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John 17:3 - Jesus prayed, "...And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent..."

KBC STATS for Oct. 2016:  11,060 visits, 6699 unique visitors, 37,283 page views, 58,483 hits

Dept of Interior Press Release: Secretary Jewell Issues Secretarial Order to Encourage Tribal Role in Managing Interior Lands with Native American Connections 10/21/16

(Siskiyou County) Supervisors: Seek more solutions than removing dams, Guest Commentary for H&N 10/30/16. "...the 20-30 million cubic yards of sediment that has collected behind the dams, and would be released down the Klamath River after dam removal, has not been adequately evaluated to address the adverse local and environmental impacts. Nor has the possibility of catastrophic floods, either during dam removal activities, or thereafter, been fully analyzed..."

Scientists call for breaching (Snake River) dams to save Puget Sound orcas, H&N 10/30/16
Feds asking public to weigh in on breaching Snake River dams, found on This West is Our West from Spokesman Review, posted to KBC 10/30/16.

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion letter by Rex Cozzalio to Klamath County Commissioners 10/30/16

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion proposal TOWNHALL Nov 1, 6 p.m. in Klamath County Commissioners boardroom

CORRECTION!! Monument expansion COMMENTS DUE to Senator Merkley and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell by Sunday, November 20, 2016!  November 20 is Sunday, so be safe and get them to your Klamath Commissioners by November 17, Thursday, so they can send them to Oregon Senator Merkley and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and others before the weekend.
 to: Klamath County Board of Commissioners, 305 Main St., Klamath Falls, OR 97603, or email: BOCC@klamathcounty.org

Monument expansion sets local hearing; Opinions sought on proposal to double size of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, H&N 10/30/16.

Herald and News POLL - Should the four Klamath River hydroelectric dams be removed? So far, 598 'no', and 181 'yes'. 10/28/16

PRESS RELEASE: Rep. LaMalfa Helps Halt Collections Notices to California National Guard 10/30/16

PRESS RELEASE: LaMalfa Expresses Opposition to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Expansion Proposal 10/28/16. “Any expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument would not only negatively impact private property rights, public access and forest management, but would occur over the objections of local residents..." 

Dam removal won't help salmon return, letter to the editor by Richard Marshall, President Siskiyou County Water Users, Yreka, for H&N, 10/27/16. "Please remember to vote no on the Klamath County advisory ballot regarding removal of Klamath dams. The removal of the dams — the largest dam removal project in history — would result in catastrophic damage to this wonderful river and do nothing to advance the cause of salmon.The salmon were never in the upper basin because the water is too shallow and warm for salmon propagation. If the proponents actually believe the salmon will survive then why don’t they accept the challenge to prove it by using trucks and haul them for the next few years to see if the salmon actually survive..."

The Bundy Gang is Found Not Guilty, Willamette Week 10/27/16.
- Ammon Bundy's attorney Marcus Mumfort tells about what led to his being thrown to the ground and tazed after the trial was over, posted to KBC 10/30/16.

Bundys and Hammonds and LeVoy Finicum table of contents through February 2016.
PieNPolitics website updates regarding the trial of Bundys - the imprisoned ranchers

Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett newsletter: How Did South Korea Combat Corruption? 10/27/16

Commissioners set town hall on monument expansion, H&N 10/26/16 (6 p.m. Nov. 1 in the commissioners’ boardroom), followed by Monument expansion sets local hearing; Opinions sought on proposal to double size of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.  “ 'I want everyone to have the opportunity to speak their mind,' said Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams. 'We were left out in Klamath County, we want to make sure all interested parties have a chance to speak'....Mallams cited concerns such as forest management practices ceasing that will add to potential fire fuels, elimination or reduction of grazing allotments, water rights issues and timber harvest reductions that could all have negative impacts on local economies."
To KBC News from Dr. John Menke regarding the BLM and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument proposal 10/30/16. (BLM Range expert) said monitoring was being done by an enviro group not himself—the only real range conservationist person trained and on the BLM staff in Medford.  Boy is that a loaded cannon for stopping livestock grazing.  A strong monitoring program is what keeps livestock on the public land..." Dr. John Menke biography, retired professor and range ecologist, rancher, involved in the Klamath Basin Watershed.

