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KBC - November 2010 emails between KBRA facilitator Ed Sheets and KBC editor, regarding October Klamath KBRA meeting, upcoming December 15 meeting, KBRA Drought Plan, public comments and transcripts. At the Oct 17 KBRA Coordinating Council public meeting, approximately 30 people from the public attended, most all opposed the KBRA in public comments. We are informed by Sheets he did not and will not record the public comments. Where did the new-concept of "transparency" and "public process" go? Did you really believe, after years of closed door meetings and resistance to a public vote, that they would ever include your input? And did you realize your 'leaders' voted on the KBRA and there still is no Drought Plan?

CDFG Suction Dredge Mining 5 Meetings, Feb 3 Yreka. HERE for Miner Page

BOR PRESS RELEASE: Reclamation Releases Final Appraisal and Optimization Study for the Long Lake Valley Off-Stream Storage Project, posted to KBC 11/30/10. (KBC NOTE: Keep in mind, the authors of the KBRA, environmental NGOs, gov't agencies, tribes and farm leaders, wrote in the KBRA that IF offstream storage is developed, any stored water must flow to the ocean, not to agriculture.)
BOR: Storage potential of Long Lake not cost-effective option, H&N 11/30/10

We have buried our dead once already, Shasta Tribal leader Gary Lake, Siskiyou Daily News 11/30/10. "NOWHERE in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) are the Shasta People recognized. The Klamath Hydro Settlement Agreement (KHSA) exposes the Shasta People's burial grounds, Spiritual sites, ceremonial grounds and villages which are currently protected by reservoirs behind the dams that are to be taken out."

Oregon Senator Whitsett on Public Trust, transcript from Whitsett's 11/30/10 speech on KFLS

Oregon State Economic Status, by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Klamath Falls, District 28, posted to KBC 11/30/10

NEVER…a true wolf account from Sunday November 28, 2010, sent by Jim Beers 11/30/10. Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. HERE for Wolf Page

Forest Service posts job opening for KBRA, KHSA coordinator, Siskiyou Daily News 11/30/10

Comments on Lava Beds Nat. Monument $10 million plan due Nov 30--HERE for plan and comment form

Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Meetings set for December 9 in Siskiyou County, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 11/29/10

Klamath Watershed Partnership minutes of October 2010 posted 11/29/10: "OWEB is trying to figure out a way to leverage the funding from the NFWF money and that is the kind of money they are discussing...OWEB is looking at pairing their $500,000 with the NFWF $500,000 and making it $1 million total..Mark Buettner asked if the State is considering this their contribution to the KBRA.  Karl said he talked to the Governor and he said that is part of it. This proposal talks about $250 million worth of projects how will that be identified.  Nathan said that comes from a spreadsheet that was prepared by Matt Barry, FWS and Larry Dunsmoor, The Tribes, for the KBRA that said here is a list of everything that we want to do in the Basin."

Attached are the by-precinct votes on Measure G - the dam initiative in Siskiyou County, which read: “Should the Klamath River Dams (Iron Gate, Copco 1, and Copco 2) and associated hydroelectric facilities be removed?"
78.84% voted against and 21.16% for, sent by Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 11/29/10. KBC NOTE:  Tulelake, the California side in the Klamath Reclamation Project, voted NO. Our communities, the voting public not allowed at the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement table, oppose the enviro NGO/gov't agency/farm leaders' agreement'.
3 Tulelake precincts voted,
        yes / no:
#1    17   83
#2    36   64
#3    16   84

Western water rights come under new attack, H&N guest commentary by Pacific Legal Foundation, posted to KBC 11/29/10. "Siskiyou County rancher Tom Menne predicts that the public trust crusade could “devastate” his ranch’s profitability, throwing its 25 employees out of work. All three of these threats to water rights — from the Bureau of Reclamation, the State of California, and overzealous environmentalists — are being challenged in court."

Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy Issue Papers, open to public review and comment deadline is March 1, 2011, on IWRS website: http://www1.wrd.state.or.us/pdfs/November_18_2010_Issue_Papers_v2.pdf

Environmental Quality Commission to Consider Adoption of 401 Water Quality Certification Rules, posted to KBC 11/29/10

California Department of Fish and Game, the Art of the “Take,” by Mark Baird, Vice President Scott Valley Protect Our Water and Siskiyou County Water Users Association, posted to KBC 11/29/10. "Additional items discussed, included,  site visits by armed teams of game wardens to coerce Water Right Owners into signing the contract..." "Manji went on to say,  “Its the fourth quarter and we are at the goal line and the time for negotiation is past.”'We have a plan, right or wrong' "."Are the citizens of Siskiyou County expected to look the other way while the CDFG burns the Constitution, ignores the law, and terrorizes our families?"

We are beginning a series on where the funds are coming from to support the KBRA, present lawsuit against Klamath Farmers, water quality mandates, Klamath Dam destruction, mining and timber harvest destruction. Today's info: What partners funded the Klamath Ag Political Action Committee, Steve Kandra's and Jim Carlton's group, to support the KBRA? Perhaps The Nature Conservancy, Sustainable NW, Prosper (Kandra), Sustainable NW, Herald and News, and KFLS are your neighbors?... Follow link for contributors and pricetag.

USDA awards Yurok Tribe funding to close electricity gaps in Klamath, Times Standard 11/27/10. "...award of $750,000 to the tribe Tuesday, along with millions of other dollars being spent to stabilize and reduce energy costs for residents..." (KBC NOTE: Yurok Tribe supports destroying the Klamath Hydropower dams serving 70,000 households annually.)

Disputed Territory; Federal employees and the Yurok Tribe extend the age-old battle over American terra firma, North Coast Journal, posted to KBC 11/26/10. "...Yurok tribe is quietly working on a bill that would give them ownership of thousands of acres of public land, including parts of Redwood National Park and Six Rivers National Forest, plus marine sanctuary waters surrounding Reading Rock, a sea stack five miles offshore that’s currently under the auspices of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management..."
Paying tribute to tradition: Thousands come together for 29th annual Intertribal Gathering, Times Standard, posted to KBC 11/26/10. "
The reservation straddles the Klamath River about 90 miles north of Eureka, and much of it is still without electricity, something Myers is working to change this year with the help of federal grants." A KBC reader sent us this question: "If they want the Klamath dams out why would they think they are entitled to electricity?"

Planetary Changes since 1970, followed by Let’s look at Global Warming by Dr. Richard Gierak, 11/26/10

Columbia Basin Bulletin, including:
* Alaska Salmon Harvest 11th Largest Since Statehood; Best Value In 18 Years
* BPA Proposes 8.5 Percent Wholesale Power Rate Hike Beginning Oct.1 2011; Final Decision In July,
posted to KBC 11/26/10

Salmon facing new threat, "the number of salmon in the North Pacific having doubled in the past 50 years, scientists are increasingly concerned there may not be enough food to support them, and changing ocean conditions could make it even worse," H&N, 11/26/10

Timeline for KBRA relies on receiving funding, H&N, posted to KBC 11/26/10

"A Day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer," by the President of the United States, for November 26 (1789)

(Klamath) Organic foods donated, Medford Mail Tribune, posted to KBC 11/23/10

New leader at the (Klamath) BOR — again; Jason Phillips agency’s fourth new manager in eight years, H&N 11/23/10

First Circuit Holds That Plaintiffs Must Demonstrate Irreparable Harm for Injunctive Relief in Endangered Species Act Cases, AND  Proposition 26 May Imperil Implementation of California’s Landmark Greenhouse Gas Reduction Law, Somach, Simmons and Dunn Law Firm 11/23/10

Proposed marine reserve sites now posted online, ODFW, posted to KBC 11/23/10

Appeals Court Rejects Lethal Removal Of Salmon-Eating Sea Lions; Remands Issue Back To NMFS, Columbia Basin Bulletin 11/23/10

