker, former waterkeeper activist, is currently spokesman for the Karuk Tribe)

Proposed Klamath agreement doesn’t make much sense, H&N letter,  7/23/08.


Klamath Dam Decision by September 30? H&N posted to KBC 7/19/08. Klamath allocation of chinook looks good, Triplicate 7/11/08. KBC Note of bumper crop of Klamath salmon.
***Peace on the River,  by High Country News, posted 7/8/08 with KBC commentary. "After (Hoopas and Yuroks) sued against us getting a power rate with the other "friends" at the settlement table, THEN they supported a rate hike that would take place over 4 years. They put us in the bind in the first place, then turned on their allies in the legal battle, PacifiCorp." (KBC NOTE: Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker asked us to put this article on KBC; he claims it is accurate.)
Urgent Action Alert: State hearings on Klamath Dams on July 22, 31st, and Aug. 1. by Dan Bacher, posted to KBC 7/8/08, San Francisco Indy Bay
*** In response to Mr. Bacher on Klamath Dams, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, posted 7/8/08
Kayaking the Klamath while dodging the dams, High Country News 7/2/08, with KBC NOTES. "Yurok Indian said, "Us and the farmers, we’re working side by side right now," he said. "We told them we wouldn’t sue them, so they’re with us. They don’t like the word sue." Hearing highlights importance of hydroelectric dams, Capital Press 6/27/08
Impact of (Mazama) tree farm swap not known, H&N, posted to KBC 6/24/08. Klamath Dam transfer considered, PacifiCorp talking with government officials, H&N posted 6/11/08
U.S., PacifiCorp discuss resolution of Klamath dams issue, Oregonian, posted to KBC 6/11/08 Is PacifiCorp helping lead? H&N, posted 6/11/08
Rogue River dams to come down, Oregonian, posted to KBC 6/11/08 Good fishing is good business, The Daily Triplicate, posted to KBC 5/31/08. (KBC NOTE: Why do the Indians want the Klamath dams out? Are the salmon on the 'brink of extinction?' )
County decides to postpone ramp repair, May 28, 2008 by Nicholas Grube, Daily Triplicate: Dam issue jams Klamath settlement; Power company process independent of stakeholders' agreement, Capital Press 5/30/08
Klamath dam removal poses serious risks, Redding Record Searchlight, posted 5/20/08. Study the tradeoffs before removing dams, Herald and News, posted to KBC 5/20/08
A special invite for you to join the Grange, Pioneer Press 5/5/08 (Siskiyou) County Supervisors meet with Pacific Power officials, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 5/5/08
Fate of Klamath dams still uncertain; Daily briefing Company that owns dams will defer choice to state regulators and federal officials OMAHA, Neb, H&N 5/4/08. Native Women Protest Over Warren Buffett's Klamath River Dams, North Coast Indy Bay, posted to KBC 5/4/08.
Council OKs salmon fishing on Klamath; DFG vote next, The Record-Stockton, 4/30/08. Foes of dams to confront Buffet again, Times-Standard posted 4/30/08
Salmon win in this dam legal battle, Capital Press editorial 4/25/08. Tribes to lobby in Omaha, H&N, 4/24/08
Going To Pieces; The Dismantling of the United States of America  -  documentary film is now online that shows how 'tribalism' is now claiming vast waters, lands, and natural resources. Click Here for more on the book and to view the full-length online video. Click Here to view a summary video. (suitable for 56KB)More on Willman and book, go HERE.
Klamath Water Users Association Klamath Project timeline, April 24, 2008 Klamath Water Users Association settlement information packet, April 24, 2008

Utility hesitant about dams, Pacific Power official: Liability of Klamath dam removal unknown, H&N 4/18/08 "Art Sasse, strategic consultant for PacifiCorp, said mail received by the utility is running 15-1 against dam removal..."

