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 Archive 54 - November 2006
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

* Finalize CIP Dec 6-7, POSTPONED

Letter to FERC, Relicensing of the Klamath River Dams by Jim Foley, 11/30/06.

Pondering the power of the future, Herald and News, 11/30/06

California Regional Water Quality Control Board Notice of public workshops and CEQA scoping meetings concerning the development of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and Action Plan for the Klamath River., EPA, posted to KBC 11/30/06

Irrigators seek $86 million in lawsuit, Herald and News 11/30/06, "A group of Klamath Basin water users filed suit in Klamath County Circuit Court against PacifiCorp Wednesday, asking for $86 million in damages for violating a 1956 contract on power rates."

FERC Klamath Hydroelectric Project public meetings through Nov. 30th.

BOR UKL fish screen comments 11/30

Recommendation for Big Look Task Force; Water, Paper or Planning? by Tamra Mabbott, Umatilla County Planning Director,October, 2006
Oregon's water management plan, Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett responds to above recommendation, 11/28/06 "Her (Mabbott's)
proposals, taken as a whole, represent the largest expansion of Oregon’s police powers since the 1973 passage of Senate Bill 100, the land use planning statute. Six of her specific policy proposals appear to oppose the interests of agriculture and the interests of many municipalities."

Petitions oppose reservation for tribes, H&N 11/29/06  Go HERE and scroll way down for articles and documents on Klamath Tribal termination and their attempt to be given the forest again.

Siskiyou County drug trade and corruption by John Martinez, Pioneer Press 11/29/06 "The farmers and ranchers are getting blamed for the fish. Why are we not hearing about the nets and the big fishing companies?" "If the fish really mattered we would not see Tribes raping the fisheries with gill nets, Tribes wholesaling to Asian fish cartels, environmentalists dumping drug related production chemicals into pristine creeks and of course we'd see a tremendous effort to establish hatcheries in each tributary of each river..."

Family Farm Alliance annual conference, posted 11/29/06 Farming is National Security

FERC dam relicensing on the Klamath, by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong, posted to KBC 11/29/06

A million here; a million there, Mountain States Legal Foundation, 11/29/06 "Thus, a win-win proposal, which would have generated more  than enough water for the species, created jobs and  revenues, preserved forest health, and secured local  economics, at no additional cost, was rejected.  In its  place is a multi-million dollar scheme that creates losers  all around, beginning with those ranchers in Colorado and  Wyoming."

Salmon return to Klamath foreseen; Water allocation seen as key Klamath River issue in talks, Herald and News 11/28/06 (KBC NOTE: Why is it good for the public in a democratic society to not be allowed to know what rights are being secretly negotiated in dam removal/power rates/water allocation discussions?? Will someone from FERC, KWUA or Tribes answer that?)

Renewable energy conf 11/29

Ocean's early demise disputed, Fishers, other marine experts say pessimistic report unduly alarmist, Monterey Herald 11/28/06

States seek authority to kill sea lions eating salmon, Oregonian, posted to KBC 11/28/2006

Agricultural Trade Liberalization, economic and budget issue brief, Congressional Budget Office, posted 11/28/06. "Many of you have inquired about Ag trade and what options might be in the future.  On November 20th, the Congressional Budget Office prepared the attached issue brief on the subject.  I found it useful...I hope it helps answer some of your questions." Jason Larabee, Legislative Director to Congressman John T. Doolittle, Republican Conference Secretary

Designation of Critical Habitat for the Contiguous United States Distinct Population Segment of the Canada Lynx, FWS: "1,841 square miles fall within the boundaries of the critical habitat designation, in three units in the States of Minnesota, Montana, and Washington." 11/28/06

Knight vows NAIS will never become mandatory, Brownfield Ag News, posted 11/28/06

PRESS RELEASE: Postponed – Working Session on the Organizational Structure for the Klamath River Basin Conservation Implementation Program, Bureau of Reclamation, posted to KBC 11/28/06

Water Quality Control Board 11/27-30

Downriver tribe takes aim at Reclamation plan, Capital Press, posted 11/26/06: "Troy Fletcher, a biologist by training and former administrator of the downriver Yurok Tribe, said CIP governance as proposed is based on government agencies calling the shots. We will say 'No way,' Fletcher said. 'Ask what's wrong with you, the stakeholders, running the show.' "(Klamath Project Irrigator Marshall) Staunton wants a "congress" of stakeholders to review the restoration priority list, and to work with a "legislative implementation team" to seek state and federal laws that support getting the job done."