Prayer page from Frank Tallerico for Thanksgiving week, 11/21/10

Decision on 2001 (Klamath) water lawsuit could take 6 months, U.S. Court of Appeals heard case Thursday, H&N, posted to KBC 11/21/10. (KBC NOTE: PCFFA petitioned against irrigators getting a continued affordable power rate, are still suing against them getting compensation for the government taking their deeded farm water in 2001, support studying removal of Keno dam which provides irrigation water in the Klamath Basin, yet they claim to be our 'friend' at the KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement negotiations, promising money for power, plenty of irrigation water and less litigation....???????)
* 1/23/11 - Grants by Weeden Foundation, more than $200,000 in the Klamath Basin in 2008 alone, including defeating irrigation interests in the Klamath Takings Case, funding Sustainable NW, ...

Siskiyou Daily News is going pro-environmental, by Dr Richard Gierak 11/21/10. "...Art Sasse of Pacific Corps believes that the (Klamath) dams were not constructed for flood control...The following article was published prior to the construction of Iron Gate and it is clear there were four primary reasons for building Iron Gate Dam:
1. flood control giving residents downriver up to a 90 minute warning of an inundating flood
2.  power production as it is clearly the most environmentally friendly technique
3. sustain fisheries by having reservoir water to maintain adequate flows in dry years
4. reduce danger to human life below the Copco dams..."

What will come next in the fight over dams? H&N letter by James Finses, Copco Lake 11/20/10

Fish over farmlands? It shouldn’t happen, H&N by Kevin Fure, posted to KBC 11/21/10 

An eye on Farming; Dan Crawford’s photography led to the launch of the agricultural magazine Spudman,   H&N, posted to KBC 11/18/10

Ahh, yes: biomass will solve all our problems, H&N by Fred Charles, Klamath Falls, letter to editor.
Biomass facility would be built near Klamath Falls, H&N, posted to KBC 11/18/10

Siskiyou’s vote against Klamath dam removal resounding, H&N letter to editor by Louise Gliotto, Yreka 11/17/10

TMDL's public comment period coming soon. This Notice is being sent by the California Water Boards on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 11/17/10. "On November 12, 2010, U.S.EPA approved California’s 2008-2010 Section 303(d) list of impaired waters requiring TMDLs, and disapproved the omission of several water bodies and associated pollutants that meet federal listing requirements.  U.S.EPA identified additional water bodies and pollutants for inclusion on the State’s 303(d) list. U.S.EPA is providing the public an opportunity to review its decisions to add waters and pollutants to California’s 2008-2010 Section 303(d) List.  U.S.EPA will consider public comments received..."
Strategy to form the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement: Cal/EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan May 18, 2005. Lead Agency: State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

Tulelake Irrigation District well water levels, posted 11/17/10.

Senators who voted for Big Government today to KBC from Craig Chenowith, Yreka 11/17/10. "..today’s vote to end the “hold” on senate bill 510 Senators took a step toward increasing the size and cost of government at the expense of Americas farmers-big and small.  The so called food safety bill empowers food and drug administration to regulate every part of every farming operation in the nation.  The cost of compliance and record keeping to farmers cannot even be estimated. Even the farm wife who sells jam, preserves and apple butter at a Christmas bizarre will have to be permitted by the Food and Drug Administration..."

Cancel my three subscriptions, Sunset Magazine, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 11/17/10. "The quote that “very little acres are private land” is true, and we, the people who live on these acres, are not hurting the land. We have lived here 150 years, farmed, logged, grazed cattle, cut wood to warm our homes, raised our families – and surprise! The land is still here and as pristine as our forefathers left it. This is not wild land, nor is it being harmed by we who live here..."

Challenging an unwarranted “wetlands” designation in Idaho, Pacific Legal Foundation 11/17/10

Oregon U.S. Congressman Greg Walden Newsletter 11/17/10 (note on spotted owl listing)

Wyden says he'll oppose any secret monument plan, Mercury News, posted to KBC 11/17/10

How might the Klamath agreements affect the local economy? Siskiyou Daily News 11/15/10

California - Court Backs Illegal Immigrants, NY Times 11/15/10

GOP's transition leader says common sense 'an endangered species' in D.C., The Hill, posted to KBC 11/15/10. "Too often, accountability counts for nothing, and transparency for even less, and common sense -- well, it’s an endangered species."

