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KWUA weekly update for April 30, 2004
* NOAA Fisheries to Count Hatchery Fish in Determining Endangered Status
* Upper Klamath Basin Science Workshop Results Now Available On Line
* Federal Agencies to Host Lower Basin Science Conference in June at Humboldt State University
* J.W. Kerns Inc. Foundation Offers Up 8 Scholarships to Local Students

KBB weekly update for April 30, 2004
On Klamath Bucket Brigade "You Need to Know" page under Klamath Project History, is Lieut.'s Williamson and Abbot 1855 report to the U.S. War Department concerning a railroad route through California and Oregon (excerpts concerning the Upper Klamath Basin) 4/30/04 

Judge orders NOAA to complete listing reviews within 30 days, CB Bulletin 4/30/04.

Salmon counting change sets off  protests, The Oregonian 4/29/04.

An urgent prayer request from Air Force Commander in Afghanistan, see Prayer Page, 4/30/04.

PRESS RELEASE:  Bush Administration Contributes to Endangered Species Act Improvement Effort, 4/29/04, House Committee on Resources.

Plan seeks to limit 'critical habitat' cases, Salt Lake Tribune 4/29/04. "The present system for designating critical habitat is broken," Craig Manson, the Interior Department's assistant secretary in charge of endangered species programs, told the House Resources Committee."

Klamath Basin water adjudication hearings online daily

Lakes, rivers, and snow, H&N 4/28/04. Includes graph.

Policies will put hatchery fish in salmon count, The Oregonian 4/29/04.

Feds speed up salvage, H&N 4/28/04. "In all, (in 2002) the fires blackened 85,000 acres, including 49,500 acres of national forest"...."Officials said the timber is deteriorating quickly, eroding the value of the wood.' If we don't get much of that material out this summer, it becomes increasingly possible that we don't sell any of that material,' said Carolyn Wisdom, Silver Lake district ranger."
For more on the devastation of our forests, go HERE. More on the economic instability of Oregon, go HERE.

PRESS RELEASE: House Resource Committee, Critical Habitat Hearing Reveals Growing Consensus on Need for Modernization, "We've seen the effects of the Fish & Wildlife Service's questionable decision-making on critical habitat issues, causing unnecessary impacts to agriculture and other landowners, as well as to local governments and the economy.  It cannot continue."
Contra Costa's twist: Pombo's hearings start on environmental law, 4/28/04

Klamath Project water flows, farmers press on, H&N 4/28/04.

Pollution rules confuse Calif. farmers, SeattlePI, 4/28/04.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals court orders more flows down Trinity, H&N 4/28/04.

Tulelake Irrigation District well water level for 4/27/04.

Please pray for Bill Ransom's family, see PRAYER PAGE.

PRESS RELEASE: Reclamation and partner agencies release draft environmental document for Trinity River Fishery Restoration Program, Bureau of Reclamation, posted to KBC 4/27/04
       Letter by a San Joaquin Valley farmer, Times-Standard 4/27/04,
Flexibility required for meaningful Trinity River restoration
     The 'Trinity Wrench in the Works', and 'Big water coming: Heaviest flows in years OK'd by court', by environmental writer John Driscoll, The Times-Standard, go HERE.

Mrs. Oehlerich    KBC photo

Mrs. Winnie Oehlerich's 90th Birthday, The Tri-County Courier, posted to KBC 4/27/04
Together with more than 100 of Mrs. Winnie Oehlerich's former students, a childhood friend showed up Saturday to wish Mrs. Oehlerich well on her 90th birthday.

DOI quick facts, posted to KBC 4/27/04, "DOI manages 507 million acres of surface land, or about one-fifth of the land in the United States"

PRESS RELEASE: BLM Launches new land survey website, posted to KBC 4/27/04.

California Farm Bureau Federation update, Promise Made, Promise Kept, regarding Governor Schwarzenegger's actions regarding Workman's Comp, posted to KBC 4/27/04. Part IPart II

PRESS RELEASE: Chairman Pombo Issues ESA Report, "A Mandate for Modernization" Resources Committee to begin efforts to repair broken law, 4/27/04

Give someone the power to settle Basin's water issues, H&N 4/26/04. (This letter is followed by exerps from the Klamath Compact, submitted by Barbara Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade.)

OTHER PLACES Water agencies file claim against U.S., posted to KBC 4/26/04: "It is the third such case to emerge from California and Oregon in the Court of Federal Claims in recent years. "Farmers in the Klamath Basin along the California-Oregon border are seeking $100 million for water the Bureau of Reclamation used in 2001 to protect endangered suckers and threatened coho salmon."

