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Betrayal of the Year

Hundreds of Klamath farmers' and ranchers' attend public input KBRA meeting hosted by S. Oregon Legislators. Klamath Water Users Association, Klamath County Commissioners and PacifiCorp boycotted it. 11/11/09, by KBC News. "We're told we don't deserve a seat at the table. The key KBRA people won't come to hear us. The robbers don't usually want to hear the victims...The government is supposed to represent all of us, not just a select few."


Sink the pork laden (Calif) water bond, Press Enterprise by Assemblyman Jeff Miller, posted to KBC 11/30/09. "...$250 million for dam removal on the Klamath River. That's right: removal, not construction...the Capitol reverted back to many of its troubling habits of secret deal-cutting and last-minute changes to seemingly settled legislation. Sometimes, we fundamentally forget to make certain that we have asked for -- and received -- the consent of the governed."

Keep up the voice of the people (Klamath), Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 11/30/09. "... the general public gave our opinions and support of our supervisors to not sign the Klamath Basin Restoration Act...Another gentlemen from Klamath Falls, Ore. presented a very good speech, but also stated they had a meeting in Klamath Falls where 350 people showed up who all voted no on the dam removal. He said there is only a special interest group up there supporting the removal of our dams."

Giving a voice to the Shasta tribe, H&N, posted to KBC 11/30/09. "The Shastas, unlike recognized tribes, have not been allowed to participate in negotiations involving the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, which deals with water rights along the Klamath River...The tribe opposes the proposed removal of four Klamath River dams...“Our main objective,” Bagwell said, “is to establish a working relationship with local and state government agencies, tribes and community members so that we all may benefit.”

Rebuilding the North Coast salmon run, Napa Valley Register, posted 11/30/09. "Prosecute illegal gill-netters and gill-netting techniques through the enforcement of applicable federal and state laws. Currently, Hoopa gill-netters are dropping nets that extend bank to bank, which makes it virtually impossible for salmon to make it past the nets. Also, I believe this tribe is fishing with gill nets during the day and have continued to fish with gill nets after their fish quota has been achieved. These practices are illegal according to federal and state law and the Hoopa Tribal Fishing Code."

Cost for (Klamath) dam removal coming from your pocket - literally, Pioneer Press 11/30/09

To the people of America, letter by Nita Still, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 11/30/09

Decision on water agreement rests with Interior Secretary, H&N 11/30/09

klamath falls basin farmers< Protesting farmers used their bare hands to open the headgates on a Klamath Lake canal in Klamath Falls, OR Klamath Basin Farmers Take Water Issue into Their Own Hands, 7/1/01. More than 240,000 acres of ranches and farms normally rely on water from a federal irrigation project in southern Oregon's Klamath Basin. But this year, faced with drought and concerns for endangered fish, the government cut the flow to the irrigation canals by about 90 percent. (KBC NOTE: Zeke Grader of PCFFA/Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman, sued to shut down Klamath Project irrigation in 2001 and wanted to arrest farmers and ranchers. PCFFA sued to...)

PLP Comments and constructive Notice given the the Ca. Fish and Game at the Sacramento meeting on Nov. 17 2009 regarding suction dredge mining ban, posted to KBC 11/23/09

Forest Service acquires hundreds of acres in Trinity County, The 2.1 million-acre Shasta-Trinity National Forest has gained 336 acres.  Redding Record Searchlight posted to KBC 11/23/09

Toni Thayer responds to discussion on Sustainable NW on KBC Discussion Forum 11/22/09. SNW is at the secret negotiation table of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA: "...your founder and president, Martin Goebel, has previous ties to TNC and WWF. .. Goebel is a trustee of the Summit Charitable Foundation which has assets of nearly $75 million. This foundation belongs to the Mormon Roger Sant and his money from Applied Energy Services Corp, AES, “worldwide developer of power projects”, “a global power company operating in 29 countries”. Most of the power for global AES comes from “unsustainable” and “non-renewable” coal and natural gas. But, hey, that’s OK if his donation money comes from dirty industries, just as long as it keeps coming, right? That dirty money, no doubt, pays your dirty salary...I wonder if he/his foundation/his global power company could have a conflict of interest related to power generated by those “renewable” Klamath dams they want removed?"
HERE for Thayer's article on Trout Unlimited, another 'stakeholder' at the secret Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA negotiations.