Support those who oppose dam removal, by Troy Lukens, Bonanza, letter to the editor of H&N, 10/26/16

New Website: "This West Is OUR West" - www.thiswestisourwest.com. From a founder: "a recently launched website intended to offer a space where each of our Western States can post our issues and information, so that we can watch trends federalizing our states, watch for patterns of federal overreaching on water, land, dams, forests...just about all of our major resources within our states.  Particularly, we are watching the spread of tribal jurisdiction over non-tribal persons and lands, the confiscation of waters, and the planned takeover of our national forests."

Klamath leaves five-year drought designation behind, H&N 10/26/16.

Please vote against Klamath dams removals by Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, CA 10/25/16

Flawed arguments on supposed benefits of Klamath River dams removal, John Menke, Ft. Jones 10/25/16

Vote no on removing Klamath River dams, H&N letter to editor by Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams 10/23/16. "Ballots are in the mail, and now is the time for each and every voter to cast their individual vote...This advisory ballot finally allows the citizens of Klamath County to have the opportunity to voice their opinion on the proposed removal of the four Klamath River dams. If you are a voter, you should exercise your right to vote no to dam removal...Some want you to believe this is nothing more than a private property issue. If this is really about private property rights, and Warren Buffet actually wants the dams to come out, then let him pay for it. Why should the rate-payers and taxpayers pay that bill?..."

Werner Reschke will put our liberty first, H&N letter to the editor by Grant Knoll, Klamath Falls 10/23/16

Wolf committee compensates ranchers for depredation, H&N 10/25/16. "...The compensation does not include veterinary bills or other costs...During discussion, Nicholson emphasized the payments do not consider weight losses caused by stress among cattle when they are threatened by wolves..."

PRESS RELEASE - Rep. LaMalfa Responds to Forced Repayment of Veteran Bonuses, 10/24/16

Jackson County to host Cascade-Siskiyou Monument meeting THURSDAY, H&N 10/22/16. "...(Oregon Democrat) Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden have proposed expanding the 16-year-old monument...The 90,328 acres proposed for expansion within Oregon includes 56,245 acres of Bureau of Land Management land, including Hyatt Lake and land surrounding Howard Prairie Lake, as well as chunks of the upper watersheds of Jenny Creek tributaries whose lower reaches are now part of the monument..."Here is a link to the Monument expansion: http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/heraldandnews.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/7/57/757374df-cb64-53c4-b1f7-04467660792b/580563c180e30.pdf.pdf 

Bundys and Hammonds and LeVoy Finicum table of contents through February 2016.

PieNPolitics website updates regarding the trial of Bundys - the imprisoned ranchers

Luke 10:27 - "He answered, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind," and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "

Wolf prints_Fort Klamath

< Wolf prints found in early October 2016 on the Nicholson Ranch at Fort Klamath. Four steers have been attacked by wolves and died. Ranchers and wildlife officials concerned with the killings...

Fort Klamath: WOLVES - Wildlife biologists concerned about cattle killings, H&N 10/22/16. "John Stephenson, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wildlife biologist, (said) "What we're trying to do is stop it with non-lethal measures. When you have a flurry of incidents you don't jump to lethal measures."  "All three biologists said wolves pose no threat to humans."
Wolves Kill Teacher, Alaska Department of Fish and Game 12/7/11. "The investigators concluded that Ms. Berner was attacked and killed by wolves."
Student's death confirmed as continent's first fatal wolf attack, Chris Purdy, CanWest News Service November 02, 2007

Also in H&N article above"(Fish and Wildlife biologist Collum) expressed surprise the number of wolves has increased so quickly, admitting, 'If you had told me five years ago we would be dealing with these kinds of situations, I would have told you you're nuts.'  KBC NOTE: Ranchers have been opposing wolf expansion for years, foreseeing the deadly consequences. See below:
< KBC News photo 5
/25/14 - WOLVES in Siskiyou County - Jim Beers, retired USFWS biologist, wetlands biologist, refuge manager, and Congressional Fellow, and wolf expert spoke in Dorris, CA last week. More than 100 busy ranchers, farmers and fellow citizens, concerned about introduction of wolves, came to hear his presentation. He told about human deaths, dozens of wolf-carrying diseases, predation on livestock and pets. Author Holly Swanson spoke about how the green movement is destroying our environment, economy and education, and the agenda behind it.
KBC NOTE: See photo above: See our
KBC News Wolf Page with articles of predators, warnings by experts, and photos of mutilated lambs, horses, dogs, killed by wolves, and the devastation to the rural way of life. If you see wolves killing your dog, horse, cattle, you will be imprisoned if you kill it.