11/25/06: "Dear Mr. Secretary: Below this message is attached the latest on the West Coast Salmon Disaster Aid available to displaced Oregon Salmon Trollers in two counties. I must say you were able to drag your feet like all good bureaucrats.  You said a lot, you did nothing!  Shame on you! ..." followed by: Housing help available to fishermen, The World Link, posted to KBC 11/26/06

Klamath consultation in doubt; Fishery agencies demand specifics, Capital Press, posted to KBC 11/26/06 "Phil Detrich, field supervisor of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Klamath office, has put off a December Endangered Species Act consultation over Klamath hydroelectric dams."

For salmon, dammed or undammed makes no difference, Water seminar attendees hear another side of issue, Capital Press, posted 11/26/06 "Environmentalists want dams removed to save salmon, ignoring one fact: The runs are in the same condition on undammed rivers as in those with dams."

San Francisco--take permit for 66 species including plants, bugs and wildlife, posted 11/25/06

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! "By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of [our] lips giving thanks to his name. But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased." Hebrews 13:15-16

Klamath Summit delayed to allow parties to negotiate 11/23/06, Oregonian

Editorial: Historic opportunity; Warren Buffett, take down those dams! Sacramento Bee Editorial 11/23/06 (KBC Note: For the record: KBC knows of no Project irrigator who wants to see the Klamath hydro dams removed. Negotiations are secret and closed. The enviros and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen petitioned against allowing the farmers to have an affordable power rate in exchange for free regulated water provided by the Klamath Project, paid for by irrigators. However now they are dangling power rates in exchange for dam removal--that makes it ok? A political solution to rewild the watershed! Obliterate hatcheries. Where is the science saying dam removal will benefit the fish? 20 million cubic yards of sediment to pour downstream? Warmer water? Let's not mention power for 70,000 households with no current power alternatives.)

***Note to KBC from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding the current Klamath hydro dam relicensing process. Presently FERC is accepting public comments, go HERE for where to write before Dec. 1. Also many of the stakeholders and government agencies are holding FERC negotiations which are closed meetings, not to be divulged to the constituents. FERC writes: "If a settlement is filed here, we would issue public notice of it and invite comments.  Depending on what's in it, we may need to do additional NEPA work to support the decision-making process."
HERE for Dam Page.

Coalition for Idaho Water, IWUA Members and Friends: We need your help to protect Idaho’s water! 11/21/06

Scientist Says Dams May Not Be Limiting Fish Recovery, NW Fishletter, posted 11/21/06

A‘new’ church and state; Redefining Church to fit the concept of church and state, by John Martinez, republished from Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 11/21/06 "One of our local, Native American spiritual leaders is Leaf Hillman, the vice-chairman of the Karuk Tribe."

Globalized Grizzlies, New American by Michael Coffman, PhD. From Doug on our Discussion Forum,  "The best read I have ever read on the wildlands project is a write by Dr Michael Coffman. It should shock the eyes open of anyone who reads it."

A Revolution In Fish Tracking Gets Under Way, Fishletter, posted 11/21/06 "Other new research that may shed light on the vagaries of barging fish reported that overall, barged fish were in better shape than their inriver brethren, based on lab tests that assessed their ability to ward off marine bacteria" (this Columbia Basin report has many important points being discussed for the Klamath River dams, such as, barging of fish, disease, and survival.)

In north-central Washington, coho salmon are fighting the odds, Seattle Times, posted 11/21/06. "Now they are being revived with the aid of humble hatchery stock transplanted from the Lower Columbia River."