Oral and written testimony by James Ottoman, Klamath Falls, to the Southern Oregon legislative delegation who hosted the public input forum on 11/10/09 regarding the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and Klamath dam removal.

Federal judge takes third swing at NW salmon plan, Capital Press 11/22/09. (KBC NOTE: it looks like Klamath Dam removal will set the precedence for destroying the entire Western dam infrastructure--that's the plan. See Tucker bio)

(Siskiyou) supervisor says science matters to (Klamath) debate, H&N 11/20/09

Klamath Dam removal: A model for the future, H&N 11/20/09. "U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., said it’s “insanity” to get rid of the cheapest power available when Californians are already paying some of the highest energy prices in the country...McClintock discounted statements that the negatives of dam removal are outweighed by the benefits...'That is ideological claptrap from the lunatic fringe of the environmental left...There are other measures possible to improve fisheries, such as building and funding hatcheries' "

PacifiCorp will be filing a general rate case with the California Public Utilities Commission today for a rate increase, 11/20/09

Lawmakers mull next steps after water forums, H&N 11/20/09. "Nearly everyone spoke against dam removal and the restoration agreement."  KBC NOTE: that is incorrect; no one supported the KBRA and dam removal, not one.

Residents sound off at KHSA meeting, Siskiyou Daily 11/20/09. "About 200 people in total attended...the meetings....only one person held up his hand in support of (Klamath Dam) removal."

Project will help keep tabs on (Klamath) water supply, H&N, posted to KBC 11/19/09

‘It’s just depressing,' Calif Central Valley water shutoff impact, H&N 11/19/09. "His (Keppen's) organization also is part of a lawsuit demanding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service release its studies on what needed to be done to help fish species such as the Delta smelt, and there likely will be a push to suspend the Endangered Species Act in the region." (KBC Note: Dan Keppen supports the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, which says, "NMFS and FWS expressly reserve the right to make determinations and take actions as necessary to meet the requirements of the ESA and implementing regulations." Our request for Mr. Keppen: Please explain to us why it's ok to enforce ESA regulations in Klamath Basin but not in Central California.

Jury: City owes $1.6 million for land (60 acres); City used eminent domain to acquire property for wetlands, H&N 11/20/09. "The city’s eminent domain action came after wetlands were eliminated near the Klamath Falls Airport to avoid collisions between airplanes and birds. The city planned to build new wetlands on the property near Lake Ewauna."

Columbia Basin Bulletin Fish and Wildlife 11/20/09

ESA Pitted against our economy, by Nita Still 11/20/09

Parts 1 and 2 Mining legislation has opponents, defenders, Lake County News, posted to KBC 11/20/09

North State Forestry Leader Bill Dennison Endorses Doug LaMalfa for State Senate 11/20/09

* KMED audio interview with Off Project irrigators Tom Mallams and Larry Nicholson on Bill Meyer talk show about the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and how it will effect the Klamath Basin, Klamath River, and Rogue Valley. Who is paying Oregon Senator Jason Atkinson, who said "he endorsed the plan despite considerable opposition among many of his constituents." Was Klamath hydro dam removal a scientifically-sound option or an agenda-driven mandate? Who is paying Off Project rancher's wife who is at the negotiation table supposedly representing Off-Project irrigators who oppose her (in 2008 she denied the arrangement.) while Resource Conservancy is denied a seat.
KMED Talk host Bill Meyer

Klamath Water Report 11/18/09

Dam removal and water issues debated, H&N, 11/18/09

Correction for Herald and News ad that they have not corrected, posted 11/18/09

Water issue debated at separate forums; opponents suggest other options, posted to KBC 11/18/09. KBC Note: Proponent of the KBRA complain that the public, who has been banned from negotiations, has no solutions, so they justify this closed-door agreement that excludes public input. However,  the first meeting in 2 years was held entirely for public input Tuesday, Klamath Water Users, Upper Klamath Water Users, Tribes and PacifiCorp boycotted it, refusing to hear the people. “We just decided that wasn’t going to be a productive use of our time,” KWUA director Addington said..."We have to be done (with the agreement) first."