Cancel my three subscriptions, Sunset, by Shirley Fisher, Siskiyou Daily News 11/15/10. "You have now decided to go into politics with your support of the environmentalist movements trying to create the Siskiyou Crest Monument..."

Rep. McClintock's remarks on H.Res. 1254, 3:43-minute video. (KBC Summary: President Obama wants to put 3 million acres of Modoc and Lassen counties into Modoc Plateau National Monument. In May 2010 Modoc County unemployment was 18.2%, 60% of the land is controlled by the government. The designation would end use of natural resources: grazing, timber and minerals, further devastating the counties. Interior is withholding 2016 pages of documents to Congress, with contributions by several gov't agencies.)

Walden working to achieve GOP goals, H&N, posted to KBC 11/14/10.

PacifiCorp, counties reach dam deal, H&N, posted to KBC 11/14/10. "Opponents of the dam removal had argued for years that local residents had been excluded from negotiations."

Water Right Fees, Proposition 26, and the Delta . . ., Somach, Simmons and Dunn November 12, 2010: Supreme Court to Hear Water Right Fees Case in December

U.S. Fish and Wildlife welcomes new Yreka field office supervisor, Siskiyou Daily News, posted to KBC 11/14/10

VETERANS DAY: Bless you veterans! We're doing our best to protect what's left of the freedoms you fought to secure. Thank you!

HERE > (Homesteaders /  settlers page of some Klamath Basin Settlers,
most were veterans who came to the basin to "raise food for a hungry nation."

"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969), U.S. general and president. Inaugural address, Washington, D.C..

Vote against (Klamath) dam removal stunning, Siskiyou Daily News by Siskiyou County Water Users Association writer, 11/10/10. “The successful vote against dam removal is HUGE! Seventy-nine percent of Siskiyou County is against dam removal. Washington, D.C. won’t be able to ignore the voice of Siskiyou County people."

‘... I think they wronged us ...’  DONNIE BOYD, owner, Floyd A. Boyd Co., Merrill, H&N posted to KBC 11/10/10

See Siskiyou County Water Users Association's new website (still some construction happening). "SCWUA is a grass-roots group that has Native Americans, scientists, doctors, professional engineers, ranchers, biologists, educators, attorneys, professional land surveyors, foresters, Grange Masters, and several other people that are at ground zero if the dams are removed."

CALIFORNIA - Sacramento Bee article this Nov 10: "...Legislative Analyst's Office projects that (California's) looming deficit is $25.4 billion..." KBC NOTE: The KBRA promises further downsize agriculture, Cal Fish and Game, along with environmental groups and the Karuk Leadership have managed to ban gold mining, ripping out 4 hydro dams on the Klamath River will destroy Siskiyou County economy, 3 of Obama's proposed new National Monuments will shut down millions of acres of land to resource use, Schwarzenegger signed away millions of acres in Calif to wilderness. Sept. 2010 unemployment rate for California 12.4%

The season: ‘It was a catastrophe that turned into a disaster’, H&N: T.J. Woodley, district manager of the Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District. posted to KBC 11/10/10

Experiences from 2001 drought and good potato markets help Wong make goals, H&N: Dan Chin H&N, posted to KBC 11/10/10

Dam removal, tree farm biggest part of dispute, H&N by Jerry Pappe, posted to KBC 11/10/10