Range Magazine: The Greening of America, by Michael Coffman Ph.D. Fall issue

FEC fines Sierra Club, The Hill, posted to KBC 11/21/06

HERE for Klamath Compact link.

Renewable Energy Conference 2006 agenda and registration for Nov. 29

Letter from Siskiyou County Supervisors to Governor's Schwarzenegger and Kulongoski regarding FERC Klamath Hydropower Dam relicensing, posted to KBC 11/20/06

Letter from Siskiyou County Supervisors to Congress regarding FERC Klamath Hydropower Dam relicensing, posted to KBC 11/20/06

California puts severe limits on ocean fishing, Herald and News 11/20/06

Klamath Water Users Association on Klamath Dam Removal, 8/14/04 "If Iron Gate Dam were removed, PacifiCorp modeling suggests that the river below Copco I and II developments would be slightly warmer than the river below Iron Gate Dam because Copco is smaller and has a smaller cold water pool. There would be unknown silt impacts downstream of Iron Gate Dam upon removal. There would still be "thermal lag," even without Iron Gate Dam, since the Copco Dam would continue to have a thermal lag effect. Finally, cold water in Iron Gate Dam is a source of water for the fish hatchery, so removal would result in no cold water supply for the hatchery."
Go HERE for Dam Page.

Klamath Basin Gallery

A Soldier's Christmas, by Michael Marks, Dec.7, 2000, posted 11/20/06, "...Then his eye welled a tear that held no regret, 'Just tell us you love us, and never forget, To fight for our rights back at home while we're gone, To stand your own watch, no matter how long...' "

Court: BLM Violated Rodent's Protection, Washington Post, posted 11/20/06 (wildlands project shuts down more timber harvest)

Endangered Species Act:The Greatest Con Game of All by Allyn J. McDowell, MD, posted 11/20/06

Raccoons invade California enclave, yahoo.com, posted 11/19/06. This is for entertainment of the rural folks wheret the urban gov't agencies have planted near farms and ranches. HERE for more wolf and raccoon stories.

Comments to FERC by Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou Co Supervisor District 5, posted 11/18/06, regarding relicensing the Klamath Hydroelectric Project. "More than 20 million cu. yds. of fine sediment exist above the dams that would be mobilized down river to cement-in spawning beds, destroy populations of invertebrates and smother salmon eggs...."

Statement from Wa. Congressman Doc Hastings (R) On Dam Breachers' Capitol Hill Press Conference, posted 11/18/06. "These groups will go to any extreme to push their dam removal agenda. They'll manufacture a study or ignore scientific facts, whatever it takes to tear out our dams."

156,350 acres Critical Habitat Designation for the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow, FWS, posted to KBC 11/18/06

Thousands of acres in Oregon designated habitat for butterflies with ESA, FWS, posted 11/18/06

Salmon rule gets preliminary OK, H&N 11/18/06 ‘‘This is certainly not acceptable to ocean commercial fishermen. It does not provide us with a means to access very many healthy hatchery stocks at all.’’

COMMENTS: Klamath Watershed Conference 2006  Nov 7-9, Marcia H. Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor, District 5, posted 11/18/06 "In 1989 before the Northwest Forest Plan and Aquatic Conservation Strategy, the Klamath National Forest, alone, harvested 320 million board feet of timber. Last year, only 18 million board feet were harvested and this year, only 14 million ...."

Corps holds four-day anadromous fish research conference, cbbulletin, posted 11/18/06, "Sea lions were, for the most part, undeterred in their pursuit of salmon in the waters below Bonneville Dam this past spring and early summer despite efforts of biologists, and noise-making devices to shoo the large marine mammals away."

DeFazio's Request For South Coast FERC Hearing Granted, posted 11/18/06

Biased information, by Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, Washington Times, posted to KBC 11/17/06 "...responsible use of resources is too often opposed by environmentalists. Information is often selectively presented to give a biased view against development. Such information is used in a bewildering array of regulations and laws to stop legitimate resource use."