Linthicum stands for important principles, H&N letter to the editor by Jackson county Commissioner colleen  Roberts, property owner in District 28 10/22/16

Linthicum will sustain fight for rural areas, H&N letter to the editor by Virginia Topham, Sprague River 10/22/16. "Dennis Linthicum is opposed to the plan to destroy the Klamath River dams..."

Wolf killWolf attacks frustrate Fort Klamath rancher (Bill Nicholson); Four steer deaths confirmed by Fish and Wildlife, H&N 10/21/16. “This valley, with so many cattle, is going to be like a smorgasbord for the wolves. They’ll take the animals that put up the least resistance,” worries Bill Nicholson, third-generation owner of the Nicholson Ranch, where the deaths, verified by state Fish and Game biologists as wolf kills, took place...During the spring and summer, upward of 35,000 head of cattle are trucked to the Wood River Valley to graze on the nutrient-rich grasslands...“It’s death by a thousand bites,”...Wampler expects more attacks on livestock. “They will come back, that’s just a given.”

Look at their past, then cast your vote, H&N letter to the editor by Bernice House, Klamath Falls 10/21/16

Oregon in dark days in its political direction, H&N letter to the editor by Bill Brown, former Klamath County Commissioner who served with Al Switzer 10/20/16

Tom MallamsKlamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams responds to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell’s letter to FERC that supports Klamath Hydroelectric Dam destruction, received by KBC 10/20/16
KBC News Note: The Klamath Dam Removal agreements are opposed by our local elected officials: Klamath County Commissioners, Siskiyou County Supervisors, Oregon State Senator Doug Whitsett, Oregon State Legislator Gail Whitsett, California U.S. Congressman Doug LaMalfa, more than 80% of Siskiyou County residents (3 hydro dams targeted by Interior for destruction are in Siskiyou County), more than 80% of Tulelake, California residents (which is within the Klamath Reclamation Project), and more than 50% of Klamath County residents (1 hydro dam targeted by Interior for destruction is in Klamath County).
Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell letter to FERC supporting destroying 4 hydrodams on the Klamath River that supply power to 70,000 families 10/17/16

Decommissioning Dams on the Klamath River to Restore Resilience and Long-term River, Community Health, by Dept. of Interior John Bezdek 10/18/16

The John Bezdek Files, We The People Radio, posted to KBC 10/20/16. "John Bezdek is currently the Assistant Solicitor for Water and Power which is the senior career position within SOL on Reclamation law. Mr. Bezdek supervises a staff of 7 attorneys and is responsible for advising the Commissioner, Assistant Secretary, and Secretary on matters pertaining to the operations and administration of the Reclamation program...Mr. Bezdek was Deputy Director of the Secretary's Indian Water Rights Office where he was responsible for managing 19 Indian Water Rights Negotiating Teams..."

Memorandum: Federal Authorities to Implement the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, by John Bezdek, Department of the Interior, to the Klamath Basin Task Force 11/20/13.

Things the pro Kepple letter didn't mention, letter to editor of H&N by Diana Cornelius, Klamath Falls 10/20/16.

Mallams calls for hearing on monument expansion, COMMENTS DUE, H&N 10/19/16. "The expansion proposed by Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, would double the size of the monument — which includes land in Klamath and Jackson counties in Oregon and Siskiyou County in California — to more than 100,000 acres and would incorporate 56,245 acres of forestland administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)..."

1 Corinthians 15: 58: "Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain."

(Kepple) needs to give us accurate definitions, H&N letter to editor by George Warner, Klamath Falls, 10/18/16. "(Kepple) calls some people “ideologues...who are bent on pursuit of a far right so-called 'Constitutional brand of conservatism' who will go nowhere in Salem.” KBC NOTE: Democrat Todd Kepple is running for Oregon Senate seat against Constitutional conservative candidate Republican Dennis Linthicum.

