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Archive 76 - September 2008
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

Look at the facts of Klamath dams, H&N letter to the editor by Corrine Edwards, Klamath Falls, posted 9/30/08. HERE for more on Klamath Dams.

(Klamath Basin land-use) task force met with resistance, H&N, posted to KBC 9/30/08

Group seeks help with cleanup, H&N, posted to KBC 9/30/08. "We ended up getting about eight tons of trash.”

What do they have against us (fishermen)? Times-Standard, posted to KBC 9/30/08

Sunday Bible lesson by Jim Foley, Acts 18, Part II, posted 9/29/08.  

Fish die-off a common occurrence on Klamath, Siskiyou Daily News 9/29/08

Cadbury pulls melamine-laced chocolate from China, Capital Press 9/29/08. HERE for more on imported food. "British candy maker Cadbury said Monday it is recalling 11 types of Chinese-made chocolates found to contain melamine, as police in northern China raided a network accused of adding the banned chemical to milk. Four infants have died and some 54,000 have become ill after drinking the contaminated baby formula."

OTHER PLACES - Proposal pits tribe against farmers Raising of Shasta Dam would flood sacred spots, H&N, posted to KBC 9/29/08

Presidential debate transcript, 9/26/08 CNN

California Farm Bureau Federation, State budget and bill update, Friday Review 9/26/08

Green Diamond timberland deal would greatly expand Yurok tribe's holdings, Times Standard 9/26/08. "The Yurok Tribe has entered into an agreement that will buy up 47,000 acres in Klamath country from the Green Diamond Resource Co., a move which would vastly expand its land base and probably its reservation in the future.... a selling price would remain confidential...The tribe would pay taxes on the land until it is transferred into tribal trust status...The tribe would manage the (Redwood) timberland...the tribe and Western Rivers are pursuing private and foundation funds to pay the price of the land, and only after that effort is exhausted would it seek state and federal money."

Klamath River fishing is fit for a king, Press Banner, posted to KBC 9/26/08. "Inside the river’s lagoon, the Yurok Tribe sets gill nets to capture salmon for the commercial market and subsistence use. If salmon make their way through the maze of gill nets, they begin the journey upriver...the majority of adult salmon being caught in the nets brought on low scores."

Enviro groups 'wolves in sheep's clothing', Report reveals Earth-friendly organizations funnel money to Democratic Party, World Net Daily, posted to KBC 9/26/08

American Farm Bureau Federation, Education efforts address misconceptions about agriculture, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/26/08

Wildfire suppression vs fuel reduction, Marcia Armstrong column, posted to KBC 9/26/08

(Chinese) Tainted milk crisis hits more global companies, Capital Press 9/26/08. " The compromised dairy products are blamed for sickening 54,000 babies." (KBC NOTE: Millions of acres per year are being taken out of agriculture. In the Klamath Basin, more than 100,000 acres have been converted from ag into federally-owned swamps, and with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, thousands more acres will be eliminated from producing agriculture. We can always get more food from China.)  HERE for more on imported food.

April - August 2007 Klamath Juvenile Salmonid Health Monitoring Report, Fish and Wildlife, posted to KBC 9/26/08

Bush administration may give timber payments new life, Capital Press 9/26/08

Ranking Member McMorris Rodgers’ Statement From Today’s Hearing On Transfer Of Water Projects To Local Authorities, Natural Resources Committee, 9/26/08

Indian nets hamper Salmon, Pioneer Press, posted September 25, 2008. "...Indian nets near the mouth of the Klamath River and upstream were still hampering the ability of larger adult salmon to travel upstream..."

County to move forward with salmon propagation plans, Siskiyou Daily News, posted Sept 25, 2008

Environmental laws wedge state into hydrological corner, By Congressmen GEORGE RADANOVICH and JIM COSTA posted September 25, 2008. "...California has slowly painted itself into a corner by reprioritizing water supplies to the environment while ignoring the need for improving our water supply, infrastructure and storage."