11/9/11: Oregon U.S. Representative Greg Walden this week on Fox News: We need ..."more transparent, efficient and accountable..." representation..."we're listening to the American people..."
Walden stresses importance of local lead in KBRA, H&N, posted to KBC 11/09/10. " “I think you want local government leaders at the table, you need to make sure everybody’s at the table,” Walden said."
Leading the majority transition in the house, U.S. Representative Greg Walden, representing the 2nd district in Oregon, Walden Newsletter 11/9/2010. "I’m as fed up as you are with all the secret deal-making done behind closed doors. I’ve written many times before in this newsletter about the ridiculous 2,000-page, trillion-dollar bills that nobody gets a chance to read before a vote."
KBC NOTE: THE Klamath County PEOPLE requested a measure on the ballot asking if they approved or disapproved the KBRA and hydro dam removal and they were denied their request. The county gov't worded the measure to ask if they wanted the commissioners to be at the table (regardless of whether or not they approved of the leaders' "settlement agreement." 1/2 the county (49%) opposed even being at the table. The KBRA was written behind closed doors for years, the public was never allowed input before it was a done deal, there was NO "transparent, efficient and accountable" stakeholder---they were forbidden to divulge their "solutions" to the constituents. Siskiyou was allowed a vote on their approval or disapproval of the KBRA, where 3 or the 4 Klamath hydro dams are targeted for destruction, and disapproved the plan 80%. Congressman Walden, you have been an awesome representative; remember your words, "we're listening to the American people."

NRCS_Calif Conservation Programs Deadline 11/12/10

Worded right, results on 18-80 would change, by Howard Paine for H&N 11/9/10. "Proponents argue dam removal will allow salmon to migrate to Upper Klamath Lake. It’s doubtful they were ever there. If they were, why did the Klamath Tribes eat suckers?"

Klamath Falls - Reclamation office gets new manager, H&N 11/9/10

Irrigators still split on KBRA, H&N 11/07/10 

Sunday verse, "As always, I like to find verses that deal with what is happening to our people today.  That's why I will continue to be in Psalm 119:17-24"

(Klamath) County officials want answers to proposed TMDL, H&N 10/7/10. Meeting tomorrow, Monday Nov 8. Scroll down to Nov. 4 post on TMDL's. More on Water Quality page.

Oregon and California Wildlife Refuges: appropriation for ag or fish and wildlife early 1900's. Page 1, & Page 2
From Klamath Drainage District appeal before Dept. of Interior 1953 relating to refuges, grain leases and homesteads, Reclamation Act, purpose of the Klamath Reclamation Project, and attempts by the federal government to change that purpose.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

The KBRA/Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement 15.1.3 changes the purpose of the Klamath Reclamation Project. Continue reading KBRA document regarding the new water right given to Fish and Wildlife Service.

Tule Lake Refuges October, 2010 - KBC refuge  photos
Does it look like there is no water in the Klamath Basin Refuges, nowhere for the birds to go? More KBC photos, and H&N article HERE

TuleLake Refuge farmland Oct. 2010.
No water. No crops. Noxious weeds.
Waterfowl normally eat 70 million ponds of food here, 1/2 coming from the farms.

TuleLake Refuge lake for birds Oct. 2010. Presently FWS has no water right on the refuge; when farms get water, then the refuge gets all that runoff; both win, farmers and wildlife. This year was different. Why?

Dave Mauser, FWS






It’s a tough situation. There’s not enough water
to go around,
H&N, posted to KBC 11/5/10  

" 'Fall birds will migrate until the beginning of November. With no water, the birds will have to go someplace else..We’re running out of places for birds to go,' Mauser said. 'Endangered species and tribal trust obligations come first, then farmers, and then what’s left over goes to the refuges.'"

Majority of Siskiyou voters are opposed to dam removal, (and other Siskiyou election results) H&N 11/5/10.

Columbia Basin Bulletin 11/5/10, articles on salmon BiOps, steelhead, sea lion report, red trout survey, wild coho, ....

Posted 11/4/10 - California State Water Resources Control Board demands impossible TMDL's/water quality demands of the Klamath Basin considering that the source of the water is naturally high in minerals. Klamath Water Users Association/KWUA wrote the board July 2009 explaining the "unachievable load allocations" demanded by the water board.
    These unattainable demands are the result of KWUA's friends on their KBRA agreement, PCFFA/Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen, and tribes and other environmental groups, litigating to demand these regulations.
Water Board Adopts Pollution Limits for the Klamath Basin, Indybay 9/8/10. "Representatives from the PCFFA, Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe, Klamath Riverkeeper, the Klamath Forest Alliance and the Sierra Club testified at the meeting in support of the TMDLs." (KBC NOTE: a KBRA author Craig Tucker, spokesman for the Karuk Tribe and former environmental activist, is a member of Klamath Forest Alliance and founder of Klamath Riverkeeper.
     Their KBRA, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, says, "
The Parties commit, subject to Applicable Law, to support the development and implementation of appropriate TMDLs and otherwater quality improvement programs adopted by the states within the Klamath Basin."