Feds asking public to weigh in on breaching Snake River dams, found on This West is Our West from Spokesman Review, posted to KBC 9/30/16.
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says she doesn't feel that destroying the Klamath River hydroelectric dams, that supply power for 70,000 households, will set a precedent. however... Jewell letter to FERC supporting destroying 4 hydrodams on the Klamath River 10/17/16

Install fish ladders, no on dam removal, by Howard Paine, Klamath Falls, letter to the editor of Herald and News, posted to KBC 10/16/16. "When the president of Pacific Power visited Klamath Falls in 2008, he bragged about the clean power these dams produce. He said, “The dams produce enough emission-free energy to offset the emissions of 102,000 cars or burning 1.23 million barrels of oil a year"...Removing the Iron Gate Dam would remove the Iron Gate Fish Hatchery which produces 5 million salmon smolts each year — 17,000 of which return annually as full-grown adults to spawn."

We need Linthicum as our state senator, letter to the editor of H&N 10/16/16 by Lisa Johnson, Klamath Falls.

Kepple registered Republican in March, H&N 10/16/16. "Regarding Dan Keppen's recent letter supporting Democrat candidate Todd Kepple: Keppen accurately observes the Republican and Democrat candidates for Senate District 28 couldn't be more different. Linthicum is a lifelong Republican endorsed be the Klamath County and Oregon Republican Party. Kepple is running for election on the Democrat ticket. According to the Secretary of State's Election Division, Kepple was registered as a Democrat in 2008. He only registered Republican in March of 2016, well after the primary elections candidate filing deadline. Even had Kepple timely filed, he was ineligible to run as a Republican in the spring primary..."

Klamath Basin subject of dispute within federal government, H&N 10/14/16. "The inspector general’s office said parts of the program paid irrigators for idling land and for deepening and drilling wells, and that it largely benefited the irrigators instead of fish and wildlife, the intended benefactors"..."The reduction in surface water demand through land idling and wells, the department argued, increased 'the water available in Upper Klamath Lake and Clear Lake Reservoir to meet requirements for the endangered short-nose and Lost River suckers and in the Klamath River for the endangered coho salmon.' "

Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams letter to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley opposing Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument expansion 10/14/16. "...The 2.1 million acres Owyhee Canyonlands, the 500,000 Crater Lake Wilderness Area, and now the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument expansion are just some of the recent attempts to expand this gigantic overreach in our area. If this proposal moves forward, the economic impact will be devastating for Klamath County and our neighbors Jackson and Siskiyou Counties..."

Wolf killed by poacher in Oregon has ties to California, Sac Bee 10/14/16. "...OR28’s pack is confirmed to have attacked a calf in the area in late September...the Rogue pack also has been linked to livestock killings in southern Oregon in recent weeks...The Center for Biological Diversity on Friday added $10,000 to the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for killing OR28..."

Three wolf attacks confirmed near Fort Klamath, H&N 10/11/16. "the first attack occurred Oct. 2 against an 800-pound calf, who was found dead the next day by a ranch hand who said he saw three wolves feeding on the carcass. The second attack was on Oct. 4 and resulted in the death of a 600-pound calf. The third attack took place Wednesday night against a 300-pound calf..."

Reschke: I will seek cuts in government's size, scope, H&N posted to KBC 10/16/16. "I am the Republican nominee for State Representative District 56.I am a local businessman who has owned my own company for 16 years. I am a Christian...I am a working citizen, not a career politician..."

Linthicum: 'I will support' state’s natural resources Federal mismanagement and ceaseless litigation have destroyed giant swaths of public and private lands. The results have been lost jobs, public land closures, arid watersheds and spoiled wilderness. I will strive to protect you and your land from government overreach and re-store local control to rural Oregon....I will support Oregon’s natural resources, agriculture and energy infrastructure. I am opposed to the plan to destroy the Klamath River dams because it is an agenda-driven initiative which destroys viable infrastructure without re-addressing their original purposes including low-cost power generation, recreation, and river flow control."

Switzer’s background says vote for Reschke, letter to editor of H&N by David Warren, Klamath Falls 10/12/16

They (Kepple and Switzer) could have filed if they had wanted to H&N by Ruth Gibbs, Klamath Falls 10/11/16.  

KID chairman Brent Cheyne recalled; (Ken) Smith survives recall, H&N 10/12/16

False Statements in Recall Petitions of Klamath Irrigation District Recall Campaign  https://nebula.wsimg.com/8863cc9a49b55f88e836370db9b36b09?AccessKeyId=39A2DC689E4CA87C906D&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 " reposted 10/12/16

ITSSD Ethics Violations Complaint Against Ed Bair, David Cacka, Greg Carleton, Jason Chapman and Ross Fleming  10/11/16

James 4:8 - "Come near to God, and He will come near to you."