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels 11/17/06

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Seeks Comments On Rules For Grants To Employ Displaced Fishers, Applegate Oregon News, posted 11/17/06

Managing for Excellence, Bureau of Reclamation workshop, Family Farm Alliance, posted 11/17/06

'Take these dams down' by John Driscoll, The Times-Standard November 17, 2006

Humboldt County leaders advocate Klamath dam removal, Times Standard, posted 11/17/06

HERE for speeches, power points and reports at the Redding Klamath Watershed workshop that took place Nov 7-9.

Preliminary Oregon ocean commercial troll salmon catch and effort estimates for statistical week 44 (October 23 -October 29, 2006) and Week 45 (October 30 - November 5, 2006)
Oregon ocean recreational salmon catch and effort estimates
for statistical week 45 (October 30-November 5, 2006).

President appoints chairwoman for river compact, Capital Press 11/17/06

Date narrowed for Klamath summit, Capital Press 11/17/06

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held public meeting in Klamath Falls 11/17/06, notes by KBC  "The Klamath Reclamation Project, built and paid for in full by Klamath irrigators, blasted a tunnel through Sheepy Ridge to send the water from the Basin through the tunnel, into the refuge and the Klamath River at the pumping expense of the irrigators. She explained that by providing free regulated water for clean hydropower costs tens of thousands of dollars.  With a 1400% rate increase, the cost to irrigators to pump water from the basin would be millions..."


Salmon vs. power costs, H&N 11/14/06 report on FERC public meeting in Klamath Falls.

Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys for the Klamath Water Users Association filed a brief Monday with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco in their appeal of an injunction speeding up the timetable for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to increase Klamath River flows for threatened coho salmon. 11/14/06

Power Rates Needed for Klamath Project Survival, by KBC. 11/14/06

Talking points for comments to FERC regarding dam removal by Jim Foley, Klamath River miner 11/13/06 "The dams provide electricity to 70,000 residents"

Bureau of Reclamation Water Data Update, received 11/13/06

NOAA Salmon Recovery Plans; public input by Nov 13, 06

Condit Dam removal could hurt fish downstream, state says, Seattle Times, posted 11/13/06

Levee answers sought by group, H&N 11/13/06

(Humboldt) Board to look at Klamath dams, The Eureka Reporter 11/13/06
Study: Dam removal would provide significant boost to Siskiyou County Economy, California Chronicle 11/13/06

Forum to focus on Klamath fish, water, Dam removal, fish ladders to be part of Tuesday discussion, H&N 11/12/06

Salmon of the Backs of Buffalo, Film by Dr. Kari Norgaard, UC Davis, and Karuk Tribe, 2004. Notes by KBC News. Klamath River tribal delegation and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen attorney went to the Scottish Power headquarters to speak with Ian Russel, C.E.O. of Scottish Power, and meet with Scottish Power shareholders  in Edinburgh, Scotland because "Scottish Power owns the dams that are blocking our fish from being able to return to their native homeland." "They got rid of the buffalo so they could get rid of the Indians. 100 years later, they're getting rid of the fish so they can get rid of the Indians. It's being used as a weapon against us right now." ..

Watershed Restoration Overview for the Klamath Basin, Klamath County Commissioner Bill Brown presented this Power Point at the Redding Watershed Conference November 9th. Hundreds of attendees included tribes, counties, environmentalists, gov't agencies and resource users. More conference reports by KBC coming soon, posted 11/10/06

Fishermen spawn Chinook at Indian Creek hatchery, Curry Pilot, posted 11/12/06

Klamath Basin Crisis To Our Veterans: Thank you. Klamath Basin is the home of thousands of veterans, fighting for freedom here and around the world. The love and honor we feel is extended in the goodbye poem by a 10-year old girl who just lost her dad, Flight Lieutenant Gareth Nicholas, who died in Afghanistan.
HERE for our homesteader/settlers page--those who settled here after serving their country.
Film by Craig Tucker and the Karuk Tribe
Tribes and Klamath Water Users: Solving the Klamath Crisis; Keeping Farms and Fish Alive
Klamath Water Users and Tribes negotiate Klamath Dam Removal and power rates

Review by KBC News 11/11/06. The film premiered at the Holiday Inn in Redding during  Klamath Watershed Conference November 8, 2006

Photo: Capital Press writer Tam Moore, left, discusses film with Craig Tucker after the showing.