USDA: Wetlands increase at 131,400 acres, Washington Times posted to KBC 4/26/04. For more information on Klamath Basin wetlands, go HERE.

ESATODAY ESA needs to be friendlier to people, by Bonner Cohen, National Center for Public Policy Research, posted to KBC 4/26/04: "In the 30 years since its enactment, the Endangered Species Act has emerged as one of the most powerful, and ineffective, environmental statutes on the books."

Prayer page, Ben and Erika DuVal update 4/24/04.

Lake level tied to new formula, 4/23/04 H&N.

Lake Levels/River Flows posted 4/23/04, includes graph

ESATODAY Enviros propose motion to stop summer spill, 4/23/04, The NW Fishletter. "Coho fishing will also be allowed for the first time in 11 years off southern Oregon, with a 75,000-fish quota for the area. Wild coho stocks are building up and down the West Coast, but fishermen will only be allowed to keep hatchery fish with clipped adipose fins."

Water issues are important to Whitsett 4/23/04 H&N "Oregon is among the nation's leaders in unemployment and poverty. Almost all of rural Oregon is experiencing 10 percent, 15 percent, or even higher rates of poverty. ....We can bring good jobs to Oregon by establishing an economic environment where businesses are able to thrive."

It's important to keep lease lands producing, H&N 4/23/04

KBB update for April 23, 2004.. Barbara Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade board member, has compiled her Klamath Irrigation District monthly meeting notes on KBB. They include:
historic information
*discussions on lawsuits
*KID's dealings with the aftermath of the 2001 water shut off
*KID Board dealing with the building of the new headgates and fish screen on the A-Canal and the A-Canal Tunnel Rehabilitation
You need to go HERE, then scroll almost to the bottom of page to find KID notes. Also,
on April 22, 2004 , Bill Ransom - Board Chairman and Barb Hall - Office Manager/Board member presented the Bucket Brigade’s “Klamath Water Crisis” PowerPoint presentation to approximately 75 students in Yvonne Rauch, Ph.D. - Spring Reason 122 Communication class at Oregon Institute of Technology.

KWUA weekly update for April 23, 2004
* Klamath Project Districts Prepare Package of Proposed Conservation Projects
* KID Part of "Overwhelming Response" to Water 2025 Challenge Grants
* Summary of Proposed Conservation Projects Proposed by KWUA
* Klamath Noted in Earth Day Top 5 List: "Human Costs" of Enviro Extremism
* USDA to Release $7.3 Million in Klamath Basin Conservation Funding

Scottish Power Attempts to Foreclose on Klamath Restoration Options,ONRC Alert 180, 4/23/04.  It appears ONRC, along with the Tribes, are using the expiring license of PacifiCorp to pressure them into introducing more endangered fish into the Klamath Basin. It seems they yelled drought in 2001 and shut down the farmers, and the NAS (National Academy of Science) said it was unjustified.  They blamed us for a Trinity fish die-off and the NAS said it was not the irrigator's fault. Then they wanted the NAS best available science on lake levels and river flows, and the NAS said that lake level/river flow management is unjustified. So they've thrown out the NAS and are trying to insert a new endangered species which would further downsize agriculture in the Klamath Basin. jdk

On Earth Day, don't forget the victims of environmentalism, 4/23/04, Pacific Legal Foundation. "For instance, in the Klamath River Basin along the Oregon-California border, the feds came close to wiping out century-old farming communities two years ago, when they cut off irrigation in order to supply more water for sucker fish and salmon. As a federal district court recently recognized, the government has been systematically underestimating fish populations by refusing to count those born in hatcheries. When hatchery fish are added, the claim that salmon are “endangered” goes away."

Pacific Legal Foundation Releases Earth Day List of Top 5 “Human Costs” of Environmental Extremism, PLF 4/21/04."Klamath farmers lost their crops and the local economy lost an estimated $200 million in crop and property value, devastating the region. Some families lost farms that had been in their families for generations."