Second wolf attack being investigated, H&N 10/7/16. "...ODFW confirmed they are looking into a fatal attack on livestock in the Fort Klamath area...."

Wolf attack confirmed in Lake County, H&N 10/6/16

Find out KID facts, then decide on recall by Ken Schell, Klamath Falls, H&N letter to editor 10/7/16. "Go to KID office and ask if anything was changed on the C flume and R&G Excavating contracts. The recall petitioners are so set on a recall they are, and have been, making a lot of things up to discredit the three board members under recall..."

AUDIO-KID / Klamath Irrigation District emergency meeting 6/24/16, posted 10/7/16, called while the 3 newest elected board members were absent. Those wanting to recall the newest elected members also want KID to rejoin as a member of Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), and they support the controversial Klamath dam removal agreements. These are both moves that the new elected board members oppose.
    A few of the Pro-dam removal agreement attendees were State Representative Candidate Al Switzer (D), Family Farm Alliance executive director and former KWAPA engineer, KWUA executive director and former Bureau of Reclamation employee Dan Keppen, former KID board member Ed Bair, former Klamath Fish and Wildlife field supervisor Curt Mullis, Basin Fertilizer owner Bob Gasser, and dozens more.
(Click HERE for sign-in list of attendees) While listening listen for openness, courtesy and respect. Why are these features absent from those who desire the recall "for the good of the members?"

2 KID recall election complaints filed, H&N 10/7/16. Comments: Lawrence Kogan - "Since this article does not correctly link to the ITSSD complaint to the Elections Division, we have provided a working link to the ITSSD complaint and all 26 exhibits supporting it: False Statements in Recall Petitions of Klamath Irrigation District Recall Campaign  https://nebula.wsimg.com/8863cc9a49b55f88e836370db9b36b09?AccessKeyId=39A2DC689E4CA87C906D&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 "

Vote 'no' on recall of KID directors, H&N letter by Marcy  Anderson, Klamath Falls 10/7/16. "Don’t let the scare tactics of Bair, Fleming and Chapman keep you from casting your vote at the Klamath Irrigation District office Oct. 12..."

KID board members don't deserve recall, H&N letter by Pat Lunde 10/7/16. "I question the real reasons this board is under recall. Do you think it has anything to do with Cheyne, Smith and Knoll opposing dam removal and withdrawing KID from Klamath Water Users?..."

Vote 'no', put the sour grapes behind, H&N letter to editor by David Oxley, Poe Valley 10/7/16. "The three chief petitioners have circulated prospective petitions around with false statements and lies. These are being investigated at this time. It should also be known that the three chief petitioners for the recall are the three ex-board members that were voted out of office in the recent elections."

Much 'information' about Whitsetts false, H&N letter by Bob Moore 10/6/16. "...Both Whitsetts received the highest conservative American Conservative Union awards in 2015 and 2016. I take exception to the attempt by the progressive liberals to character assassinate two people of the highest integrity. Those candidates who say they were forced to run as Democrats raises a question as to their honesty; any qualified person can file, within the legal filing period, if they truly sought an office..."

Fulfilling the Promise of The Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004 Volume I, An Analysis by the Intertribal Timber Council in Collaboration with USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs, Intertribal Timber Counsel April 2013.  NOTE: When you agree to give land to tribes that they previously sold, once they have a land base, they can control adjacent land, "Under the TFPA, the Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior are authorized to enter into agreements or contracts, pursuant to tribal proposals to address hazardous conditions on Forest Service (FS) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administered lands that border on or are adjacent to tribal trust lands or resources."
Tribal Forest Protection Act Success Stories July 2012

* Candidates Night for Oregon State Legislature Tuesday October 4, 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Oregon Institute of Technology student union building and residents are welcome to sit in on the forum. Live video will be broadcast at www.heraldandnews.com andwww.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww1DULzAcr4. Candidates for District 28 Senator are Dennis Linthicum – Republican/Independent, Todd Kepple - Democrat, District 56 Representative are Werner Reschke - Republican, Al Switzer - Democrat/Independent, and Jonah Hakanson - unaffiliated.

Ad has cleared up many KID questions, H&N letter to editor by Jolene Smith 10/2/16

Vote for someone with solid principles, H&N letter to the editor by Laura and Loren Little, Chiloquin 10/2/16


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