Proposal would put chinook in local waters, H&N 4/23/08. (KBC NOTE: this public meeting was announced today, and the public meeting was today 4/23.)
Board of supervisors continues work on Klamath resolution, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/24/08 Klamath County delays water decision, Commissioners vote to postpone recommendation on agreement, H&N 4/16/08
Klamath County Natural Resource Advisory Council members, H&N 4/13/08 Council voices concern with deal; county advisory board postpones recommendation, Posted to KBC 4/13/08
Toxins found in Klamath fish, Study commissioned by (Karuk) tribe on river finds risk to public health, H&N, posted to KBC 4/13/08. Craig Tucker, Karuk spokesman, was previously activist with 'Friends of the River', an international dam removal group, and presently 'Riverkeeper.' Karuks along with Bobby Kennedy, President of Waterkeepers, filed a lawsuit against PacifiCorp to get the dams removed because of algae. A quote from Tucker 7/4/07: "It would be worth better understanding what they could to address the algae problem. But note that our push for dam removal comes with or without the algae as the dams remain a barrier to the recovery of salmon even if the human health threat of the toxic algae blooms were addressed." S. Craig Tucker, Ph.D., Klamath Campaign Coordinator, Karuk Tribe of California
County-sponsored talks fall through, H&N 4/10/08. With KBC Note County close to vote on water, Commissioners haven’t finalized positions, H&N 4/10/08
Investigate (Siskiyou) Supes secret meetings, Pioneer Press 4/10/08 Siskiyou supervisors oppose water proposal, H&N 4/2/08. These were the actual motions that were approved.
El Dorado Hills woman fighting Indian tribe over home repairs, Sac Bee 4/8/08. In the Klamath settlement agreement, tribes would receive 92,000 acres of land which surrounds many private properties. HERE for tribal intentions for when settlement comes to pass. Stakeholder groups meet in Yreka, H&N 4/2/08. "We wanted to get together and get some of our board members with tribal members from different tribes,” Addington said. “We’re here to eat some salmon, Klamath potatoes, elk and eel.” 
Stakeholders react to Siskiyou decision, H&N 4/2/08 No’ on water deal likely, Siskiyou Board of Supervisors poised to vote against proposed water settlement, H&N 4/1/08

Any Klamath dam deal must provide water for fish, followed by Comments "Mr King, Did you know that historically the Klamath Basin was under was a navigable lake? Where we farm in the Tulelake Basin was under 20-30 feet of water before we rerouted the lake into ditches and canals and Klamath Lake" SacBee 3/29/08

Press Advisory: Karuk Tribe ·  Yurok Tribe · Klamath Tribes · Klamath Water Users’ Association hold strategy summit,  3/31/08, on April Fools Day.
Siskiyou County supervisors meet with stakeholders, H&N 4/1/08 USFWS official presents one view of agreement, Mt Shasta News 3/28/08. KBC NOTE
Polarizing (Klamath) ads should not be riding the bus, Oregonian 3/11/08 ACLU Files Free Speech Suit Against TriMet, KPTV, posted 2/21/08
Plan yields right-of-way to wildlife, wildlife plan carves swath across West,  Capital Press, posted to KBC 3/9/08. NOAA research linking sea temperature swings to salmon return numbers, posted to KBC 3/9/08 (KBC NOTE: Sea Temperatures, not dams, not algae.)
What's happening in the ocean affects salmon the most, Modesto Bee, posted to KBC 3/11/08 Avoiding a salmon calamity, Contra Costa Times, 3/9/08.
3/9/08 Native Springs all natural energized spring water, More dams along NW rivers considered, H&N 3/9/08
Legal cloud over talks; Closed discussions between department, Klamath Tribes may have been illegal, H&N 3/6/08. Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement could be in jeopardy, ktvz 3/5/08.
North Coast Environmental Center Rejects Klamath Agreement, NEC, posted to KBC 3/5/08 with KBC NOTE Klamath water deal snags on environmental group's opposition, Sacramento Bee, posted 3/5/08, with KBC NOTE
Booming growth raises idea of new dams, Seattle Times, posted 3/5/08 What is behind the salmon decline?, San Francisco Chronicle, posted 3/1/08
Water agreement is open for discussion, KRDV, posted 3/1/08 Words from Webster - The end-game, Pioneer Press, posted 2/28/08
Water for Life opposes water agreement, H&N, posted 3/1/08 Water roundtable: Discussions focus on dam removal, power rates, H&N, posted 2/28/08
Irrigators clash over proposed Klamath deal, California Farm Bureau, posted 2/26/08 Water settlement: Twelve districts sign on to pact, H&N, posted 2/27/08 (KBC NOTE: Most districts did not allow their constituency to vote)
Question-answer session draws 100 people, H&N, posted 2/26/08 Bureau of Reclamation moving ahead on storage studies, H&N, posted 2/26/08.
Natural resource council supports more negotiation, H&N, posted 2/25/08

Representative Greg Walden urges patience about water agreement, H&N, posted 2/24/08