Calif. tribe fears losing land if (Shasta) dam is raised, Capital Press, posted 9/25/08

Suction Dredge Mining Victory, 9/24/08, by Dave Mack, The New 49'ers.

Potato harvest underway in Klamath Basin, KDRV, posted to KBC 9/24/08. Story and video.

Klamath Lake levels and Klamath River flows, Sept 16-23, 2008

YUROK TRIBE - proposed marine sanctuary stretches from Crescent City to Little River, Times-Standard, posted to KBC 9/24/08

OREGON: Timber payments advocacy ongoing, Senators speak out against financial bailout , 9/23/08, H&N.

Vandals tag signs near Klamath dam;  Messages demand Iron Gate removal, Record Searchlight 9/22/08. (KBC NOTE: Environmental activist and Karuk tribe spokesman makes excuses for vandalism which will cost thousands of dollars to clean up.)

Commissioners critical of federal pine beetle plan; About 340,000 acres of forest and private land are infected, H&N, posted 9/22/08. HERE for more on our forests and timber harvest.

Water agreement a chance to work together, H&N opinion by Ed Bair, posted 9/22/08

Oregon jobless rate up, H&N posted 9/22/08. "In August, 123,116 Oregonians were unemployed, compared to 97,362 a year earlier." HERE for more Oregon news.

Random candidate news: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac execs now offering advice to Obama; Senator's links to mortgage giants also include campaign contributions, WorldNetDaily, posted to KBC 9/22/08

Chinese parents demand answers in baby formula recall, Herald and News 9/19/08. HERE for more on imported food. (KBC Note: Millions of acres per year are being taken out of agriculture. In the Klamath Basin, more than 100,000 acres have been converted from ag into federally-owned swamps, and with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, thousands more acres will be eliminated from producing agriculture. We can always get more food from China.)

Council Says Northwest Has Adequate Electricity Supply For Next Five Years, , posted to KBC 0/22/08 CBBulletin

Sunday Bible lesson by Jim Foley, Acts 17, Part 2, and Acts 18, Part 1, for 9/21/08. HERE for Prayer Page

< Senator Doug Whitsett speech on Klamath dam removal and KlamathBasinRestorationAgreement, KFLS, re-posted to KBC 9/19/08. HERE for KBRA Page.

HERE for Klamath Dam and KBRA Page, and KBRA Agreement Draft 11. Do you want the Klamath dams removed? Do you want the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement? Tell Warren Buffett by writing or calling: Berkshire Hathaway Attn: Warren Buffett, 1440 Kiewit Plaza, Omaha , NE 68131,  402-346-1400. NOW is the time to write your County Commissioners, Senators and Congressmen, governors, City Council. HERE for contact information They need your opinions regarding the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, NOW.

Repeat the lie enough and the people believe it. Environmental activist and Karuk spokesman Craig Tucker, formerly activist with Friends of the River, an international group bent on destroying the American infrastructure/dams, again led a group of Indians and environmental activists to PacifiCorp yesterday to pound on PacifiCorp's doors in Portland and demand removal of Klamath River dams. (am620KPOJ). These dams incidentally provide power for 70,000 households annually. They had signs "remember the fish kill" of 2002. Remember, the National Research Council found that river flows did not kill the fish, as blamed by this group. The activists said all the fish are dying and diseased--this year has a high run of fish on the Klamath, and guides are limiting out by mid-morning. Watch their little protest and the colored sick fish. Why would sportsmen limit out on colored sick fish? Repeat the lie enough and the people believe it.)

(California) State, local jobless rates jump, SacBee 9/19/08.( KBC NOTE: So let's take 732,000 acres and make wilderness in Calif, shut down the west coast fishing because Sacramento River had a low run, decrease forest thinning and let the fires burn, destroying economies. Take more than  l100,000 acres out of farm land and ranches in the Klamath Basin and sell it to the feds to make swamps to decimate the ag communities in Klamath Basin. Why is there unemployement?)