PRESS RELEASE: Walden Announces $7.3 Million in Conservation Funding for the Klamath Basin, 4/22/04

PRESS RELEASE: Walden to Host Oregon Veterans During National World War II Memorial Dedication, 4/22/04

Governor lauds rural food program, Mail Tribune 4/22/04. "Oregon has the biggest hunger problem of all 50 states, according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Agriculture. In 2001, nearly 600,000 Oregonians received food from emergency food pantries. A USDA study found Oregon had hunger rates nearly twice the national average — about 6 percent of Oregon households were going hungry, and more than 12 percent of households were "at risk of hunger" because they could not consistently afford an adequate diet. "

TID well water level for 4/22/04

The film "Homesteading in a Promised Land: As Told by Family Settlers of the Tulelake Basin," will be presented at the Mount Mazama room of the Oregon Institute of Technology College Union 6:30 p.m. Thursday. Please come! Several homesteaders will speak. and answer questions.  HERE for presentation details and quote from Dan Keppen, KWUA Executive Director.

Counting on every drop of irrigation water,  regional irrigators expect to have enough water for the growing season this year H&N 4/21/04

PRESS RELEASE: Congressman Walden Earth Day Op-Ed, 4/21/04. "Perhaps no phenomenon has been more destructive of Oregon’s forests, watersheds and critical species habitat than the catastrophic wildfires that have decimated our state in recent years."

Coalition wants farming to stop on KF refuges, H&N 42004. "The coalition calls for phasing out of commercial farming on the refuges in order to decrease demand for water." {Flooded wetlands use twice the amount of water as irrigated agriculture. Even we 'dumb farmers' know that standing water on land uses more water than occasional crop irrigation--KBC (jdk) }

Press Advisory from the House Resource Committee, News Conference to Address Nation's Urgent Water Crisis 4/20/04

Complete transcript of Tribal attorney Bud Ullman speaking regarding Klamath irrigators at The 9th annual Environmental Justice Conference, organized by the Coalition Against Environmental Racism.. It was brought to our attention by letters to the editor that the complete audio of Ullman should not have had quotes taken from it and commented on. So we have had this audio transcribed so no parts are omitted.  HERE for KBC (jdk) response.

Small potatoes no more, 4/19/04 Capital Press

GAO to scrutinize Klamath water bank, Times-Standard 4/19/04

An America without Farmers? by Deborah E. Popper and Frank J. Popper, Prairie Writers Circle April 16, 2004. "Does a domestic population working the soil ensure a nation's social and physical health? What are the international and security consequences of the near-total disappearance of the farmer? What happens when the world's most powerful country no longer has those who work their own land?"

Prayer Page for this Sunday, April 17, 2004:  KBC requests your prayers. Also there is an update on farmer/rancher Ben DuVal's recovery.

Willie Nelson and Farm Aid Fraud, by Trent Loos, posted to KBC discussion forum 4/17/04, submitted by Toni Thayer of Spirit Helps.. "As I continue to do more research into Farm Aid, I am amazed at the extent of the ties between Farm Aid and the movement that wants to completely rid animal agriculture from the U.S."

ESATODAY  PLF Challenges Environmental Groups to Stop Using Lawsuits to Halt Forest Fire Prevention Programs, Pacific Legal Foundation 4/17/04.

© Anders Tomlinson, April 2004, local farmhouse
and geese near Tulelake Refuge

© Anders Tomlinson, April 2004,
Tulelake Refuge bordering Kandra field

MEDIA ADVISORY: Activists’ Refuge Report Resurrects Familiar Anti-Farming Solutions, by Dan Keppen, KWUA Executive Director, 4/16/04. The Oregon Natural Resources Council, WaterWatch of Oregon, and other critics of Klamath Project agriculture earlier today released its latest version of its "solution" to the challenges facing the Klamath Basin. Keppen provides an initial response to this report, including a 'myth vs. fact' sheet. For the ONRC report, go HERE. For Refuges in Peril, go HERE.

KWUA weekly update for April 16, 2004
* Activists Portend Gloom for Klamath National Wildlife Refuges
* Letters By Merrill Farmer Steve Kandra & KWUA to The Washington Post re: Recent Klamath Refuge Story
* Upper Basin Water Quality Workshop Planned  RSVP April 16!
* PLF Calls for True Accounting of Endangered Species Act Economic, Human and Social Costs

Ready to talk about the project, H&N 4/14/04. "Olsen became the Bureau of Reclamation's Klamath Basin area public affairs officer - a newly created position - a little more than a month ago"

Tribes Sought Termination, H&N letter 4/15/04. For more regarding proposed tribal land acquisition, go HERE. For transcribed discussion from Tribal forest tour regarding spotlighting, go HERE.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the rest of the picture, by James Beers 4/15/04. The Nature Conservancy owns a vast amount of land in the Upper Klamath Basin.

