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Archive 83 - April 2009
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Around 1900, Link River, between Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna, occasionally went dry before the Klamath Project was built. There was no hydropower, no hatcheries, occasionally no fish (fish need water), no artificially-raised river flows or lake levels.  HERE for more

WESTERN INNOVATOR: Manager helps even out co-op's ups and downs; Greenbank revives grain co-op in area troubled by battle for irrigation water. Capital Press 5/1/09. Tulelake, Calif. - "Ron Greenbank's dream was to return home and give to the farm community that he loved."

Valley field burning phase-out advances in Senate, Capital Press 4/30/09.

FBACT Alert on “Navigable” Clean Water Bill, 4/26/09.

April 2009 "Monthly Briefing" (PDF), Family Farm Alliance, including California Water March Draws 10,000.

Disaster, if not extinction, Times Standard 4/30/09 by Greg King, North Coast Environmental Center. * KBC Response

Ron Greenbank, manager of Newell Grain Growers Association, inspects a handful of white wheat from a 6,000-ton pile.

4/29/09 - Channel 12 report on KBRA Parts 1, 2 and 3
Comment of Channel 12's "reporting on the proposed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/KBRA, by Katherine Lehman, immediate past president People for the USA Grange 835. "If you had read the KBRA you would know THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF ANY WATER TO ANY IRRIGATOR. The KBRA does, though, guarantee irrigators will lose water, and not just in the upper Klamath Basin."

Rerun: Recently circulated agenda of a KBRA secret PAIL meeting including mention of Keno and Link River Dam removal discussions 1/28/09

FBACT Alert on “Navigable” Clean Water Bill, 4/26/09. To Farm Bureau.

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/26/09. Legislative hash, Plaintiff's Fairness Act, Oregon's first tax on water.

Siskiyou County Supervisors send letter opposing SB670, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/26/09. See miner's page. "The court order, resulting from the Karuk Tribe of California, vs. the California Department of Fish and Game, was issued in 2006 and ordered DFG to complete its environmental review within 18 months of the judgement."

Greg Walden to Al Gore: Come out to Oregon and see the condition of the forests, posted to KBC 4/26/09, letter and video. See forest page.

Rogue dam removal enters final stage; Irrigators face steep electricity bill for water pumps, Capital Press 4/26/09

Endangered Wolves Endanger Livestock, 4/29/09, The Record Courier. "We aren’t asking that every wolf in the country be tracked down and eliminated, but we are asking that we have the right to defend ourselves and our livestock against the predators causing the damage." HERE for Wolf Page

Public lands coalition plans to 'Take Back Utah', Deseret News, posted to KBC 4/26/09. "Representatives from a variety of groups met Monday to plan the "Take Back Utah" Rally, a protest over federal rules, regulations, policies, laws and practices that critics say unfairly strip Utahns of their rights of access to public lands."

Yuroks may double land size; Tribe hopes to purchase 47,000 acres, Triplicate 4/25/09

Letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from Anthony Intiso, Master Greenhorn Grange # 384, Yreka, opposing Klamath River Hydro Dam removal, 4/24/09. Intiso is also 2nd vice chair Siskiyou County Republican Central Committee. "The undersigned granges from over eleven counties state wide request you and the other elected and appointed officials who are receiving a copy of this letter support The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors in their position of keeping the Hydroelectric dams."

Environmental group pulls out of Klamath talks, Oregonian, KBC Response, posted to KBC 4/24/09, "...Since there were up to 30" of water on our fields, the US government issued war veterans, with WWI and WWII homesteads, deeds with water rights appurtenant to their land for 2.5 feet of water, the rest going into storage and the river. The feds and enviros want it all..."

Northcoast Environmental Center steps away from Klamath agreement, Times Standard 4/24/09. "Greg King with the NEC said that efforts to submit changes to the working document were rebuffed. Signing onto the agreement in its current form, he said, could prevent the center from taking legal action to protect salmon in the river from depleted flows...Tucker also insisted that any group -- whether they sign the agreement or not -- can still assert its right to litigate to protect endangered species in the river if necessary." (KBC NOTE: we highlight Tucker's statement because up until now, the stakeholders have tried to convince the people, contrary to the settlement document, that the KBRA would end lawsuits and ESA demands on our irrigation water."