Leaders say final budget deal reached, SacBee, posted to KBC 9/19/08. "The Republican governor has said he would veto the $104.3 billion plan (Democrat) lawmakers passed this week.

California Farm Bureau Federation 9/19/08. John Gamper reports that the Senate convenes at 4 pm and the Assembly convenes at 5 pm to adopt the following bills so the governor can sign the budget and the trailer bills over the weekend:

Battle of the Klamath Bucket, H&N 9/19/08

Congressman Greg Walden's Oregon Newsletter, 9/19/08

Feds release millions in salmon disaster aid for West Coast fishermen, Oregonian, posted to KBC 9/19/08. "A task force of scientists is assessing the cause of the collapse, but most experts think the key factor was unusually warm ocean conditions that knocked the bottom out of the marine food chain when young salmon first went to sea. That left them little to eat."

Conditions improve ocean salmon rebound, The Daily Triplicate, posted to KBC 9/17/08. "Recent research in Oregon suggests the cycle of warm ocean conditions that contributed to poor salmon survival off the West Coast the last few years has ended, setting the stage for a rebound of Sacramento River fall Chinook....After three weeks of good jack numbers but scarce adult salmon, fall Chinook fishing has picked up in the lower Klamath. Many guides limited out by mid-morning the past several days..."

(Klamath Dam Removal Activist) Groups Sponsor Day of Action Against PacifiCorp on September 18, Indy Bay, posted 9/17/08. (KBC NOTE: HERE for website of IP3, the Ruckus Society, who trains the tribes and enviros how to destroy our American infrastructure.  According to the above article, Conditions improve for ocean salmon rebound, salmon are abundant on the Klamath due to ocean conditions. The dams did not kill them. Repeat the lie enough and the people believe it.)

Public Participation in Environmental Decisionmaking, Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, posted to KBC 9/17/08. "A new report from the National Research Council probes deeply into the positive and occasionally negative effects of public participation on the environmental policymaking process...'When done well, public participation improves the quality and legitimacy of a decision and builds the capacity of all involved to engage in the policy process. It also can enhance trust and understanding among parties,' the report said." (KBC NOTE: let's reflect on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement for the example of NO public participation in forming a settlement, continual closed-door meetings; no 'of the people, by the people...') HERE for free online report.

OREGON - Oregon's minimum wage to jump to $8.40, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/17/08. "Cleave said the formula doesn't take into account economic conditions in rural areas. 'The calculation isn't based on Oregon's economy,' Cleave said. 'It's based solely on Oregon's largest cities and what their economies are doing.' "HERE for more Oregon news.

(Klamath  Water) Adjudication: $5,000 a day, H&N, posted to KBC 9/17/08. (KBC NOTE: Author makes the case that Klamath Basin Restoration agreement will save the farmers money if they sign the agreement rather than pay for adjudication. The agreement says, "(15.3.2 B ii) “Recognizes the tribal water rights at the claimed amounts and with the priority date of time immemorial.” along with giving the Klamath Tribes land that they voted to sell and were paid for. Yes, the Tribes would like irrigators to settle. Tribes are claiming more water than exists in most years. Go HERE for more on adjudication and tribal claims.)

Administration: Salmon disaster money on its way, Capital Press 9/17/08

Bucket symbol of (2001) cutoff’s impact, H&N letter to the editor by James Ottoman, 9/15/08.

Homesteading in the (Tulelake) Basin, H&N 9/15/08. "Philip Krizo returned from war to farm 39 years in the Tule Lake Basin." HERE for more on Homesteaders and Settlers.

Comments due by Sept 15 regarding ESA proposal.