ESATODAY Bull trout could lose federal protection status, Register Guard 4/14/04.

American Rivers' top 10 list of "Most Endangered Rivers" is out. For the first time in 2 years, Klamath River is not on this list, The Oregonian 4/14/04. . HERE for story and list of endangered rivers.

Pacific Power invites Klamath Irrigators to talk about power issues  HERE for report on yesterday's meeting.4/14/04

Tule Lake was up to 40 feet deep lake.

"Mr A said, "I always thought we (irrigators and the power company) were partners.  This basin was cut in half, storing water on the other half.  Power companies begged for our excess water.  They run on our excess.  I'd hope in 2006 we are still partners.  If they aren't, we are done."

KFA violates rules, 4/14/04 Pioneer Press. This article is regarding Felice Pace, Klamath Forest Alliance KFA. For KFA influences, go HERE. KFA connections, go HERE.

This is an update on the listing process of coho salmon to the California ESA, The Clock is Ticking, Pioneer Press 4/14/04. ATTN DEADLINE!

Government Is Not Reporting Billions Spent on Endangered Species Act, Study Shows: Legal Group Calls for True Accounting of Economic, Human, and Social Costs of ESA,  Pacific Legal Foundation 4/14/04

Cut Long Lake's costs, keep water storage project moving ahead, H&N 4/12/04, by Dan Keppen, Executive Director of Klamath Water Users Association.

Tingley Lake 2001, by Anders Tomlinson

Nell Kuonen, owner of Tingley Lake refuge, former Klamath County Commissioner, speaks of our Klamath Basin ecosystem devastation in 2001.

Tingley Lake, snowgeese, April 1, 2004,
Jacqui Krizo  photo

Attack on Ed Bartell wrong, H&N 4/11/04 letter to the editor. "When tribal supporters harass people for their perceived political views, or hold water hostage in order to gain land, it only strengthens the resolve of the community"

Water allotments down in Langell Valley, H&N 4/12/04.

New poem on prayer page 4/10/04

FISH, OTHER PLACES More sea lions at Bonneville buffet, The Oregonian 4/10/04.  "Since protections were put in place, their numbers have swelled to more than 200,000..."   "On some days you can watch one sea lion bite the belly out of 20 or 30 salmon," "In the mid-1990s, officials considered killing some "problem" sea lions at Ballard Locks in Seattle that were eating an estimated 65 percent of the winter steelhead".
Our View: Feds cannot afford to whittle away at salmon recovery, Idaho Statesman posted to KBC 4/10/04.

KWUA weekly update for April 9, 2004
* Reclamation Rolls Out 2004 Klamath Project Ops Plan at KWUA Meeting
* KWUA Representatives Update Community on Association Activities
* NRCS Meets With Local Producers to Discuss Klamath Conservation Program
* USFWS Releases Draft Economic Impact Study for Proposed Bull Trout Habitat
* KWUA Representatives Meet with Commercial Fishing Interests

AgLifeNW Magazine, April issue
by Ron Greenbank, manager of Newell Grain Growers Association, Klamath Basin, go HERE

Agency estimates bull trout costs, The Oregonian, posted to KBC 4/9/04, "The cost of protecting the bull trout and its habitat in the Columbia and Klamath basins could reach $230 million to $300 million during the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

Bureau: Project should get full water deliveries, H&N 4/8/04.

Last year's anxious hours unlikely to return, H&N 4/8/04

Address to April 7th public informational meeting at Klamath Fairgrounds by Dan Keppen, Klamath Water Users Executive Director  Posted to KBC 4/8/04. "For the first time in the 30 months that I have been with KWUA, I am feeling optimistic about the outlook for the Klamath Project and the future of the entire watershed."

Klamath Water Users informational meeting was 4/7/04, with over 100 people attending. Notes by Barbara Hall, Klamath Bucket Brigade, go HERE.

The 2004 Operation Plan for the Klamath Project, go HERE.

UC Davis extension office asked that we post their water conference notice for June 9, 2004.  Go HERE for agenda.

It takes a lot of looking before you bust a dam, Capital Press Dylan Darling 4/7/04. For more on  Chiloquin Dam, go HERE.

Drilling to save water, H&N 4/7/04.

Petition begins for study of decommissioning Klamath dams, TimesStandard 4/7/04. SEND COMMENTS. No dams, no power! Introduce salmon in basin, more ESA, more downsize of agriculture.