Klamath Water and Power Agency public meeting on 5/5/09

More wilderness coming HR980, Stewards of the Range, 4/24/09. "HR980, if passed, will designate 24 million acres of new wilderness in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Eastern Oregon."

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws 4/24/09

Oregonians For Food and Shelter, bills 4/24/09

As California water wars heat up, GOP congressmen say there's no real shortage, SacBee 4/24/09

Clean Water Act's mission may expand; Senators back bill to remove ‘navigable’ from federal water law, Capital Press 4/24/09

Water settlement process is flawed by Tom Mallams, H&N 4/22/09, President Klamath Off-Project Water Users Association. "Once again the corrupt process overpowers logic, common sense, and equitable participation. A small non-representative group being added to the Klamath settlement group is another example of how corrupt the dam removal and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement group process continues to be."

PRESS RELEASE: How did we get here, CA Congressman Wally Herger, posted to KBC 4/23/09. "Let me say, without equivocation, that I have always been, and always will be a supporter of dams and hydroelectric projects. The benefits that they provide through clean, low-cost energy, flood control, water storage, local tax revenue, and recreation are invaluable".

4/23/09 Renewable Energy Conference. Agenda HERE

Hillman speaks; Karuk leader suspended - claims he's not guilty - after airport meth arrest, Pioneer Press 4/22/09

Hillman Bust, Fishy Implications - the green cloak of corruption, Pioneer Press 4/22/09. "The vice-chair of the Karuk Tribe was recently arrested and charged with methamphetamine possession. The implications of Hillman's arrest, if he's convicted as charged, strike at the heart of environmental agencies' credibility as Hillman is a leading advocate of those agencies' stated and unstated policies and goals."

Stimulus funds go to California tribes, The Triplicate, posted to KBC 4/22/09

The Waxman-Markey Climate Legislation: Higher Energy Prices, Fewer Jobs, and More Government Intrusion, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket … that will cost money.  They will pass that money on to consumers …" President Barack Obama.

Tea Party Revisited, what's a free American citizen supposed to do, by  Tony Intiso 4/22/09

Thousands rally for water supply solutions,  San Joaquin Valley, CFBF 4/22/09

Water system to get federal stimulus funds, CFBF 4/22/09. Lists where $260 million stimulus money will be spent.

The truth about Trout Unlimited, a stakeholder at the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Table, by Toni Thayer, posted on our discussion forum 4/21/09. "The people running the show and the decision makers are some of the world's richest people involved in the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve, global markets of energy, real estate, investments, computers and Burger King. The group's scope has expanded to include managing all of America's physical resources and land uses - rivers, fish, grazing, agriculture, logging, mines, roads, electricity, coastal waters and every square inch of the U.S. since it all drains into a watershed somewhere."

Congratulations to our founder Ron DeShon; he's a new grandpa!!

Fresno County Farm Bureau issues statement on water supply for Fresno County’s federal water contractors, Press Release 4/21/09

* ACTION NEEDED by April 20.: If you use carbaryl, carbofuran and methomyl...

Ore. ranchers cry for wolf hearings, The Olympian April 17, 2009. "Endangered species laws forbid ranchers to kill wolves caught in the act of attacking livestock" HERE for Wolf Page

Fish and game commission denies petition to halt Karuk fishing at Ishi Pishi Falls, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/19/09

Fishing Industry Launches Campaign to Restore San Francisco Bay Delta and Klamath River California Political Desk, California Chronicle posted to KBC 2/18/07.
(KBC NOTE: PCFFA and Karuk Tribe are at the table with 28 groups including Klamath Water Users in the FERC Settlement regarding dam removal, affordable power rates for irrigators, secure water supply, etc, and Karuks made a film about this cooperative venture.
PCFFA and the Karuk Tribe have signed onto this petition:
Please read details of this petition signed on by Karuks and PCFFA
"A freeze on any Federal government funding which would divert, allocate or increase any water diversions or construction of facilities which would allow these activities until all impacted fish runs show increases for at least five years in a row."
"A moratorium on any California Delta or Klamath water development project or water contract unless it can be proven it will have no negative impact on fisheries
"Klamath River water was allocated to farmers resulting in one of the largest salmon kills in history"
"The Government dewatered the Klamath killing fish and has taken no action "
"A freeze on any government funding which would allow more water diversions until fish runs are restored "
"Full compliance and recovery funding under the Endangered Species Act"
"This Plan is exactly what is needed. We will fully support it.” Zeke Grader, PCFFA
"1. Full restoration of the flows of the Klamath River and other river changes needed for a minimum of 30% increase in migratory fish runs annually."
Detailed Petition  http://www.water4fish.org/detailed-petition/  "