This Year's Colder Ocean Conditions Off NW Coast Good News For Salmon Growth, September 12, 2008 Columbia Basin Bulletin. "Trawl surveys conducted in June off the coasts of Oregon and Washington netted the highest number of juvenile spring chinook salmon in those 11 years – 2 ½ time more than the next highest total." (KBC NOTE: 2008 had good ocean conditions, record salmon runs, yet THIS YEAR the feds shut down ocean commercial fisheries blaming a low run on the Sacramento. 2 years ago they blamed a weak Klamath run, yet this year Klamath has a bumper crop. The moral of the story - Klamath farmers didn't make the fish go extinct, neither did the Central Valley farmers, nor did the Klamath dams. Ocean conditions effect the salmon. In '07, the Columbia had a weak run and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen blamed the dams. Decimating the ocean commercial fishermen with 'weak stock management' allows the feds to base ocean fishing on any river that happens to have a low run, regardless of the other bumper runs like this year. In 2007, when ocean fishing was curtailed because of low Klamath runs, only 5% of the fish that summer were Klamath stock, meaning that destroying the fishermen's economies was not justified. The enviros, like Glen Spain with PCFFA, have been determined to pit farmers against fishermen with letters like he sent the Oregon trollers).

Ocean Protection Council hears from fishermen, posted to KBC Sept 12, 2008, Half Moon Bay Review, "First, we have to get the dams down," says PCFFA Zeke Grader. (KBC NOTE: Yet 2 or 3 yrs ago, Sacramento had a record run of salmon, like the Klamath and Columbia this year.)

PFMC Hears Progress Report On Analysis Of West Coast Salmon Stock Decline, CB Bulletin 9/12/08. "The anticipated return was so small that the PFMC in April set the most restrictive salmon fisheries in the history of the West Coast. They cited the Sacramento collapse and Sacramento River fall chinook and the exceptionally poor status of coho salmon from Oregon and Washington and adopted a complete closure of commercial and sport chinook fisheries off California and most of Oregon..."Studies, studies, studies, $, $, $, bumper fish in Columbia and Klamath, yet, "We're still very aware that ocean conditions were very poor in 2005, and little better in 2006,"

Donations needed for Mining Studies, 9/12/08. To all miners and prospectors everywhere! "...unless the suction dredge mining community steps up to the plate and supports the needed study/ies, we will all be at the mercy of the agencies, tribes, and the environmentalists. If we lose California, it will only be a matter of time before we lose the other states."

Judge asked to invalidate Central Valley water contracts, Capital Press 9/12/08

Analysis says more salmon coming into Klamath River, Eureka Reporter, posted to KBC 9/8/08

Major California wilderness bills (732,000 acres) advance in Congress, Capital Press 9/11/08. (More wilderness means no timber harvest or forest thinning, rampant wildfires, loss of economies dependant of timber, cremated eagles, bambies and owls. Read the following on Klamath impacts from recent wildfires:
Forests’ funds to be diverted to firefighting; Fremont-Winema will lose $1.02 million as part of national diversion, H&N, posted to KBC 9/11/08. (KBC NOTE: Environmentalists and tribes prevent forest thinning and timber harvest, then fire wipes out your forests and wildlife. You pay with money designed to prevent fires.)

Farm income, costs spiral across West, Capital Press, posted to KBC 9/12/08

Fishing for solutions, Siskiyou Daily News, posted 9/12/08

(Klamath Tribes') Energy plant to cost up to $12 million, H&N 9/11/08. (KBC note: Klamath Tribes support Klamath hydroelectric dam removal which provides power to 70,000 households. They are a sovereign nation; this power plant, and forest land they sold and hope to be given, will provide tax-exempt timber for their energy plant and logging. They have previously advocated for no timber harvest on forest land.)

A village revived Edison Chiloquin’s birthday to be celebrated Sunday at Pla-ik-ni Village, followed by: Edison Chiloquin: ‘Conscience of the Klamaths’, H&N, posted to KBC 9/11/08. (KBC NOTE: Klamath Tribal government claims that the US Government forced them to terminate their reservation. So, as part of the KBRA, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, they are demanding the be given the former reservation that they voted to sell, and sold.  Edison Chiloquin chose not to sell.)