Mitigating impact of dams on the river, H&N, posted to KBC  11/18/09. (KBC Note: Tucker, contradicting Riverkeeper, is a founder and board member of Riverkeeper.) " 'It’s not really possible to mitigate the damage that’s been done over decades because of those dams,' said Erica Terence of Klamath Riverkeeper....Terence and the Riverkeeper organization were not involved in dam removal discussions." Then "Craig Tucker, Klamath campaign coordinator for the Karuk Tribe of California and one of those involved in dam removal discussions, said the interim measures do meet the legal requirements of the Endangered Species Act and other environmental legislation ..implementation of the dam removal agreement and (KBRA) Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement is needed to meet the goal of fully restoring the river. Dam removal alone won’t fix the Klamath, we need restoration, too,' he said." READ THAT AGAIN. Tucker is on, and off, the table, at the same time.

Commissioner plans to support deal, H&N, posted to KBC 11/17/09. “Even the Declaration of Independence had its detractors,” Elliott said, referring to those opposing the KBRA.

Why not use water rights funds for storage instead? H&N letter to editor by Jim McAtee, Klamath Falls, posted to KBC 11/16/09. KBC NOTE: At the public hearing on 11/10/09 that Klamath County Commissioners and Klamath Water Users boycotted,, we learned that if Long Lake or any off-stream water storage is developed, it may not be used by agriculture but only put in the Klamath River for fish. Your representatives agreed to this in the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

California Dams and Hydropower Protection RESOLUTION for the Benefit of California’s Tax Payers and Electric Ratepayers, passed at County Chairman’s Meeting during the California Republican Party Convention Fall 2009

Siskiyou County to remain in water talks, H&N, posted to KBC 11/16/09. (KBC NOTE: There were more than 100 people at two sessions of public input in Yreka on Klamath dam removal, and the KBRA and dam removal were opposed by every speaker except one.)

Siskiyou - Speakers voice opposition to Klamath dam removal, H&N, posted to KBC 11/16/09

Dam removal bond bill gets signature, H&N posted to KBC 11/16/09. (KBC NOTE: Just a reminder that Klamath Water Users Association, tribes, gov't agencies and environmental groups have heavily lobbied for the bonds for taxes and power rates to pay for tearing out Klamath River hydro dams. However, your representatives justify boycotting the public listening session on dam removal and the KBRA, saying they want the agreement done first before they hear the people's wishes and concerns.)

Oregon economy may be worse off; underemployment second highest in nation, H&N posted to KBC 11/16/09

Lets never forget the lush Owens Valley, from orchards to dustbowl, willing sellers, secret negotiations.

Cancelled - (Klamath) Panel plans water discussion (for Nov 30), Committee invites groups to meeting about off-Project areas’ water issues , H&N, posted to KBC 11/14/09

KBRA: Not even enough common concern for the two sides to meet?, H&N 11/15/09, and KBC Response: the H&N editorial is malicious slander. "They know the KBRA may cost their water rights and their way of life, and they know that the negotiators are making many trips to DC to form legislation to push their agenda through without hearing what the people want."

Closed meetings: Good idea, or not? H&N posted to KBC 11/15/09, KBC Comments, "To remind our readers, PCFFA, the Yuroks, and environmental groups petitioned in court against Klamath Irrigator's affordable power rate, irrigators lost, and now PCFFA and other environmental groups, the tribes, and government agencies have blackmailed irrigators..."

County approves land for agricultural preserve status, and Ag Department gets stimulus funds for noxious weed eradication, Siskiyou Daily, posted 11/15/09

I Feel Offended, by Frank Goodson, Vice Chairman of the Klamath County Republican Central Committee, presented at the 11/10/09 public forum. "I FEEL OFFENDED…that the Klamath Basin Water Users Association accepted my personal and political support at the water brigade in 2001 but turned against the principals of that day and structured an agreement, the KBRA (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), that strengthens our opponents on water and environmental issues and weakens and divides our community."

“Hydro” Agreement (Dam Removal) Hearings: Yreka November 12.