< KBC photo: Linthicum Nov 2 watching the polls at his victory party.
And Klamath County's new commissioner is
Dennis Linthicum;
Republican trounces Democrat Kirk Oakes  H&N, posted to KBC 11/3/10. 

   Klamath Co. voters split on dam removal, KDRV, posted to KBC 11/4/10. "Measure 18-80, an advisory vote on whether Klamath County discontinue its participation in the KBRA, was a near split, with 48 percent voting 'yes' on discontinuing participation, and 51 percent voting 'no', as of Wednesday night. However, some say there was voter confusion over the phrasing of the measure. Opponents of the KBRA allege there was much more opposition than was reflected in the nearly 50-50 split at the ballot box." RERUN: “Steamroller KBRA” followed by Valid Alternatives to KBRA,  Settlement instead of Agreement, by William Kennedy 7/27/10, Klamath Falls, OR, Pioneer Press. "Do you approve of a process that manipulates perception as truth and results in giving someone’s property away without their engagement? Do you support a process of limited negotiations that strays far away from anything that looks like democracy and excludes true stakeholders in order to reach a predetermined outcome?"

Supervisors to send resolution opposing Klamath study, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 11/4/10

County proposes to head up groundwater monitoring program, Siskiyou Daily, posted to KBC 11/4/10

(D)John Kitzhaber won governorship of Oregon 48.9%, (R)Chis Dudley 48.2%
(D)Ron Wyden won Oregon U.S. Senator against (R) Jim Huffman

November 2:
Siskiyou County
election results:
       Measure G, Klamath Hydro Dam Removal
       3 Klamath Dams to be destroyed are in Siskiyou County
79.19% Voted "NO" dam removal 11,079 votes  
                20.81% voted "YES" dam removal, 2912 votes

Klamath County election results:
                County Commissioner
Dennis Linthicum R (opposes KBRA) 13,900 votes 72.08%
                Kirk Oakes D (supports KBRA)  .  .  .    5,255 votes   27.25%

Measure 18-80, the public wanted the measure to read, do you support or oppose the KBRA and dam removal. The commissioners worded the measure, should Klamath County leave the KBRA negotiation table. It was worded where yes meant no, and no meant yes.
Yes 49.29% (they oppose the KBRA)
          No 50.71% (they want to remain at the KBRA table whether they oppose the KBRA or not. Like Siskiyou is at the table but they oppose the KBRA)

Nov. 2 - Klamath Falls: Chamber members ask for vote (on KBRA); Some disagree with board’s stance on Measure 18-80, H&N. KBC NOTE: Frank Goodson, and many people in Klamath Chamber of Commerce, object to the executive board's vote supporting the KBRA without polling their membership. As with the years of secret meetings creating the KBRA with no public allowed, Steve Kandra (on the KBRA negotiation table) said, "They’re not yielding to what I’ll call the ideology of Frank,” he said, referring to Goodson."

* Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Klamath Basin citizens have written letters concerning the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, the KBRA, which was written by leaders behind closed doors and to this day, the PEOPLE have had no vote. Zero transparency. The "leaders" boycotted their public input meeting that 300 attended. Many groups are denied a seat at the table. In fact the KBRA "drought plan" will not be public until after this Nov 2 election.
* Siskiyou County Measure G, the PEOPLE advocate voting NO on the KBRA and dam removal. It reads:
Should the Klamath River Dams, Irongate, Copco I and Copco II and associated Hydroelectric Facility be removed? Yes___ or NO___
Klamath County Measure 18-80 was requested by the people opposing the KBRA and dam removal. However the DA worded it where Yes means No. In Klamath County, YES means you oppose the KBRA and dam removal.

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