UN expert faults US, EU biofuel use in food crisis, Capital Press 9/10/08. (KBC NOTE: in the Klamath Basin, more than 100,000 acres of farmland have been taken out of production. Not land for biofuel. Government agencies and Nature Conservancy demand that they possess it and make swamps, worsening the water use from evaporation, and worsening the water quality and water temperature.)

Oregon grass seed industry feels betrayed, posted to KBC 9/11/08. HERE for more Oregon news.

Bureau of Reclamation Klamath Lake levels and river flows, posted 9/11/08

Editorial: If tribes want it – BINGO! – they get it. As usual, Indian casono interests have their way in the legislature, Sacramento Bee, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Judge's 'Tentative Thoughts' Lean Toward Approving Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions Followed by: More Fish, More Sea Lions Lead To Record Sea Lion 'Catch' In 2008. Columbia Basin Bulletin, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Rep. Don Young Statement On Democrat’s Secret New Energy Bill, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Congressman Hastings on hydropower, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Wickiup Dam could see a hydroelectric upgrade, Bend Bulletin, posted to KBC 9/11/08

Klamath Dam concerns voiced in Dorris, Mt Shasta Herald, posted 9/8/08. “This is a win-lose agreement. And we’re the losers!” said Armstrong, who was one of the speakers expressing strong feelings about the dangers of removing four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River."  "Becky Hyde, the wife of an off-project rancher from Sprague River Valley, said ...'we need to stress patience. Maybe we should decide to put Prozac in the Upper Klamath Basin.' ”

Analysis says more salmon coming into Klamath River, Eureka Reporter, posted to KBC 9/8/08

Celebrating the Basin’s pioneers, by Lee Juillerat, H&N 9/7/08 {picture Winney Heiney Duncan}. "There’s good reason why Tulelake Basin farmers and ranchers take the spotlight during the annual Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair. Without them, there wouldn’t be a fair."

Acts 17, Part 1, 8/7/08, by Jim Foley.

(Klamath) Charter would let commissioners plan by Bill Kennedy, letter to the editor, Herald and News 9/6/08. Kennedy is a member of Klamath Water Users Association:  "...Instead of being indecisive about the federalization of our county by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, our charter commissioners will be able to focus on alternatives to a draft Klamath River Restoration Plan and a brighter direction for our future."

Unemployment at 5-year high, H&N 8/6/08. (KBC NOTE: The left wing continues to rip out hydrodams which create affordable power, raise taxes so employers can't afford to provide many jobs, shut down our timber industry which has destroyed thousands of jobs and taxes for counties such as Klamath County, and downsize agriculture (more than 100,000 acres in the Klamath Basin) destroying jobs and tax base.)

Water clarification: PacifiCorp, H&N posted to KBC 9/6/08. "

Ranchers to be honored at Tulelake fair; Harold and Roger Porterfield focus of Appreciation Day dinner Friday night, H&N, posted 9/6/08

Tulelake Butte Valley Fair, Tulelake Sept 4-7

Tulelake Annual Pioneer Day at the Tulelake Honker Sept 6th, 10-1. Watch the parade from chairs on the lawn. Pioneers, friends and neighbors welcomed!

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review, Legislative and Governmental Update. 9/2/08, End of Session Edition, including water bond proposal information.

Local century farms or ranches, H&N 9/2/08

A farming legacy; Throughout the region, farming is a family affair, H&N 9/2/08

OSU Extension office working on succession planning, H&N 9/2/08

Five Minutes With The Rickert Family, Prather Ranch, The Cattle Network, posted to KBC 9/2/08

 (Klamath) Tribes acquire former mill site, Biomass facility planned north of Chiloquin, H&N, posted to KBC 9/2/08. "Mitchell said developing the property would promote the Tribes’ forestry objectives and potentially replace some of the power that could be lost if four PacifiCorp-owned hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River are removed." (KBC NOTE: If the Klamath Dams are ripped out, the 70,000 households dependant on the dams' hydropower will be partially dependant on the Klamath Tribes' biofuel.)

Chiloquin Dam removed, H&N, posted to KBC Sept 1, 2008.

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