Obama's Stimulus $$$$$$$

Millions for Klamath, Trinity Fed stimulus dollars targeted for fish, dam-removal study, Triplicate, posted 4/17/09

Stimulus funds will pay to study dams, H&N 4/17/09

* Obama to Valley agriculture: Dry up, Fresno Bee 4/17/09. "The answer was a simple one from Salazar — the vast majority of this money won't be seen in the farmworker-dominated communities that are experiencing 40% unemployment because of drought conditions. But there was plenty of money for projects in Northern California for environmental uses."

Stimulus funds flow to N. Calif. rivers, Times-Standard 4/17/09

Schwarzenegger declines to endorse lifting ESA protections, Capital Press 4/17/09

Proposed Calif. bill would ban suction dredge mining, KDRV 4/17/09

< Mile-long parade draws thousands; ‘There’s plenty of water, but it’s going for fish’, Capital Press 4/17/09

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/17/09: Tea Party, National Debt, and wilderness reserves

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Review of bills and laws, 4/17/09

Oregonians for Food and Shelter Legislative Update 4/17/09

ACTION NEEDED: If you use carbaryl, carbofuran and methomyl , this message is for you, by Oregonians for Food and Shelter 4/17/09

Why you can't trust the trust, Range Magazine, by Toni Thayer, environmentalist activist. Toni, a past regular on our discussion forum, reminded us of her 2003 article. If you question what's happening to our land, rights, and communities, this is a must read. She was forced into hiding from exposing the truth. WHO ARE the "environmentalists"? HERE is her recent forum post.

'New' groups join Klamath talks? by Tom Mallams, President, Klamath Off-Project Water Users Association, Capital Press 4/16/09. "The obvious intention is to exclude any group that is not in complete agreement, to force the public, without due process, into dam removal, a tribal land gift and the so-called "promise" of water guarantee for the Klamath Project, under the guise of "saving the river."

California March For Water, April 14-17, near Fresno, Calif. NEW ANNOUNCEMENT

Tulelake Irrigation District held informational public meeting, by KBC, edited by TID, 4/16/09.

Yuroks seek $20 million state loan for land, Times Standard 4/15/09. More on Klamath River Indian Tribes

The Latino Water Coalition’s “March for Water” kicked off yesterday, by Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance 4/15/09

Interior chief says California water system outdated, Capital Press 4/15/09

County supervisors pass renewable energy resolution, Siskiyou Daily News 4/14/09

April 15, Klamath Tea Party, Klamath Falls Veteran's Park noon to 7 p.m.

Thousands join mile-long parade to protest water cuts, Capital Press 4/14/09

* Renewable Energy Conference Invitation 4/23/09, from Jennifer Simon, USDA FSA Executive Director
* Agenda >
* USDA Rural Energy Programs, posted to KBC 4/14/09

Ore. jobless rate hits 12.1 percent, Capital Press 4/14/09. KBC NOTE: What is the result of letting special interest groups sue to shut down most of the timber industry, coastal fisheries, and downsize agriculture?