Water issues discussed, H&N 11/11/09

Hundreds of Klamath farmers' and ranchers' attend public meeting boycotted by Klamath Water Users Association and Klamath County Commissioners concerning Klamath settlement agreement, 11/11/09, by KBC News. "We're told we don't deserve a seat at the table. The key KBRA people won't come to hear us. The robbers don't usually want to hear the victims...The government is supposed to represent all of us, not just a select few."

Groups to avoid water forums, H&N 11/10/09. (KBC NOTE: stated reasons Tribes, Klamath County Commissioners and Klamath Water Users Assoc. boycotted public input meeting, even after they have already lobbied for legislation on this new secret law of the land, excluding many stakeholders, with no transparency:  You can’t do it in a three-minute sound bite, which is what they’re doing,” Addington said.")

Karuk Tribal member sent KBC this letter for Veterans Day, "US Veterans’ Day: I took an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” James A. Waddell, 2nd Infantry Division, South Korea DMZ, 8th United States Army. 11/10/09.

KBC's Veteran Homesteaders and Settlers in the Klamath Basin Page

KBC's page of our military

Public Listening Session on Klamath Dam Removal and KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement 11/10/09

Tulelake Irrigation District monthly meeting 11/9/09

Public needs to weigh in on issue of dam removal, H&N letter by Mike Tyrholm, Klamath Falls 11/08/09

Are gill nets decimating Klamath and Trinity salmon runs?, Redding Record Searchlight 11/8/09. "Ferris, now 57, says he catches as many as 700 salmon a year using gill nets.... the Yurok and the Hoopa Valley tribes - report that they've hauled in almost 28,000 fish, close to this year's allotment, Huber and other guides said very few salmon are making it past the tribal waters and into areas where they can catch them...20,000 pounds of salmon - about 2,000 fish worth $60,000 - from the Trinity caught by members of the Hoopa Valley Tribe ended up for sale at the San Francisco fish market..." "That is our river," Fletcher (Yurok) said. "Those are our fish..."

Here for Copco Lake website, one of the communities that will vanish with the removal of Copco Dam on the Klamath River. HERE for their great Virtual Tour.

Remember everyone involved in dams fight, H&N letter by Robert Manasco, Los Molinos, Calif. "It appears to me that California is so ashamed of its support that it hides the $250 million in a Safe Drinking Water and Storage Act AB 752."

Have You Had Enough Yet? by James Foley, Klamath River, Calif, Property and Mining Rights Advocate 10/8/09. "There will be two opportunities for citizens to be heard in the near future, will you attend and make your voice heard? The first meeting will be in Klamath Falls on Nov. 10, 2009 Two sessions: 1 PM TO 4 PM  AND  6 PM TO 9 PM. The second will be in Yreka Calif. On Nov 12, 2009 at the Miners Inn in Yreka at 1 p.m. and again at 6 p.m."

Water for Life believes (Klamath) agreement process unfair, H&N letter by Bill Wilber, President Water for Life posted to KBC 11/6/09.

Water Special: November 7 Update of $11.1 billion California Water bill that passed legislature. It tells where the money will go, by California Federation of Republican Women, 11/8/09

State Legislature approves comprehensive package to overhaul water system, including an $11-billion bond, LA Times, posted to KBC 11/6/09 (includes Klamath dam removal funds)
Money for Klamath dam removal included in California water bill, Oregonian, posted to KBC 11/6/09
Historic state water deal now up to voters, Contra Costa Times, posted to KBC 11/6/09. "The package would require state residents to cut water use by an average of 20 percent over the next decade and, for the first time, require water users to measure and report their use of underground water, ending California's status as the only Western state that does not regulate ground water."

Don't be fooled, by Shasta Nation Tribal Council, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 11/6/09

11/6/09: U.S. Unemployment Rate 10.2%, Highest Since 1983, 10/21/09 Oregon was 11.5%, Calif.12.2%

Politics won in legislative efforts to deal with taxes, by Senator Doug Whitsett, H&N 11/1/09.

Columbia Basin Bulletin posted to KBC 11/1/09

Klamath Water Report, Bureau of Reclamation 10/25-11/1/09

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