Submitted by miner Jim Foley 11/11/06:
Klamath Watershed Conference – Suction Dredge Mining Presentation by Jim Foley 11/11/06
California Environmental Analysis of Suction Dredging, 11/11/06
1993 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Special Notice on suction dredging, 11/11/06
Benefits of Klamath River Dams 11/11/06
Mercury Recovery from Recreational Gold Miners, EPA 11/11/06
Suction Dredging Economic Benefits To Our Communities 11/11/06
Many Environmental Restrictions Have No Basis in Science 11/11/06
What Mining Means to Americans, by The American Mining Congress 11/12/06
Congress has codified its declaration of the federal government's policy towards mining, 11/12/06
Essey - Balanced perspective on dredging 11/12/06
DOI, USGS: Mining operations have not hurt the pristine Alaskan River 11/12/06

Demand driving purchase of Cob plant, H&N, posted 11/11/06.
COB info by Lyn Brock 11/11/06. Comments due Dec 15! HERE for COB page.

The Klamath Watershed Conference in Redding by Marcia Armstrong, posted 11/11/06

Ninth Circuit Reverses Lower Court Ruling, Halts Development on 10,000-Year-Old Sacred Site at Medicine Lake, posted 11/11/06

Reclamation boss balances issues, H&N, posted 11/9/06

Letter to FERC regarding dam removal by Ryan Grizzell, posted 11/9/06

Price for water-for-salmon tradeoff too costly, Capital Press 11/9/06 (San Joaquin River-$800 million)

Second round of financial assistance available to qualified Oregon salmon fishers, Deadline Nov. 9, Newport News Times, posted to KBC 11/3/06

Endangered Species Expenditure Reports. Ever wonder how much of your tax money is going into a program that has far less than one percent success rate?

U.S. court backs tribe in fight over Calpine plant, 11/6/06.(KBC Note: Energy from the earth, no pollution, no carbon, no noise, but of course the courts don't like it. Where are the "environmentalists"? It seems they prefer problems to solutions.)

Pray for the elections and vote. HERE for Presidential Prayer Team.

COB proposed energy plant in Bonanza, meeting 11/8/06

Timber sale moves forward, posted to KBC 11/6/06. Here for Forests Page. HERE for Oregon Page.

Thanking Russia Re: Wolves RUSSIAN REALITIES & AMERICAN ARTIFICE, posted Nov 6, 2006, by Jim Beers, retired USFWS biologist. (KBC Note: Wolves are not just an upcoming Klamath Basin problem, they are a world-wide human right's problem. Beers must be doing something right; our gov't is trying to ban him.)
More on Worldwide Wolves KINDRED CONCEPTS by Jim Beers, USFWS retired biologist 11/5/06
HERE for KBC Wolf Page

Five years after crisis, needs remain, H&N 11/5/06. In the Klamath Basin, many entities compete for Klamath River water. Is it being equitably distributed? Is there enough for everyone? Are current practices helping boost populations of endangered salmon? The Herald and News asked various stakeholders for a snapshot of where we are now, five years after federal officials turned off the spigot.

The year the water shut off, Herald and News 11/5/06

Basin water situation continues to show positive developments, H&N 11/5/06

HERE for a vague idea of the amount of money being spent on Endangered Species Act mandates.

Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife preliminary 2006 Oregon Ocean Commercial Troll Salmon Catch and Effort Estimates Through Week 43   (October 16 – October 22) After deducting the 10,000+ Chinook landed North of Cape Falcon, the resulting Oregon Troll landed Chinook Catch through October 22 is approximately 8.6% of the highly restricted 2005 landed catch.  This is at a minimum 3.4% below that originally estimated by NOAA or 12%. You can view these and other ocean salmon reports: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/salmon/catchindex.html

Klamath Dam Removal Events, Indy Bay, posted 11/4/06. Films and workshops anyone wanting dams to be removed. Karuks and environmentalists are planning events to train people to write to Federal Energy Commission to keep them from getting dams relicensed.  

Klamath County Commissioner John Elliott responds to Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's (PCFFA) remarks regarding Long Lake storage, November 4, 2006.

HERE for more on Upper Basin water storage.

There is a COB meeting at the Ross Ragland Theater, 218 N. 7th Street in Klamath Falls, about the Japanese buying the COB permits on November 8th, at 7 p.m.  HERE for COB page. Peoples Energies Resources (COB) planned to build a multimillion $ power plant in Langell Valley, Oregon, in the Klamath Basin against the wishes of the Langell Valley residents.

Environmentalists Attack Richard Pombo, Human Events, posted 11/3/06. (KBC Note: Pombo has been very involved in the Klamath Water crisis. Two Congressional hearings were held in Klamath to sort out fact from fiction, science from agenda. The last hearing and rally in 2004 we captured on video, Klamath ESA, with fishers, loggers and farm representatives telling agenda-driven environmentalists, devoid of science, have decimated their communities and economies. Resource users in the Klamath River Basin know Pombo...he represents us, the family farmer and coastal fisherman and the guy thinning trees to prevent forest fires that have devastated our forests, towns and killed people. "Add it all up and by Election Day, the dollars from special interests flowing into the 11th District of California to defeat Pombo will easily top $2 million."

Presidential Proclamation 8067 Modify Rules of Origin Under NAFTA, posted 11/3/2006. HERE for Agriculture page.

Klamath Dam Removal "sham", by Rex Cozzalio 11/2/06

Why remove dams? Bob and Penny 11/2/06

Save the Dams, Letter to FERC, Governors Schwarzenegger and Kulongoski, and PacifiCorp from K Walden, Hornbrook, posted 11/2/06 "Many of the citizens of Siskiyou county have united to give their opinions regarding the removal of the four dams on the Klamath River, that the environmentalists and Indians have so loudly said need to go..."

Sucker fish return in droves, Herald and News 11/2/06, "In August, the Klamath Project's A-Canal fish screen and bypass facility at the southern part of the lake recorded 4,000 juvenile suckers per hour entering the lake. About 50 per hour were counted in 2004."

Water Quality Board goes fishing, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press, posted 11/2/06
Why the Regional Water Quality Board wants more from the Scott, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press posted 11/2/06

Vets’ Parade is Saturday in Etna, 11/2/06 Pioneer Press
Welcome home soldiers, by Liz Bowen, Pioneer Press

Stewardship awards given, H&N 11/2/06

Horseradish harvest, H&N 11/2/06.

California Regional Water Quality Control Board North Coast Region, EPA, Nov 27-30.

Klamath fish health session planned, Times Standard 11/2/06

Montana miner applies for road access to his mine, PLF, posted to KBC 11/2/06.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, 11/01/06. HERE for past reports.

Upper Klamath Lake fish screen program; comments by Nov. 30th. Posted 11/1/06

Congressman Doolittle and Congressman Pombo have been active in the Klamath Basin water crisis. They have become educated regarding our issues, possible solutions, and  they've participated in Congressional Hearings in the Klamath Basin. They are aware of the enemies of resource users: miners, loggers, fishermen and farmers. They are focused on improving the Endangered Species Act which does not recover species and it regulates people and their land and water without sound, peer-reviewed science. If you want them to continue to support resource users in the Klamath Basin, visit their websites, read about them, donate and vote. Doolittle website.   Pombo website.

Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment for Pacific Coast Salmon Plan amendment, an opportunity to provide de minimus ocean fishing opportunity for Klamath River Fall Salmon Chinook, Pacific Fishery Management Council November 2006


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