(Klamath) Dams far too valuable for them to be removed, letter to editor Herald and News 4/14/09

April 13, 2009 TID monthly meeting agenda

Thousands expected to march for water in California, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/12/09
NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Calif. March for water, 4/12/09

 2009 Klamath Project Operations Plan

Harry Carlson looks back at years of problem solving, H&N 4/12/09.
Carlson narrated:
Klamath Basin harvest brings good prices, many challenges Capital Press 12/14/08

Fall-run Chinook lags; coho run will be huge, Statesman Journal, posted to KBC 4/12/09

Water board discusses Klamath with county leaders, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 4/10/09. "Measurements at the state line show Oregon has problems,” ...Overall opportunities for improvement, he said, might include centralized treatment facilities and reduction of nutrients and organic loads through wetlands and other treatment systems." (KBC NOTE: Last month the state water board came to Tulelake. Residents from Oregon and Calif. explained to the board that the water in Upper Klamath lake is naturally high in Phosphorus, and  100,000 acres of Off-Project Ag land.have already been taken out of production and turned into wetlands. The result was less water available because of evaporation and worse water quality. Here for Tulelake report > Regional Water Quality Control Board wants Klamath Project's historically putrid water to become cold and clean. Lawsuit by Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement parties causes Water Board to target Klamath Project water users. KBC report 3/16/09

This is where is all began: Klamath River Fisheries Task Force meeting with Fish and Wildlife in Hoopa 10/5/93. Attending: Tulelake farmer John Crawford, Klamath Forest Alliance founder Felice Pace, etc. Discussed are strategies to plant endangered fish in the Klamath Basin, remove dams, seek mandatory minimum stream flows, oppose large water storage, and create a timeline. In 1993 they seeked consensus. In 2009 at the KBRA/settlement agreement table with closed door meetings, if you do not agree you are not allowed at the table.

Group joins water discussion, Upper Klamath Water Users Association will have a vote, H&N 4/10/09. "The Upper Klamath Water Users Association has only existed for a few months, has a relatively small membership and primarily serves off-Project water users. Board members include Becky Hyde, Karl Scronce, Bob Sanders and Matt Walter." (KBC NOTE: According to Tom Mallams, president of the Off-Project Water Users, Klamath Project negotiator Steve Kandra and the Karuk, Yurok, and Klamath Tribes and some others voted to oppose Mallam's group from attending the PacifiCorp closed-door meetings because OPWU oppose dam removal and several components of the Settlement Agreement. However, settlement group allowed Hyde's new little group encompassing 200 acres to join the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement negotiations with opposition from some groups. The Off-Project Resource Conservancy encompasses 125,000 irrigated acres and hundreds of people, yet they are not allowed a seat at the table. Hyde's land is in a partnership with the Klamath Tribes, government agencies, and environmental groups.)

Fuzzy Government Math, Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett Newsletter 4/10/09

AB 268 Stops Required Inspections For Septic Systems, Farm Team Action Alert 4/10//09

Commissioners push for more water storage, Elliott will attend meetings aimed at settling water disagreements, H&N 4/10/09.

Keep dams, and put in fish ladders, H&N, letter by Patrick Rodgers, posted to KBC 4/10/09

PFMC Again Recommends Closing Most Salmon Fishing Off California, Southern Oregon Coast, CBB 4/10/09

Proposals sought for watershed restoration program, H&N 4/10/09

Casino: All bets off, Siskiyou Daily News 4/9/09

APRIL 6, 2001, Irrigation water was shut off to 1400 family farms in the Klamath Reclamation Project. There were bankruptcies, auctions, suicides, heart attacks, exodus of farm workers and their families, many who had resided in the Klamath Basin more than 20 years, and massive depression.
The following explains what happened. Who? Why?
Klamath Basin Crisis - Endangered Species Act Gone Wrong, by Chris Moudry, Basin Fertilizer, Merrill, Oregon April 2001. "In 1988, the Klamath Tribes petitioned the federal government to list the once plentiful Short-nosed and Lost River Suckerfish as endangered, believing that only 8000 or so remained in Upper Klamath Lake. Since that time, these suckers have been found throughout lakes and rivers in the area and are estimated to exist by tens if not hundreds of thousands. Through the Clinton years, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Klamath Tribes spent millions of dollars studying the sucker and its habitat." 
Bucket Brigade for ESA reform, by Ric Costales, Environment and Climate News Auguat 2001
The late Velma Robison  tells how they felt the day their irrigation water was shut off in 2001.
* The late Paul Christy tells his feelings about
* John Staunton tells how he felt about what happened to his community in 2001.
Here for Pioneer and Homesteader impressions and some photos
See 2001 Archives and photos

Tulelake Irrigation District well reports April 7, 2009

RERUN - 2004 water bank blackmail, ESA double standard, and TID targeted again, by a project irrigator  12/9/03

Oregon: The Agriculture Quarterly, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, 4/6/09. "Klamath County, "$301 million 2008 gross farm and ranch sales."