"Jason Larrabee, legislative analyst for U.S. Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA), is the son of Frank Larrabee. Frank was a strong supporter of irrigated agriculture and a community leader in the Sacramento Valley. He will be missed." Dan Keppen, KWUA

HERE for story from Chico Interprise Record, 4/6/04

Photo of Earl Franklin Larrabee


Bureau: Inflow will be light, but we'll get by, H&N 4/7/04.

Nibble on the Biscuit, 4/7/04 The Oregonian editorial."The Southern Oregon towns that surround the Biscuit are struggling with Oregon's highest jobless rates. They badly need the work, and the wood, that would come from salvage. "  "Meanwhile, insects are chomping away at the dead trees."

Green groups eye removal of Iron Gate, Copco, SiskiyouDailyNews, posted to KBC 4/7/04.

Give it to Klamath Falls, H&N letter 4/5/04, regarding the COB proposed power plant in Bonanza.  For more on COB, go HERE.

Rangeland Trust aims at improving Basin's water quality, quantity, H&N by Chrysten Lambert, executive director of Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust. For more articles on KBRT, go to TALKS page. For Oregonian's perspective, go HERE. USGS review, go HERE

Dr Doug Whitsett right, Senate Candidate

Many came out to hear Basin Alliance in Keno, 4/3/04. According to the tribal constitution "...if these lands are turned back to the tribes, they claim all the water that flows through their land, under their land, and over their land."

KWUA weekly update for April 2, 2004
* April 7th Meeting at Fairgrounds Will Provide Overview of 2004 Project Operations
* Momentum Building for Continued Progress on Long Lake Storage Project
* Reclamation Releases Second Draft of CIP Program Document
* Scott River Wild Chinook Numbers Up
* USDA Announces $3.5 Million for New Salmon Habitat Restoration Initiative
* Klamath Project Critics React to Inspector General's "Rove Report"
* OWGL to Host Public Forum on USDA Klamath Basin Conservation Funding

Meeting scheduled on water issues, H&N 4/2/04

Another Delay on Siskiyou Logging Plan, OPB 4/2/04. Is someone out there listening??? "Dave Hill: In reality, if that's the schedule, we're looking at, in the summer of 2004, it is highly unlikely that there will be any salvage opportunities of fire killed timber.  Dave Hill heads the Southern Oregon Timber Industry Association, representing about 50 logging companies. :"I'm very disappointed. It's a tremendous waste of a natural resource, a renewable natural resource at that."

Cob Energy Facility deadline nears H&N:  "People who have been active in fighting the Cob Energy Facility have until Friday to apply for official status in a state hearing on the power plant." For more COB articles, go HERE.

Energy plant dangerous H&N 4/1/04.

Keep Long Lake storage project moving, H&N 4/1/04. More on Long Lake, go HERE.

Times tight for 2004 Klamath water bank, Capital Press 4/1/04 More on  WaterBank, go HERE

March comes in dry this year, H&N 4/1/04. "Total precipitation for the first three months of the year in Klamath Falls totaled 4.14 inches, slightly above the long-term average."  (It is above-average precipitation this year, yet 75,000 Acre Feet of water is being taken from our aquifer and our fields to go down the river, regardless of moisture. KBC-jdk)

OTHER PLACES: Favor salmon over farmers, panel says, Seattle Post 4/1/04.  Federal government rejects tribal land transfer, Register Guard 4/1/04.

For H&N Upper Klamath Lake Level, river flow, 3/31 story and chart, go HERE

TID well water level for 3/31/04.

Let the water flow, H&N 3/31/04. " 'This year, some 4,000 acres of project land will remain idle under the provisions of the Bureau's Water Bank program. Plus, about 8,000 acres will rely totally on ground water from wells.'We are concerned about overdrafting ground water supplies,' Baker said." (And regardless of year type of moisture, the irrigators must forgo 75,000 acre feet of water this year--a mandatory project downsize.KBC-jdk)

BPA wants to adjust water for salmon, SeattlePI 3/31/04.

Whose quote/promise was this to Klamath irrigators? "We assure you that decisions will be based on sound science." "We've probably acquired enough land in the West--we need to take care of what we have."  Answer: David Anderson, the White House’s point man on President Bush’s federal Klamath Basin Working Group,

Overhaul of Nature Conservancy (TNC) urged. Washington Post 4/1/04. TNC owns/controls thousands of acres of land in the Klamath Basin--go HERE for local acquisitions.




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