A big step towards peace, H&N, posted 2/22/08 Siskiyou County hears comments, H&N, posted 2/22/08
Oregon Cattlemen's Association opposes agreement, H&N, posted 2/22/08 Researchers unsure how dam removal will affect river's ecosystem, Missoulian, posted 2/21/08
 Cook: Klamath decision can't be "made lightly", Siskiyou Daily, posted 2/21/08 ACLU Files Free Speech Suit Against TriMet, KPTV, posted 2/21/08
Bentz: Klamath water deal could have ripple effects on Eastern Oregon, Baker City Herald, posted to KBC 2/20/08 Water: Klamath Basin Settlement Group Gives Capitol Hill Briefing, followed by summary, posted to KBC 2/20/08. Includes link to video.
Dam Removal to Cut Both Ways,  Columbian 1999, posted to KBC 2/20/08 Klamath Irrigation District votes in favor of settlement agreement, H&N 2/20/08
Tribes get active about water, H&N 2/19/08. Klamath Settlement FAQs, by Save the Family Farm 2/19/08
Watermarks, a Herald and News publication of Klamath history, settlement, indians, dams, posted 2/17/08. The Board of Directors of Klamath Irrigation District passed a resolution on February 14, 2008, supporting the 2008 Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA).
Water groups to meet, discuss differences, H&N 2/14/08 Fourteen local irrigators sign petition supporting water agreement, H&N 2/14/08. Includes KBC Who's who NOTE
Water settlement Attorney says no to agreement, H&N, posted 2/12/08 Water users president pulls name, Luther Horsley rescinds signature on letter seeking reopening of talks, H&N 2/13/08.
Water questions raised, More than 80 people speak at hearing about settlement, H&N 2/13/08. Public airs opinions of water agreement, H&N 2/12/08.
***Klamath Settlement informational meeting with James Buchal, 2/11 at 3 p.m. Hear another point of view.
Upcoming settlement public meetings, H&N 2/9/08
Support for further negotiations, Klamath Water Users Association president signs letter with off-Project demands, H&N 2/09/08
Water settlement: Reopening talks could be hard, Klamath Water Users Association executive director says new negotiations may be detrimental, H&N 2/7/08 Off-Project users list demands, H&N 2/6/08
Klamath Tribes back water deal, H&N 2/5/08. County commissioners have first public hearing, H&N 2/5/08
County could benefit from water pact, H&N 2/4/08 Siskiyou residents speak up about Klamath settlement  and dam removal, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 2/3/08
Hoopa Valley Tribe files $80 million lawsuit, Eureka Reporter, posted to KBC 2/3/08 Shasta Nation takes stand on dam removal, 2/1/08.
Water settlement opinions vary on dam removal, H&N 1/30/08 Klamath Tribes to vote on water plan; Signatures to wait until PacifiCorp agrees to dam removal, H&N 1/30/08.

Water Rights Settlements Between Basin Tribes and Klamath Reclamation Project; Key Elements of the Proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, 1/29/08 KWUA

 Klamath Settlement PUBLIC meeting:  KWUA 1/26 at 1:30, Merrill.

Sparks fly in wake of talks, H&N 1/26/08

Klamath water settlement power lawsuit resurrected, H&N 1/25/08 Walden: Don’t rush review, Agreement Background, and Ransom Note, H&N 1/25/08
Water settlement perspectives, H&N 1/24/08 Groups urge full reading of plan, H&N 1/24/08
Deal may ease conflicts, Proposed water settlement may help with adjudication, H&N , posted 1/24/08. 1/23/08 - The following was in the Herald and News by attorney James Buchal regarding Klamath Settlement
Klamath dam plan generates doubts, Triplicate, posted 1/23/08. Klamath settlement goes under knife before board, Eureka Reporter 1/23/08.
Siskiyou County public meeting on water settlement 1/22/08 Tribal land plan clouds dam deal, Oregonian 1/20/08
Klamath Settlement Analysis, by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor District 5 1/18/08. Protestors object to proposed water settlement, Herald and News 1/18/08
New Cloud Over the Klamath Basin, James L Buchal 1/18/08. Reaction to agreement varies in the Basin, beyond, H&N 1/16/08.
Klamath River pact out of the gate, Times Standard 1/16/08 Reliable water to farmers; Tribes get 90,000 acres; Four dams on Klamath River would be removed, H&N 1/16/08
Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, settlement addresses 3 goals, H&N 1/16/08 Deal on Dams on Klamath Advances, New York Times, 1/16/08
Tentative Klamath deal reached, But it hinges on removal of four dams by a utility not included in the talks, Sacramento Bee 1/16/08 Deal afoot to alter Klamath for users, Dam removal - The program hinges on getting $1 billion and PacifiCorp's OK Oregonian 1/16/08.
PRESS RELEASE by Klamath Water Users Association Executive Director Greg Addington, Yurok Tribe Troy Fletcher, and Chuck Bonham from Trout Unlimited 1/15/08 Senator (Whitsett) slams water proposal, H&N 1/13/08.
No date set for (Klamath) water document, followed by, Group is working on two documents, H&N 1/5/08. Water stakeholders meet today; group to be polled about releasing document, H&N 1/4/08
No decision on water; Tulelake Irrigation District board discusses water settlement plan, H&N 1/3/08.  
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