Water settlement remains in limbo, H&N 4/6/09

Merrill Townhall meeting with Klamath County Commissioners, 4/5/09 by KBC News -- notes and quotes about the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement and a little background information. Response by Katherine Lehman: "When your neighbor starts a brushfire that threatens everything you own; only a fool starts writing a fire suppression plan. Even with evidence that more than one neighbor took part in starting the fire - time spent weighing possible motives while the fire is burning distracts you from the primary job at hand - STOP THE FIRE! Once that's accomplished there will be plenty of time to talk about plans, motives, desires, options, etc. Neighbors that would taunt you for fighting the fire when you don't have a "plan" are not your friends, and should not be trusted." Kathy

Leaf Grant Hillman, 44, of Orleans, Calif. Hillman appeared Thursday in Circuit Court on an indictment charging him with possession of methamphetamine. He was booked into jail and released on his own recognizance. Mail Tribune 4/5/09. http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090403/NEWS/904030330 
KBC NOTE: Karuk Tribe Vice Chairman and spiritual leader Hillman is an advocate of Klamath hydropower  dam removal in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement
Karuk Tribal Vice Chairman and spiritual leader Leaf Hillman: Taxpayers help miners hurt fish habitat followed by 31 Comments, Sacramento Bee , posted to KBC 3/8/09. "Hillman, who lives in Orleans, is charged with one count corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and with two special allegations: inflicting great bodily injury and using a deadly weapon. Hillman's bail has been set at $50,000....the victim had been "hit on the head with a beer bottle"
What caused salmon deaths?, Barry Clausen 2/16/03. "...The DFG report states, "No substances were found at concentrations toxic to fish and therefore, were not a factor in the 2002 fish kill." However, that may not be the case. According to the Del Norte Sheriff's Department, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department and Larry Hand of the California Conservation Corps (CCC), a CCC crew run by John Buttons discovered several large glass flasks used for cooking methamphetamine ... in the summer of 2002... It now turns out the flasks were part of what is known as a "meth dump..."

Central Valley irrigators look to Klamath Basin for assistance, H&N 4/5/09. New California Central Valley website: www.ourvalleywatercrisis.org 

PRESS RELEASE: Reclamation Announces Start Date for Klamath Project Water Deliveries, Bureau of Reclamation, posted to KBC 4/5/09

PLEASE HELP! California March For Water, "The multi-day march is scheduled to start in the City of Mendota, approximately 40 miles west of Fresno. It will conclude at San Luis Reservoir. Mendota is one of the towns hardest hit by drought with 40% unemployment, unrelenting poverty and a stark example of what would happen to other cities if water were to stop flowing from natural and/or man-made causes." www.gotwater.org

Klamath irrigation season to start by April 10, H&N 4/3/09

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett 4/3/09 Newsletter: PacifiCorp’s Proposal for Higher Rates; House Concurrent Resolution 5: Honoring Danny Miles; Ways & Means Update: 2009-11 Agency-Proposed 30 Percent Reduction Lists

Rebuttal to Leaf Hillman (Karuk Indian) by Dave McCracken, gold miner, Pioneer Press, posted to KBC 4/3/09. "Hillman claims our gold mining threatens the salmon in the Klamath River. He has picked a particularly poor time to make that accusation. A few days ago, the Times-Herald of Eureka reported that while the number of Sacramento River salmon is near record lows, the Klamath salmon run is "booming" this year. Even more important, there is not a scrap of scientific evidence that suction dredge mining has ever hurt a single salmon. The same cannot be said of Hillman's own Karuk Tribe..."

Effort against dams tries to ‘re-wild’ area, letter to H&N by Nita Still, 4/3/09

Oregonians for Food and Shelter Legislative Update, 4/3/09

Another Empty Bucket, by Susan Sutton, April 2009

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